Thierry Henry (2)

He kneels for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in honour of a dead black fella he neither knew, or had anything remotely in common with.

Terry (deliberate misspelling) is a multimillionaire several times over; George was a man living on the bread line.

Terry lives in a rarefied bubble of fawning suckups; George never did, until recently.

Terry waxes lyrical about George; George wouldn’t have know Terry if he’d shot him in dead in the road.

The differences are many more than I can be bothered to highlight, other than Terry is a fucking “black warrior” so long as it suits his quest for public adoration.


Nominated by: KiwiCunt 

60 thoughts on “Thierry Henry (2)

  1. It’s always a part of the body with this arrogant snail-chomper. This time it’s a knee. Previously it was a hand that deliberately allowed France to qualify for the World Cup. Then it was the corporate cóck he took doing those irritating Renault adverts. Va-va-vrrm must be the sound of Le Coq corporaté being guzzling. Finally the heart because the handball broke the hearts and shattered the dreams of de Oirish preventing their going to de competition. Je ne regrette rien, Paddy.

  2. He’s also a vain, peanut head cheat who handballed a ‘goal’ against Ireland back in the day.
    Still, he’s a frog, what else do you expect other than vanity and pretence?
    Va Va voom over a cliff, pond robber.

  3. A friend of a friend who has a relative who works for Sky told me this story the other day. At the recent Charlton v Millwall game (shown live on Sky) both teams agreed not to “take the knee” before the match. When Sky were informed they went fucking mental, insisting that they did the grovelling, which they duly did.
    Obviously I don’t know how much truth there is in that story but I will point out that one of the managers, Lee Bowyer, in his youth was done for “racially aggravated assault” I could also point out that Millwall supporters are well known to be racist cunts……..well cunts in general to be honest.
    Just saying, that’s all.

    • I support Millwall. I’m not racist. Though i am a cunt. If you go to The New Den you will see people of every colour, it’s in Bermondsey ffs. 30 years ago it was alot different of course.
      Just saying,that’s all.
      Terry Henry is a total cunt mind.

        • Went to the Den with United when we were in Division 2 in 74/75. What a shindig that was. I still see Martin Buchan’s ‘Fucking hell’ expression as it kicked off on the terraces. Those really were the days.

  4. We’ve just written each others replies Capt.
    I think mine was much better though.
    Good morning cunters.

    • Yours is marvellous Stiltskin, ‘un magnifique pièce’ as the horse-eaters say. As long as the Renault ‘trou du cu’ is remembered as a dirty, cheating cunt, it’s all good n’est-ce pas.

  5. The nomination picture, it looks like he’s punching a giant ghost in the ghost’s bullocks.

    P.s why are the faces of other people in the picture all blurry? Is it because they’re so embarrassed they don’t wish to be identified?

    Morning Kiwi. 🙂 Morning all. 🙂

    • Nah, he’s just a virtue-signalling cunt looking for his picture in the papers and for which the media-cucks obliged.

  6. If it’s that ‘George’, he was criminal scum. The cop that knacked him was scum too, but they were both in dodgy shit together.

    We are now actually living in complete absurdity and pandemonium. This must be our end-time equivalent ‘WTF’ for what the Romans and Greeks felt like.

    I’ve nothing to say anymore. We’ve orchestrated our own doom and we’re merrily living through it. Fuck ‘humans’.

  7. Another overpaid footballer spouting bollocks.Piss off back to France froggy.Zut alors

  8. This act of kneeling actually depicts the fat Septic Policeman..not po’ George who was actually writhing away on the ground….nothing said about that “uncomfortable truth” but when I chose to show my solidarity with The Jews on Holocaust Day by driving past the local synagogue in my black open-topped Mercedes,giving a stiff-armed salute while dressed in one of Prince Harry’s cast-off fancy dress uniforms, there was Hell to pay.

    Never mind….bring on Harold Shipman Day….I plan to show my solidarity with the Old Farts by going down to Geriateric Ward (if it hasn’t been emptied by the hospital realising that they are Wuhan-Flu positive and quickly dispersing them to various Old Peoples’ Homes), dressed in a white coat with a stethoscope round my neck. I’ll ask them to sign a will with me as main beneficiary before “Saving Our NHS” by lethal injection.

    I wonder when my ” Clap a Hero” Day’ will be ?

    • If we’re going to annunciate to Evil on Earth, I would resign myself to prostrating before Amanda Donohoe as Sylvia Marsh in Lair Of The White Worm.

    • PS….sorry to go off subject but must congratulate the teachers who have just been awarded a 3 per cent pay rise for their hard work on the Corona virus “front-line”….you’ve earned every Penny,Teach,….must have been Hell hiding away for weeks in the run up to your 2 month summer holiday.

