Charles, Prince of Wales

Charles, Prince of Wails…

Hold the front page! Prince Charles has tested positive for Coronavirus, Clarence House has announced. This was confirmed after Ol’ Jug Ears was tested by NHS Grampian on 23rd March. Oh woe, and thrice woe!

Unsurprisingly, in the current climate, questions Are Being Asked. Nicola “Wee Jimmy Krankie” Sturgeon has stated that people should act responsibly, and that “the Highlands should not be used as a place to ‘outrun’ the virus”. Former MP George Kernevan was blunter, tweeting, “this billionaire landowner disobeyed guidance to stay home, went to his second home in Scotland, is infected and has infected others”.

Others are asking the obvious question; how did Bonnie Prince Charlie (and his horse-faced other half) manage to get a test for the virus? His symptoms are described as mild, and he is apparently “working” from his desk. MSP Joan McAlpine understandably pondered, “like many, I wonder how he was tested, when many NHS and social care workers cannot get tested”. Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer responded that there were “very good reasons for that person and his wife to be tested”, but that nothing else could be disclosed “on the grounds of patient confidentiality”. Naturally. Now the Gruesome Twosome are “self-isolating”, except that is, for a platoon of lackeys to cook, clean, run the royal bath, squeeze the royal toothpaste, feed the horses and what have you. Charlie boy probably even has a peasant to take his medicine for him.

Meanwhile, Junior Health Minister Edward Argar says that “The Prince of Wales did not jump the queue” for testing. Well we all know that he didn’t, for the very simple reason that in his case, there’s no queue to jump. He and his ilk have never had to queue for anything in their lives, and never will. He was tested because he’s very rich, very well connected and extremely privileged, and I’d contend that anyone who thinks otherwise is naive in the extreme. It’s a cunt, but like it or lump it, it’s the way the world works.

At times like these, we’re always spun the line that “we’re all in this together”. Believe that, and you’ll believe anything.

Nominated by Ron Knee

66 thoughts on “Charles, Prince of Wales

  1. He’s ‘working’ is he. For the first time in his parasitic fucking life. And ‘second’ home? The cunts have dozens. All staffed, heated and paid for, year round, by us.

      • I thought old Charlie was into those homeopathic remedies. He’ll give his ventilator to some other deserving soul no doubt.

        • I believe Camilla was routinely tested as a stipulation of being allowed entry into the 3:30 at Kempton – jockey club rules you see!
          Get some of your organic slop down you Charles, it might do you good – and given the prices you charge for the s*ite you (and Branson) are about the only f*ckers in the Country who can afford it!

    • Now now Daz.
      Don’t come on here and lower the tone dear boy. Us Gentlemen at ISAC we have high moral values. No bad language etc.

      • Yes we are regular little paragons of virtue.
        It was making out on the news he received no special treatment an the local village doctor saw to him, i say Bollocks.
        Not a chance!
        Future king of England?
        Squad of medics, specialists, an a blank cheque.

      • I am twaumatised FF – “safe space” “safe space” 😒 – the last time I saw such scurrilous prose I was reading one of my posts!
        Poor MNC and Sir Fiddler will be too traumatised to eat their rice cakes! πŸ˜ƒ

        • Afternoon Foxy, yes Darrens language is terrible!
          I needed smelling salts and mr Fiddler has taken to his bed with the vapours.
          uncouth and vulgar.
          My gran would put soap in his mouth.

          • Afternoon MNC – just when we were in our safe space and everything! 😁😁
            Poor Daz – he will probably never dare post again!
            We didn’t mean it Daz – and as a treat you can join the ISAC sailing trip to France – just bring an axe! πŸ‘

          • There you go again MNC with yer bragging about yer gran having ladida soap.Are you sure yer from the north? Sounds like yer family are middle class Surbiton type.
            Soap indeed!

