India China Escalating Tension

You may have missed it in the national and social media outlets, but things are getting dangerously out of control between China and India, and the disputed territories along their Sino-Indian borders, which stretches some 2,200 miles.

Apparently the Dink military decided to invade Indian-held land in Ladakh during military exercises 2 or 3 weeks ago. There were the inevitable clashes between the armies with some 40 dead on both sides.

China won’t back off, claiming that certain Indian-held territory actually belongs to them, and they will fight tooth and nail to get it back.

Despite India having a population of over a billion it is considerably weak militarily against the Dinks, and also fearful of bitter-rivals, Pakistan, joining the dispute and teaming up with China, thus forcing India into a corner.

The US will stand alongside India if the shit hits the fan, especially since it wants to take out bitter vengeance against China because of the Virus.

So basically we’re entering another Cold War scenario, albeit in the Far East, and yet no one over here seems to give a shit. The media aren’t bothered; Fuckbook and Twatter don’t give a damn; and the usual protest groups seem strangely muted. Why is that I wonder?

500,000 people have died from the virus globally, with over 10 million infected; but again the media seem to be growing tired with this old news, even though it started in China.

40 soldiers killed on the Sino-Indian border between two countries containing over 2 billion people. But again no one cares.

1 black bloke in America is killed by a cop and the Western World goes apeshit (can I still say that?)

The sense of priorities by the media is quite staggering, but never fear because when things do escalate and thousands of Dinks & Injuns end up dead, the media will be quick to blame Trump, Boris, and of course the white-man.

Let’s have a nuclear war and be done, ffs!

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62 thoughts on “India China Escalating Tension

      • Why? Has she left her self propelling bully boy Ben wah love eggs up her snatch again and forgotten to take them out before she went to work? Anybody smell fish?..

  1. There have been literal fights over that border between the 2 relative military’s soldiers since the inception of the border. There is a treaty rule that said they were not to open fire on each other, but both parties sidestepped this rule by fighting instead with fists and sticks instead. Often this results in deaths and over the years, there have been 1000’s of estimated fatalities as a result of this perpetual street-fight, but both sides rarely report such as it seems to discredit one side’s prowess when they get beaten up by the other.

    That being said, I wouldn’t trust either of the cunts as far as I could throw them.

    • Im with India!!
      Go on gunga Din!✊✊✊
      China & Pakistan, be a lovely world if they got nuked.☺
      Come on Donald, saddle up and join in!
      Yeeehhha, bombs over Beijing!☺☺

      • I love it when the yanks go to war.
        I believe they were playing “America, fuck yeah!” over the loudspeakers as they humvee’d their way into Iraq.
        Perhaps the nukes aimed at China will have all sorts of “fly lice with that?” and “here’s you’re deriveree!” painted on the nosecones.

        • I will admit I have not done “Hand to hand” outside of disagreements, But I have read Sven Hassel, and I know a little about the battle for Stalin grad, ” we have the kitchen but the Russians are in the next room” .
          I know that this will piss the yanks off, but I have been to war with them (supposedly on the same side).
          I found that the Marines flaked out on a regimental run with….a tank regiment! (They mistook our green berets for Royal Marine) .
          The others were reservists, and Hittler called us a nation of shop keepers!, there war seemed to be very High tech and poncy, ours was pretty straight forward, (Have stick will bash)

  2. Not a big fan of either of these two cunty nations. China for obvious reasons. India for their ‘we will do it for 3 rupees a year’ entry into the IT world. Absolute cunts. If they could do the job by being competent, intelligent and understandable, then fine. But the vast majority of them fail at least one of those criteria and many fail all three.

    Them: Hill-o. My name is being Brad. How may I be helping you todiy wiv the issues your PC is most certainly be having today?
    You: Erm…it’s a colour and resolution issue. I need an updated driver, but can’t find it on your website. Can you please tell me where the download section is?
    Them: A tousand apologies. May your god is being smiling upon you this glorious day. How may I be helping you, nice day?
    You: I just told you.
    Them: I am not understanding your issue. Please reboot and be doing the needful.
    You: Where do you live and I mean exactly? The guidance system needs exact coordinates.

