Rachel Boyle (2)

Rachel Boyle, that chip-on-shoulder merchant again. This tiresome race baiter, who clashed with Laurence Fox over Markle says, ‘I’ve had to grow a pair’.

Speaking at another event about racism in Britain, she said, “The last month of my life has been transformative. I have had to grow a pair. I had them but I have had to exercise them. White people have no idea as to the privilege their whiteness affords them”, she told the audience at University of London. Boyle said Meghan Markle joining the royal family had been a “pivotal moment” for her.
She added: “Meghan is one of the ways I see myself in society. It was a pivotal moment because anyone else who looked like us either sang songs or kicked footballs.”

I have no issue with anyone,regardless of colour, religion or sexual persuasion, as long as they don’t have an issue with me, but just stop your incessant fucking moaning about how hard done by you think you are.

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92 thoughts on “Rachel Boyle (2)

  1. She’ll be doing the breakfast telly round and getting a book deal next.
    Race baiting arsehole who got called out on it by Laurence Fox, and really didn’t like it when her victim had the temerity to stand his ground and bite back.

  2. I wish this posh bitch would tell me where my white privilege is.
    I must have put it somewhere but I can’t seem to fucking find it.

  3. Shes full of shit.
    Im a white man, not exactly seen any privelege!
    Sneered at by posh cunts,
    Saw foreign scum come into the country and in two month got the same as what ive worked my bollocks off for years for.
    What about black privelege where you get jobs not by merit but simply the colour of your skin due to some home office quota,
    Or when youve fucked up by being incompetent an get off with it by a flick of the race card?
    Hope you choke on your own blood Rachel you thick twat.

      • Soon as moderated knew what had done it Rtc,
        Still gets me that and docümentary.
        Ill never learn.

      • You have told us often enough about the letters cüm in that order Ruff Tuff, I did it myself only last weeks.

        I get so angry when describing the infestation of criminal Eastern European scüm who are making local people’s lives an absolute misery.

        • Willie, the strangest one is, the name of the lead singer for Talking Heads.
          Not sure why.

          • Only his surname, not the David bit.

            And don’t even think about posting the word héinz, your post will disappear into the ether never to return… spooky!

            Look there are many trigger words that chuck you into moderation, it came from a time when the site was poor and not monitored I will ask upstairs to have a look.

          • We arent moaning admin, i quite like it, if im honest.
            Like finding new ones.

          • Not much fun Miserable when you’ve spent half an hour composing a complex post and it goes into moderation for 6 hours, only to emerge when everyone has long moved on to the next nom.

            Wouldn’t be so bad if it appeared in the ‘recent cuntishness’ list when it comes out.

            that is not going to happen sometimes admin gets caught up in dwarf porn, thought I agree with you a list revision is required.

          • Luckily for me Rtc i type any old shite that pops into my head.
            Can see itd be a pain if taken ages on something.
            Youd be surprised to learn but don’t even check for mistakes!☺

          • For the avoidance of confusion, that last paragraph in my post above was added by Admin, yes?

            I suspect it was meant to be in bold.

          • It doesn’t go into moderation Bertie, it disappears altogether! Try it…

  4. She needs to take a good look at the news and the Tv and all the adverts and the papers maybe she will see everything is now black privilege the fucking stupid bitch. It’s these type of cunts that spout of there bollocks is part of the reason this country is in a mess .

  5. This sanctimonious shit skin (Well I’m white, so therefore I’ll be the racist you accuse me of being) along with her ‘woke’ bruddas an sistas seem to be labouring under the illusion that if they keep flinging accusations at 1 racial type incessantly that somehow it will make it true.
    However for every action there is a reaction and I think the pivotal point has been reached and a backlash begun. But then I’m of an age where I don’t give much of a fuck about 30 years from now as I’ll be worm fodder.
    But these morons will get the future they scream and shriek for and it’s not going to be what they envisaged.
    I hope there is some form of afterlife so I can have a damn good chuckle at their precious inheritance, it’s not going to go well.
    Cupid stunt.

  6. A complete non entity ‘working’ at a fifth rate university’s pointless department.

  7. Another non white who wishes they were….white.
    That the bottom line.
    Whites have made the best countries band systems to believe in and that’s why half the world wants to get to English speaking countries.
    Another whining victim , except she’s not a victim. If she were she’d be in a camp awaiting extermination.


