Social Distancing & The MSM

Mainstream Media Cunts and their persistent battering of the 2 metre social distancing rule.

A piss boiling, up the back door, Cunting for these woke wankers who still seem unable to understand basic politics. Listening to 5 Live and they follow up the daily Covid 19 press conference by wondering why Boris is dilly dallying about reducing the distance to enable schools to return to full occupancy. This is after most of the cunts asking questions banged on about it.

It’s obvious you cunts! He won’t change the distance from 2 metres until the scientists and everyone else concerned is convinced there will be no 2nd spike as a result of all the thousands of cunting wankers who flaunted the distancing rules at the beaches and on demos!

Now cunt the fuck off MSM wankers.

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48 thoughts on “Social Distancing & The MSM

  1. Young people in particular seem to of given up on social distancing quite early.
    Raves, crowded beaches etc.
    I try to maintain it but its not always possible when working.
    6ft apart at all times!
    The world of ballroom dance must be suffering?

  2. The battle is already lost! Most people just don’t seem to give a shit about keeping their distance – shopping centres, supermarkets, beaches, and soon the pubs.

    It’s as if people actually want a second wave in order to stay away from going back to school/work and enjoying nice little furlough payoffs from the government.

    • I’m happy to have a go at the Gov’t, as much as the next man, but I usually do so when there is a reason.

      The Meejia are seriously pissing me off – constant battering of HM Gov – “are we reducing the 2m rule ?” “what’s the delay in re-opening schools?” “so you aren’t ruling out tax rises then Prime Minister ?!”

      Ok course he’s not ruling out tax rises you cunts ! HM Gov has be spending like Mad on the NHS, building emergency hospitals, emergency morgues, ventilators, PPE, giving busineses tax breaks and handing out money to workers at home like it’s going out of fashion.
      There’s been (and still is) a global pandemic, with a second wave on the way (that experts think could be worse that the first). The economy is on it’s arse – many redundancies on the way – the country’s heading for bakrupcy – OF COURSE THERE WILL BE TAX RISES, YOU FUCKING MORONS !

      Fuckwits protesting arm in arm, Mr&Mrs Slob & their 4 kids flocking to the beach & shitting in McD’s wrappers, Pratt & Pratt Jnr shoving their way into Sports Direct to buy Chav trainers – LISTEN SHIT FOR BRAINS ; SOCIAL DISTANCE OR GET COVID & DIE !
      Don’t come crying when your on oxygen, gasping for breath. If you can’t follow simple fucking instructions & partipate in your own survival, then you’re no loss, & maybe a cull of a few thousand fuckwits will help society.

      Jesus ! : /

      • Fuck me, calm down mate.


        If they do get covid and die, so what? It’s their choice. And your choice is to hide in your loft for the rest of your life. Or get a hazmat suit if you can summon up the courage to step outside.

        And that is the crux of it, to me. If you are that worried about the virus, even though you’re
        1/ highly unlikely to get it and
        2/ Even less likely to get ill from it and
        3/ even less likely to actually die from it ***
        Then there’s nothing stopping you from taking whatever ridiculous precautions you want to. But leave the rest of us the FUCK alone.

        This virus is nothing like as dangerous as they said it was. You need to chill the fuck out. Maybe go to the beach for a while. Oh, no – there might be other people there. Too frightening for you?

        The media are pissing me off too. If it wasn’t for the media whipping up the frenzied hysteria you portray so well, we wouldn’t even have NOTICED this pandemic.

        *** watch this video to find out just how frightening this tewwible bug is. It’s Chris Whitty at one of the daily briefings. It’s only 2.40 long.

  3. To be honest I have no idea what the Govt. policies are anymore…and neither do they,apparently. I did start to read something about Fathers not being allowed to walk their daughters down the aisle at weddings but was distracted by Dominic C*mmings driving his car into the side of my barn.

    • Hehee, 😁
      Morning Dick.
      I had a customer the other day whos husband runs a small bar and asked about this registering bollocks.
      She said the way she saw it was you go the pub,
      They take your contact details.
      Happy days!👍
      Taking a lot on faith if thats right,
      Im registering as Justin Welby in case I get ‘giddy’.
      He can pay for damages.

      • I’ll register as Dame Helen Mirren and just fly off in my private jet if anyone starts any nonsense.

  4. Boris is only letting things slide because he’s been told they don’t have enough police to enforce any of it.
    The Ferals etc have realised it’s open season.
    So he’s fucked the science off.
    Getting back to normality is happening to stop unrest.
    A complete shitshow.

    • The “normality” of the pubs opening on Saturday won’t be restful for any cunt working in A&E, where they reckon it will be worse than any past New Years Eve.Why the fuck did they choose a Saturday to resume?
      🎶 Don’t give us none of your aggravation
      We had it with your discipline
      Saturday night’s alright for fighting
      Get a little action in
      Get about as oiled as a diesel train
      Gonna set this dance alight
      ‘Cause Saturday night’s the night I like
      Saturday night’s alright alright alright, ooh 🎶

  5. The 2 metre rule is BS and it has been since day 1.

    There is no “science” to back it up. Or show it to me.

