China is at it Again!

A slitty eyes-wide-open, stick a chopstick up the Dear Leader’s arse please for this flthy flyblown shitheap of a country.

Not content with bankrupting the Western world with their fucking Chinese flue, now they seem intent to finish us all off, physically as well as financially with bubonic plague:

That country needs to be cleaned up literally, starting with the scum who lead it

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs 

49 thoughts on “China is at it Again!

  1. Good Morning

    The very least they should have done was closed their vile wet markets as soon as the BatFlu started. The fact that they have not done so shows the arrogance of the dreadful government that is in place. It needs concerted UN action to make them fall into line with acceptable and normal international behaviour.
    Their ignoring of international patents and hacking into companies’ computers to gain technical knowledge must have repercussions.
    They should also be held accountable for the financial damage they have caused across the globe.
    The Army Rumour Service (Arrse) website has a great forum entitled ‘The Chinese, not a great bunch of lads’

    • They are flexing their muscles in the south china seas, and issuing threats to all and sundry at the moment.
      Wont be long now before something kicks off.

      • They’ve already had a few ructions with the Indians on their disputed border territory.

        So not only are they tightening their grip on Hong Kong, teasing the patience of the Indians, blowing a dink virus across the globe, killing hundreds of thousands, and screwing economies into the ground. They now want to give us the bubonic plaque for good measure.

        And yet the goody-two-shoes West seem to be given them an easy ride (apart from Trump). And the silence from the Left is deafening.

    • It would be ‘racist’ to ask them to close the wet markets,

      Pretty much the entire world will end because every cunt is scared of far left commies calling them racists to get their own way.

      Tell them to get fucked!

      • We are. And speaking for many Chineses also who want the Stalinist “party is supreme (even though they rate everything according to Marx & Engels 1848 hallucination)” we’re pretty certain.

        China is not influential because of Stalinism. It’s in spite of that immense criminal, the boss may outdo him but will never have respect anywhere.

        I hope my comment will not be misunderstood.

  2. Or used as an instrument of UN Agenda21 to cut the world’s population, the pusillanimous West too cowardly to protect its own.

  3. I was vaguely indifferent towards the Chinese for most of my life, just viewed them as foreigners and therefore genetically, morally and intellectually inferior.

    But since hearing about their unspeakably vile treatment of animals (I know their human rights record isn’t A+ but, you know, fuck them, they’re fucking Chinese) I’ve realised just what an unparalleled collective of cunts these fuckers are.

    Morrissey referred to them as a ‘subspecies’, I’d go further and say they’re not remotely human. Walking, talking, breeding pieces of shit. Homo Crappiens.

    There, I feel better for that. Now to cut the grass.

    • You BASTARD… Now it’ll rain. Right, that’s it, I’m going to wash the car. May as well be a deluge…

    • And yet you don’t hear those Animal Rebellion protesters make so much as a tweet about how the dinks treat animals over there. Probably because they’re too shit-scared to be called racist by another group of libtard retards!

      • The treatment of animals is due to communist doctrinaire agricultural policies = millions starve, therefore Mao relaxed wild animals as food regulations, otherwise the famine would continue its acceleration. You’d think by now they (the communist party) would have worked it out: farmers know about farms, political theorists don’t. But like communist parties everywhere ever they just can’t do it. Farmers are landowners (Eeeeeeww!) to be dispossessed or peasants (Yay!) to be set free, shoot all the academics, read Marx, starve like Zimbabwe (former bread basket of Africa) and boy did they starve.

        This excludes rhino horn & tiger penis but honestly if that’s what you want to eat, FUCKING FARM TIGERS AND RHINOCEROSES!!

        [Just quick search 1. Tiger (not found) 2. Rhinoceros (not found) 3. Rhino (not found)] well there you have it, communist manifesto excludes both therefore if you want to eat tiger peniss you’ll have to catch wild ones then they’ll be extinct and rhinos but farm them? No. Not in the manifesto.

  4. We’re going to be subjected to a constant stream of propaganda about the latest disease threat from Eastasia, or was that Oceania, to keep us in a constant state of fear while our freedom of speech, liberties, travel are all removed, “for our safety”.
    That 1984 instruction manual is working well and anyone who objects is an alt-Right enemy of the people.
    Between the Kung-Flu, Islam, BLM & others, we are being deliberately, systematically and comprehensively bent over and fucked up the arse.
    This is going to end very badly especially if Trump loses.

  5. It looks like the Three Gorges Dam was built in the usual way the Chinks do things. It’s been raining for weeks and the water is dangerously high. If that collapses there will not be any more Wuhan or much else left downstream of it, serve the fuckers right they was warned.

  6. Just wait for Covid 19, the sequel, the new modified version that is 10 times more deadly that the original…. the end is nigh
    We just need a bit of ‘fake news’ to say the only safe place for BAME is Africa, if only 😂

    • Isn’t bubonic plague spread by rats carrying fleas around? I’m surprised there are actually any rats left in China. I’d have thought the cunts would have eaten them all by now.

