The Two Faces of Sasha Johnson

I nominate Sasha Johnson.

This piece of shit has come out with some really aggressive, offensive anti establishment, anti white hate speech.

I thought that hate speech was a crime where the perpetrator was arrested and prosecuted. How come this waste of oxygen hasn’t been arrested? Oh I forgot that law only works one way, when its against blacks.

When are our government going to grow some balls and put a stop to this? This fuckin bitch needs incarcerating now.

Nominated by :DLP 

(For further enlightenment – the other face of Ms Johnson in action -admin)

84 thoughts on “The Two Faces of Sasha Johnson

  1. Well the word “coon” is pretty racially abusive in my world. If I used it to a black person I would expect them to be highly offended and when they took offence I wouldn’t try and wriggle out of it with “can someone give this brother some knowledge?” Fucking hell!
    I like the Che Guevara beret…….trouble is it reminds me of Rik in the Young Ones or Frank Spencer.
    Angela Davis would never have worn that darling. What a fucking fake.

    • Thing is though a bloke who was called ‘coon’ (it was his surname) invented some kind of popular cheese in Australia. This stuff apparently sells by the box load, but those ever so reasonable BLM cunts and their gang of feral Twitter loonies want the name of the cheese changed because it’s ‘racist’. Only one problem: it has fuck all to do with racism. Many years ago a man named Edward William Coon patented a type of cheese and the brand is named after him and has been for years. The trouble with cunts like BLM and this Sasha twat is they are obsessed. They see racism in everything and anything. And the reason for that is because they want to. They do not want racism to die. They want ti to thrive so they can feel important and act all big bollocks and gob off. A brand of cheese, named after a bloke’s real name?! How much more ridiculous can it get? What makes me laugh about these wankers is they act all ‘Malcolm X’ (who was a cunt himself) and all knowledgeable and aware of history. Yet they are as thick as fuck and do no research whatsoever. The aforementioned cheese story and the recent Penny Lane street sign farce are proof of this headless chicken knee jerk see racism in everything cuntery, Well, they can fuck off until they find some intelligence and restraint.

  2. After watching ten seconds of this video I wanted to smash her face in with a lump hammer. The woman is clearly a vile rude aggressive piece of human garbage. She is acting tough only as she that hulk beside her to back her up.

    Dressing up in a beret like a Che Guevara wannabe! What a 24 carrot cunt. Deport her straight to the Congo and let her eat pounded bananas and drink elephant piss tainted water. Why the fuck did we bother civilizing these cunts?

      • Morning B&WC.

        Not too good actually, thanks for asking. I feel like I’m a-fixin’ to die. All the awful things I’ve done in life have been passing before my eyes with increasing regularity. Haven’t had a decent night’s sleep for months. Apart from that I’ve been watching Dempsey and Makepeace. Fuck me that Glynis Barber wasn’t half a stunning piece of ass!

          • Oh, have you been on any drug or drink benders lately? I find they always have a negative effect on life.
            Keep your chin up old chap. 👍🏽

          • Don’t do anything these days B&W.

            Stopped smoking tabs in 1983, cut out speed and acid around 25 years ago, stopped boozing in 2007, cut out cannabis four years ago, cut out caffeine two years ago…

            Perhaps I need to go on a drug and booze fuelled bender?

          • It’s a conundrum RTCP, I am bored of partying and getting high yet sometimes when things are all going well and to plan I decide to go on a bender and regret it for two days after.
            Boredom and drink and drugs are not a good combination. 😂

  3. Angry Ape Urban Gorilla

    Any black that doesn’t go along with the BLM crap is a C00N, I thought they were all C00Ns 😂

  4. I am, and I am sure the rest of this great countries population and probably the rest of the world are sick of this bollocks now.
    It’s simple really, BLM is a mix of pissed off black cunts who are blaming racism for their lack of success and seem to have a sense of entitlement to dominate the top jobs in a country where they are only 10% of the population. It’s also a mix of white cunts (anarchists, far left loonies, middle class right on types and cunts) who are pissed off with successive Tory government’s, Brexit and the fact that most decent British people don’t agree with their ideology. They can all go fuck themselves…
    Most decent British people (black, white, asian) simply want to get on with their lives and provide for their families and get up the ladder and better themselves. They don’t want to be reminded abaaaaaht shite that went on 300 years ago as nobody alive today had a hand in that cuntishness.
    We are all blessed to live in here and have the opportunities the UK gives us…of course there is racism and there always will be on ALL sides as cultural differences are a fair basis for jokes etc, but minorities have never had it so good in blighty.
    Anyways I am buying an Audi after ditching the black man wagon (BMW)…life could be a lot worse,
    Good morning and go fuck yourselves. 😁

    • Fuck me, nice to hear from you B&WC! We’ve been speculating where you’ve been for the past couple of months…tongue deep in scrotty birds’ ringpieces, presumably?
      What sort of Audi are you getting?