  8. Tell you what, Rachel you cunt. We’ll round up 50 white blokes in normal jobs, ie plumbers, electricians, labourers, window cleaners etc, and we’ll all have a butcher’s at each other’s bank accounts. Including mine, which, as per usual, has fuck all in it. I’ll bet these hard working individuals have but a fraction of what you have, despite knocking their pan in all week in rain, sleet, snow etc, while you sit on your fat arse and get paid for doing FUCK ALL except talk bollocks.
    Hope you get coronavirus, you racist fucking slut.

    • If she got coronavirus she would blame it on the white man anyway , better she gets murdered by a black guy or immigrant. I guess even then it would be the white mans fault , probably say the white man drove him to murder because of oppression.

    • Look at my account and you’ll fucking cry. I do.
      She’s more privileged than I’ll ever be.
      Moaning little cunt.

  9. Fucking white privelege? You’re aving a larf sweet tits!!! This man is working class and proud of it. Tell you what, stick your woke ideas and your pair, well they cant be called tits (unless you want to get done by trading standards.) up your rancid fishbox.

    Fucking Empress of cunts

  10. White people who hate who hate white people, love black/brown/yellow people should go for racial re-assignment. I understand that it is now possible to be black ( if you so wish ) by a simple process of bathing twice daily in hot Bitumen. Kissing a red hot poker gives that “plump” Negro look, and adopting a “loping” gait sets you down the road to a lifelong fullfilling role of reality.
    I do believe that the buffalo breath and the baboons arse are a step too far, but, Hey Ho, everyone to their own taste.
    I think this young lady would make a very fine dark key.

  11. To David Mammy, Ash Sarkar, Professor Kehinde Andrews, and this cunt: “You’re welcome!”

    Never argue (they’re not listening), never apologise (they assume that that means they’re right), so just say: “You’re welcome!” – and watch the fuckers go nuts!

    • Shaun, I would add to that Dawn of the Dead Butler and the Flabbott. If the white countries of the world are as BAD as they make out then these fuck-knobs have a choice – they can fuck off to any predominately black country. Much of the continent of Africa is home to tinted folk along with many of the countries that make up the West Indies.

      If they are so fucking great, they can also lead their black countries into industrial revolutions, whilst taking advantage of the copious natural resources. Most of these fucking countries have people that drink from stagnant pools of buffalo piss and live in shacks with corrugated tin roofs.

      No, much easier to earn a comfy living griping about the privileged whites. Fuck off and change the record; it is just so fucking boring, you cunts.

    • Another entitled, white hating cunt oft on the MSM is Dr Maya Goodfellow:


      Dr Maya is highly controlled in the video above, possibly on rhinoceros tranquilliser, but I’ve seen her in several ‘debate’ shows (usually on the BBC) and she never fails to come across as a total dingbat basket-case, invariably losing her temper when her racist arguments fall apart, as they always do.

  12. She refers to herself as a ‘black academic’ and Me-again Markle as a ‘black’ woman. Now forgive me but in no way can either of them be described as ‘black.’
    I think lovie, that you are just self-identifying as black. In your eyes . . . . .. . ..

    White = white
    Black = any other colour

    • I agree, Meghan is mixed race, black and white so surely it is the white half which is dominant, it’s the law of natural selection!

    • Calling herself black allows her to justify her rant and hatred even though she isn’t black.

      • No she isn’t black she is shit colour and more importantly she a grade A cunt.

      • Bob Marley was half white wasn’t he, but nobody ever mentions it. Just spliffs and the Jamaican flag and sugary shit hair. Mind you, he was a cunt and his music’s shite.

        How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?
        Wi’ jam in.

        • Capn, did you know that they had serious trouble trying to bury Bob Marley back in 1981?

          Cos his coffin lid kept ‘a jammin’

          Fuck Me, I’m turning into Cuntley!

          • Paulie, do you know how The Wailers like THEIR doughnuts? No, me neither.
            But ah hope dey like jam in too.

          • Aright, I’m not going to miss out.
            A friend of mine is heartbroken. He’s just rung me and said his wife has left him and taken his Bob Marley collection and satellite dish!

            I pity the poor bastard

            No Woman, No Sky!

        • Cap did you see the picture BWC put on here of Bob Marleys dad?
          Never of guessed in a million years!

  13. Maybe if I shoot my jizz over her face she’ll change her mind about the far white. The contrast on her skin would be epic.

  14. It was quite funny, QT is normally a bit dull and when people like Boyle come out with the usual bollocks ‘racist’ there is lots of hand wringing and the cunts trying to jump on the bandwagon of calling everything racist….. but not this time, Laurence Fox really went for it and said what a load of bollocks!
    The Markle woman is a fucking grade A snowflake, she would still be a snowflake it she were white, green, orange or whatever colour.
    If this woman was a plant it misfired badly.

