The New Normal

The New Normal

What is it with every media outlet and political spokesmouth using this term.? It’s as though we’re all just supposed to accept that things will never return to normal.

Bollocks to that. While I agree with a temporary lock down to ease pressure on hospitals and to give a chance for a cure to be found, I certainly do not agree with indefinite lockdown and restrictions on my limited freedom.

If this fucking thing cannot be cured, we simply just need to give those at risk a choice of being isolated or to be free but risk death. Up to them, so to speak.

Everyone else? Back to fucking work. Open the pubs. We can’t hang about forever destroying the economy like this.

Nah, at some fucking point we must go back to normal and take our fucking chances (those not in ‘at risk’ groups). Natural immunity, developed over years may be the only way out (if there is one!)

The only changes should be in banning the Chinese from coming here. Apart from that, back to normal, you cunts.

Not any ‘new normal’ either, you cheeky cunts. What the cunts at the BBC mean is that we should just ‘accept’ as a given, a new Orwellian style society with huge restrictions on our freedoms.

Fuck off!

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104 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. After 3 months of lock down the Mrs snapped and has had a go at me for banging the door, she says it makes it all sticky.

    Get my hat now.

  2. New normal, old normal,
    Fuck normal.
    Ive never had any dealings with it.

  3. What the fuck is normal anyway? According to the 🍄, normal is just a state of mind.

    So, who is deciding this new normal? And why would anyone want to be a part of it?

    It all stinks worse than Abbotts gash.

    • Agree! I’m 73 and a fucking sight fitter than most 60-year-ols so fancy my chances. Bring it on!

  4. Good Cunting.

    The time is coming when people must be forced to accept that “Stay Home,Stay Safe” cannot continue indefinitely (unless high-risk vulnerable,I suppose) unless they have the means to pay for their cloistered existence themselves.

    Life,unfortunately,is a series of risks….constantly being “safe” is not an option.

  5. The BBC want the new normal to be every member of a household paying £1000pa for being alive. Having a TV is not a prerequisite. Watching a non-BBC channel at any time carries a £50 per day surcharge. Anybody caught dying forfeits 50% of any estate, before HMRC gets their hands on it.

  6. Fucking spot on,

    Old cunts and fat cunts can choose to stay indoors either on their pension or basic benefits. I have more sympathy with those going through chemotherapy for example and they can have a pass, otherwise back to work, kids back to school and businesses open. Far too many cunts living the dream of doing fuck all although I see for some even clapping once a week has got a bit much and is interrupting their schedule and needs to stop.

    If you are under 60 the additional chance of dying is about 0.001% more than it would normally be in any given year and that’s according to the cunts at the BBC. I see it’s too dangerous for some to go to work but not to dangerous for them to mix it down the beach or in fucking Aldi at the cheap booze counter

    • I think in the 3 months I have been shopping twice, Social interaction is not a problem because I do not like humanity.
      The Mrs is vulnerable so I have to be careful (she should also be careful) so I have become my Granddad planted up the garden, done odd jobs round the house, in fact the only thing I do not do is beat my Grandmother (or fuck her for that matter been dead some 30 years).
      plus the removal of the £80 a week fuel bill coupled with reduced alcohol consumption as I no longer deal with the public, it has not been a problem.

    • Excelsior beer £2.49 4 cans at Lidl 👍
      (For the Fosters flavour without Fosters pricing 😄)

  7. Got it in one Cunty! There WILL be a point at which the whole of the World will have to return to ‘normal’ otherwise the World will be dead and gone. Two days on from end-of-lockdown here in Cyprus and we’ve had one evening out a restaurant, one lunch time get-together with friends, and one evening dinner with other friends. If Covid-19 is around, then tell it to go fuck! (By the way we’re ALL old cunts, so the chances are a lottery – but heh, LIFE GOES ON!)

    • Whereabaaaaahts are you in Cyprus then MC? Went to Paphos a couple of times, shagged a lovely Hotel receptionist from Crete and a lovely Blonde from Czech Republic.
      Those were the days.

