The Windrush Generation

I’m fuckin sick of hearing how amazing and how important the Windrush Generation were to the country. Why? What have they done? Got jobs? Well not being funny, but thats fuckin normal isn’t it? For an able bodied adult to hold gainful employment?

What about the £10 poms? The British lads an lasses that went to Australia to carve out a better life, they honoured? What’s the Windrush Generation done that’s different to any other immigrant? Poles, Irish in the US, etc. What is it again that made the 1940s and 50s so weary and massively improved life in the UK? Genuine Question, not being sarcastic, I can’t think of a single fucking thing!

Not slagging the fact they came and worked, but If I went anywhere in the world first thing I’d look for is a job. Wouldn’t expect a fuckin statue for doing so though.
And this isn’t a dig at black people it’s about the fawning and arse licking of the MSM.
They portray the Windrush like a chariot from the gods!

Well they can all fuck off.

Nominated by: Miserable Northern Cunt

69 thoughts on “The Windrush Generation

  1. I think they’re being put forward as the positive aspect of immigration. The problem is, we all know that this isn’t the norm and a lot of immigrants in this country are happy to live off the state whilst, at the same time, trying to bring that same state down and killing as many of the inhabitants as they can get away with.

  2. It’s the descendants of SS Windrush that do all the stabby drugs crime in Londonistan.
    Fucking deport all the cunts then put a statue up of Brittania waving them bye bye.
    Start with the Windrush activists.The whinging blek rats.

    • Spot on, used to sit with the old boys at Trent bridge 30 odd years ago lovely people but their kids and offspring etal fucking lazy, drug dealing, stabby, shooty cunts.

  3. The Windrush was the first Trojan horse of the new world order, dighnies are now more widely accepted as invasion vessels, the 1947 immigration act has a lot to answer for,, but you’ll find out in the colonies a lot are more British than the actual British, I think majority rule should have abolished this act, but the cunts have no intention, immigration from anywhere should be worked out individually like in Australia, there needs to be standards, but it doesn’t fit in with the cunts agendas!

  4. The Windrush Generation and their offspring exist to bolster the Labour Party just as the Labour Party exists to bolster TWG and BLM in general. If all the dark keys and Parking Stanley’s fucked off from this country (and as they think it is so rotten and waycist why the fuck don’t they?) Dame Kweer’s reason for existence would vanish, as would so many of their MPs and peers and hangers on. What a good thought to start Friday.

  5. It’s not just Windrush. Every other fucker is a positve for Britain no matter how lazy or even stabby according to our MSM.
    And you’ll be shouted down and shamed if you don’t agree.

    • ‘Whosoever fights with me this St. Crispin’s shall be my brother. Diversity is our strength. Those men abed in England….’ That fuckin Bard has a lot to answer for!

  6. Hindsite is a wonderful thing to have. I’m going to sound like a right cunt here but I’m in the right place. It should never have happened. We were warned about the effect it would have but did it anyway, sound familiar? It’s still happening and we will never learn. The problem now is that it can’t be stopped. If you looked on it as the animal kingdom and put a load of lions in with some tigers, for a while all would be fine but once large groups descend it becomes tribal. Yes we have mixed and got on fine but has it really worked ? There is always a problem or a stigma there. This isn’t aimed at just the Windrush generation but people of all descent. Major towns and cities are tribal, with beliefs and ideals far from what we should have. The English language isn’t even spoken in these places, signs are printed in foreign to accommodate these guests and to make them feel even more at home. Have they enriched us ? Some may say yes, with cuisine, culture? It’s not really enriched us has it ? Early immigrants were here to work and did but I don’t believe they did it because we were too lazy, they did it because they had to. I write this not in anger or hatred towards those who came or who are born here but with a sadness that something that started when Britain was a Great Britain with a proud Empire has now had the opposite effect. That boozer the Great Britain used to be a cracking place with some fantastic memories, now it’s all run down you get the wrong sorts in there, time to find a new landlord or shut the door for good.

