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Google, the woke tech giant who along with Facebook and Twitter believe they are the arbiters of what’s offensive and what’s not. Today google are celebrating a black British heroine.

“Description: Olive Elaine Morris was a British community leader and activist in the feminist, black nationalist, and squatters’ rights campaigns of the 1970s in the United Kingdom”

The hypocrite cunts employment of black property is notoriously low for some reason and when they do employ black people they don’t last long on average.

Thanks google, if we ran our country like you run your business we would be a pariah state.


Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

27 thoughts on “Google, Facebook & Twitter

  1. Good one Sixdog!👍
    Olive and squatters rights can kiss my cock.

    Squattters fuckin rights!!!
    Dont know anything about facefuck or twatter never used them, but use google to look up stuff.
    Its ok, does the job.
    Fuck em anyway.

    • Google doesn’t do the job though MNC, try and search for the same thing in google.

      Google’s algorithms will return what google believe you should be looking up and omit search results they don’t approve of.

  2. In the 1975 fillum Rollerball, set in the far future of 2015, the energy companies ruled the Earth. No prizes for guessing who would rule in a remake.

    Obviously, I use Google (they brought me to this site). Don’t use Facefuck. I do have a Twitter account but only use it to tweet links to my blog. It’s absolutely mental over there. I’m pretty sure half the users are trolls trying to wind up the time rich twats who take the platform seriously.

    My latest…

  3. All a load of old cunt. The world would be a much better place without those woke shites. Nothing but a general dumbing down has been facilitated by these cunts and it will only get worse…I guess that’s the plan though. Fucking cunts!

  4. Ah yes, the world famous Olive Morris………could jemmy a door open in five seconds flat.
    Never to be forgotten. There should be a bank holiday to honour her memory. Pity she wasn’t non-binary but nobody had dreamed that bollocks up in those days.

  5. Google has definitely peaked. I used to be able to find all sorts of weird and wonderful websites in my conspiracy phase, now the entire first page is nothing but corporate news sites and big corporate players. The algorithm clearly has gone from an AI technical marvel to a biased, unmarried, unfucked, bitter old mule of a librarian. Youtube, which Google owns, is equally gash.

    Douglas Murray made me aware of the SJW bias in the algorithm for image results. That was the last straw, but there just simply isn’t a worthy competitor to where Google was 15 years ago.

    There shouldn’t be such a monopoly on the search engine function. It’s the kind of knowledge gatekeeping even the Catholic church would be jealous of.

  6. History has always and rightly been open to different interpretations. What is going on now is simply taking the piss.

  7. I use Duck Duck Go or Firefox for a lot of my internet searching, but there are times when I still use Google.
    I don’t want to be ‘measured’, have my preferences stored in a data centre somewhere, so that marketing types can try to sell me shit and build up a profile of me or have my info sold to other faceless companies.

    Same goes for Fakebook.
    Zuckerberg himself is a paranoid geek, living in an armed fortress, but he’s happy to make money out of everyone else’s information and content while building up profiles of them and ‘shadow’ profiles.
    No. That’s not sinister. At all……… 🧐

    I do look at Twatter, but only because there are some hilarious parody accounts on there.

    • I have started watching Bitchute the YouTube alternative. YouTube have an army of goons watching and removing any wrong think posts . Be it anyone that questions Covid-19 to criticising BLM . This site would be shut down within minutes . I have had my subscription removed from some great people who upload videos from Black Pigeon speaks to Pat Condell who incidentally have had many of their posts removed.
      Bitchute still seems to allow more freedom of expression.

  8. Use Goo gul to look for stuff. Only cunts would use twatter and facefuck. Same as everything else started great then subverted into total and complete shit.

  9. Facefuck and Twatcunt are part of the reason this country is now producing soft arse, entitled, I want it now, pathetic pansy cunts, who want a medal for finishing eighth.
    Next time the clocks go back can I suggest that we set them to the 1940’s a period when this nation had some balls….

  10. Facebook, Google and Twitter, all cunts, the only test of anything being offensive is if it breaks a specific law, if not then it’s legitimate comment even if it does fit with the generation woke.

  11. just think, without all this american shit social media the internet could have been a beautiful and creative space for the people of the planet – fuck google, twatter and cuntbook

  12. I wonder if soshul meeja would be so quick to honour squatters and criminals if said were squatting in the mansions of the owners of the various snowflake hate sites.
    Google is so heavily policed half the stuff I put in is immediately twisted into something completely different, arsebook and twatter are vehicles for the vile leftists and enablers af anti white racism – don’t see any Police investigating that one though.
    I am just in the process of joining Parler – TR and Katie Hopkins have been banned from social media for the crime of telling the truth and they are both now on Parler.

    • I spent 3 weeks trying to join and just managed to do it. Always got as far as verifying the captcha then it would just seem to stall.

        • I deleted my ‘account’ today, started from scratch and it completed. After the captcha it sends a verifying code by text and that’s it, just profiling after that.

  13. The irony is Olive Elaine Morris apart from being a housebreaker the woman was a separatist, she believed blacks need their own nations segregated from white people.

    Try pushing that line as a white cunt and see how long you wait for google to make you a hero.

  14. Are black olives victims or do green olives matter?
    Smelly,dreadlock rasta squatter cunt.
    @fternoon cunters.

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