Fishy Fucker Michel Barnier (5)

I’d like to nominate the massive cunt that is Michel Barnier, the froggy little pompus cunt that thinks the EU has the right to continue plundering our fishing grounds.

We left your shitty little club and you can’t play in our front garden anymore so Fuck Off!

Nominated by: Little Lord Fontlacunt 

53 thoughts on “Fishy Fucker Michel Barnier (5)

  1. Fuck off you french fag fuck!!
    Theyre our fish!!
    Theiving greasy bastards.😠
    Id chum the water with the blood of french fishermen, leave our superior fish alone, eat your own tiny slimy orrible tiddlers .
    Support Uk fishermen🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
    Death to France

    • While we’re at it, include that dirty bogtrotter Bob Geldof in with the damage.
      He was flicking the V’s to our fishermen fighting for their jobs in their own back yard.

      • Him Too Duke!

        “Geldof!! Walk the gangplank or by god I’ll keel haul you,
        You greasy puddle of irish piss..”

    • Perfect CUNTING summation MNC – If I could respectfully add he’s also a “CHEEKY FRENCH BASTARD” that’ll make my afternoon nap more restful. That is all.

      • As a fellow englishman of course you may.
        After the battle we’ll have a sherry and carve up the spoils of war!😁

    • And sink that French navy before they fall into the hands of the Hun!
      Oops, forgot – we already did – cheers Winston!
      Our fishing industry has been destroyed by overfishing by foreign Nations, who routinely ignore the minimum size rule and just grab everything – add this to the 50% of what they catch going back over the side dead and you are creating a sizeable problem 30 Years down the line.
      Fast forward 30 Years, our waters stripped out, our fishermen not allowed to fish our own waters ffs and now either unemployed or scratching a living taking people sea fishing and the fishing industry annihilated (take a trip to Goole, Hull, Immingham, Grimsby – ghost towns filled with heroin and, daft as it sounds, it brings a lump to my throat seeing proud hardworking Men scrapped and discarded to appease foreign thieves).
      Barnier gets the same size 11 boot up the arse as little Napoleon, and the same offer – beat me in a brawl and you can have what you want – all negotiations with the French enemy should have this as a default setting! 😄👍
      Good nom – slimy Politicians, slimy Frenchies – what’s not to like?
      And inform the esteemed Sir Fiddler the Frogs all ride bicycles (except for Freddie!) – news of this should ensure a few have “mysterious accidents!”
      Release the hounds!

    • The cunt also looks like Andy Pandy, who I always thought was an annoyin little cunt, even when I was about five. Kick the cunt up the arse.

  2. I hated Barnier from day once. I just dont trust him, i always he would give is fuck all. He made a speach on TV recently, and stated that its not acceptable for the earo fishermen, not to have rights to are waters. What a cunt, are costal waters, belong to us. Who is he, to tell us.

    • ↖↖↖↖agincourt
      ⚓🚢🚢💥💥 Waterloo
      How many more spanking do you need jaques?

        • How long before the campaign to rename Trafalgar Square gets going?
          Diversity Square anyone?
          You know it’s coming… 😣

          • I fear you are right Baron. We will have no history left. The lefties will scream and shout, untill all are history will be gone. Remember if flabbot and labour had come to power, the school where going to be brain washed with black history.
            When i was at school i loved history, in particular the romans, saxons and normans. If the lefties get there way it will all be black history. As if people are not already brainwashed with this shit.

          • Top ho Tono. We need to push back on all these lefties. The poofs, BLM, Momentum, Corbynistas and especially the Trannies who are trampling all over women’s rights at the moment. I’m White, British (English) Heterosexual and fucking proud. Once more unto the breach men!

          • Lord fondalcunt, i would love to deport all them cunts to somewhere like the amazon rain forest. Fondalcunt like you i am very proud to be white, and i will never be conditioned to be ashamed of it. Sorry i was late responding to your post, but because of my shift pattern, i am slow to notice some post.

      • Pontefract (“Broken Bridge” in Latin – an interesting history as to how it got that name, and Pontefract Castle/museum is well worth a visit) 1986 – one mouthy aggressive Frenchie hoofed through a window for being rude about the England football team!
        Top night it was! 👍😄
        Right, back to stringing the longbow and fitting the cannons to The Black Pig and packing with grape – those Frenchies won’t shoot themselves!
        No fish for you Claude, stick to snails and small birds you garlic munching brute!

  3. Will Boris send this cunt packing?
    I suppose we shall find out.

    Better to invite him over for a chat at No.10 then hold the cunt for ransom.
    Then sell him to the Somalis anyway.

    The greasy rat.

    • I fear Boris the blunderer will ride in at the last minute, stich us up with a wonderful deal and proclaim how ace and super it all is when in reality we are fucked…..

    • I have a horrible feeling that Boris will give in but it will be in some inconspicuous narrative in a 1000 page document of bollocks and we won’t realise until it’s to late.

  4. Are there any of our members of a coastal variety who could offer an insight on current thoughts from the trawlermen on this creep?
    I wouldn’t be surprised to read how much Bozo is going to give away by the end of the year.
    The toff albino Billy Bunter fat owl cunt.

    • The acid test for the success or otherwise of any trade agreement on finally leaving the EU will be do we have control of our territorial waters both as regards fishing and immigration.

    • The thoughts are blazing anger (got mates from Hull, grimsby etc) from the fishermen – they are all convinced Boris the narcoleptic traitor will screw them over – but god help him if he does.
      We will see, but I have no confidence in the ability or balls of our surrendering, sorry, “negotiating” team to get what we want.
      Which is ANY foreign vessel fishing in our waters from midnight on December the 31st to be looking down the barrel of a Royal Navy gun boat.

