Adam Peaty

Splish splash – I might be a bit of a drip but a 100 metre cunting please for rotound podgy Olympic swimmer, Adam Peaty who at the age of twentysomething has run through every cliche’ in the book of fading sports stars of yesteryear.

He has given a wide ranging interview with the BBC, (he runs the gamut from A to B as Dorothy Parker would have said) he talks of his early success (1st ciche) his battle with the bottle (2nd cliche’) his “partying” (3rd cliche’) and his subsequent “battles with hs mental health” (4th cliche’) now Mr. P has committed the biggest cliche’ in the BBC book and got a half caste girl up the duff, and so wants to bring “diversity” – let’s say it again – DIVERSITY – into swimming, as he embraces fatherhood (poor little sod – the baby, not Adam):

Little Adam, who like most sportsmen who have to parade around half naked most of the time has decorated himself with tattoos resembling an early example of a roll of William Morris wallpaper (even Tom Daley sports a duckie little one these days), when he is not doing the one thing he can do fairly well, he has to spout right on bollocks. I take it Peaty is after Linekar’s job when the crisps do for him.

I wonder what swimmers of colour think of his patronage – well, thank you daddy Peaty, innit.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs 

35 thoughts on “Adam Peaty

  1. Those excessive dreary black tattoos all over the arms, the mark of the douche. The original barbed wire tattoo around the bicep was never excised from our culture, growing first into the tribal motif, and has now metastasized over the entire arms of pretentious insecure wankers everywhere.

  2. Sport is colour blind, and one of the very few ways a person from a working class background can get rich – political correctness does not exist in sport – quotas don’t win medals.
    Stick to playing dolphins Adam, 99% of the World don’t want to hear your libtard nonsense.
    On other breaking news, the Brother of Spurs footballer Serge Aurier has been shot and killed outside a Toulouse nightclub – I wonder if evil whitey did that?

  3. Nothing wrong with a tattoo as long as it’s not visible in public, but Maori tattoos on honkies look fucking dumb, no a tattoo of Ian Smith or a Union Jack are totally acceptable in my view, but obviously he’s going to have a quarter kaffir so it must be an effnick bullshit tattoo, otherwise I’ve never heard of the cunt thankfully!

      • You lightweight CC, I would of at least expected a tattoo of Dr Malan or Dr Voerwoed, TerraBlanche went a bit snowflakey in the end!

      • Didn’t Terrblanche get killed by some black guys because he was knobbing black women?

    • Anything that comes from new Zealand is horrible, especially maiori tattoos and those ugly greenstone necklace things.

  4. He could continue his swimming hobby with a chain round his waist attached to a marble statue of some cunt like Winnie Mandela.
    His swimming race starts 599 miles out in the Atlantic.
    Fuck off.

  5. Yet another attention seeking publicity whore who for some reason the BBCunts think is relevant. I’d like to chop his fucking limbs off, chuck the cunt in the water and let’s see how ‘Bob’ does then.

  6. Never heard of this Harry Hewitt wannabe fucking prick.
    I’ve heard of the BBC though and anything they want to tell me can go straight up Jack’s arse. Bunch of commie bastards.

  7. What swimmers of colour? Black slaves in The US were bred for speed and strength like race horses,hence all the sprint medals and boxing champions. Im not aware of any swimming breeding.

  8. I don’t get it how all these cunts who have a setback or lose a race put it down to mental health, it’s seems to be the go to diagnosis for anything that isn’t a specific illness. It seems that it covers anything from having a bad day to living in a straight jacket in a padded cell.
    It’s like a designer accessory, you ain’t anybody until you have had ‘mental health issues’

    I can sort of understand a desire (not mine I would add) to have more representation of effnicks in business but for fuck sake sport is the ultimate leveller, if you are good enough you will succeed, I don’t see anyone banging on about not enough white althletes in the 100 metres, or any other track event.

    Diversity is our Strength: definition ….. unknown.

  9. I cannot give one iota of fuck about any of these ( look at me) cunts. The world does not exist for them only, if only they realised that, then I and millions more would have a little bit more tranquility.

  10. Swimming is very much a white based sport as expounded on by D. Fiddler in his excellent treatise on “White men can’t jump, blick men can’t swim”, Available from Amazon £12.99 and other good book stores.

  11. Oh and by the way, a BBC harridan who was going on about some sport bollocks this morning, revealed that a12yo boy was under police investigation for making racist comments to a black footballer. For fucks sake.

    • As well as not being able to swim black people dont do winter sports either.
      Apart from on Cool Runnings,but no black ski’ers or mountaineers, no black ice hockey or skaters.
      Dont like the cold you see.
      Or rodeo, never see black rodeo stars, dont like animals and horses dont care for them either.
      Or snooker! Cant play snooker it appears.
      Luckily most are architects.

      • If it’s not outpacing a tiger or wrestling a chimp the black people don’t do well – especially in swimming, they are always useless because back home they only get ten yards before a crocodile does them over so they never get to practice! 😄 (Totally true Fox fact!)
        And if Adam Peaty (suddenly) feels so strongly about all the howwid injustice perpetrated by whitey when is he going to hand over his massive lottery funding and place on the GB swimming team to a BAME?

      • “Don’t like animals”…ha, some animals don’t like them. Our dear old Westie, dog bless her, she barked like fuck everything a spade was on telly. We used to praise her: good girl, now there’s a good girl, who’s a good girl etc etc.

      • Same here my doggies go nuts at the sight of one of our seriously tanned cousins and get praise and treats for doing so.

  12. I seem to recall a black swimmer a while back in the Olympics the cunt was still on his 2nd lap whilst the rest of the swimmers were finished and back in the shower

  13. Sooo, there isn’t enough diversity in the sport of diving? Oh well, it must those evil racists yet again. Couldn’t possibly be because they don’t WANT to do it, can it? Just you like you can’t force minority groups into a certain career path, or to go to the countryside (fuck you Countryfile), you cannot force them to do a jump of a high diving board. And let’s face it, NOBODY is stopping them from doing any of those things in this day and age.

  14. Fact: when BRITISH naval ships who were enforcing the BRITISH-LED anti-slavery campaign foreign vessels carrying slaves used to dump them over the side. Thus no slaves could be found on-board when the British arrived. The slavers were shit-scared of our navy which eventually drove them out of business.

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Mr Lammy, Lord Wooley, Kehinde Andrews and all the other whitey haters. We saved your butts though why we bothered I don’t know.

    As for swimming, I believed it was a genetic issue – aren’t black bones denser? I mean there is plenty of water surrounding Africa and the West Indies so it can’t be lack of opportunity.

  15. Cunt.
    Hope he gets lactic acid build up from all the fried chiggun she feeds him and has an unfortunate incident in the deep end.
    Or mugged and stabbed by his progeny.

  16. He can always do a couple of lengths in Michael Barrymores pool, unfortunately the only lenghts will be up his rusty sheriff’s badge, courtesy of a guest from Michael Barrymore pool parties, get to fuck, awight at the back?

  17. Likes bumsex but doesn’t like himself for it, and is trying to cover it up. As if any of the current crop of GB divers aren’t it for anything else except topping Daley on every meet.

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