  7. Goddammit. What the hell is the problem with telling people to fuck off these days? What is this peculiarity that implies all that must be fair and square?
    I just don’t get it. I was brought up with double standards – one rule for the kids, another for the grown ups. I believe most people must carry this with them otherwise they wouldn’t do the same with their kids, and in fact, pretty much anyone else.
    So why does this fairness idea even exist for some people? Because they are taking the piss, that’s why.

  8. Top cunting MNC, as you say it’s something you have to do.
    Unfortunately it’s an alien concept to many people.

  9. Not so shy about getting on “da white man’s canoe” and being transported to a land of Deep Fried Chiggun Shacks,Child Benefit,drugs,white wimmin and bling as they were when getting transported to a job harvesting sugar-cane on my vast Plantations.

    Lazy Fuckers.

    • Black and white cunt is made of tougher stuff. He’s probably balls deep in some bit of scrag at one of his residences, or going between the two, leaving no time to even think of posting on here.

      • I am hoping there isn’t a ‘hint’ and B&WC hasn’t taken one if there was. I do miss his pithy contributions.

          • @ Paul

            Cunting the Windrush Generation is quite a big ‘hint’, I would have thought.

            Not to mention many of the subsequent comments. I too hope B&WC hasn’t ‘taken the hint’. Not that I would ever expect him to, my comment being ironical.

          • Whoa! Wtf!?
            Rtc, no ‘hint’ or anything sinister about it!
            Read what I wrote, im cunting the modern medias assertion that it was the greatest thing ever and gave us something magical,
            And now its a sacred cow.
            Certainly not aimed at BWC, hes one of my favourite cunters.
            Surprised really you thought it was.
            Or that thats what I was saying.
            I stand by the nom.

          • Sorry Miserable, I didn’t mean to get at you personally, and never imagined for a minute your nom was aimed at B&WC.

            It was mainly the title ‘The Windrush Generation’ along with some cunters contributions that I was arguing with.

            Your general thrust I agree with.

            The nom might have benefitted had it been titled something more like ‘Media Weaponisation of the Windrush Generation’.

            🎶 Oh Lord, please don’t let us be misunderstood… 🎶

          • Agreed, maybe a better title.
            BWC has dissapeared since the BLM thing,
            And even though it infuriates me and think its bollocks, tried to remember that BWC is half black and others have black family members.
            But BLM really piss me off.

          • Ps*
            ‘Media weapinisation of the windrush generation’?
            -what do think I am?
            A fuckin egghead?!!

          • Never mind Miserable. I’m sure BLM pisses most people off, including many blacks, and certainly all the Indians and those of Indian descent that I’m aware of.

            As usual it’s the white woke Labour supporting cunts who are stirring this shit bucket the hardest.

      • B&WC does seem to be a little tongue tied at the moment. Let that be a warning to any of you thinking of adopting his esoteric sexual practices.

        • He reliably informed me that he’s on a month long bender, celebrating Liverpool as Premiership winners.
          Meanwhile he’s told me to tell you lot to “fuck off you racist bastards.”

  10. Well one thing they brought was the gunja, or whatever they called it in those days. Nobody had heard of that before. You will find the Windrush generation in the Wetherspoons in Brixton High Road…..elderly West Indian gentlemen with walking sticks, pork pie hats and Guinness who loudly rip the piss out of any cunt who walks through the door. They are hilarious and they don’t give a fuck. I doubt if Lammy, Flabbott or any other fawning politician has ever been anywhere near them. Given the things they say to women I would love to see Flabbott or that Hirsch bitch walk through the door. I would pay good money to see that.
    Also in Brixton you will find “Windrush Square” which the woke snowflakes insist on calling “Windrush Plaza.” That always makes me fucking laugh. The blacks are gradually being pushed out of Brixton……by the very same snowflakes who profess to love them. There’ll always be a place for them though……somebody’s got to work in the bars and shops, man the Tube station, drive the buses and sweep up the snowflake litter in Windrush Plaza.