  8. Normal? That which is perceived, accepted and practised by the majority at the time in question. Our normal? A perversion facilitated by the weak and the evil.
    Our new normal? Listening to lies from clowns and Boris the invisible Man as our Country goes to the wall and those with power work out the most devious way to tax the poorest to death (and beyond in you have any assets) whilst handing over a fortune to those rich and greedy enough to need it the least.
    The paper thin policies of the “Government” and general self serving indolent incompetence are being exposed more and more for what they are – utter, criminal incompetence.
    Need to reopen the UK and get back to work – being paid to sit around and do nothing is official “Labour” policy, and equally ridiculous whichever of our great leaders orders it.
    Doors open, take some temporary pain and crack on.
    On other news, I am minded to buy a new kettle – that bugger Sc*ummins pinched mine in a drive – by type incident on his tour of the Country! 😁

    • I would gladly sign some sort of waiver, stating I would not sue my employer if I chose to return and caught this bat shit.
      We all need to get back if we can, otherwise there will be nothing to return to. I honestly cannot see my company reopening with a full complement of staff. I think the damage is done, they just haven’t the bollocks to tell us yet.
      It’s okay sat at home wanking your days away on 80%. But wait for the inevitable emergency budget at the end of this mess. Then it will all come home to roost.
      As I said before. If you can congregate on the beach, fucking congregate back in the workplace.

  9. Your new normal is my old normal. We BAME have had our mobility restricted for a long time, not being able to travel where we want when we want.
    We’ve not been able to dock our dinghies where we want and when we want (with the exception of the UK of course). Your children have been missing out on schooling but many of our kids cannot even go to school because of poverty.
    Many of you are worried about state repression and a police state but we’ve often lived under dictatorships for long periods.
    What goes around comes around. The lord moves in mysterious ways.

    • Careful Bertie, you’ll have the Rotherham Taxi Drivers Union complaining because the schools are shut and molesting a thirteen year old girl with your uncle and brother in-law while adhering to social distancing is nigh-on-impossible.

  10. I know what I would like the new normal to be but I fear that a shitload of cunts, libtards, remoaners, scroungers, tree huggers, p*nces and w*gs ain’t gonna like it one bit. In fact, the dinghies will be quickly going in the opposite direction.
    Fucking thousands of them!

  11. You answered your own question with your first paragraph.

    Look around you, at the sheer amount of mask-wearers (including in their cars), ‘Karens’ berating you for being 1cm less than 2 metres away from them, and Thursday night pot-bangers.

    The test has been conducted and the sheeple have passed with flying colours. Stay home and be indoctrinated by Tik Tok nurses, left-wing shite on Netflix and the Youtube Algorithm forcing the political views of the media ‘Big 5′ on you. Then take Gates’ jab and chip, go out every so often to wait in line to buy a loaf, then go back home and have a ‘Zoom’ virtual piss-up with your ‘mates’.

    This is not ‘The New Normal’. This is just ‘The Normal’. There never was and never will be a ‘New Normal’, just ‘Normal’. You must be a conspiracy theorist. You will be referred for wrongthink therapy.

  12. By jingo! What a journey, halfway around the World passing through every friendly Country on the way – but thanks to the help of the African Navy my dinghy has finally just washed up on the Somalian coast, now where are the helpful waycists to hand over my free money and house?
    “YOU! You there! Dark chappie! Don’t you give me that sullen look! – now where’s the benefit office, new house, Human rights lawyer, church, handful of money and free medical treatment – I demand it immediately you howwid waycist”!
    “I say – that’s a shiny assault rifle, but stop waving it about – you’re triggering me”..

  13. The new normal for me is…
    Doing fuck all,
    Getting bothered by my new girlfriend via Whatsapp,
    Travelling between cities doing fuck all,
    Getting a bit of cunting in on is a cunt,
    and saying go fuck yourselves.
    Go fuck yourselves.

