Lord Peter Mandelson (6)

Yes – she’s back!, with a flash of her pink petticoats, and a whiff of quim juice from his frilly panties, the oldest old woman from New Labour – Blair’s poodle in chief, Gladys Mandelson is back prepared to give his all (for a large fee) for his cuntry and his Remainer mates. Mandy wants to llead the WTO:


This fuckwits egregious cheek and self regard is almost as wide and deep as his reamed ringpiece, after years of punishment on the playing fields of Eton and the more secluded parts of Hampstead Heath.

This old cunt should fuck off nd become an existenionalist – why kill time when you can kill yourself, Mandy?

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

64 thoughts on “Lord Peter Mandelson (6)

  1. When he’s mincing about in bushes looking for The Gay romance I wonder if Flying AIDS could go in his eyes?
    That would be perfect.
    Now fuck off you corrupt old toad.

  2. Horrible cunt back in the day. Can only imagine how recent events have made this unpleasant turd squirm and plot.

  3. Dirty perverted old bastard. As I understand it, from that article, Boris gets to choose Britain’s nominee. So surely he’s not going to back this filthy remoaner traitor? If he does then we know we’ve been stitched up. Handlebum needs to fuck off to Brazil and get himself a new rent boy. That one must be getting a bit old now. There’s no shortage of good looking, dirt poor, young boys in the shitholes of the world for degenerate filth like this cunt. Him and that Schofield fuck…….two fucking animals we are supposed to admire.🤮

    • Why go as far as Brazil if you’re after the shitholes if the world? He always seemed happy enough in Hartlepool…

  4. “Oh Mandy, an you came and you gave without taking”…
    Sang the lovely Johnny Mathis in regard to the showbiz orgies at Westminster.
    Greasy, slimy , sinister and looking like the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bangbang are his more obvious traits,
    But hes also a manipulative, sneaky, backstabbing, little cunt.
    Gas mark 7.

      • No not Johnny!
        Jesus, hes alright Johnny!
        No issues with Johnny.
        Meant Mandy, why has Mathis been saying stuff?
        And after I said I liked him?
        Get him in the fuckin Oven as well!😕
        Oi Terry!
        Two here for home economics.

        • Mangy Mandy – had a sniff of power (amongst other things I suspect) 20 Years ago and continually lives in a deluded World where sane people still listen to him and his twaddle.
          Mandy gets to run the WTO? – many good deals for China, but we can trust slippery Mandy I’m sure..
          I want to engage in a scientific experiment to see if poncey Pete can breathe at the bottom of the sea.
          On other news reports of Johnny Mathis lobbying for a 20% tax on pies and saying rude things about esteemed gentlemen from Stockport are entirely untrue and completely fabricated by the Fox! 😄
          As the esteemed Sir Fiddler would say – It’s a fucking disgrace!

          • Evening Foxy!
            Can you believe the fuckin cheek of the cunt?
            Mathis fan man and boy,
            Travelled to every Butlins and a pierhead in the North to see him and he sticks the boot into me?
            Well, next time he play colwyn Bay workingmens Club and going for the finale on ‘when a child is born’ see how he likes the constructive criticism of a half brick hitting him under the spotlight!
            The 2faced cunt.

          • Mis, reading your comment made it sound like Mathis was the greasy, slimy, sinister one. I thought it was a tad hard considering his only crimes are a soppy Chrimble hit, being a Vegas act festooned with sequins, and resembling an unwashed, páki Harry Styles.

          • I thought Mr Mathis was a talent thatd go down in history till you told me he was such a spiteful cunt,
            Well im getting a refund in my tickets for his Christmas show in Blacjpool!
            Thats £4.50p he’ll never see.

  5. He looks like a deeply sinister Old Queen , the sort that would appear in a Tarrintino or David Lynch Film who does unspeakable things to his nephew.

  6. He always reminds me of that ‘Where’s Wally’ cunt for some reason.
    There’s also something of the night about the twat as well.

