Thierry Henry (2)

He kneels for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in honour of a dead black fella he neither knew, or had anything remotely in common with.

Terry (deliberate misspelling) is a multimillionaire several times over; George was a man living on the bread line.

Terry lives in a rarefied bubble of fawning suckups; George never did, until recently.

Terry waxes lyrical about George; George wouldn’t have know Terry if he’d shot him in dead in the road.

The differences are many more than I can be bothered to highlight, other than Terry is a fucking “black warrior” so long as it suits his quest for public adoration.


Nominated by: KiwiCunt 

60 thoughts on “Thierry Henry (2)

  1. Can’t stand this cunt, but only because he’s a cheat. He cheated Ireland out of WC qualification and he cheated Chelsea when he conspired to take a free kick before the whilstle went. That’s amongst other things. Total arrogant cheating cunt.

  2. Terry is a big a cunt as Lewis Hamilton for all the same BLM reasons. What a pair of cunts.

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