        • Sorry B&W….Using WhatsApp or any other soshal meeja makes you a borderline poofy cunt, I’m afraid. We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for now as you do frequent this bastion of a website. 😁

          • Apologies….good afternoon. I’d hate to be one of those “dash in, dash out” cunts with no manners.


    Applications are invited for the position of Resident Gay, as Kravdarth and Minced pie guy appear to be missing in action. Or maybe they’ve eloped.

    Applicants will need to have a sense of humour and a thick skin.

    Foreskin is optional.

    • Because of a coup, Krav has had to return to Bumholia.
      He’s had to quarantine and is finding it difficult to gain entry. 😀😙

    • WokeUpTodayAndRealisedWhatACuntIAm might be availabe. Mind you, he doesn’t flaunt it like Krav. No harm asking I suppose.

      • I’m free.

        (Because one could never of course deign to be cheap.)

        • You could be the only gay in ISAC right now.

          Iamnot hasn’t posted for months. And I wonder what happened to Jason, Bertie’s chicken? Seemed like a nice boy…

          I do not do high pitch font, would that help?

          • Jason posted on here few days ago Ruff.

            Jason is not banned, He is under supervision, he said some very nasty things to someone, Thank fuck there is at least two Gays on the Admin team, Krav just pushed his luck to far for us to save him.

          • Thats strange isnt it?
            I posted something the other day, and it must of contained one, but for the life of me I couldnt tell you what it was!
            Completely innocent, no cüm words no racial, sexual content not even a swear word.
            I like finding them Ruff.

          • Sometimes posts go into moderation for no reason.

            If they can remove Byrne from the trigger word list, why not cüm? Would save an awful lot of posts going into moderation.

            There are loads of apparently random trigger words that make no sense. For instance:



            RTC can you stop fucking with trigger words, we have more important things to do.
            Just banned your Nemesis Jack for the reasons stated above, could you all stop playing war and let us get on with the real one?
            I let the reel caught speding back in to let you play, fuck sake children is there no pleasing you?

          • Ruff….
            The second on your list makes sense if you know the reason why.
            It’s weird but true from a few years ago….

          • Admin@
            No problem!👍
            We’re all happy little ducks.
            Some are just a bit quackers.

            Just checking.

          • @Admin
            Much appreciated re Jack… wasn’t aware I was playing war with anyone though, even with him.

            Care to elaborate?

            As a Premium member of the site (made that up) You and DF have been subjected to Trolling, apparently you nicked Jacks Nominations on dead pool.
            Any way being reasonable and with shit loads of time on my hands, let the fucker back in, will he give up? will he fuck.
            so posthumously I would like to congratulate jack on winning dead pool xx
            so now hopefully he will fuck off,
            And you! stop fucking with the trigger words!

          • Sorry Ruff I cant, I’d be breaking a trust.
            Questioned why myself back in the dim and distant.
            Got told the reason why, off site. Strange I know, but justified….

            But completely wrong, I can tell you that RTC is not ADMIN, he is fucking weird and has helped Admin previously, but on those grounds you could say the guy in the road pointing saying “They went that way” is a copper.
            So will you take it from me one of many, that He is not? all I see is you IP and what you say has some credence due to your close locations on the IP net to Jack. all we ask is you play nicely nothing more.

          • @Admin…
            What have I got completely wrong..?
            My explanation why the ‘d’ word is taboo is spot on if a little cryptic…
            Got it from the top…

        • That’s right as a girl from Vernon once told me “I’m easy but I’m not cheap”

  15. Fuck the new normal. It’s an excuse for those of a cunt persuasion to amplify and revel in their cuntitude. Curtain twitching busy bollocks whining about the bloke two doors down going for more than one walk, ready to report them for meeting a friend, no matter how distant they stay. That type of cunt has always been a waste of skin, but now, with the little bit of traffic warden style power they wield it makes them unfuckingbearable. Same goes for other cunts who moan how many people they see out side, when they themselves are outside. Less than a year ago, you would have thought this stasi type cunt behaviour wouldn’t work in Britain. Oh how wrong we were. Fuck all the paranoid cunts, leave them to rot, while the rest of the world gets on with it.