    • My late mother had a joe daki cunt called Brad cold calling her to buy vitamins, I got the phone and told said cunt, “I don’t believe my mother would buy vitamins off you ever not in a thousand years” all in my Rhodesian drawl, I also gave him a damn good verbal sjamboking!, the pilffering daki cunt!

      • It was quiet for a while due to C-19 I suppose, now the cunts are back at it full throttle. Had three this week already telling me my computer was fucked. Funnily enough they all seem to be called John…

      • Have some fun with them and ask them if their accent is a Pakistani one. When they insist they’re Indian keep saying that you’re certain they sound Pakistani to you. Then tell them that you think the entirety of India is Pakistani territory and should be recognised as such.

  3. Fuck me we don’t want any wars involving the Gunga Dins or the Parking Stanleys. There’ll be millions of refugee cunts clamouring to come to the Motherland, despite the appalling systemic racism in this country. And you know they’ll all be let in and you’ll be paying for them don’t you?
    🎵All we are saying……is give peace a chance🎵

  4. This is only news now because China is trying to achieve superpower status in the eyes of the rest of the world. Apparently they do not believe the rest of the world hold them responsible for the chinky virus and are marching along as if it never happened.
    Nicely explained by diplomacy websites.
    But yes, hold 1.8 million slaves, release a fatal virus, attack a neighboring country with nailed sticks. No problem.
    Stand on a single American. Global meltdown.
    Perhaps if these two do have a toasty nuclear war no-one will care. Fucking mushroom clouds and lakes of radioactive glass everywhere and over here in cloud cuckoo land we’ll be worrying about the price of tofu and if the beaches are open for gay dogs yet.
    What pricks we are.

      • The Afghans know how to identify air currents from plant growth, especially significant in mountains. If the fumes are coming in via air current 1, go and stand in vegetation type B; similarly for air current 2: go to vegetation zone A. Simples. Actually they would be complex geological features (such as caves) entered from zones A, B, C, etc., I don’t know how many air currents there are but effects on vegetation are pronounced (for whatever reason) either preventing species from growing at all or greatly altering their appearance and the cut-off is usually abrupt, due to the nature of air currents, in mountains everywhere.

    • Chínkies: We no rike what you do.
      Indians: Equally, we are not liking what you are saying.
      Chínkies: You dislespect honourable nation.
      Indians: You are acting in most unkind way, like child.
      Chínkies: You give what we want or…Nucrear attack!
      Indians: You cannot be intimidating us! Chelay! Jaldi!
      Chínkies: We ask for velly rast time! Give us de poppadoms we order!!
      Indians: And we are insisting dat we put dem in da bag!
      Chínkies: Dispatch nucrear locket!!


  5. Should be settled the old fashioned way, with best of 3 rounds on Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Modi playing as Dhalsim. Winnie as Chun-Li.

    Yoga fire! Yoga fire! Yoga Flame!!

  6. You are only a number in most parts of the world, including here. However, you are barely a fraction in either of those shit holes, as overbreeding has given them the manpower to do anything. A war with sixty million dead on either side? That’s just a couple of streets to those cunts. It did make me laugh when I found out that they were not allowed to take firearms into the disputed region and the casualties were all caused by sticks and stones. Fucking racists.

  7. India has said its soldiers were mutilated. How would they know? Injuns are horrible ugly fuckers to begin with. Hopefully they will wipe each other out because yellow and brown lives definitely don’t matter.

  8. China may have a large army but the Vietnamese kicked their butts after doing the same to Uncle Sam. India has a good tradition in fighting, they practise on the Pa*is quite regularly with pleasing results.

  9. On a good day I suppose it would be all right if San Jay twatted the Yellow Cunts.
    Otherwise they can wipe each other off the face of the earth for me.
    Get to getting you dithering rats!

