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Twitter – the online propaganda wing of the hateful dictatorial racist left.

A random one but I had to do this – I went on twitter briefly and asked gippo Branson why he felt it morally acceptable that a Man with so much money he can afford his own island and space programme can spend all his life avoiding taxes and then come running to the UK Government for a bailout (which the little c*nt got, BTW) – blocked.

I asked Rebecca Bongs-Daily to explain the benefits of communism to the 100 Million people it killed in the 20th Century – blocked.

Katie Hopkins barred, Tommy Robinson barred – free speech appears to be fine provided there is no free speech for some.

Closing down dissent and truth – a disturbing reminder of Nazi Germany, of Stalinist Russia, the killing fields of Cambodia, the oppression and brutality in North Korea – a warning from the past about our present.

And to teach twitter the lesson it deserves I have joined Parler and have three followers (that will tech them for being mean to me!😄) – the revolution starts here, because twitter is a CUNT!

Nominated by: Vernon Fox 

49 thoughts on “Twitter Twats (7)

  1. Good un Foxy!👍
    Never been on it but know a lot of sleb mongs and politico mongs love it.
    Know I wouldnt last the day out on there,
    Barred at first comment
    Or picture of my genitals.
    Fuck em.
    Seig Heil.

  2. I created a Twitter account last year. I wanted to send a message to Sir Nigel. Lots of silly symbols and icons everywhere, fucked if I could work out how the thing worked. Gave up and haven’t been near it since.

    • I say don’t ban it. Let these brainless halfwits forever live in warm safety and keep being surprised when voting doesn’t correspond with their giant chamber of uniform opinion.

  3. They are banning anyone that expresses Covid misinformation. I don’t know what actually qualifies as misinformation but Weather it’s David Icke or Alex Jones What gives Twitter the right to ban information because it doesn’t go along with there world view ? or they consider it to be wrong think.
    The thing is by banning peoples views only reinforces Conspiracy theories even Mad David Icke’s views.
    Twitter and Facefuck are now the ministry of information and Propaganda and god help anyone who goes against them. Expect the Trolls to be unleashed if you do.

  4. The problem is that this government acts with one eye on Twatter*. They have postponed much needed legislation to stop trannies deciding their gender due to ‘concerns’. Those concerns being a few thousand vocal twatter weirdos supported by half baked celebs. Once again the tail wags the fucking dog and the majority are ignored.

    *Other means of conveying your cuntitude are also available.

      • Can see why Tango wants it banned, because its no friend of his, but surely the smart thing would be to penalise it financially and monitor it?
        All the enemies of your administration voicing their thoughts an opinions in one place?

  5. I’ve never understood Twitter….probably just as well. I just stick to the tried and trusted method of ringing random numbers and bellowing down the phone “Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing on my phone? Fuck Off.”

    • I tape all my calls and have reported you to BT and your probation officer.
      Ringing me at 3am, it’s a fucking outrage.
      You bully.
      Get To Fuck

  6. What is the point of having an open platform and then shutting down anyone who doesn’t adhere to the whatever the twitter police don’t like.

    Just shut it down completely or let it be a free for all, don’t like hate speech, tough you don’t have to read it.

    • Absolutely. Plus we have thought police policing the bloody thing for mean tweets. Watched someone on YT who filmed his home visit from the UK Thought Police. He didn’t even type anything that could be considered anything ‘ist’ – got a visit because somebody took offence and complained.

  7. It’s all part of the grand plan. Curfew in Oz. North Korea is looking like a paragon of freedom at this rate.

    • That commie cunt Dan Andrews has fucked Victorians up the arse yet the leftard and greens supporters still stand by him for some reason, the useful idiots.

  8. It’s a digital trumpet for the woke lefties.
    It also seems to attract vacuous cunts like no tomorrow.
    That fat idiot Boris should instigate a Digital Bullshit Tax.
    Fuck off with it.

  9. Not on it and never will be. My lefty cunt Corbynista sister-in-law is on it and I regularly look at her page. All I see is a load of commie cunts licking each others balls and blowing smoke up each others arses while plotting and trying to bring down capitalism. All deluded cunts. They were all convinced Corbyn would be PM.