    • Couldn’t have put it better myself. But you know what those Stasi cunts say when you argue with them…. “Well I hope they have space for you at the hospital when you get the virus”. Arrghh, drives me mad.

      • Too right. They were moaning the other day about the VE Day pissups, supposed frontline staff bleating on cuntbook about there going to be a spike in chinkyflu cases because of them. Didn’t happen of course, but it won’t stop them pontificating, the cunts. Get back to work you lazy bastards, and stop acting like doley pond life.

  16. It’s a do gooders dream come true how easily we’ve been made do what we’re told.
    Now, we might open pubs/shops/ gyms/cinemas and even let you go on holiday but only if you’re really really good!
    If not, well, we’ll have to lock you down again and i’ll be all your own fault!

    • New normal, all in this together, we’ll all come out stronger, be safe, keep safe, be alert, stay at fucking home, stop Brexit, NHS NHS NHS, don’t travel, lie under a duvet with the lights turned off, don’t criticise anything, keep your distance, behave like a automaton slave, don’t drink too much, feel sorry for people of colour, ignore the dinghy ràpists, ringfence the somebody elses, applaud like there’s no-one watching, and pay your taxes.

  17. Society is heading to the situation as in the novella The Machine Stops, by E.M. Foster.
    People living in isolation and taking orders via a screen (interweb, msm etc).

  18. The only new normal is that the media are having a wank fest, after 3 years of Brexit they must have been wondering what subject they could cover for the next million hours and along came chinky flu.
    Laura Kuntberg and Co must have 24 hour wet pussies (Including Fergus Walsh, no way has he got cock and balls)

  19. Fuck the new normal bollox .Give me the old normal pubs,fights,cars,polution,planes,holidays,fun,life,sex,etc . Bring it on. Fuck all cunts who get in my way to get back to life.

    • Its been simply wonderful, a lovely break,
      No traffic, planes, the elderley out of the way not underfoot.
      Children crying in windows because they cant go and play on a sunny day..idyllic.
      Ive a tan George Hamilton would die for, all the household jobs are done, we’ll look back on this as the best of times.
      Hurray for the corona!!
      Clap on Thursday.

      • Wait till you have to pay for it all Northern. The most expensive holiday of your life

  20. The new normal seems to consist of a bunch of fifth columnists going on about some twat called Cummings.
    If this is an emergency as the MSM say it is then dissent must be crushed.
    Oven the entire Labour party then start on the devolved government cunts.
    Wipe the slate clean and shoot The Chinese for sport.
    Top drawer.

  21. I’ll write it and we’ll do it live. FUCKING THING SUCKS!

    (The news reporter in the above picture said that. Had a temper, got fired for it)

      • You go, Sickie. I’m celebrating by smoking a camel and drinking the blood of Christ.

        • I am just so happy that the BBC reminded me (in every news report throughout the day) or it would have completely slipped my mind

          • Does the BBC or MPs wishing everyone happy EID wish anyone Merry Christmas, Happy Diwali or Happy Hanukkah? No I don’t think so, the cunts.

  22. Under the new normal we need to know what’s going on…all I’m hearing abaaaaht is so and so chimed in the other day and so and so ain’t been seen for a while. Perhaps the Is-a-Cunt track and trace App is needed. Too many now and again cunters sneaking in under the radar, getting a quick cunting fix and disappearing before any cunt knew they were abaaaaht. I mean who do they think they are not even saying hello? Probably got a new bit of pussy and are too loved up to remember where they came on those long, cold nights for a chat with their fellow cunters before the new woman got her claws in.
    Some proper ungrateful cunts aaaaht there.

  23. Id never let a bird stop me talking to strange men online BWC!!

    • Exactly MNC, a proper cunter never lets a woman get in the way of a bit of cunting.

