SNP Hypocrites

The hypocrites of the SNP deserve to be cunted.

When the statue of Churchill was defaced and BLM were demanding it be removed, the SNP were happy to join in the celebration of this desecration. Well guess what? Karma has struck once again. The statue of Robert the Bruce, at the site of the battle of Bannockburn, has been defaced with graffiti bearing the words, “Racist King”. Would anyone care to guess who is the leading the outrage charge against BLM for this heinous act of vandalism against the statue of a Scottish historical figure? Yes, that’s right, the Scottish Nazi Party.

In a classic case of “we can dish it out, but we can’t fucking take it”, their support for BLM/ANTIFA has diminished somewhat now that one of THEIR heroes has been hit. They are screaming like a baby that’s pissed it’s nappy, and I fucking love it. I have nothing against the Scottish people, the majority, who are sensible, sane and, well, normal, that is. The SNP however, were formed by a group of sad, pathetic little bigots who take every opportunity to express their deep and irrational loathing of the English. It truly baffles me how the Scottish people keep voting this part of failed genetic experiments into power, especially that malicious, super egomaniac Jimmy Krankie lookalike, Nicola Sturgeon. Her actions, especially pre-empting government announcements regarding the Kung Flu, in an attempt to be appear statesman like, decisive and competent were pathetic. Which is another reason that I take such pleasure in the anger now being expressed by the SNP. It is pure hypocrisy.

As far as the statue is concerned, I do not in any way condone the actions of the scum who committed this act of criminal damage, nor do I find any amusement in it being desecrated. Robert the Bruce is an important figure in Scottish history, and I respect that. As for the ridiculous content of the graffiti, please. Robert the Bruce lived in a time long before people of a different skin colour started migrating to these shores, how could he possibly have been racist toward them? The very idea is retarded. Much like the SNP.

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The majority of Scottish people – sane, sensible & normal? I demand a re-count! – admin

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  1. I had no idea about this. Thank you so much for making me laugh around on a shitty, rainy day. Consider this story being shared to one and all.

  2. On the other side of the pond, the same laughable hypocrisy can be seen amongst Beverly Hills luvvies. They are also now frantically calling for the police to come and protect them now that their BLM pets and virtue signalling ammo have marched onto tinseltown. So much for supporting the de-funding and abolition of the keepers of law and order.

    As an aside though, I also find it hard to believe that majority of Scots are indeed sensible, sane and normal. It seems to me that if they were, the SNP wouldn’t have managed to win all the votes they did, to then be led into outright domination of the overwhelming majority of Scottish constituencies. Let’s be having it right, the majority of Scots are hardline anti-English and only too happy to serve that hatred by foolhardily casting their vote for the SNP.

    • Imagine how they’d crow if one of their Premier teams( I use the term very loosely) managed to beat say, Burton Albion.

  3. Wasn’t Robert the Bruce the cunt who fucked about with a spider? Ok, so he wasn’t keen on creepy black things that move too fast but that doesn’t make him a raaaay-sist for fucks sake!
    I’m beginning to wonder if there was ever a white man, anytime, anywhere who wasn’t a racist.

    • Yes he learned from the spider to try try and try again. Following their forebear the SNP will try try and try again until they get Independence.

  4. Fuck the SNP, fuck the Scots who remember the single battle they won and forget the rest where they got pummelled.

    Fuck them all. Fuck BLM, Antifa, and any other extremists from any side who can’t see that nothing is born out of destruction of nations.

    Do you kill someone who committed a few crimes when a kid or do you allow them to mature and leave the crime behind you.

    If the answer is option A BLM would be short a lot of protesters.

  5. The scotch gnats (or should we say midges since the Highlands are rife with them) are huge hypocrits. In many ways.

    Robert Burns was almost on the ship to become a slave driver. Instead he became the next best thing – a customs and excise inspector (VAT man).

    How exactly would the rather small Scottish economy recover from the pandemic on its own? No wonder they aren’t shouting for a referendum at the moment. Once we’ve paid off all their debts they’ll start whinging for it again.

    They are happy to hide the historic figurus that they ain’t so proud of : Alex Salmond.

    And Nicola is a dead ringer for Jimmy Krankie though not so attractive obviously. She was actually due to appear in a summer season at Yarmouth but couldn’t sell any tickets. Poor wee lass.

    • Salmond appears to have been airbrushed out of SNP history. His ‘tell all’ story about his alleged frame up by the SNP might cause Wee Jimmy to papper her kecks with a new brand of tartan when it’s released. We can but hope.