    Rachel believes white comes with privilege, get a jar of skin lightening cream, Sorted!

    • She does look like she’s got the hue of effnici’y in her, a light odour of somewhere shitty and mosquito-ridden.

      She’s not quite ugly enough to be Turkish but Greek or Middle -Eastern? The merest whiff of swarthiness.

  15. “Look at me. I’m oppressed. It’s if I’m living a nightmare in nazi Germany. We need to flee this racist country”
    Oh wait the fuckers are rowing across the channel to get here. Cunt

  16. Egde Hill University is as much a university as my downstairs shit house and is populated by a similar calibre of entrants.

  17. And why has this cunt got white names. That’s cultural appropriation.

  18. Somedays I have to take pills to control my overwhelming sense of mega white privilege. I will have to have counselling at this rate. Daft bitch what fucking privilege.

  19. Do these thick tinted idiots not realise that for every winger they make another honky white trash like me more entrenched in our racism and hatred, got pulled up about it by indian mate but assured him I was an equal opportunities racist I hate every fecker that comes here clogging up the country.

  20. In HMF I was subject to discrimination, Not because I am efnik but due to positive discrimination, I earnt more than the people shouting at me because it would be unwise to teach them the things that I did.
    Fast forward a couple of years as the mega minority in Croatia, quite simply they said that I was from an unrecognized minority so fuck off ( fair play to them) but we are not talking about special rights, just rights the same as every one else had.
    Next on my return to the UK a neighbor and I worked for the same company but had very different jobs, he worked at the depot I covered North London, I drove him to work every day .
    I was called into a meeting as I was going to be let go, My neighbor had objected to the fact that he was paid less than me (he sorted and stacked posters in the depot, I fitted the posters and rewired units when they were damaged) so I was called in on a notice, (they were going to drop me) However they did not! Joy to the world! he got a 3k pay rise and I……. well I fucking left, after finding out about that shit he lost his free lift and they could fuck off too.
    Now if you want a miscarriage of justice victim, the law on Croatian Defenders was brought in by the Croatian parliament and it stated that anyone who voluntarily stepped forward would receive property (about an acre) and live stock.
    Did we get it did we fuck only 4 people got it, now stick that up your mixed race arse!
    Excuse me while I wank over my white privilege

  21. I remember a few years ago when an old friend of mine who likes a bit of conspiracy theory (not my thing really) told me that in the future they were apparently plans to use Britain as one big prison to house all the criminals etc and keep them here with it being an island so they couldn’t escape. I’m guessing something similar to the film Escape from New York, while this theory seems far fetched to say the least, the way this country is going and all the filth and criminals and rapists coming in, it actually could end up becoming a reality.

    • I think something similar has been discussed on here at some point Telly, ‘The Great/White Replacement’ theory. Its described as a white nationalist far-right conspiracy theory, an interesting discussion when comparing the UK, France, Germany and Sweden with related problems of unlimited multiculturalism to the more conservative Eastern European bloc.

      • It would certainly be interesting to have a glance at Britain in 20/30 yrs time and see what it has become.
        Remember the film planet of the apes where all the humans were enslaved to the apes?, well i reckon it will be like that but all white men will be enslaved to the blacks.

        • Imagine showing people in the 60’s what England looks and feels like now, they would have built a fucking wall around the coast and voted BNP every term to eternity.

          “the black man will have the whip hand over the white man” – that was one prescient Wolverhampton constituent.

  22. Black people historically have been downtrodden and taken advantage of, there is no argument against that. However, a stuck up, posh bitch, who works for a university, cannot tell me that I have any more privilege than her, because I have white skin. I’ve had to work for everything I’ve got, I wonder how many days ‘work’ she’s ever done. My guess is none.

    If she could give up her obvious privilege to help out someone with the same skin colour as her, I’d hazard a guess she’d trample over them to keep her place in society.

  23. Should the ‘ Helter Skelter ‘ scenario ever come about, cunts like this will wonder what could possibly have caused it.
    Because you pissed an awful lot of people off, you racist fucking irrelevance.
    Get To Fuck.

  24. She probably needs a good length of hot white sausage inside her. Might make her appreciate her very own ‘white privilege’ and chill her out a bit.

    Seems a tad uptight to me.

    • Just ignore her Paul, on her period or something.
      Or the change.
      Best to click your fingers and call her ‘girl’ or ‘house girl’ when speaking to her.
      They love that!😁

  25. I dropped my phone. Since then when I type it doesn’t show beneath. Can anyone help me with this first world problem?

    Just looked again and no.