  10. The Chinese have 20% of the world’s population but they seem set on having 100% of its land mass and all of the oceans.

    • That’s right. And Boris will be saying ‘Yes we’re letting hundreds of thousands of refugees come here, but if Labour were in power it would be tens of millions. Vote Conservative, you know it makes sense.’

  11. I have been looking at this for a while, there are 3 contested territory’s in the area. one is Pakistani, one Indian and on under Chinese administration.
    You should note that there were a few issues there in 2017 so it is not new, however if you know that bit then the joint Pakistani/ Chinese naval exercise last year looks a bit suspect, (especially if you take into account the treatment of the Muslim minority in china), so something was on the books, and it was not just a submarine deal.
    I have been avoiding news services and other shit as I can not seem to get close to popper news and do not want to end up like as a zombie.
    Now the last contact that I heard of was hand to hand combat fought with metal bars and stones on the side of a mountain, Looks like both sides need to get to grips with the concept of ice axes and infantry shovels in a fight, but maybe there is some blunt force trauma rule in modern warfare that stops the skirmish being recognised as an act of war.

  12. This dispute must be the fault of Trump and Boris.
    As is every problem. Just read the Guardian or watch the BBC and you’ll see.

  13. As Einstein said “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”.

    We seem to have skipped world war III and moved straight onto world war IV.

  14. I think any war between India and China should be conducted like that old computer game, Worms, with each side taking turns to lob ordnance over the Himalayas.

  15. When you look at that part of the world via Google Earth, you’ll quickly realise what a fractious area we’re talking about.

    Not just India and China, but also North & South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and a shedload of the “Stan” countries,the Middle East to the west and the Ruskies to the North.

    If it kicks off expect a Domino Effect or a House of Cards, and it really will be game over!

    Of course all the big organisations like the United Nations, Nato and the EU cunts will be too busy sitting on their hands talking bollocks and wondering what cunts like St Greta suggest they do to resolve things.

  16. India, China was bragging about taking all your rice and tea, and saying you worship 6 armed Trannys and the elephant man.
    Everyones watching and thinking your scared!
    I suggest you get the first punch in and launch a missile strike soon!
    Dont want the world to think badly of you,
    Not scared are you?
    Bwark, bok bok bwark!!

    • The Indian army is massing its missiles on the border as we speak Miserable, pulled by donkeys and curry wallah’s on bicycle rickshaws and the tiddlywinks are going to launch germ warfare and drop all the confiscated produce from their wet markets on major cities.

      • Good!
        As Edwin Starr famously sang. ‘War! what is it good for?..overpopulation.’
        A wise man, like his brother Freddie.
        Hold your fire Apu till you see the slants of their eyes!😁

  17. Well goodness gracious me ! The possibility of war between China / Pakistan and India ? How awful.
    More Chai anyone ?

    • Lets hope those diplomats and those pesky peace makers keep their noses out!
      Hopefully hot heads and impulsive types will prevail!
      Happiness is a warm gun sang. John Lennon,
      Then moaned when his wishes were granted!
      Never trust a hippy!

  18. If they do have a set to, we could sling a couple of Trident’s into the mix, on the sly.
    Oops ! Just obliterated Beijing and Karachi.
    Oh dear,
    What a shame,
    Never mind.
    Get To Fuck.

  19. China’s more ruthless, but India’s more intelligent and technologically capable. If India nuked China they’d be doing the world a favour – Pakistan and the rest of the eye-slime filth world would get that they aren’t joking around; and unlike China, they don’t want to spread communism across the globe.

  20. Just read that the Australian PM has announced a massive increase in their defence budget for the next 10 years because of rising tensions between China, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    On the flip side, China is Australia’s key trading partner, which won’t go down too well with the Dinks.

    Seems everyone is gearing up for a game of “Who Blinks First!”

  21. And china just found out a new strain of swine flu with no known immunity so far so thats pretty exciting we could have a new flu pandemic on our hands with the corona and hong kong is now theirs to keep with national security law

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