The BBC (41 – no, really), and Sly News (8)

Another cunting for Al Beeb and Sly News.

This is the headline.

But no. Having heard it on the radio, I switch on and see Bill (I didn’t fuck her and I don’t smoke ganj) Cunton banging on about John Lewis, an incredible person, yes, but not someone who deserves the fawning that that the BRITISH news services should be giving when there’s shit going on going on back home.


82 thoughts on “The BBC (41 – no, really), and Sly News (8)

  1. MSM?
    The propaganda vehicle of racism and cultural marxism.
    And utter cunts. Defund the BBC, and ready Unkle Terrys ovens – there is much work to do in operation payback.

  2. Perfect example this morning. On BBC R4 this morning (I listen as I type) the Beirut explosion gets about 30 seconds. Even though that’s newsworthy, the Today team don’t divert from their “feel sorry for the effnicks and women” stories. Clearly, Beirut isn’t breaking news.

    • Don’t you worry none, Sgt, the moment they have figured out how to blame the explosion on whitey they’ll give it plenty of air time.

  3. I ‘defunded’ the BBC a few months back, and it feels fucking great.

    Whatever they’ve said or done to lead to this nom, it’s Marxist bullshit.

    Naga Rug-Munchetty can go choke on moose-limb quim.

  4. And more excuses as to why the BAME communidy get CV19. Apparently because they use public transport more (apart from the ones in BMWs, Mercs and Audi’s).

    Maybe it’s because they don’t follow the RULES, e.g. store this ammonium nitrate in a cool place out of direct sunlight….

    • I am just looking at the BBC news shit (I like a laugh) – “Ethnic minorities over exposed to coronavirus” – I wonder why?
      Overcrowding? Check.
      Dirty living conditions? Check.
      A complete lack of basic hygiene? Check.
      Gathering together in huge groups to worship the p*edo sky fairy? Check.
      Rioting, looting and burning? Check.
      Completely ignoring social distancing? Check.
      Holding and arranging illegal raves? Check.
      Diseases, illnesses and damaged immune systems due to incest?
      Heavy smokers, no exercise, shit food? Check.
      Didn’t take much research to work out why our poor peaceful friends and Guy Gibsons dogs are “over exposed” did it?

      • I wonder how Doreen Lawrence’s inquiry into why BAME gets Chinky Flu more than the rest of us is coming along? More to the point how much money is she making from it? After all we know what the conclusion will be.
        BTW , I wonder if other countries which similar demographics are experiencing the same incidence and if they have their own Doreen looking into it.

        • I’m looking forward to that report from well known medical expert Doreen Lawrence – “It’s all racist whiteys fault”.

          • Conclusion will be:
            A detached house and chauffered limo each.
            Priority for all jobs, regardless of qualifications (just like S Africa)
            Reparations for having to live in a free and tolerant society.

            D Lawrence

  5. Lately, it seems very clear to me that the way you get things done nowadays, is to riot. Unless a hundred thousand fed up cunts actually go to the BBCunt empty HQ’s and burn the bastard thing to the ground, ‘Defund the BBC’ are just 0’s and 1’s on a phone screen. The sooner it goes, the better off we’ll all be.

      • Hah! was only playing that tune not three hours ago. That and police and thieves.
        Was watching itv news yesterday. Headline was Beirut explosion and in same sentence mentioned conflict with Israel.

    • I shall arrange it Insignificunt – but make sure all the rio, er, “protesters” go to the toilet before getting on the bus – and anyone pinching Sir Fiddlers swan sandwiches will be severely dealt with! 😄

    • I normally watch Sly zews
      to catch up on the headlines, but the other day both news presenters were black,
      Interveiwing a black man on Racism, and I thought
      Oh” so this what equality looks like?
      It was like I was watching a Nigerian news show or something.
      Not watching Sly again.

  6. Today is the day that the Cunts are sending out notices to the Old Fuckers about the removal of free licences. How utterly typical that the Cunts should decide to target the old…they know that a lot of the old still have an attitude of ” it’s the law..we must pay” whereas most younger people would be prepared to just tell them to Fuck Off.
    Squandering billions on salaries and pushing an agenda at odds with most of the licence-payers. It really is about time that useless Cunt Boris Johnson did something other than bankrupt the Country and told the BBC that they must be prepared to “go subscription-only” with in a couple of years.

