Lord Peter Mandelson (6)

Yes – she’s back!, with a flash of her pink petticoats, and a whiff of quim juice from his frilly panties, the oldest old woman from New Labour – Blair’s poodle in chief, Gladys Mandelson is back prepared to give his all (for a large fee) for his cuntry and his Remainer mates. Mandy wants to llead the WTO:


This fuckwits egregious cheek and self regard is almost as wide and deep as his reamed ringpiece, after years of punishment on the playing fields of Eton and the more secluded parts of Hampstead Heath.

This old cunt should fuck off nd become an existenionalist – why kill time when you can kill yourself, Mandy?

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

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  1. Interestingly, Mandy is a “friend” of Ghislaine Maxwell, and went on a “shopping trip” with Epstein 15 years ago. The pimps pimp:


    I am not suggesting for a moment Mandy was involved in the Epstein/Maxwell affair – it is just that Mandy is fancy free – if it’s free he fancies it, and I suppose he was hoping to have stuff bought for him – another house perhaps?

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