Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is a chip off the old block, isn’t she.

A new film called “Habit” will feature 22-year-old Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late “king of pop”, Michael Jackson, playing Jesus. Jackson, a bisexual in real life, will be playing the son of God as a lesbian who indulges in carnality with another woman.
Thank goodness MJ isn’t alive to see this depravity. How could he have envisioned that his daughter, lovingly conceived in a test tube, would be so off the wall. It’s more mud thrown at his legacy after the latest allegations of chíld-fucking.

To quote the king of pap: “You need some lovin’ (P.Y.C) Pretty Young Cunt.”
Don’t they realise that baby Jeebus was a white, blond surfer lookalikey with a Yank accent?


Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

61 thoughts on “Paris Jackson

  1. Good Morning

    Thank you for the film recommendation, it sounds as if it is a full box of Kleenex job. I will wait for it to come out on Netflix.

  2. Anyone called Paris is an attention-seeking cunt.
    To be fair I only know of that Hilton ugly whore, and have just heard about Jackson. But it’s true. Named after a city full of cunts.

    • Agreed GH, giving your kid a stupid name deserves a cunting all of it’s own. Whatever happened to proper traditional names like Dweezil and Moon Unit?

    • If you want more example of stupid names of children given by their stupid celeb parents, just check out the Beckhams:-

      Brooklyn Joseph,
      Romeo James,
      Cruz David,
      Harper Seven.

      “Harper Seven” sounds like a bottle of bleach for the bog!

      • I will trump you with Jamie Oliver’s kids.
        Poppy Honey Rosie,
        Daisy Boo Pamela,
        Petal Blossom Rainbow,
        Buddy Bear Maurice,
        River Rocket,

      • Aytil Late…after Victoria B gets done whilst bending over the cheap pizza chiller in the local Joe Daki shop

    • Don’t need to be a celebrity to give you kid a shit name.

      I know of a Buffalo and a Neo.

      The parents are spastics.

  3. Good thing she’s not chosen to imitate the prophet mohammed instead, isn’t it..?
    Fuck’s sake.
    Perhaps she’s working on the assumption that if pee do filia accusations aren’t enough to outlaw her dad’s work then she can get away with anything.
    Never mind, where’s those nukes?

    • If they ever make ‘The Wacko Jacko Story’ it’ll be interesting to see how they do it. A black kid who turned himself white.
      Did I hear somebody whisper those two little words ‘cultural appropriation’?

  4. I wonder what stand the CoE and other Christian communities will take about this latest temptation of Christ: a bit of lezzing-up!

    Remember all the outrage when Life of Brian came out in the late 70s?

    But I suppose the CoE will turn a blind eye to this film because it may upset the Alphabet Gang.

  5. Michael Jackson’s biological daughter my fucking arsehole….
    He’s my fucking dad and I wanna share of his estate….
    Some people will believe anything….

  6. According to her Wiki page she considers herself black. Yet another one seeking attention through the current trend of identifying as a non-white.

    My arse is blacker than Paris Jackson. “Heee heee, shamone motherfucker”

    • Anyone can be anything they want. There’s actually cunts having healthy limbs removed because they considered themselves disabled. No you’re not mental, let’s lop an arm off so you can be who you are inside.

      She’s says she’s black, shes black.

    • Well if she’s identifying as black, what’s she doing with blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, pointy nose and thin lips?

      Surely that’s cultural/anatomical appropriation?

  7. Excellent cunting Captain Mags
    Jesus’s skin colour is beginning to be a bit of a tricky problem. Wasn’t the Archbishop of Cunterbury wondering whether to put up a stained glass window of a dark key?
    Jesus was a black man, Jesus was Bat-man…

    • Sounds like another case of overcorrection.
      Jesus was neither black or white. He was a midfle-eastern semite.

  8. Excellent nom, Cap’n.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing this. The smell of Oscars hangs heavy in the air…

  9. Captain Magnanimous, You Are Not Alone.
    This is certainly Off The Wall. This film sounds Bad.
    I wonder if it will surprise us all and turn out to be a Thriller.

    If Jesus doesn’t moonwalk across water in this film, I shall be very disappointed.
    I might end up throwing Rock(s) With You at the screen.

  10. Another blonde blue eyed Jesus! Well I suppose it fits in with the imaginary image so often used over the years by followers of Christianity. Laughable. Now with the obligatory woke historical amendments for 2020 because nobody realised for 2 millenia that ‘The Son of God’ was actually a bisexual lesbian. Wowww, what a revelation. I obviously missed the bombshell news announcements some time ago. For fucks sake the man looked like every other typical man in Palestine now and then, not like some import from Sweden with makeup and a full set of pearly whites. The real Jesus would’ve looked naturally unkempt as indeed the rulers would have; most likely would have had teeth missing and his beard certainly wouldn’t been trimmed with a philishave like some modern depictions I’ve seen.

    I’m not religious in any way so I’m not going to be offended by this oven fresh bullshit called Habit but I see there is a petition already signed by 260,000 at the time of writing to block it. Hurrah, if it puts the block on cunts like Paris – up the arris – Jackson getting a great gig because they just happen to be the son of/ daughter of (insert name) then I’m over the moon. Nepotism is a cunt and so is this woke shit.

  11. The early Jackson 5 songs ABC etc are amongst the most joyful tracks ever laid down, however:

    Jackson lost the fucking plot didn’t he-dirty kiddie wanking, milk racing, face bleaching, baby dangling, race confusing, chimp cuddling cunt.

    Odin-with you re: young Ms Jackson-every which way.

    • I see she is already as familiar with the surgeons knife as her late Father.
      The girl is clearly suffering some mental health crisis and just needs a vigorous shagging to sort her out!
      In other news, I have been barred from practising my “alternative medical theories” on local gals..

  12. Anybody ever listen to Michael Jackson drugged up, saying he’s going to build a children’s hospital? Fucking creepy voice, sounds like Linda Blair’s Dad.

  13. I definitely would Especially if she lezzed up with a fit mate.

    Mind you, I’d kick them both out if they said they wouldn’t let me steam in faster than a pikey running to the bogs on the train when he hears ”Ticket’s please!”

  14. Being christened Paris-Michael meant this fucking stupid publicity seeking cunt was never going to grow up normal. Of course having a mentally deranged chimp as her supposed “father” didn’t help her cause either.

  15. She’s playing God…as a lesbian…who fucks another woman? Sorry mate, but I’m seeing anything offensive in that.

  16. I wonder if one of those big candles from a church would fit up her arsehole?
    Anyhow the film or whatever it is sounds fantastic.

  17. There is not one gene of Jackson in her body, I hope she enjoys all of his money plus I would lick her minge to death.!!

  18. Michael changed his appearance because he didn’t want to look like his father.
    Also, being a star at such a young age (during the time of Jackson 5), was too much for him. Growing up in general is hard but having that and everything else going on, and the fame etc, I imagine is doubly difficult.

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