        • Yes LL, but my missus is the straightest nicest person you could ever meet.
          She thinks the best of everyone, sometimes I feel guilty because I dont.
          Shes much nicer than I,
          Thats why im so protective of her.
          Does mrs Liquidator?
          If so, whay does she think?
          My missus assumes its just lads being lads!☺

          • Yes she knows about IsAC Miserable and particularly enjoys JR’s jokes and one liners and for some unknown reason, Bertie’s puns!

          • Can understand JRs jokes but Berties puns?
            He’ll never stop now he knows that…

  24. Normal? what is Normal? that is the question.
    I recall coming back from my Normal to your Normal, it was educational.
    I like the new normal where people keep the fuck away from me and no one gets shot.
    I have not got a Gun any more, that pisses me off, I prefer my Normal at least you knew what you were fighting.

  25. Where I work some skiving little cunt has had 3 months off with full pay because he says he ha asthma .( He’s taken full advantage of the Kung Fu Flu )
    He has to get a letter from his GP to give him permission to come back to work.
    If his GP plays it safe and says no the lazy cunt can stay home then he will probably stay away from work indefinitely on full pay.
    Fuck the new normal and all the Snowflake leftie cunts where I work.

    • I work in an office that normally has about 90 people in it -we have been designated key workers so it has been open throughout. About 40% are in , spread out through the place. It has been interesting to see how individuals have responded. There are some that just haven’t been seen since the lockdown was announced. There are a couple of cunts in their 40’s who are off because they had asthma in childhood and a 19 yr old who claims to have asthma but was outside with a fag every 20 mins before. There are a few morbidly obese cunts that are off. Management keep saying we should be sympathetic to these cunts as they are getting “institutionalised”! The mood is getting ugly to say the least.

      • BWC@
        Jack was the poster who went atomic saying Ruff was stealing his Deadpool candidates.☺
        He kept it up though, trolling RTC.
        Rtc suffers acute cleptomania, gypsy fingers, he cant help it!
        Its a condition.
        Admin was right to pull the lever, Jack was a bit puddled, Ruffs the most reasonable and nice amongst us.
        Thieving cunt though..😁

        so you are saying ban RTC and reinstate Jack?

        • You know im not admin!
          Ruff is a victim of his own criminal impulses.
          Jacks a mardarse and a sulker.

          I do not give a fuck, my job is to keep the peace, now play nicely and put the knifes away.

          • Funny how B&WC is actually immortalized in the DP rules for sticky fingers yet Creampuff randomly gets trolled.

            Positive discrimination?

        • I never knowingly thieved a single nom off anyone Miserable and you know it. Stop stirring.

  26. The words in the picture reminded me of Samuel L Jackson from the film Pulp Fiction, “Say ‘what?’ again. I dare you, I double dare you, mother f*cker! Say ‘what?’ one more god damn time!”

  27. Fellow counters…what the fuck is the Jack nomination all about? Who’s got beef with who and why?

  28. Well if we’re going to start crying about people nicking dead pool wankers that snide, Black and White Cunt, has nicked Jimmy Greaves off me twice on the trot now. Give him back you fucking pikey!

    • You can talk, you thieving fucker, Sutcliffe has been my bitch for years til you started robbing him. A pox on ye, good sir.🙂

  29. If ever I am first up after admin when the pool noms open I will be nicking unmercifully.

  30. Listen, I can do what I like because i’ve got ADHD and Tourette’s. The doc told me that after I smashed up his surgery.
    Cunt, cunt, shit……FUCK….

  31. “What is it with every media outlet and political spokesmouth using this term.? It’s as though we’re all just supposed to accept that things will never return to normal.”

    there is normal
    there is abnoraml
    there is NO new-normal

    that’s exactly what they want

    with most people in britain agreeing with the lockdown and all its myriad nonsense this government wil not change anything rather pursue their agenda – it’s the people who are constraining any change here and want to be ‘safe’ rather than FREE

    I’m a free man and do not accept anything that’s being lined up for us but we need everyone to start thinking and using their fucking brains rather than obeying the tyranny

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