    • Well, that’s a few Million pensioners never voting Tory again – way to go Boris!
      Is this clown purposely trying to get sacked?
      Right, back to my new business venture – “The Lebanese fertiliser factory” 😄
      Just watching the BBC distort an interview done only ten minutes ago – these commie rats can’t help themselves – except to our money.

    • Good morning Sir fiddler. Yes its disgusting the way the old are being targeted. They are the people who built britain, and have so mutch more moral fibre then this woke generation of moaners.

    • Well said Dick. The way they treat the elderly is almost as repugnant as their efforts to cover up the crimes of Jimmy Savile.

      • What gets me about it is the way that the BBC sneer at the older generation…not “woke” enough,not “diverse” enough etc….but cynically use the Old Fuckers’ decency to frighten them into coughing up.


  7. If any cunter can be bothered have a look at the snooker coverage. Have a guess from which section of the community two new presenters come from. They are both clueless and full of cliches.

      • You don’t need talent when you eat fried chiggun! But look at the plethora of talented BAME snooker players – there’s er, em, erm..

        • Yes vernon, but you can bet the woke will start screaming, This is to white!. Not to mention the horses, royal ascot will be seen as to white. We will have nothing left. Sorry for going of topic.( a bad habit of mine.)

          • They said the same about my KKK outfit Tono – so I am matching it with red jeans! 😄

          • Vernon you will have to send me the picture, that is something i would love to see. I will send a picture to the flabbot, just to cheer her up.

    • White people at the BBC are an endangered species.
      The BBC should be – they are just doing their daily Government hating by getting a bunch of Karens (and all of them apparently medical experts!) to whine about the poor ickle kiddies missing out on their education – I don’t recall these children being that bothered when they were truanting every Friday to listen to a mental Swedish tramp.

        • Morning Foxy, only a matter of time before all sports, all tv presenters,
          All anyone on any format has to be ethnic!
          Even on here!
          Heard a rumour your being replaced by Anthony Joshua on ISAC
          And fiddler by Don Warrington.
          Talk of freeing Bill Cosby to take Berties place!!😳

          • Been trying to get Charlie Williams for MNC. Barnsley close enough to Stockport as far as BBC concerned.
            Just heard from his agent – croaked apparently.

          • Morning MNC – I’ll have a go with mincony Joshua – that little ponce will need to be told what happened by the intensive care nurse! “Well Anthony, all I saw was you putting your lipstick on then a flurry of kicks, butts, punches, knees and then a sleeper hold – then some nice Men stretchered you out and told Spinecrusher Fox to stop stamping on your face – rotter he is”!
            And I can’t see the esteemed Sir Fiddler liking this, not a bit Sir – imagine it – topping tweeds replaced by grass skirts, 19 filthy tinted urchins sat around demanding charity money, Fiddler Towers burned down and replaced by a mud hut, all the slav, er servants released to go on crime sprees and spread diseases – this will never do! 😄

          • Modded for naughty word MNC – I think it was “P*nce”! 🤦‍♂️😄
            Off now before Admin tell me off!

    • Well it is being held in Sheffield after all. Perhaps they’re doing “diverse cleansing” of the Crucible as well as the cathedral. I like my snooker commentary to be informative and incisive…Where’s the cueball going??

    • Where are BLM when we need them?

      Professional snooker needs to take a long hard look at itself. Apart from a handful of Chinks the players are all overwhelmingly white. And male! So much for diversity. The WPBSA is not fit for purpose.

      There needs to be a public enquiry into the matter, and the BBC charged with facilitating premeditated racist and sexist hate crimes.

      • Just tell them there are a bunch of guys wearing black and waving sticks RTC – they will be straight there! (Assuming they can get a lift from Mum in the badass people carrier! 😄).
        And send them chinks home fore we all get bleedin rabies!

        • Jimmy White to change to “J” Black- black ball worth 7 points, all other colours 1 point, commentary by David “Jaffa-cake” Lammy. Sorted.

          Darts next-cultural appropriation at its worst-spear chucking, like humanity, stems from the dark continent..


    • But – I notice there is no diversity in the players – unless I’ve missed it! Oh no! How do you get around that, Lewis? Because unless you can actually, really, really play – then you can’t get into those awful r@cist rankings! Dearie me. How’ll you fix that, sweet boy?