      • I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that our navy now consists of two useless aircraft carriers and the rubber dinghies that our permanent African tourists leave on the beach after legging it

  5. You just know that our spineless politicians will roll over and give in.
    Maybe the french fishercunts could be persuaded that all the Um Böngos traversing the channel are some sort of delicious edible seal that should scooped up, clubbed over the head and served up in expensive Parisean restaurants?

  6. Of course at the moment the british tax payer is treating them to a lavish Bromsgrove hotel. So cross the sea, and these migrants are given a nice holiday. From there eyes, its win, win.

  7. I would pay to see Diane Abbott, Emily Thornberry and Jo Brand sit on the old wankers face immediately after they had taken a malodrous shit. What a way for the old cunt to go.

  8. If the Frenchies are so keen on fishing they can fish their peacefuls out of the Channel and take the p*nces back where they belong.
    You just know that Jellyfish Johnson is going to fold like a cheap suit don’t you?………you just know it? I’ll be astonished if he doesn’t.

  9. I would like to point out that hating the French is definitely NOT racist. They’re Caucasian same as us.

    It is, however, xenophobic. I don’t like the French, or the Germans, or the Spanish. This does not make me a racist. If they were more like the Poles I’d probably like them but they’re not. We’ve been fighting these fuckers for hundreds of years and they’re still at it.

    Fucking foreign cunts….especially Barnier and that Van Der Lying bitch……

    • Well said Dio.
      Hes right, its not racist,
      No sirs..its Duty!🇬🇧
      Not for us petty jingoism, gosh no!!
      This is a blood feud!!
      Hundred years war?
      ..make it a thousand for me!!
      Hating the french is a noble thing, its patriotic, it should be taught in schools,
      Gsce-English, maths, hating frenchmen.
      No, let them come, we’ll meet them with cannin fire, cold steel, British grit….What?
      Boris has surrended?!!☺

      • It our duty to hate the French – well they’re French – what other reason do we need?
        Sneaky fish pinching war cowards.
        And Boris surrendered a while ago – Moby and Twitter run the Country now!

  10. Michel ‘You cannot have the best of both worlds’ Barnier is indeed a cunt of the highest order. In the pantheon of cunts, he is definitely one of the worst. Every time he opens that little French gob of his you can bet your bottom dollar that it will have you reaching for the Gaviscon. Odious, negative, underhand and troublemaking little froggy femboy. He’s, imo, politics’ nadir (see what I did there?).

  11. Xenophobe is too long a word for the average millennial Dio, and it’s spelt funny innit? No, the word raaaaaay-sist is the one they recognise with the odd Nazi chucked in. It’s strange hearing the accusation “Nazi” coming from the mouth of a rabid anti semite but all these words mean “not listening, can’t hear you, shut up, shut up, Mum tell him to shut up!”

  12. Frost should tell Barnier the only place the French will be fishing after the transition period ends is after Ursula and Mutti Merkel have had the painters in the smarmy French cunt.

  13. At the beginning of Jan, the Frogs and the rest of the EU cunts should have exactly no fishing rights in UK territorial waters. If the fuckers want to fish there, it’ll be at our behest, and the fuckers can pay.
    To use a term that has become fashionable with regard to this issue, this is totemic. If Boris backs down on this, I reckon he can kiss his ass goodbye.
    Oh, and Barmier, you really are a cunt. If we can’t cherrypick, then neither can you. Fuck off.

    • If Boris folds he is out – there are already rumblings and I sense knives being sharpened.
      And TBH it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy – he is even more sly, sneaky and cowardly than the French, and I have yet to detect a glimmer of intelligence, graft or integrity in the Man.
      Fuck off Boris – go and do gardening or something.

  14. Never mind Michel Barnier, fuck him to hell with a frozen sausage roll (in a fallow moment when a frozen sausage roll/Barnier’s ringpiece/the requisite hatred/inhibition are “at hand”).

    I’ve just had the ultimate misfortune (along with a few million others, undoubtedly) of hearing that fake, specious, fantastically-toxic and grotesquely disingenuous self-serving wanker on the BBC lunchtime news via my kitchen radio (an ITTKB germanium transistor model proudly stating: “Made in Austria”.)

    I think I shall either retrofit an Arduino-type module which recognises the speech patterns of Mr Blair to all my audio devices (a bit of a project but do-able) or crowd-fund a project of SPECTRE-like reach, solvency and clout to arrange a sticky end for this longlasting stain on humanity.

    Of the two, the electronics route is more practicable. Out with the soldering iron.

    Apologies for hijacking an otherwise unimpeachable nom. Blair would certainly not see his next birthday if I had the influence I enjoyed 25 years ago. I suspect his days are, in fact, numbered due to his redundancy, irrelevance, and the risk of his “loosing off” shit from 2001-2005 (to which he should never have been privy ab initio).

    I pray, and we can all dream…..

    [NB the above was hastily spell checked, but notwithstanding: E&OE]


  15. Couple of weeks crewing for cuddly John on his whelk dredger and the cunt will be cured of all interest in fishy things for life. Fuckwit eu leech

  16. Late to the table today as working my tits off trying to put fish on the table. Glad to see my first nom rattled some cages. As my Longbow instructor said, the best French man is a dead one.

  17. Not keen on the French but at least they ain’t kiwis.
    I mean, who cuts the sleeves off t-shirts these days and thinks it’s cool?

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