      • Morning TTCE, I’ve been a busy Bee as well as the tonguing of course.
        I quite like the look of the A5’s not sure yet gonna have a butchers online and at my mate garage. 👍🏽

    • BWC@
      As a mixed race bloke some of what you read on here when BLM stuff comes up must be a bit deflating to say the least.
      Types like Sasha create more racism than they confront, they make ordinary people seeth with anger at their anti british bullshit and stir up shite where there wasnt any before.
      Doesnt help decent black people, or lads like yourself who are hearing daft shite from both sides.
      Must be hard and I admire your stiff upper lip.
      Best wished MNC

      • Cheers MNC, I am thick skinned and having been on is a cunt for abaaaaht seven years I’ve seen many a racist, sexist and homophobic comments and I’ve also made a lot of them.
        Your right all this BLM has stirred up a hornet’s nest of shite and cunts are using it for their own grievances.
        One of the facts I learned from the start on ‘is a cunt’ is that a cunting or comment will always affect you and that’s the beauty of this site…you cunt away and all of sudden a cunting or comment affects you and makes you think abaaaaaht things etc.
        Of course I am far superior than most and am able to sail my ship straight through the pile of cunt. 😁

        • Good lad!👍
          I cried a bit when they poked fun of beards but im over it now.
          Oh and the Audi?
          You dont have to indicate, stop at lights, keep up a steady speed, stay in lane or think of other road users in a Audi, according to what ive seen on the roads!😁

          • It seems Audi drivers have overtaken BMW drivers at being cunts on the road…I naturally had to get an Audi. 😂

          • If you frequent IsAC then certain comments will affect you personally, be it your ethnicity,sexuality, religion or football team you support.
            I find it best to ‘turn the other cheek’.
            I did once when talking to Krav but I think I got away with it.

            (Bertie did a great job turning the other cheek quite recently when there was a nom about Liverpool FC and their fans. He could have bit, but decided to let it go. Good man – admin)

          • Yeah I know the feeling MNC. I laid low when every cunt was ripping fuck out of fat twats. At 6’1″ and 18st I just say “well, yeah, but Jason Leonard was my size in his playing days”….ha, who the fuck am I kidding? 😃

          • Exactly Westy!
            Im 6ft 8in 20stone so hardly the small type,
            Rough with the smooth, dont dish it if cant take it etc.
            But everyone has feelings, that can get hurt.
            I hate it when they slag beautiful people!
            Its not our fault!!😁

          • Admin – I find that since using IsAC, it has taught me discipline, tolerance and self control!

          • Your like me Bertie, mild infinitely forgiving, a virtuous humble man.
            Our christ like demeanor is a lesson to all.😁

        • I look forward to you writing an autobiography B&WC.
          I imagine it to be a cross between ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ by Tucker Max and ‘Pimp’ by Iceberg Slim.

          Perhaps the title could be something like ‘Tongue and Groove – a tale of debauchery and the music industry.’

          • Cheers HS, I would have to release the autobiography the day of my funeral due to interest from the old bill. 😁

          • @Miserable.
            I wouldn’t have thought that you were that humble Miserable!
            At 6’8”, you’re not exactly down to earth.

        • @ Bertie……..”Admin – I find that since using IsAC, it has taught me discipline, tolerance and self control”

          Well it hasn’t taught me a fucking thing.

          • That’s not true Dick. Since I’ve been coming on the site, your comments have gradually become softer, gentler and more caring.
            The degree of empathy that you show to others is truly amazing.

          • @Bertie….How dare you ! Are you suggesting that I am turning to The Gayness ?

            Fucking outrageous.

            🙂 .

          • @MNC

            It’s true….I’m not a quick learner…do you think that I might qualify for some spacca-benefits ?….How much do you get ?

            🙂 .

          • Hahaha!😁
            Knew youd swipe back!
            You winning Dick?
            Ive been busy lately, now theyve just announced another bleeding lockdown!
            See if it affects bookings?😠

          • We’re ticking over,Miserable. That self-employed payment came at a good time for us because we’re normally quiet at that time of year anyhow….got a few felling jobs to do and some fencing…we’ll just continue to work regardless as long as the jobs are there.

            Hope it doesn’t hit you after you’ve just got fired back up.

          • Cheers Dick,
            Im not going back to dancing in strip clubs no matter what happens.