  10. Why are they so easily offended?
    Surely if your convinced your right, any criticism would be easy to dismiss?
    And even if it offends you…so?
    Being offended isnt the worst thing that can happen to you in life.
    Think they should have a national ‘ offend the easily offended day!’

    • “You’ve offended me” 😢 – newspeak for “you must be silenced”.
      I find it offensive that we have a piss poor Prime Minister nominally in charge of a rabble I would cheerfully string up, r*pists, thieves p*edophiles and t*rrorists washing up on our shores every day to carry on the process of destroying the UK, that an opinion can get you jailed. Fucking little wet babies.
      Funny putting snide comments whenever Rishi or Boris’ twitter chimp team insist on posting how well they are doing though! 😄

  11. Changing the subject slightly I’ve just had to abort my trip to the car wash because of traffic gridlock for no apparent reason. Just heard on the local radio (Bristol) that it’s down to a BLM march blocking the road. Got a dirty car now cos of these cunts. Suppose I better stop being a lazy cunt and wash it myself. I am SO sick to the back teeth of this bullshit. Fuck these statue vandalising cunts to hell.

    • Christ on a bike not another BLM march in Bristol? Is it the last one that is still going round and round because the commie fuckwits don’t know the city,or indeed anything about it. Somehow missed it as we went down to Devon for a walk today.

      • Apparently a black pedestrian was run over outside Southmead hospital last week. Obviously a “racialist” attack then innit bruv?

  12. Speaking of cunts some Tory MP has been arrested for rape. I wonder who it is? If Jess Phillips is the victim we know it’s bollocks.

    • I have heard a rumour it’s my MP, Fat Nige the “wandering hands getting your assistant pregnant behind your Wifes back and warned three times by Parliament about his conduct and behaviour including the attempted sexual assault of a male journalist in the back of a taxi” Adams”.
      But must stress this is just rumour. The behaviour I outlined earlier is established fact.
      What a great guy – with his speciality of “helping out” attractive young single Mothers.. (Also true, he has quite a rep for it does fat Nige).

  13. We are supposed to believe that Twitter represents the majority opinion. It most certainly does not. It does however represent what the majority of CUNTS believe. So the “Twittetverse” can go straight to hell where it came from.

  14. Huh, I used to watch that YouTube channel a few years ago. Actually seems like a decent bloke but his format got boring after a while.

  15. That odious cunt and utter smear of slime known as Gary Lineker sums up the childish and ‘my way or nothing’ attitude of Twitter and most of the cunts who use it.

    After the French presidential elections, Lineker was on his Twitter account crowing, ‘Le Pen lost! Get over it!’

    Yet when somebody on Twitter posts the following words to Lineker, ‘Leave won! Brexit is here! Get over it!’ they were ‘blocked’ by the jug eared ex-goalhanger and crisps selling human oil slick. The man is a total fucking fanny and a premium cunt.

  16. Say all of Britain is racist, say white lives don’t matter, spout anti semitic garbage, call Brexit voters Nazis, say all men are bastards on Twitter…. Nothing. Not a whisper.

    Tell a joke on Twitter about wimmin or gays while drunk ten years ago… Hey, you’re sacked!

    Orwell was right, he just got the year wrong. And if only it was (the real) 1984. I’d go back to it like a fucking shot.

  17. As the comedian Stewart Lee succinctly put it:

    “Twitter is a government surveillance operation run by gullible volunteers, a Stasi for the Angry Birds generation”

  18. Parler.
    They won’t be for everyone’s taste and they may contain material you personally find ludicrous,repugnant or offensive. They are still free speech though and if that offends you or anyone else, feel free to fuck off and be offended somewhere else. Then when you’ve finished being offended somewhere else, come back and fuck off again.
    You won’t get the truth from the mendacious politicians,business leaders,religious leaders or their propaganda outlets in the MSM.
    A man chooses,a slave obeys.

    Little yellow bastards.

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