Lewis Hamilton [8]

A quick, 11 second pitstop cunting for Lewis Hamilton.

He is on the front page of the Times today:-

‘Why am I not British enough?’ The subtext being – because I is black.

Perhaps being a millionaire tax exile in Monaco might have something to do with it. And of course jumping on the Bullshit Lives Matter bandwagon. From a distance. And being an all round cunt.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

And seconded with this:

Lewis Hamilton – yet again!

A high-speed, round and round in circles borefest of a cunting for Lewis Hamilton. I can’t believe it is only a few short days since this tool’s last cunting, but he is the give who just keeps on giving. His latest wheeze is that he has announced plans to set up a commission in his name to increase diversity in motorsport.

The world champion said he wants the Hamilton Commission to make “real, tangible and measurable change”. Oh dear – what a fucking wanker. However, I wasn’t able to submit this cunting until I had stopped laughing about this statement:

“Hamilton, 35, said his commission would explore how motorsport can be used “to engage more young people from black backgrounds with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects”.”

Yes, those giant brained dark keys who are so good at science and even more useless at fucking driving.

Nominated by: Lord Cuntingford

55 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton [8]

  1. The cunt is in the fastest F1 car for one of the worlds most prominent F1 racing teams. Is it the half white side that gave him all that? What part of him being black has not seen privilege or opportunity.

    There are no other black F1 drivers racing not because they are black, its they are either stealing cars, selling drugs, stabbing cunts or studying to be an architect. In addition its not their black background that does not allow them to enter, its the fact as 90 pc of white families they are not from a family of wealth, or Money Launderers that would allow them to get their in the first place.

    His brother is also coloured and races with Cerebral Palsy which does show that though admirable, if you have the money nothing will stop your chances regardless of what colour you are.

  2. A few years back he was a wannabe gangsta with his rapper mates.
    Now he is the voice of Blm.
    Trouble is Lewis, great driver that you might be, in the end you’re a half white middle class person with a mid atlantic accent.
    You are also a cunt.

  3. Ah, the galling hypocrisy of this cunt. He applauds the toppling of statues and calls for all racist symbols around the world to be removed. All while picking up £40m a year from Mercedes who made vast profits from slavery and made German aircraft, tanks and submarines during WW2. Don’t you just love this gift that keeps giving?

  4. He has single handedly ruined F1 for a lot of fans. A whiney, spoiled little ingrate who thinks the sun shines out of his arse.

    I only bother with WRC for my petrolhead fix now.

    Hamilton isn’t fit to lick the boots of the Finns and Swedes when there is a very real chance of disappearing off the side of a mountain in a cloud of dust.

  5. Didn’t the racist Brits vote him British BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2010? So he’s wrong there. Again.

    Also, this fucker goes on like he had it tough. The fucker’s dad took redundancy pay and took on three jobs and a consultancy to fund his karting as a youngster. To do well in karting you need loads of fucking money. It’s really serious stuff with the winners catching the eye of real racing teams. Therefore, he got everything he wanted. And I don’t begrudge him one bit. His dad worked hard to provide the opportunities for him.

    But let’s be honest, F1 is not a sport where you’ll see Dave from the council estate getting a drive. He certainly had more privilege than most white lads in such positions. And there are loads of the fuckers.

    And BLM are a bunch of racist cunts. They only give a shit if honky is the perp (which is rare as fuck, by the way). Since St. George of the Holy Shroud of Floyd there have been several instances of blacks killing whites. Not a fucking peep from the honkies. They’re all killing each other in the CHAD or whatever the fuck they’re calling it this week. The dark keys demanded racial segregation in the place too. Who’s the fucking racist, cunt?

    He should get ‘wid iz breddren, wagwan innit blud?’. Perhaps a few weeks living in a tower block in Newham, Hackney or Brixton will let him get in touch with that side of his character, seeing as the honkies are racist?

    And his hypocrisy has been called out a few times. ‘No more racist symbols’ he said while wearing a Mercedes cap (Adolf’s favourite motor vehicle…he used them personally and for the army itself).

    F1 is shit since Senna died anyway.


  6. When is formula one going to get an actual black driver rather than this Bubba Wallace / Harvey Price lookalike.

  7. Why is Lewis wearing a hat and glasses in his private whirlpool? When I say “private whirlpool” most people call it The Mediterranean. You’re not British you cunt because you fucked off to Switzerland to avoid paying tax and do nothing but slag this country off. So fuck off and stay fucked off, you’re not wanted here.
    I see the footballer mob are trying to distance themselves from BLM because of remarks on their twitter. I presume those remarks are the usual Marxist platitudes. Now apparently, they support the principle of “black lives matter” not the organisation. No doubt lots of other corporations, slebs and rich cunts will be backtracking soon. Too late cunts, we heard what you said, we saw you posturing and genuflecting.
    Never forgive, never forget.