        • As you admitted in a recent post Miserable, “Im happiest ignorant anyway.” 😃

          PS: Just heard Lammy on the radio say “I hate the term BAME.” So he’s now only 99.9% cunt.

      • @Sick of it,
        I’m having a break from the women for a while…had a fling a while ago and it got too much in a short time.
        Phonecalls, messages, commitments, getting in the way if my empire…it’s too much.
        Think I’ll bang a prostitute next time I want a bit.

  5. Reminds me, I need a shit. I don’t care what colour she is, she should be cooking and cleaning and have no time for malarkey.

    • Alright Sixdog?
      You well?
      We sent spoons out to look for you, we was worried about you but he came back with cream cakes, think he got sidetracked.

      • I’ve been busy with my house MNC, it’s been a lesson on how good money buys shit. I try and avoid buying cheap tacky shit from China but it seems U.K. suppliers think it’s fine to make the same quality shit as the bat finks and pass it off as British quality.

        Part from that all’s as good as can be expected during the fake plandemic.

        Hope alls good in miserable household.

  6. This cunt has tipped me over the edge.
    Is this what these fucking cunts are spouting now?
    Fucking Anjem Choudary school of arguing technique.
    I think ‘needling’ is the way it was speaking – in which case , Yes , I want to go outside.
    And there I will taser your minder , and get about the serious business of seeing just how loud a jumped-up dairy-milk cunt screams , when having a hysterectomy performed with a machete.

  7. Is this fuckwit an undergraduate at Oxford? If this is the case the only criteria for entry to this dazzling hall of academia is not being white. Fuck the lot of them.

  8. The guy should have taken up her offer to go outside. I reckon one punch to that poisonous face would have been enough, though if he wanted to go the full Joe Pesci on her, then who am I to argue.
    Nasty piece of work, probably end up as a labour politician.

    • Gutstick, when you mention Joe Pesci, do you mean dress up as a burglar named Harry, and attempt to burgle her house with a friend named Marv, thinking she’s not in, only to end up getting repelled by a blonde boy and his homemade booby traps?

  9. Our Government has no balls at all.Spineless weak incompetent.All out for themselves.Selfish shits.Send her to Unkle Terry’s oven please.Gas mark 6?

  10. Are these cunts still moaning on about fucking slavery? I’ve seen some films about the antebellum South. All the slaves were fucking the Lady of the Plantation while the Massa was getting his cock sucked by the female slaves, who all had massive tits. Seemed ok to me.
    It was on Cornhub…….or something like that.

    • Aye, Freddie. Some bloke called Damningo or something like that. Whoever he was, he didn’t seem too upset about his slavery. Lordy Mama!

  11. I love how her surname is as white as you like.

    She could probably use a thick stick of white johnson to help allay her wanton hysteria. Stuff her or beat her over the head with it, either way.

  12. If cunts like her where on news at ten, ordinary black people would show there disgust. However the MSM will onley confront racism when it comes from a white person.

  13. What a brave little girl, you think I can’t fuck you up cause I is a woman, I fuckin know you couldn’t. Face it bitch you hate being Black, anyone would.!

  14. A wise politicians once said that the black man would hold the whip, over the white. Now who was he I wonder….I know. A fucking genius prophet.

  15. @MNC

    It’s true….I’m not a quick learner…do you think that I might qualify for some spacca-benefits ?….How much do you get ?

    🙂 .

  16. Shit from shit. Same as yesterday, same as tomorrow.
    We just need a good war – clear the air a bit it will! 😄👍

  17. She is obviously just craving some white cock.

    Apparently she’s been enrolled at Oxford for 8 years. That’s one thick cunt.

  18. Prince (the musician) said when he was signed to Warner Bros in the late 70s ‘Don’t make me black’. As in don’t market him as a black artist and he was right. Prince himself was mixed race, but he saw himself as an artist first and foremost. He was adamant that his skin colour had nothing to do with any musical output from him or any success or acclaim he got (and he did get it). Fast forward to now and every cunt from Beyonce to Stormzy to Meghan Markle Fucking Ono use their ‘black’ heritage (absolutely laughable in Markle’s case) in every way they can. It is cunts like them who are creating a divide and racial exclusion. I never saw Jimi Hendrix or Marvin Gaye as black. I just saw them as great at what they did. These cunts now are keeping racism alive and the royals and certain services should be ashamed of letting a manipulative racist snake like the Markle creature anywhere near the monarchy.

  19. As with all gobshite spoons, if you dont like it feel freevto fuck off back to where you hail from, i wont miss you, goodbye and goodridence, shut up and fuck off….

  20. I felt more racist just watching this cunt. Thats why people like this are bad for society as a whole.

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