  7. He used to ask his mates to help him with his mortgage.
    But after being an EU bigwig he bought a house for millions. All above board dear boy all above board.
    Slimier than seaweed doused in sewage.

    • Exactly, the cocksocket got an undeclared £370k loan to put on a house from his pal labour MP Geoffrey Robinson. and that’s ok nothing wrong with that
      Tommy Robinsons missus lends her brother £20k to get on the property ladder, the filth, trying to pin something on Tommy because he’s upsetting peaceful kiddyfiddlers, find out about this years later and tell him, “if YOU don’t admit to this ‘crime’ your missus ends up in court and possible jail”
      Tommy ends up with an 18 month stretch.
      Mangledbum is free to bring Brazilian rentboys into the country and carry on with more mortgage fraud, the fucking CUNT

  8. A sexually predatory, Brycreemed stick insect. Also wore a Freddie Mecury signature gay ‘tache in the 1980s.

    Can’t see him being a ‘sponge’ more like a sinewy old stone that clings to his lover’s back with his clawed hands whilst furiously trying to lose his bollock porridge.

    Vile creature.

    • I’m deeply hurt about that Paul. I sport a 1980’s style Tache. People back in the day compared me to Robert Redford.
      These days I look more like Ron Jeremy.

  9. Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested in America.

    Ahh, bugger. Is it too late to change my Deadpool list?

    • There is a song about him and a magic dragon I believe. It doesn’t end well.She will commit suicide while the gaurds take a 2 hour break

    • Even more reason to Captain now she’s been yoinked for questioning, I sense in the air a revisitation of Epstein’s curious exit from this World within the month. Does that count as a proxy Dead Pool nom?

  10. I’ve never understood how this slimy mortgage application fraudster got away with it in the first place and now has wealth beyond most peoples dreams from being a spectacularly useless MP. Similarly that Uber Cunt Blair. How is it possible to make so much money as a public “servant’?

  11. He looks like the sort of rim goblin that frequents the “Club Rectum” in the must -see film “Irreversible” . (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0290673/ )I would love to wipe the shit-eating grin (literally) off his slimy face by smashing his head in with a fire extinguisher as depicted in the film.

    • Certainly not, CC. The very same thought crossed by mind after hearing about Jism Maxwell’s arrest on the wireless.

      “Oh Andy, you came and you took my cherry. And you denied it all, lah, lah, lah, lah, etc.”

        • She’ll sing like The fucking Beatles … The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in how low her family will stoop …

    • She won’t make it out of France if Phil the Greek has his way… plenty of tunnels to drive through. Teflon Andy won’t have anything stuck on him unless it’s a 16 year old girls groin.

  12. Ten quid says Andrew is sweating right now….but not for long.
    She won’t see a court room.
    Heart attack in her cell is my guess….

    • I put that Derek and Clive classic on a site I used to go on a few years ago before I found this fine forum, it was my last post on there, they didn’t appreciate my sense of humour for some reason and banned me, the Cunts did me a favour

  13. I remember this cunt from the late 90s when I worked as a Civil Servant. He made a few headlines back then as he was quite sneaky and covert over his own personal financial affairs (i.e. soliciting interest-free loans from friends for a house in Notting Hill and denying it, and then, after receiving said interest-free loan from a friend, borrowed hundreds of thousands of pounds from a bank by giving them false information). A real troublemaking and schismatic cunt, too, apparantely. The dolt always put me in mind of that young girl who was on that weird BBC 2 advert thingy when all the tv programmes had finished at night, during the early 80s. Check this creepy Epstein-lover’s this basement out!

  14. Interestingly, Mandy is a “friend” of Ghislaine Maxwell, and went on a “shopping trip” with Epstein 15 years ago. The pimps pimp:


    I am not suggesting for a moment Mandy was involved in the Epstein/Maxwell affair – it is just that Mandy is fancy free – if it’s free he fancies it, and I suppose he was hoping to have stuff bought for him – another house perhaps?

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