    • People are thick as fuck. It took me two minutes to find out where the black power salute came from and what it means (and that BLM’s demands are almost identical to the Black Panthers’ demands).

      They want racial segregation.
      They think raping white women is a ‘right’.
      They want to abolish the police force and ‘self police’ (gangsters in control, basically)
      They hate white people and constantly blame them for everything and anything.
      They hate the Jews. This is probably the reason some people are now questioning BLM.

      Country of thick cunts all about the Faceache Likes. Morons.

    • So true
      In their virtue signaling stampede the slebs never took the time to study the small print , the cunts were falling over themselves to back BLM …….
      DAFT CUNTS ……

  8. The only thing the “Lewis Hamilton commission “ needs to look into is why their patron is clueless virtue signaling wanker , and if he is so bothered by the slave trade and black repression how does he square that driving for a company that has far more recent links to the persecution and genocide of Jewish people amongst many other groups?

    Go fuck yourself Lewis You Grand Prix prick…..

  9. This “Hamilton Commission” will end up like the “Tony Blair Foundation”, a way of extracting money from mega rich bastards who are hoping for some political advantage. I imagine the oil sheiks will be sniffing around Hamilton’s dumb gay arse very soon.

  10. This cunt is so boring and uncharismatic that it is frightening. Much like Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, Ian Wright (who I like) and Rio Ferdinand (who I also like), he doesn’t come across as the brightest; when when he opens his trap on matters social, political and economic, it is truly cringeworthy, and not just because there are gaps in his knowledge on said issues but because the issues he is discussing are riddled with inaccuracies, myths and hypocrisy. The promulgation of the BLM movement is now fashionable and, more alarmingly, the rot has set in and doesn’t look it’s stopping anytime soon. In fact, check this out:


    • I watched this story on the news, I would be interested to know what actual evidence exists that shows he wasn’t in the final team because he was black.
      The report said he played for Plymouth in the 3rd division, now I would guess not many players in the 3rd division played for England, just saying 😁

      • It’s a bullshit, jump on the bandwagon story, and there’s no evidence whatsoever. Football, like everything else, was very different a hundred years ago. But as the libtards are busy wiping out history they can just re write it to suit their narrative. Typical of those bastards at the BBC.

    • That’s the way it was then, cannot change the past. Well the cunts are trying. What these pretentious shitheads do not realise is that it is having the opposite effect.

  11. When he started in F1 he was a cunt, he then tried hard to become less of a cunt but now he is exceeding all expectations, he is truly a gold plated cunt.

    I could just about put up with him when he was an obnoxious cunt but now he is a virtue signalling obnoxious cunt….. drive your nazi Mercedes built on the back of Jewish slaves and shut your fucking mouth…. he couldn’t be a bigger cunt now if he tried.

  12. I might watch the grand prix highlights if I find out the wheel from another car has snapped off and decapitated this gravy faced twat.

  13. Sorry Lewis, you’re mixed race, carry on like you’re going and no cunt will want to claim any relationship to you.

  14. Good old Lewis, driving for his slave team and attired by the preferred outfitters to the SS – and not a word about the 7 plus Million slaves still on the African continent.
    Or the fact the clenched fist salute was adopted by our favourite advocates of democracy and racial harmony the black panthers.
    I do not dislike him because of the black mix in his DNA – I just detest cunts.

  15. The daft cunts at Mercedes are now going to paint their 2020 car black…..

    How long before they put the saffron ss logo on the nose
    The Cuntshire have scored a great own goal their

  16. The daft cunts at Mercedes are now going to paint their 2020 car black…..

    How long before they put the waffen ss logo on the nose
    The Cunts have scored a great own goal their

  17. I respected Hamilton and wanted him to beat the germans record. Yet since he has started banging on about the toxic BLM, he can get lost. Another chip on the shoulder cunt.

  18. The thing about the BLM, they dont care if hamiltons firm was involved with Hitler. BLM think they are the onley people who have suffered, so they dont care about the jews. Cunts with double standards.

  19. Hamilton was always a greasy cunt. Says that sport is under represented in sport. Really? Take a look at the Premier Leagure you gormless cunt!

  20. I really hope all 4 fuckin wheels come off the Mercedes cars in every race and the prize cunt Hamilton gets nowhere near winning another championship. I didnt like Schumacher but I really hope that cunt Hamilton does not equal his record. Is there a team that has the balls to plaster “All lives matter” on thier car? Very much doubt it.

  21. This is one ignorant Ch!mp, there a no black drivers because they are wank at it, just like they are wank at sourcing clean water or building anything above one storie in materials other than corrugated sheeting, they are only good at fucking and producing babies.!

  22. Hamilton is so far detached from the real grass root fans of the sport (like top level footballers), I think he has misjudged this.
    Either that or he really is a fucking thick cunt who hates whitey and is pinning his racist colours to the mast.
    Chip shouldered cunt.