  11. An interesting nom and a timely reminder of the perils of mass immigration.

    Because NZ is about 30 years behind the UK, most immigrants we accept are still of the wanting to work and better themselves type, not the give me my free house type.

    As your country is now being overrun with the latter, maybe we should view Windrush as a portent of what happens when you throw your borders open to all and sundry and stick to what we do now.

    • Looking at that horse faced bitch, who learned her trade under T.Blair, you’ve got as PM i’d say you are bang in trouble mate. She’s got globalist written all over her. I know nothing about New Zealand politics but I know a fucking cunt when I see one.

      • One hopes the bat flu and the oncoming pig flu means our borders will be shut for some time yet and will deter foreigners here from criminal activities (a 12 month custodial sentence at once or cumulative results in deportation to their native shithole even if they’re a citizen). It’s so nice not having any new fobs or easterners around, I wouldn’t mind seeing Kiwis return though.

  12. As do we, which is why we never voted for her (MMP in action there mate, adopt that shit at your own risk).

    Evening Freddie.

    Sadly, I think Jacinda is a nailed on cert for a second innings come September elections (tax central here we come) as the other lot are simply unelectable at the moment. A shower of shit doesn’t get close to describing them, and that’s me speaking as a National voter. Pfft….

  13. The way this country is going I will be glad to pop my clogs within the next 20 years or so because I really don’t think I could stand living in a fucked-up culture where you’ll be part of a sane white minority.

    The Wokes are slowly taking over – the Gen Zeros and Millennials, and whatever generation is next on the woke list, will bide their time for us Boomers and Gen Xs to fuck off and die once and for all.

    Once we’re gone there will be no “white old guard” left to protect our much cherished British values. Instead it will be diluted and diversified so much we will be a nation without any identity. It will just leave the Wokes fighting amongst themselves trying to push their own identity politics on others – and what a shitfest that will turn into!

    The Windrush Generation seemed like a good idea at the time, but Enoch Powell could see it coming with his famous stark warning.

    All too late now: you reap what you fucking sew!

    • Fear not Techno. The problem with being “woke”, as I see it, is that what is “woke” today won’t be “woke” next week. As the whole sorry caravan rolls along, they’ll be forever destroying themselves and will never obtain the Utopia of “Ultimate Wokeness” they want. A bigger bunch of soppy wankers you’ll never find.

        • A quote from something I saw from an old cunt to a young cunt:-
          ‘Woke? You know shit about history, politics or music. You aint woke you’r comatose.’

      • One of the key elements of Marxism is to constantly overthrow ‘power’.

        It never ends and yes, the last thing labour, BLM, Antifa etc would want is a utopian society.

        Because if everyone was perfectly happy with such a society, they’d want to ‘conserve’ it. i.e. they’d be conservatives!

    • I think my brother has his sights on the US or New Zealand given the way tbis place is going. He’s okay for now as he lives in rural sussex with his wife and daughter but I think he might leave the country if the tories keep acting like socialist cunts and keep letting the civil service and lobby groups push laws through parlisment that erode more and more freedom.
      Weird how all of these hate speech statutes keep getting amended and increased under tory rule.
      Authoritarian big state cunts.

  14. I live in Poland some of the year,( well not at the moment ) and I can tell you that their are no multicultural race problems. Why ? Because they simply won’t let them in.
    I feel safe walking about at night, crime is low and you can say what the fuck you like about Dar Keys without fear of loosing your job or being arrested. Gays can live there lives as long as they don’t get all self entitled. I live in a Town not far from Katowice. Last year I spent 3 weeks there without seeing one Peaceful or Umbongo. I can speak enough Polish to get me buy but will never be fluent. It’s the most difficult language in the world to learn. But I often think about retiring there.