      • When a “Conservative” government does this you really know you’re fucked.

        Should also have given them a bonus for undermining British values and its way of life over the decades. You could not fucking make it up.

        • And front line NHS staff have received a lower percentage pay rise than teachers. Work that one out.

          I wonder if good ol Rishi was a hitherto 8pm Thursday evening pot banger?

          • Teachers deserve it. Many sat at home for 4 months refusing to work. Cunts.

    • Morning Mr F…I trust you’ll be adhering to the new facemasks to be worn in shops “law” from Thursday when you go on your fortnightly jaunt to Waitrose?
      I hope this gets really spicy…imagine some spotty teenage security guard ordering a man of stout character out of a shop. We’d laugh in his face.

      • Morning Mr. Cunt-Engine.

        I will be choosing to identify as “Dominic Cummings” if I am questioned..I have registered in my local Pubs under the same name,so why not ?

        • Quite hearteningly, I went into a slightly dodgy pub at the weekend and they had a sign about “registering, track and trace, card only, no cash” so said to the barman “can I just get a pint?” and he said “sure” and simply served us (cash payment) without taking notice of any of that shite.

      • Not wishing to be picky but it’s from Friday so DF will be fine on Thursday 😂

    • Loads of people went on about why Shipman did what he did. They came out will all sorts of complicated psychological reasons.

      Me, I just called it right away. He just wanted to sit in his office wanking all day so he just made sure he killed all the patients that kept turning up. He was just a lazy cunt. And of course, he also wanted to steal a few quid off the well-off ones.

  9. This is something I suspect we shall have to witness almost daily.
    A burden we must carry manfully.
    A solid dose of chlorine gas for these fawning cunts is also warranted.
    The decline and fall of a thousand years of civilisation.
    Crack on.
    And fuck off.

  10. Anyone who goes to football knows that these poseur cunts wouldn’t have dared do that shit in front of a crowd. They would have been booed off the fucking park. Yeah a few middle class pricks in the posh seats would have cried but they would just have been chinned. They don’t belong anyway, posh fucking cunts.
    Just like these wankers, like Linekunt, begging for some poof footballer to come out and “be brave”. The average working class bloke doesn’t give a fuck about bummery but if you start p*ncing about, drawing attention to yourself and trying to be a libtard hero you’re going to get stick. When they get crowds back this knee bullshit will vanish overnight. Trust me.

  11. The really good footballers at school were all “look at me” wankers. How do you expect them to improve when all the soft cunt fans pay them millions and suck their dicks. Their opinions mean fuck all, they just kick a ball about ffs. Cunts

  12. It would have been nice if one, just fucking one, player had had the balls to stand up and be counted. I understand that several F1 drivers had the bollocks to refuse to be a cuckold cunt. Of course that might have been because leading the whole shitshow was that nasty little cocksucker Hamilton who, as I understand it, is the most despised cunt on the circuit.

    • That cunt lives in Monaco doesn’t he? What a prick. Hypocritical cunt.

      • Hope he doesn’t break Schumacher’s record. I’m usually a big supporter of British sport but I’d rather have the arrogant Kraut than this monumental whopper of a cunt any day.

    • I am not an avid F1 fan but I intend to follow the drivers of the non benders from now on.

    • He is riding this BLM bullshit bandwagon for all its worth.

      Several of the drivers didn’t quite make it to the grid in time to take a knee and others had the balls to stand up to the race baiting bully.

      Lets see what happens when the stands are full of people again and start booing the little gobshite hypocrite while he gives his black panther salute.

  13. I think that this BLM crapfest is running out of steam. Rather like the ‘I’m Backing Britain ‘ campaign of 1968 (?) and the ‘Jesus Freaks’ of 1972, people wake up and smell the bullshit.
    BTW, great MotoGP racing last Sunday. Marc Marquez rode beautifully until he broke his arm. Another MotoGP this weekend and a World Superbikes meeting plus British Superbikes from early August. I may do a B&WC and disappear from the site for a while .

  14. Wasn’t this cunt a manager for about 5 minutes?

    He spent about 3 months managing Monaco before realising he hadn’t got a fucking clue and was sacked. And now he’s managing that world famous club “Montreal Impact” ffs

    So to top up his already vast income he spounts bollocks as a pundit, and my god is he boring at it! And still does a bit of work for Renault.

    So he may bang on about BLM and Chicken George, but away from the spotlight and he’ll take his 13 pieces of silver regardless of where it came from!