      • It is lucky for the SNP that they couldn’t afford a statue of ‘The Groper’ when he handed the reins over to Nicola.
        Should any of you wish to donate cash to my fund to provide a statue of Nicola , please contact me on my private Swiss email account.

  6. I saw a picture of Wee Jimmy as she was out and about the other day. She was wearing a tartan facemask. Pathetic, just like picking a scab,she just can’t leave it alone. I bet her undercrackers are tartan.
    My gorgeous, beautifully proportioned, unbelievably sexy Scottish wife (who happens to be reading this over my shoulder) hates Wee Jimmy and her diseased SNP tribe with a vengance.
    I defer my loathing to that fat windbag cunt at Westminster, Ian ‘Bloater’ Blackford, whom I’ve already cunted twice.

    • I saw that, and I thought, “give me a fucking break. A tartan mask? How fucking original of you”. She looked a bigger twat than usual. And I recently read that STV had to pull a tv ad a few weeks back, that featured young children thanking wee Jimmie for saving them from the Flu Manchu. I shit you not, one little boy actually said “on behalf of all Scottish children, thank you Nicola Sturgeon for saving us from Covid”. There were a ton of complaints, many of whom compared it to the type of thing you’d see in North Korea, and they weren’t wrong.

  7. That midget megalomaniac Krankie cunt needs gluing to the next submarine that leaves faslane for its next Antarctica trip. Her pathetic oneupmanship attempts by trying to outdo the U.K. government with the early press conferences make me puke. Blair needs an extra spike driven into his eye for the colossal shitcake that is devolution.

  8. Not sure on the Bruce! Was he waycist?
    Yes, he murdered the Red Comyn, but his best mate was the Black Douglas.

    • Dear old Black-Heart Douglas was a family ancestor. Stupid bugger went charging in at some of those nasty Moorish types during a fucked up Papist crusade in Spain. They chopped him into bits.
      The delapidated family pile just about still stands at Castle Douglas.
      Somehow, they managed to piss up the family fortune, hence my circumstances are rather reduced.
      Fucking, feckless, porridge wg cunts.

  9. Just been reading why Brucie was a raaay-sist. Apparently some Jock knights went to Spain to fight the peacefuls and took Bobby’s heart (he was already dead) with them as some kind of good luck charm.
    Fuck me what choice did the poor cunt have? Are these snowflakes fucking mental or what? They are fucking obsessed the cunts.

  10. The Scotch Nazi Party sided with Hitler. Now they want to give BAME power in a country 97% white. They have been mental patients for they’re entire existence. The scotch deserve them. My bloods 50% Scots but im to ashamed to admit it so Im self identifying as 100% English.

  11. At least the SNP are absolutely consistent year in year out.
    Anything bad happening is all the fault of the bloody English.
    So it only follows that if they left us nothing bad could happen ever again.
    Bring it on.

  12. The SNP whitters on about Europe and the “Auld Alliance”, but even a quick glance at Scottish history would show how they’ve been butt shafted by the frogs every time!!

  13. I think it came from these esteemed pages somewhere that wee jimmies nickname at university was ‘seaweed’ ‘cause even the tide wouldn’t take her out.
    Top notch!

  14. There’s a famous photo of Wee Jimmy as a schoolgirl and she was just as arse ugly back then.
    I’m sure somebody more technically gifted than I (ie any cunt) could post it on here.

  15. Its not just Krankie and the SNP, First Minister of Wales Mark Dripford is exactly the same, anti English, anti Tory, pathetic

  16. I hate the SNP. Scots, English along with Welsh and Irish died together. Yet sturgeon has more loyalty to the german dominated EU. The very nation we had two world wars with.

    The brave men who died must be turning in there graves.

  17. During lockdown Boris payed peoples wages in scotland. Its a pity he did not say , fuck you Sturgeon, you have no loyalty to the union so your not getting any financial support. They already get free prescriptions, so there constant moaning gets on my fucking nerves.

  18. Oh one more message. The next time i visit stirling, i will protest for the wallace memorial to be taken down. He hated the English so he was a racist cunt. Oh that reminds me there is a wallace memorial at the back of st pauls. The tartan army visit the site when scotland are in London.

  19. Scottish Nazis Party Not fit for purpose 👎👎
    A total at of cunts👍
    Rule Britannia 🇬🇧🇬🇧
    Abide by the result of the referendum 👍👍

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