  15. The problem with the windrush generation was the government of the time didn’t record who came and when. Then the government later decided as some of these people didn’t have proper records so started kicking them out of the country.

    Mass uncontrolled mismanaged immigration bad for us and bad for the incomers in many cases.

    If you wake up and your gardens full of sheep you go give the shepherd a bollocking, not the sheep.

    The government, and that means governments of any political hue over the last 70 years are the people who caused the problems and they are the ones we need to hold accountable.

    • That is so true SV. Every politician promises to deliver you to the Promised Land and generally fucks up. Mind you, I have yet to hear any U.K. politician as bonkers as Biden but give it time.

    • Strongly agree.

      Also, if it hadn’t been for the Home Office fucking up in 2018 (under Useless May and Amber Dudd), the existence of the Windrush Generation would have remained a footnote in British history, sparing the OP this extra misery.

      I have every sympathy for the Windrush Generation. They were enticed over here by an all White government to fill a shortage of labour. By all accounts they worked hard and kept their noses clean.

      I can also see why many of their descendants subsequently went off the rails, but that’s another story for another cunting.

  16. “One of the things that struck me most when I began looking into the origins of multicultural Britain was the hazy and confused background to the arrival of that notorious ship. First though, I might point out one of history’s bizarre ironies — the vessel that would signal the end of racial homogeneity in Britain started life as a Nazi cruise liner. The ship began its career in 1930 as the MV Monte Rosa. Until the outbreak of war it was used as part of the German Kraft durch Freude (‘Strength through Joy’) program. ‘Strength through Joy’ enabled more than 25 million Germans of all classes to enjoy subsidized travel and numerous other leisure pursuits, thereby enhancing the sense of community and racial togetherness. Racial solidarity, rather than class position, was emphasized by drawing lots for the allocation of cabins on vessels like the Monte Rosa, rather than providing superior accommodation only for those who could afford a certain rate. Until the outbreak of war, the vessel was employed in conveying NSDAP members on South American cruises. In 1939 the ship was allocated for military purposes, acting as a troopship for the invasion of Norway in 1940. In 1944, the Monte Rosa served in the Baltic Sea, rescuing Germans trapped in Latvia, East Prussia and Danzig by the advance of the Red Army.”

  17. What pisses me off is the way the fucking Labour cunts keep on saying ‘The Windrush Scandal’, it’s not a scandal, the government of today cannot be held responsible for the lack of evidence to give the cunts residential status.
    How the fuck can the home office tell the difference between a genuine resident and an illegal if they don’t have documentation. The bang on about the hostile environment, knowing full well the go home message was aimed at Illegals!

    The Nom is spot on, the Windrush lot aren’t anything special and like most immigration from Asian countries has been a disaster.

    I would love to know the cost of pandering to BAME, yep I know many work in the health service but I am pretty sure that if we didn’t have any fucking BAME in the country the NHS would be disproportionately less busy than it is now.

    • Does she call herself Jizz-lane ? I have a personal interest in seeing any of the Maxwell shitheap die in agony, as the company my father worked for was taken over by the fat, greasy cunt. Not long later it was shut down for good, causing Dad a lot of grief.
      I look forward to seeing pee-dough Porchester-Windsor dragged through it; anything to make his frightful ex and geeky offspring suffer (evil, snotty little cows).

  18. My great uncle and aunt were ten pound poms. Thhey had a farm that was constantly infested with mice and the nearest town was a 3 hour drive away.

    When my great uncle died the aunty came straight back to Britain. She hated Aus’.

  19. Look at what we have done….

    Priyamvada Gopal says ‘White lives don’t matter‘ and she gets promoted

    David Starkey says ‘So many damn blacks’ and is hung drawn and quartered.

    1984 has truly arrived but with the ‘party‘ replaced by the ‘woke’

    Only in an Orwellian society could one statement be racist and the other not.