      • After just watching the news, amongst the usual bollocks about BAME, some twat in the USA (Texas) has died from Chinky flu after attending a Covid party hosted by someone who is infected because he thought it was a hoax….
        What a knob, I guess it’s the Covid equivalent of taking a selfie on the edge of a cliff 😂

        Don’t need rats to spread this shit just fucking idiots!

  7. If memory serves (bingo balls) China has not infrequent outbreaks of the plague due to the activities of some fun party types that rocked up there 90+ odd years ago. These crazy kids installed an institution called Unit 731 (our equivalent of Butlins) to try and cheer the locals up a bit. Not only did it fail to improve moral but, ultimately lead to the installation of the CCP. There is really no pleasing some people. Oh btw I have a small island off scootland for sale, only a fiver, perfect for raves.

    This, on the other hand, might be a slightly stickier wicket.
    Which is ironic in a way as this is the direct descendant of Butlins. Hi-de-hi campers and fuck the French.

  8. Too many cunts in the world, especially here. Decades of nanny state and letting fuckwits breed whilst giving them free everything. The world gives us a warning with batflu and we still fail to listen. The gene pool is now so contaminated with generations of useless cunts it is nearly beyond cleansing. Perhaps a stronger dose of Covid is required to filter out the cuntamination. With the current situation where freedom of speech is abhorrent things will only get worse. I hope that in the future all the thick protesting student cunts will be paying 70% income tax to support the millions of Untermenschen . As for the spring links,, i will have a number 54 with egg fried rice,,,cunts!

    • Over Population, is by far the biggest fucking elephant in the room that the Left conveniently choose to ignore because it doesn’t suit their blinkered narrative.

  9. I hope all of this anti-Chyna feelings don’t get forgotten too quickly. Reckon it’ll only be a few months before people are buying cheap crap from Poundland again.

      • The cost of the western economy is the price.
        And we will all pay it.
        We can manufacture better products in the UK just as cheaply as the Chinese – so why the hell aren’t we?

        • I’m not sure Vernon. Those fuckers are happy to file into their factory and work 15 hours (minus one hour for lunch sleep) for a bag of rice and some pot noodles.

          • They are told to look happy or be “re-educated”, and however cheap the labour they cannot overcome the significant obstacle of transport costs.
            Fuck China, Build British, make British, buy British!
            Good luck with that one from my experience.

  10. They’re basically the Asian version of the Nazis:
    Imprisonment of minorities in concentration camps – check
    Mass surveillance state – check
    The desire to genocide an entire people (the uighers) – check
    Territorial conquest – check
    Fuck the cunts.

  11. In one MSM report, it suggests they might try a massive cyber attack against the UK if we fuck about with Hong Kong.

    The head of BT says it would take 10 years to remove all the Hauwei network equipment from the UK. What proof have they these devices could be used for spying? Mind you, I wouldn’t let Chinky shit into critical parts infrastructure however I bet Cisco and Juniper are pissed off that they didn’t get the contract.

    Covid-19 should be seen as biological warfare and we should seek compensation, probably writing off some debts. An outbreak of Bubonic plague can be treated with antibiotics, but it proves they are a manky bunch of bastards.

    Why has no-one said ostracise China? Move factories to sensibly run companies in your own country, even though it would cost more we wouldn’t be in debt to these cunts.

    • You can bet your boots that if Covid-19 had originated in the US, every yapping lefty would be screaming about American genocide and demanding a total cancellation of the entire country.
      China good, tho.

  12. Regrettably the Yellow Peril are very likely untouchable.
    They would think of losing 200 million civilians in a nuclear war as a minor inconvenience.
    Still filthy cunts no matter what happens.

  13. We should do a deal with our old empire muckers, India, get the Japs involved (they hate ’em too) and nuke the shite out of the rinky dinks.

    We could also accidentally on purpose nuke Pakistan while we are at it.

    • Agreed. Parking Stanleys are predominantly useless, smelly radicalised cunts with a penchant for underage flesh. Dirty cunts in every way. Like China and surrounding areas, the entire population should be eradicated, thoroughly disinfected and replaced with a race of normal people. If that can’t be achieved fully, some cunt should at least bomb that Red Mosque (aka The West-hating Jihadi Recruitment Centre).

  14. Herdsmen wandering rat-infested terrain and teenagers eating marmot meat . . . that whole area of the earth is one big plague! Think I’ll pass! Eradicate the entire population of said area of the earth, thouroughly disinfect, and replace it with a race of normal people.

  15. At least the plague isnt asymptomatic like Covid. Perhaps the chinks will enjoy using teach other’s pus-filled buboes as an aphrodisiac or base for a soup? They eat everything else.

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