  23. Poor little Lewis, my heart truly bleeds for the cunt, i mean he,s now banging the BLM drum and playing the victim, next we will have Nicole Shezinginger asking for black jizz, sorry i meant yogart all over her face, all these victims who up until that criminal was sorted out by the cop in the USofA hed more respect in the world than they ever had before and they have fucked it up,they have put themselves back 200 years on the respect scale from whitey.
    So i have as much sympathy for these whinging eggs as i do for mincers, St Gretta, Grendfall towers, immigrants and exstinction rebelion, as they are all cunts who have taken it to far and now nobody give a fuck about them, they can all fuck off, stupid fuckers…

  24. A preachy vegan cunt he be, so he’s a cunt before anything else, now fuck off and enjoy your overrated millionaire go kart race, he not even that black FFS!

  25. This fucking Caramac cunt Hamilton and Mercedes should put their money where their mouths are and go to the ‘hoods of Londonistabistan, hire a load of the bro’s with fuzzy hair, train them up to do the jobs Honkies do for them, and lets sit back and see how fucking long it lasts. the fucking thick CUNTS

  26. The BLM, Black Liars Matter bandwagon rolls on, ably assisted by half-wit celebrity ignoramuses trying to clamber on to it for maximum exposure and self adulation.
    Fuck the Cunts to hell in a hand Kart, where they belong.They have no clue about the primitive inner nature of the beast and an in-built ability to instantly turn on those who have naively nurtured and supported them. Chaos and confusion be upon their heads. Fucking traitor Hamilton, now on the dark side, biting the hands that fed him, because he now can, another vanity trip. May the Gods restore the balance, look down on his cockroach circus and spin out his Karma. Despite the efforts of the stunted dwarf to revive it, for me and many others, F1 is now unwatchable, knowing their is a rat behind the wheel, it’s Kaput!

  27. Ah yes what a top-notch cunt this cunt is.

    Let’s think back…nothing but praise for the Kingdom of Bahrain as he swanned about in traditional Islamic dress (and obligatory rap video shiny necklace) whilst contemplating his ‘love for the culture’. A culture that includes the widespread torture and disappearances of vast numbers of the Shia Muslim population and a Human Rights record that would get Kim Jong-Un’s nod of approval.

    And then there was the plant-based bandwagon in which the cunt was adamant we could all do our bit, like him, by going vegan. Needless to say, the ethical dilemma of promoting environmental awareness whilst burning untold gallons of fuel driving round and round in circles for a living was lost on him. As was the constant showing off on his social media of his private jets and bling bling lifestyle.

    But yes, this bandwagon was not enough. Next up, Marxist (what is the Marxist policy on tax havens anyway?) police-defunding racists BLM. Clearly growing up in the UK and becoming one of the richest sports stars in the world shows that he has been oppressed from the word go. He ‘sees those that are remaining quiet’ apparently. Unfortunately this cunt doesnt have the sense to stay quiet on any ‘fashionable’ topic despite the juxtaposition of his expressed cuntish views and his actual lifestyle, because ultimately (though being a great racing driver I’m told) he is one of the densest cunts out there.

  28. Just seen today this total cuntmaster delux is demanding £40M to re-sign with Mercedes. You fucking utter BELL END fairy princess. Why don’t you take yourself off and do something good and I don’t mean jumping on the BLM bandwagon – nuff other cunts doing that already.

    I know Daddy’s from de Caribbean “ya man” but your mudder is white so you is mix it up, innit bro so stop giving it all this “I is black shite” your not, your a fucking half breed.

    Bet if it was all WLM you’d be identifying with-us honky’s you prick.

    Anyway you cocksucker you’re probably gonna get your new contract, fucking cunt.

  29. My mate Dave raced against this wee cunt in the carts back in the day his dad done all the setting up for his cart and they stayed in b&bs whilst Hamilton turned up in a big fuck off bus with a team of mechanics yeah he was hard done by the cotton picker

  30. This utter cunt, fuck me. This dipshit has ruined F1 by bringing in his social justice cuntery in and infecting the whole sport. To top it off the dumb cunt has the BLM fist logo on his helmet. He’s either in on whole thing or a monumental dumb cunt. I’m picking the latter. The guy can drive quick but that’s it. He’s definitely not in the league of Schumacher, Prost, Senna, those guys were quick but could actually think and plan their races. Hamilton is on the fucking radio every five minutes having a whinge and blaming his team for everything with no idea what he’s doing or the strategy, the guy is fucking child in a half black/white body. Fuck this fucking cunt.

  31. It’s his parents I feel sorry for. White Mum and his dad worked two jobs to fund him through the early days. Guided him to F1 then within a year of fame, fortune and adulation his own son fucks him off. No bigger cunt to be had

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