    The WHO guidelines state 1 metre. We’re doing 2 metres because SAGE cunt Robert Dingwall decided that we wouldn’t stick to 1.

    Social distancing is a cunt and The MSM is a cunt, but not for the reasons in this cunting.

  6. I constantly stay a good 2 miles from any fucker, except for lady Quimson of course, you don’t realise what a cantacarus old cunt you are until times like these, I’m quite enjoying it, kids grown up (one still in Harare), late night shopping at Tesco, the place is empty, social distancing is a state of mind for me anyway, helps me avoid unnescesary contact with insuffrable cunts of the first water, MSM is not listened to anyway by the great unhosed, there busy dogging and having BBQs on tinder dry moorland!, utter cunts!

  7. Whenever I’m out all I see is frightened people scurrying around wearing ridiculous masks that some virologist said are as about as uselessness as trying to stop a mosquito going through a chain link fence.
    These people will be wearing masks long after this BS is over , if it does ever end that is.
    Untill I see people around me dropping like flies I will continue to live my life as I did before.
    Sorry to sound harsh but the economy and people’s lives have been ruined to save less than 1% of the Nation.
    And I’m sick and tired of Sly News and BBC telling us every day that people are dying WITH Corona Virus but NOT of it. There’s a huge difference.

    • Me too. Two metres was a figure plucked out of a hat, with no scientific reason. Coughs and sneezing propel germs far in excess of two metres so what the fuck?

    • Fenton my father has cancer and is part of that 1%, so i find your words harsh . I dont want to sound critical of you, but if my father lives one extra days, thats special.

      • Take it from me Tono, you’ll have to grow a thicker skin than that if you enjoy using the site. You’ll find Fenton’s comment mild in comparison to others that you’ll come across.

          • I love the site Bertie and delighted that lots of common sense is stated on this site.

          • I did give you a ticky, however, as your comment “ but if my father lives one extra days, thats special.“ was very powerful. 👍🏻

          • We might find out just how thick that skin is in a moment.

            So how many jobs lost, houses repossessed, suicides is that 1 extra day worth? How many ruined businesses, how much despair and destruction? How many people turning to drink or drugs to escape, however briefly, the utter misery that their lives have become through no fault of their own?

            I am sorry for your Dads situation, and I know it must be hard to keep your perspective in those circumstances.

            I have a different perspective. I’m concerned about the future. For all of us.

          • Yes thanks for that paul, i should not realy have mentioned my father. This forum is for proper blokes. I should not bring my personal problems to the site.

  8. Always had a zone around me, hate the human race with a vengeance. Just read F1 drivers going to take the fucking knee before sundays grand prix. What a total bunch of cunts, multimillionaires kneeling to an extreme left wing outfit. As for the black merc, may it breakdown on the start line.

    • Typically, like most rich sportsmen and celebs, they pander to what’s trending because it would do their social media status no good at all if they went against the grain.

      However, because they are so rich they don’t have to mix with the plebs in the urban sprawls of the real world. Instead, they have minders, iron gates, CCTVs, huge walls and a different fucking outlook on life completely!

      It would be nice if the BLM protesters and other socialist scum started marching on the homes of these bastards. They’ll get the wake up call of their lives!

  9. For two weeks now we have been having to wear these silly face masks at work (hospital environment) even in the places where no members of the public can go. So for 11 weeks we mingle with colleagues at the height of the lurgy and now we suddenly have to wear them.
    Overheard one of the managers ( loose talk endangers lives or shows you up for the waste of space you are) that its all down to public perception as they are allowed back to visit and appointments are reopening.
    Guess who you flaunting the wearing of masks the most?
    Yup the doctors and management. Cunts

    • And buses. For months, masks were not deemed necessary but now suddenly they are.

      This all just beggars belief.

  10. The vast majority of people dying from Covid are old people with co-morbidities. Most people who catch it barely know they had it.

    As Fenton points out, we are not seeing people drop around us, it’s not the plague, it’s not Ebola.

    Leicester is back in lockdown because the infection rate is 132 for every 100000.

    For most of us Covid is purely a television pandemic. 60000 additional deaths were recorded during the 2011 flu season, no lockdown, no masks.

    Lockdown depresses the immune system. We’re all running round panicking about masks and who’s wearing them, who’s not. Meanwhile our economy is on fire.

    Don’t forget the thousands now dying due to the NHS being focused on Covid and the fear of Covid.

    I smell a rat!

    • Spot on Sixdog. I have no conspiracy theories I just see what’s happening around me.
      2 Nurses live in the block next to my Flat . I was chatting to them about it and they said The Hospital has never been so quite and if someone is dying of Pneumonia or whatever old people die of and they test them for Covid and it’s positive that’s what goes on the death certificate regardless they were about to die of what they went in for. Government Policy .
      Yes I smell a rat to .

      • The rat is called money and it grows when someone dies with Covid 19. I cannot confirm or have any proof only that I work in the NHS and so does my other half in a nearby clinic but I have heard from what I believe are reliable sources that if someone has Covid on their death certificate as such the hospital gets a bit extra of the green stuff.