  26. People who look like her are usually working a corner in Kings Cross.
    2 bit slapper.

  27. Bollocks is she black. My nan had eastern European Jewish ancestry and she was way darker than this bint. The swarthiness passed me by and now my daughter easily passes for a 4-be-2. The Aryan is definitely strong in me. Anyway, back to Rachel: Remember when you really fancied someone at school and you spent all your time slagging them off because you didn’t want them to know how you really felt? Well, this how it must feel to race baiters like Rachel and Afua Hirsch. Come on girls! Embrace your white side because being white is fucking awesome.

  28. I’ve read somewhere,with supreme indifference I might add,that Africa is something of a shithole.
    Perhaps this know-it-all cunt could fuck off there and see if she can help out.
    Or she could just stay in cosy olde England talking fucking gibberish as that requires zero effort.

    • I can confirm that, having lived there, Africa is indeed a shithole. Made so by it’s occupants.

      • I can also confirm that Africa is a shithole because of the White men………we gave it back to the Blacks!

  29. I don’t believe this lying fucker is mixed race at all, she seems to black herself up for photo opportunities. Anyway, there is no point attempting to have a sensible grown up discussion with thick twats of this ilk which leaves only one course of action which is to kick her cunt off and let the fucking bitch bleed to death.

    • Good for them, protecting themselves.
      Sorry about the kid, but glad the puppy that was aboard was ok.
      Off topic- on news, 95% of uk black people dont go swimming, and they are more prone to drowning.
      Fiddler was right!!

      • Eric the Eel convinced me back in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics , Professor Fiddlers research has only reinforced my suspicions.

        • Yep, its true LL, 95%!!
          They must be porous or something?
          Any London cunters if threatened by knife wielding dark keys, your safest either jumping in the Thames, a fountain or even the swimming baths!

          • Next time B&WC is on we will need to ask him if he got his 100 metre front crawl swimming certificate at school and do his white genes make him float better?

          • Bwc is half white so that part swims well, the other parts panicking so gives him a unique swimming style.

            Hey LL ive just donated a paddling pool to stockport black lives matter.

  30. Fucking ugly mutant tranny bitch.

    Why can’t British mongrel birds be pretty like the Brazilian ones?

  31. This tart is clearly one of the ‘turd head’ variety. White simply = wrong to these people and this is as far as their intellect can take them.
    I have to on reflection agree with her though … when you really analyse it we would have a far better world without twatty white people messing everything up ….. after all without white trash there would be no loss to , engineering, chemistry, nuclear physics, commerce, biology, Astro physics , medicine so on and so on, so on and so forth.. … this is ( obvs) because white people have made sweet FA contribution to the advancement of civilisation. Just think how far the world would have got if only the bongo bongo tribe had been allowed to flourish without let or hindrance from the stupid white man? Basically by now the world would have a complete array of witch doctor potions , the mud roads would be wide and everywhere, mud hut communities will have popped up all over every inch of the world and a highly sophisticated barter system would be in place so people could easily obtain a chicken in return for just a handful of glass beads. Refrigeration would not be needed because everyone could buy fresh food everyday – they would have the time to do this because nobody would need to work as many hours as they do currently and could just lay around and smoke herbs. Screw the pale and stale males/ females I say ……. what do any of them know about anything and what over the centuries have they ever done for the advancement of humanity? Good night.

  32. The word ‘bullying’ as regards this Priti Patel carry on is fucking ridiculous. I mean when I was at school the bullies were first and foremost BIGGER than you. Fuck me Priti must be about 5′ 2 or something. In fact she seems to be getting smaller and fatter to my eye. Squat is the word.
    And the supossed recipient of this bullying Rutman- the first thing you think looking at him is ‘you deserved it’. All sorry-faced and pleading. Just like the bullied ones at school. From what I’ve heard she has said-”are you all fucking useless?’ Or something, a general criticism.
    The truth is as Cu**wings has identified far from us having the greatest Civil Service in the world we have one of the worst. The whole mass of immigration has been facilitated by them. I mean they have worked hard to see that lots of foreigners took every advantage of loose immigration laws. I fucking suspect them. The whole CS indeed. It is Britain’s ‘deep state’ and its pink.

  33. No idea who this cunt is, i assum she is one of Megans arse clinkers hanging on for grim death and trying to get herself some recognition along the way,and these poeple who vituall pass for whites but play the race card make me sick,25 shades darker and then you can play the race card, until then go and get a tan…..needy attention seeking cunts….

  34. This fucknugget wants to pop back in time to the 1970s, and get a taste of white privilege (or the absolute absence of). These fuckers live in a veritable utopia.

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