    • Quite so Mr Sick. I was just about to post the following:

      Cambridge university deserves a hard cunting.

      Why is it right for one Cambridge university professor to tweet: I’ll say it again. White Lives Don’t Matter. As white lives.” But wrong for another Cambridge university professor to make an off the cuff remark: “so many damn blacks”?

      And why has the first example been praised and promoted, while the second is being investigated with a view to getting the sack?

      Oh, I get it! The first is a far-left Marxist woman of colour, while the second is a white middle aged male who leans to the right and is therefore a genocidal racist maniac by default.

      • RTC, you must remember that cunts at Cambridge are superior to us peasants in every respect. It is impossible for ordinary people to understand that the authorities at Cambridge are absolutely correct in the course of action they have taken.

        • Having said that, if David Starkey has tenure it will be near impossible to get rid of him. I recall from an amusing programme ‘A Very Peculiar Practice’ that the only grounds for a tenured academic were ‘gross moral turpitude ‘.

      • It’s amazing RTCp everyone is having a go, Piers Morgan sticking his 5p into the mix.
        I think he is upset because no one (politician) wants to appear on GMB and has had a fight with Dan Walker because he didn’t talk over Matt Hancock as per the Morgan method.

        • Piers Morgan has zero integrity. He can shove his “disgusting racist” comment up his pile infested arse.

  20. Knew some top black lads in Newton Heath and New Moston back in the day. They came from good families too. There was none of this Windrush BLM Grenfell Meghan Markle Fucking Ono Offended By Anything Taking The Knee Saint Chicken George Black Power Salute bollocks either. We just did what we did and coexisted. Now there are cunts that want Apartheid in reverse. We’ve gone backwards, not forwards. The next Nazi Party will be black.

    • I’m impressed that he managed to go through all of that without pissing himself laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

  21. Fuck the windrush bandwagon and all who ride it. I remember that first film that Floella Benjamin (sp?) did, at the time thinking, this is going to run and run.
    I honestly believe social cohesion between races is an impossible dream. One that had now become a nightmare.
    So, I say it again, fuck the wind rush generation.

  22. Well cunted, MNC. They’re as soft as bloody marshmallow these types. All comfortably ensconced in their parent’s homes, while mouthing the script of society’s injustice and the ever-present evils in the world at large. Good Christ, have they been so poorly introduced to life that the basic truth of it (life) being unfair escaped their eagle eyed notice? Make hay while the sunshines, say I. Rooster one day, feather duster the next and all that jazz. It’s all in the contract that some great force drafted for me before I was spat out. And so far, in spite of the good, the bad and the indifferent, it’s still better than being shot all over the fucking sheets.

    • Cheers CC!👍
      Ive nothing against someone going to another country to work if he behaves, is respectful to the customs& laws of the country hes in, but dont see why hes a hero just because hes got a good suntan?!!
      Just hate the constant portrayal of them as ‘doing us a favour’
      But dont hear
      “Thanks for the opportunity and the job, we appreciate it’.
      Seems a bit ungrateful mate, know what I mean?

  23. Exactly, MNC, and the constant putting down of the adopted country coupled with the highest praise for “back home” tends to wear a little thin. I understand homesickness and missing family and friends, but over the years I have heard plenty of unrequested opinions all based on the same idea. “Australia, good country but people no good” by some fresh off the boat savage from a war torn lavatory.
    Bloody Nora if “back home” is so bloody wonderful why not return then?

  24. Agree MNC what the fuck do the the woke cunt’s (banging on constantly about Windrush want)? A fucking medal they came to a new, better country got homes, jobs and money. Made a better life for themselves and somehow we owe them apology after apology. Why? apparently some of them failed to fill in some forms and got into bother. Fuck off, no not the Caribbeans that came here, but the fucking libtard, woke cunts that keep on trying to score points in a pointless game. Fuck off cunts.

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