  8. They can just fuck off.
    Bubble headed commie nonsense from start to finish.
    Both are a literal fifth column working to undermine anything of real value.
    Every last one of them are vermin.
    Full and immediate oven.

    • Terry your going to be busy soon, you thought of taking on any apprentices?
      Get a goverment grant to pay their wages!!

      • “Unkle Terrys Cuntry ovens welcomes its newest apprentice Percy the parrot” – I can see it now (well after recent events involving myself, B&WC and some apparently irresponsible smoking of cigars I appear to be out of the fertiliser production business!).

      • Aye I’ll apply for some of that Wee Cranky money north of the border.
        Those SNP cunts seem loaded from selling haggis and whisky.
        Then she can christen it.

    • Terry i did ask recently if i could purchase one of your ovens, you did not get back to me. I suspect your over loaded with cunts at the moment.

  9. They’re like a dog with a bone, relentlessly spreading fear, and making out the UK suffered the most because of the Tories. I am on the verge of filling out the ‘I don’t need a TV license’ form but the only thing stopping me is how, if it came to court, would I prove that I have not been watching live TV. Wondering if my Sony Bravia tellybox has logs that I can access and shove up the arses of the Capita TV Inspectors? Maybe Technocunt knows a thing or two about this??

  10. I had a look at the link and this is what pisses me off about the BBC, the lack of attention to detail.
    If you are going to quote statistics and produce graphs make sure they are accurate.
    If you read the text on Cities in Europe, it says cities in Spain and Italy like Barcelona, Madrid and Milan were harder hit than UK cities, but when you look at the graph Milan is mysteriously missing.
    The are fucking useless cunts.

    And who the fuck is John Lewis?

  11. I presume the BBC didn’t focus on Barry O’Bummer’s eulogy at this funeral. This graceless piece of shit turned it into a political attack on Tangoman, lecturing the world about social distancing while addressing a crowd packed shoulder to shoulder. Yanks ain’t very good at irony are they?
    As for randy Bill, revelations about his frequent visits to a certain island will soon be surfacing. What a tragedy that will be.

    • His irritating gobshite wife lectured the public on only making essential journeys and stay at home during lockdown then it came to light da ex-Prez drove forty miles to play fucking golf at an exclusive club.

      • Wrong colour for playing at my club.
        What – no! – I meant “wrong colour car”! (Seriously, you rotters! 😄).
        That was a spiteful little attack by invisible President Barack Obama – the Man who achieved nothing in eight Years – and the BBC joyfully covered every word.
        I will take a good drink when these rats lose their license to print money.

  12. On the subject of the BBCunt each day they do a round up of newspaper headlines – this caught my attention and really, truly makes you wonder what the world has come to:

    Who gives a rats piss for Kate ‘Mummy’ Middleton. Headlines read:

    “Why I burst into tears over virus families” (like they’re infected with something from the walking dead)


    “Kate’s still majestic in a mask”

    It goes on…

    I don’t care if she looks good in a gimp suit with an orange in her mouth – who gives a fuck!

    I mean, I know Hewitt’s son and darky Marky are now out of the scene (although you watch my fellow cunt masters – they’ll be in the press soon when that bint realises her sis in law has some front page airtime, but for FUCK SAKE – this is not news. If anything I think it goes more to illustrate the social injustie of them and us. I know this shite is peddled more at the fairer sex because they all like a bit of gossip but lording over how great she looks in a mask – come on. Her shit still smells the same, even if prince Phillip is wiping her arse.

    • How much longer are they going to call her Kate Middleton? When she’s Queen Consort? Gets on my nerves. She’s been married over 9 years and is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Anyway, the press love ‘Kate’, she can do no wrong.

      Just as bad as all the column inches devoted to Catherine, are the inches devoted to football wags (Rooney v Vardy) and unknown ingenues, allegedly stunning us in a bikini.

  13. Stop paying the licence then the BBC, to save money, will sack all staff remembers and replace them with robots.
    Robots don’t need paying. They might need repairing occasionally.

    *Computerised voiceover*
    “Now on BBC ONE, News bot Zero Zero Six, with the news, followed by the weather forecast with Weather bot Three Nine Seven”.

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