Companies using coronavirus

I would like to nominate all the companies who are using Corona virus and a bit of charity, help, products that these companies are donating to the NHS, cunts like Domino’s Pizza, Vasolene and many other mother fuckers who are not actually doing a charitable thing but taking full advantage of a scenario to get their name on the telly Lilly Allen style, almost as hard to swallow as China doing the UK a massive favour by supplying face masks at a reasonable price to help combat the yellow fever that the filthy little yellow cunts inflicted us in the first place…..oh thank you very much, i think the rinkydinks should be made to pay for this whole fucking fiasco they have infected the fucking world with…

Nominated by Fuglyucker

38 thoughts on “Companies using coronavirus

  1. The chocolate tastes like shit since Kraft took them over which is not surprising since they treat the workers like shit.

    • Agreed!
      Those yank cunts Kraft have ruined the finest chocolate on the planet.
      Not the same, for this I veiw yanks not as bad as chinks, but almost as heinous as pakis,
      Although those shitehouses the french top them still.

    • Totally agree Guzziguy

      I don’t bother buying Cadburys any more since Kraft fucked up the brand and lied about closing a Bristol branch only days after the takeover. They said that they were sorry. So that’s ok then?Cunts.

      Backed by the Royal Bank of Scotland. Cunts.

      Overpriced tiny fucking bars now, many new American style products that nobody wants and secretly changed recipes resulting on overly sweet chocolate to suit the US markets tastes.

      Fuck em.

    • Tastes of grease, yuck, its the palm oil. I don’t buy Cadburys anymore or anything else that has palm oil in it – tastes disgusting.

    • Exactly. Bournville was a town for the workers. Now bournville is chocolate with a bit of dïck cheese and a side of fairy Lea added. Tastes like shit, looks like shit, its shit. Apologies, its Stella night. Belgian beer, brewed by Coors, in Tadcaster North Yorkshire. Where’s my fucking Twix?

  2. Coronabury – the new Cadbury bar made from 50% milk chocolate and 50% bats. Coming soon to a corner shop near you.

  3. All rancid cunts.
    Any excuse to boost their ego.
    See that vermin Michael Ball.
    Human garbage.
    Totenkopf every last one of them.

    • Virtue signalling while hawking your products,
      Its bollocks and only mouth breathing slack jawed suckers believe it.
      These companies are ruthless as fuck but seen a good PR spin.

  4. The very nature of Capitalism. It will use anything, absolutely anything to sell something. As with the grief for fallen soldiers in the Lloyd’s bank adverts.

    • Did Lloyds pay off their mortgages or overdrafts? Did they fuck. A dear friend of mine’s husband was an alcoholic gambler. He hanged himself and those cunts were his only creditors who hounded his widow .
      Lloyd’s Bank you are the worst bunch of cunts on the high street.

      • And when I said hounded I mean that they were phoning her several times a day; before she went to work,after she got home. In the end I lent her the £2000 owed. One person dead,let’s go for another suicide; after all £2000 is £2000.

  5. Not even worth watching the Cuntbury advert with Kim Wilde coz she’s well past her best before date.

  6. Celebrities who say ” I am struggling at home in lockdown ” should be deplatformed and not given any work for 10 years.

    Quite a few invoices have already been sent to the Chinese already.

    By my calculations the invoice we the UK should be sending to the filthy yellow slant slope eye cunts is (approx): £2,000,000,000,000.
    £2 trillion.
    I have a formula to this: pop. x salary
    67,000,000 persons x £37,000
    It’s quite conservative as the damaging effects will be felt for 5-10 years and the debt could take 50-100 years to pay off in full.
    The £2 trillion invoice figure only really covers 2020.

    The US would need to invoice them the chinks £10 Trillion and each large country in Western Europe also invoice £2 Trillion.

    • Get the chinky cunts to pay us compensation Owain…….then get Tango Man to blitzkrieg the yellow skinned fucks.

  7. And now ISAC’s resident food critic, General Tso’s Chiggun, can reveal some exclusive breaking news that McCain are now set to introduce a brand new product of their own to help with Coronavirus fundraising efforts. The limited edition Chink Butty, deep fried in monkey oil and smothered with pangolin butter, is set to hit supermarket shelves next Saturday, May 16th, with all profits going towards NHS Charities Together.

  8. Chinks should pay for all PPE as they have infected the whole World with their virus👍
    If they have delivered any PPE to the UK we should point blank refuse to pay for it and send them a compensation claim for the damage to our economy Anything Chinese boycott it.As for Cadbury it’s shit don’t buy it absolute scumbags 👍

  9. We’ll sharp see just how many “we care about our customers” banks and building societies continue to “care” when the shareholders are next due a dividend.

    • Knocking shops? Most of the tarts are illegal immigrant slaves, they don’t get a choice. To their owners money is money and business is business. It’s a fucking disgrace that this goes on in this country but just shut up about it and pretend it’s not happening. Asking questions is raaay-sist.

  10. Corona virus is now being used to push a green transport agenda, seriously curtailing the use of public transport in cities, people are going to be encouraged to walk or cycle. To enable this the roads are going to be sacrificed to make bigger pavements and more generous cycle lanes.

    How long until cities ban private cars?

    Covid 19 is being used for a lot more than virtue advertising. I backed the lockdown but it’s becoming insidious now.

    • Yeah thats what we need more cyclists😢
      Jesus, like things arent bad enough.
      They giving the dinghy people whose just landed a voucher for Halfords?

    • It was always going to be a race between environmentalists and religious freaks as to who would take advantage of Corona virus opportunities first.
      Environmentalists – The air and rivers have never been as clean as they are. This is a sign of the direction we should be proceeding in.

      Religious freaks – This is a sign of the Lord’s Wrath. He is sending us a warning that we need to change direction.

      Not a lot of difference there between the two messages is there?

  11. And it will be only a matter of time before bicycles will be slapped with licences, road tax and insurance.
    Lovely jubbly.

  12. Fuglyucker, regarding your nomination, I think if companies find ways to make money, they’ll stoop as low as possible.

    The forking cans of can’t.

  13. Look like Cadbury have found a really shithouse way to save money by using less ink in the packet printing process. Everyone’s a winner…except for you, me and every other fucker who isn’t Cadbury.

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