  15. I shall be wearing my “George Floyd Took The Knee” t-shirt today in solidarity.

    • Now THAT’S got to be the STAR COMMENT of the decade.
      We should let trendy Kevlar stab-vests with bulletproof plates made up with that logo, then we can wear them with pride at lower risk

  16. Good nomination.
    Henry was a complete footballer who lit up the premier league, one of the greats,
    It has taken just 8 mins 46 seconds to spoil that legacy.
    Have any of these idiots actually read the BLM manifesto? Obviously not-openly supporting an organisation that aims to destroy the family unit, destruction which has proven to be a major cause of violent crime in “da community” for tea swiggers. The irony is fucking hilarious.
    This fuckwittery continues apace-I see a black social media football pundit (aptly monikered “Rants”) has quit the Manchester United fan channel “The United Stand”, in protest against “unconscious racism”. Ffs. When will this insanity end?
    What fucking racism in football in the UK? Only against the white man, which seems acceptable.
    If ‘twer up to me, I would cast Henry in an updated version of the 1980’s classic sitcom “Benson”-in the title role, now set in a gay boy Queer Starmers house, Where our hero takes a knee for just under 9 minutes every episode-that’ll learn him😉.
    Linecunt will “lap it up”….

  17. Together with that fucking clenched fist Marxist Black Power salute. He should unclench it and extend his fingers in the what that salute really means, Black Nazis.. Overpaid, shit-for-brains faux-lefty CUNT.

    If he’s so fucking concerned about “Black Lives Mattering”, perhaps he may raise the thorny issue of Black Christians being murdered by Black Muslims in Africa or Black on Black killings here and elsewhere.

    I have to concluded that this cunt as the real waaaaycist here. If Lineker did a white power salute, he’d be out of crisps and off our screens, erased from history in a nanosecond.

    Great counting, Thierry Henry is a massive stretched genitally mutilated CUNT and a French CUNT at that, the cuntry even more brutal in Africa, with no commonwealth to show for it.

  18. Anyone who takes the knee or indeed attends a protest for BLM in this country is a cunt.
    Fuck them!

  19. Henry was on TV recently talking about past earo championships. He talked of his love for France and his pride in being french. Yet the cunt lives in Britania!.

  20. Great player and when Sky announced that they had ‘landed’ Henry as a pundit, they were going on about it as though they’d got the best pundit one can ever imagine.

    He was used a few dozen times but it soon became clear that while he really was an astonishingly good player, he is a fucking clueless pundit. I can see why he’s been a shit manager. His ‘analysis’ is dumb and boring. Tactically, he’s clueless. His punditry always reverts to how much better the players he played with were. He can be doing punditry on a 0-0 between Norwich and Bournemouth on wet Tuesday evening and be asked about the Bournemouth’s marking at corners and he’ll say that at Barcelona, they had the likes of Busquets and Xavi, and they would make sure they didn’t even give away corners. Xavi would get it and give it to him or Messi and …Yaaaawwwwn. Or he’ll mention things like ‘Do you think Dennis Bergkamp would’ve accepted his striker not making a run.” The cunt’s 50 now so I bet he wouldn’t be complaining about someone not making a run.

    That’s the problem with great players. They think in a bubble that others can’t attain. Yes, we know Messi would’ve dribbled around six players and stuck it in the top corner. Yes, we know Vieira would’ve tackled their striker, ran 50 yards, slid it to Bergkamp who would’ve slotted a perfect through ball to you…but what the fuck has that got to do with some Bournemouth cunt not marking at a corner?

    If you asked him about George Floyd, he’d probably say, ”Look, Messi would’ve slithered out of that neck hold. Can you imagine Patrick Vieira just standing there and accepting it? I don’t think so. Tony Adams would’ve killed that copper. And his family. And Zizou would’ve not let the guy anywhere near the stadium again. He would be too embarrassed to be around great players.”

  21. I shall be sure to repay the compliment by wearing my SS uniform (designed by Lewis Hamilton) and giving the n*zi salute before my annual “beat up a racist French cunt” day.
    Thierry! Look into the aims of BLM and the history of black power and the black panthers, you uninformed terrorist racist supporting fool.

  22. After winning the World Cup in 1998, France were expected to do equally well in 2002. That didnt go quite to script. Lost two and drew one (0-0) and were eliminated in the group stages. How many goals did Henry and the French score?

    Hooo-ee, quelle coont.

  23. He is French…that says it all really…le cunt
    Still a cunt in any language

  24. Makes me wonder how BLM members would have gone off if George Floyd had pointed a gun at their pregnant wife’s stomach.

    • They would still let him get away with it, the gutless servile BLM arselickers that they are.

  25. Can’t stand this cunt, but only because he’s a cheat. He cheated Ireland out of WC qualification and he cheated Chelsea when he conspired to take a free kick before the whilstle went. That’s amongst other things. Total arrogant cheating cunt.

  26. Terry is a big a cunt as Lewis Hamilton for all the same BLM reasons. What a pair of cunts.

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