Nazifa Zaman

Nazifa Zaman is the Labour chair at Warwick University and is delighted that Boris Johnson has coronavirus. She tweeted, “Pm got Covid, Happy Muslim women’s day again!”

In her biography, Zaman identifies herself as the Chair of Warwick Labour, and an “advocate” of Warwick Decolonise, a group dedicated to “decolonising the curriculum” at the University of Warwick. This piece of filth is supported by Labour MP Zarah Sultana, and no doubt by her university too. The University of Warwick’s official Twitter account replied to Zaman’s original tweet. “We send our best wishes and compassion to each and every person who has sadly become infected, and for their families, and do not condone any remark to the contrary,” but added that they “deplore the abuse now being directed at a member of our university community [Zaman].”

So this piece of trash celebrates that our PM has the virus, but somehow she’s the victim. Well, as the virus does not discriminate, hopefully she’ll be next.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

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  1. I have had a few Muslim and colored friends, The reason they are not current friends is because their friends were cunts.
    They stood on the border and sort of reached both ways, but when your Black mates mate calls him a coconut in front of you, you wonder.
    When your Muslim mate turns round to you and tells you that if push comes to shove he will kill you because his mates will drag it out.
    You tend to think, fucking stay over there! I did not think they were lesser people through creed or color, we had the same values and degree of hygiene, just they were a little more accepting of racial ideology, which I am not hence them being my mate.
    So now as an old cunt I am now a racist, why well I do not agree with snotting your nose out in the street (white or black). I have never took part in a NF march in fact I mocked them, yet I see Hate the regime marches publisised and applauded.
    It really is a fucked up world, and why the fuck do these people get platformed? my farts are objectionable but no one follows me round with a megaphone to broadcast them.

  2. She can fuck right off, I hope the bitch gets aids off one of her peaceful friends, and has fanny cancer, but I bet her peaceful friends would rather go around molesting young girls than fuck this ugly porker, she has the kind of face that needs to meet a brick wall at 180 mph, cunt of the highest calibre

  3. “Andwoo… Andwoo… I have nothing more to say.”

    Stealing lines from Oliver Hardy! Cultural appropriating sub-primate sow.

    • “But West Indian wimminz make better Mothers – James! James! Told you before, no poo poo on da floor, no bitin’ – now whershe me mojito”..

      • When asked what she knew about the Sunni and Shia situation, Diane Abbott apparently said, “I’m pretty sure he’s dead, but ‘I got you babe’ was quite catchy.”….

  4. Hey Foxy,
    Watching ‘ the iceman’ film, got my old crush Winona Ryder in it!
    An she still makes my winky tense up.
    What a babe!!💗💗💗💋

    • Evening MNC – a completely true story, that boy makes me look reasonable!
      And send Winona out shopping, she gets quality five finger discount! 😄😄
      And I got a new (well new to me) cooker for forty quid – yeay!

      • And tw*tter have deleted my account after my somewhat direct questions to Rebecca “uses a bong daily” and Dirty Dick Branson, the hippy deviant – nice to see democracy in action – don’t like what you’re hearing? Don’t like awkward questions? Delete account!
        I have to say though, after four days as a twatter I was becoming bored.

        • Evening mate, this week ive amused myself emailing Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Dewalt after i found out on here my boots were made in China.
          Got replies to all!
          Hey check out if you can claim anything in way of a grant, know youve not been trading long but loads of different things available, might be something?
          Even advice is helpful!
          Good luck pal☺☺😷

          • Cheers MNC – I have a bit of spare cash (that the good lady “didn’t find” or we would have had Laura Ashley f*cking chimney pots or some such nonsense!) and no debt so I will just keep ticking over until things improve or it’s a bank job!
            Luckily I have just moved a Tetrad Oscar set of leather furniture, made very good money on that when I had cleaned and spruced it, and the Woman who bought it says she is happy for me to keep it in my storage area until things pick up, and bits and pieces are still selling on the site if they are postal items so hopefully I can ride this out! 😄

          • Good stuff.
            Im optimistic too!
            Shagged this student bird from Warwick called Nazi Shazam, shes fallen head over heels for me and as her dads a doctor shes bankrolling me!!
            She likes me to wear a pith helmet when slipping her the pale python😉😉😷

  5. I hope the munter gets stereophonic clap and her fingers fall off. Happy right wing facist bastard day hooray!,

  6. Get to fuck you third world Peasant,you are bone ugly inside and out and probably smell disgusting!

  7. Rather like that ugly tub of lard, Brand threatening to throw acid over Farage. Libtards get away with it every time. It’s only hate crime when they say it is.

  8. Hope this slab of chocolate lard cops it… Fucking fat slag… When/if this bat flu shite dies out, there needs to be a thorough and serious purge in this country of cunts like Zaman and any wokeflake fuckers who big her or her ilk up… They have no place in British society…

  9. Went on my allotment for the first time yesterday, and today met my new next door neighbour.

    Disappointingly a fucking woman Dooshka. Not a young pretty one, more like a 50 year old version the actor Charles Bronson FFS.

    Typical of the way things are going at the moment.

    • “Your plants are racistski Meester Stroker! I drink tyskie and play good death metal now, but must be careful to hideski my fashionable outfit in case the Year 1980 catches me and wants it backski”!

  10. When Islam produces so many hideous munters and alcohol is supposedly forbidden, there is an obvious problem. Ms Zaman, who might rate as a twelve pinter on her very best day, must have zero chance of being porked. And you can bet she knows it. Thus the anger and resentment.

    Without the inbreeding, there might be a few more no-beer-required Mudslimes and a reduced problem ??

    • That’s why white, convert women are always repulsive to behold – only a male peaceful, a creature of no standards (or choice as marriages are arranged) would dare to park his brown Cadillac inside such monstrosities.

  11. It’s us being colonised. Perhaps she could take her studies seriously and decamp to some place with more sand.

  12. She looks like a Matoushka Doll which is ironic because 8 smaller ones will probably come out of her before she’s done.

  13. A full niqab is needed for this ugly munter.

    My god she is one ugly fucking bitch.

    • Oh come on krav, with a spud face like that shes practically looks like a man…

  14. Yeah I fucking hate those Russian dolls, they’re full of themselves.
    I’ll get me coat.

  15. Boris probably doesn’t even have corona, just isolating as a virtue signal.

    If he does have it we’ll know soon enough because even people who recover from cov 19 get reinfected with it as it incubates in your white blood cells not only is it a silent killer but also a vicious virus

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