        • There are various incentives, thanks to the Coronavirus Bill.

          If the patient had covid, no second opinion is required in order to sign off the death certificate.

          If the patient had covid, the NHS cannot be held legally responsible. No suing the hospital, no matter how bad the care, if they had covid.

          And it doesn’t take a test. A medical opinion is enough. And just one opinion.

  11. Is this lockdown circus what we can expect whenever there’s a threat of yet another pandemic virus?

    Social distancing doesn’t make a scrap of difference. If someone sneezes in the air, and then walks away, those snot-ridden particles will hang in the air for long enough for other people to walk through it and possibly catch it.

    Moreover, most over-the-counter masks don’t actually do anything other than give the person a sense of “well I’m doing my bit” bollocks.

    So we’ve had the coronavirus-19; can we expect a Pepsivirus-20, or perhaps a Carlsbergvirus-20 any time soon?

    • It’s the Irnbru21 fucker that worries me. Incoherent shouting, putting the heid on passersby and banging on about William Wallace.

  12. Does anybody here shop in an outlet that has it’s shelving corridors 2m apart? I don’t.
    This entire scam is fabricated, you go into hospital with congenital heart disease, while there fall and break your toe, you expire and cause of death given is broken toe.
    Utter bullshit.
    Cashless society, register for permission to leave your home (look at the pub situation and follow it through), destroy social interaction and cohesiveness,pit disparate groups of people against each other, divide and rule, muddy the waters at any given opportunity to confuse us all.
    Social distancing, if it’s so effective why is it a rule and not a law? Because this entire scam is fraudulent and designed to control the masses via fear.
    If you want to write me off as a lunatic, put your money where your mouth is and we’ll have another look in 2 years time shall we?
    Covid 19 my arse, the world has had influenza types for years and will continue to do so, shut it down,shut it down!
    And guess what? We have been constantly threatened with the second spike and if that’s not good enough, China have announced a new piggy fever that may cross contaminate too.
    How bounteous is nature?
    Arse candles.

  13. It’s all about risk and managing the risk, it’s pretty a basic Concept.

    The hazard is the virus, so how to manage the risk of catching it

    Stay at home and never go out, the risk is zero. Once you go outside the the risk increases, if you are walking on the hills and you pass by one other person the risk is probably as close to zero as makes no difference. As you gradually interact with the rest of society then the risk increases, trying to make specific Mitigation for every single circumstance is impossible, so general recommendations are put in place. The general rule is 2 metres, if 2 metres can’t be maintained other measures can be used to reduce the risk
    It’s not that difficult, yawn.

    • That is exactly right. My two penny worth on this is that those who are considered vulnerable should have been protected. Most of this could have been done by sensible measures, such as self-isolating and washing your hands more frequently than normal.

      The rest of the population should have been advised to carry on as normal but be sensible, including wearing face masks on public transport.

      The Nightingale hospitals should have been used to quarantine Chinese BatFlu victims, leaving the rest of the NHS to carry out their normal work.

      • Social distancing? An alien concept to the chavs and giggling selfie taking snowflakes where I live. Clueless governance creating a power vacuum for BLM and Antifa to exploit.
        Bomb China, don’t know if that will get rid of covid but at least one of the bigger problems has gone. (Remember who caused this, and will continue to until they are dealt with).
        Right, back to working out this weapons deal with India (very good quality baseball bats from Fox enterprises, perfect for cracking zipperheads) – do them chinks Modi!

  14. I agree with fellow cunters – the MSM are lying cunts and the 2 metre rule has been plucked out of thin air. I consider myself low risk as I live in the country and avoid cities full of “diversity” like the plagues they are.

    Was in Sainsburgs the other day with Mrs Grumpy and some silly cow came up to us and said we should social distancing, to which I replied “it’s difficult when I am banging her arse against the bedsprings”. Exit one silly cow and Mrs G got even grumpier. It’s not as if the place was full, anyway.

    Mad times

    Keep well fellow cunters

    Big Al

    • At work, three months in, they have now gone with masks in all areas and every other seat in the already too small coffee room has an X taped on it. Even if you live with a colleague, you are not allowed to sit next to them on a “forbidden” seat. Unless you’re a manager of course. Don’t have to wear a mask then, apparently.
      I’m filing it all in Betty’s Big Box of Bullshit.

    • I am still pissing myself about your bed spring remarks. I would love to have seen the reaction,of the person you said it to.

  15. i dont know what all the fuss is about regarding this covid flap in leicester.
    i mean the data suggests only 900 odd new cases in the city,talk about simple to deal with , can only be 1 or 2 houses at the most

  16. since when has the population of this country totally believed its government about anything – then acted as if their lives are dependent upon government instructions on what to do?? – FFS – this is a planned coup whereby covid is used to disguise the economic fallout/ theft/ happening right now – debt running at 100.9% of GDP and people are worrying about whether to wear a mask for a virus claimed by the same fucking government to be harmless to most – global death rate of 0.006% is NOT a pandemic – my brain hurts with the lunacy – Fatty Mancock in the high court now answering charges brought to ascertain a judicial review – who would accept the word of Mancock about anything????

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