          • Hehehe, afternoon Crusty, yes, showing off again.
            Thought id drop it in casual so everyone went “whoa! Soap! Obviously to the manor born!”😁
            Between us im really a middle manager from surrey named Tim.
            Only heard about the North on a docΓΌmentary
            “Shameless” it was called.

          • That’s not a bad idea, MNC – taking abed with the vapours.
            I have a treasured 1/2 of Chateau Charlotte Communion Wine, which I am about to uncork and inhale deeply…

          • HBH, if you can’t indulge yourself and have fun at the end of the world when can you?
            While the world burns lets have a drink, im getting the whisky out in a minute.
            Good health sir!πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‘

    • I understand Charlie was caught by the stable lads noshing on a particularly hairy bat that had got caught in a horses arse. Should have gone to spec savers, eh Chuck?

      • Aha smoked you out at last MNC that Shameless documentary wasn’t a true reflection of the North,there wasn’t a cobblestone or flat cap to be seenπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
        I’ll say good evening and let yer get back to yer Fondue party.

        • Heehee, weve just played lawn croquet with Jerry and Margo,
          Going to set the table now for dinner, having a moroccan tagine, play some charades.
          Anyway Ginnys calling me, chaio for now.😁😁

          • Random one – James McAvoy was in the first series of shameless, and ended up marrying one of his co-actors Anne – Marie Duff.
            MNC and his la di da ways – soap and everything – it’s alright for these toffs, but now I’ll have to invest in an inside toilet to compete! πŸ˜ƒ

          • As a lad used to stay at my grans, do few chores for them, they had a outside loo, an to be honest Foxy I preferred it!
            Always nice an cool even in summer.
            Now im a dole rat I might make one!
            Crescent moon cut into the door!
            I have 2 logburners outside an have a beer while pottering, so sometimes piss in the bushes, if missus miserable catches me she goes fuckin bananas.😁😁🍺

  2. I understand that Prince Charles is self-isolating at Balmoral with Covid-19.
    Meanwhile Prince Andrew is self-isolating at Sandringham with Jennifer-14

    • Apparently the cunt in hiding otherwise known as Prince Andrew he has told the waiting press outside that he cannot remember this happening so therefor it isn’t.

      He also went on to say for the record that he knows β€œnuffink abaaaaaht it” and will be more than happy to help the police with their enquiries.

      Unless this of course involves meeting them or answering any of their questions.

  3. He’s Royal and they’ve always jumped queues. Fine with me if the alternative is President Blair/Corbyn/Starmer etc.

  4. They were all born into money, and into their positions. Aim high, the royal family of today did fuck all to get where they are except escape their mums chunta. When rich self-entitled people like these and Branson start contributing to society, I will MAYBE respect them.

      • I’d shag Sophie Rice-Pudding.

        One of the Fergie gels seems to have the same ocular prob as Ursula van der Liar…

        As for Charlie-boy, the Express site seems to have a semi-permanent photo of him looking totally…well, surprised and gormless.
        “Aloon again”, as one tabloid headlined decades ago; somethingto do with talking to plants.
        Prince Edward likes a nice flower, I hear.

        • ‘Prince Edward likes a nice flower..carefully placed between the perfumed arse cheeks of a smooth skinned Romeo, 🌸🌸🌸

  5. What’s the point of being part of the ruling elite if there’s no perks? We’d all pick and choose who got tested first if we had the option.

    • We’d do it fairly: nice deserving people over cunts. Our world just decides, in any eventuality, save only the rich cunts. Because we ‘normal’ people dont matter when the chips are down, yet they are happy to scam tax off us and make us do all the work in the world. Fuck them, in the event of a world disaster…slaughter all rich cunts first!

  6. Never had any time for this pampered privileged sack of sh*t needy privilege. He is not fit to be King, especially as he will follow probably the stand out best Monarch we have ever had.
    Spoilt irresponsible greedy selfish mardy rich kid – and a cunt.
    Off with their heads – King Fox the first!
    (I would be a very drunk and unpleasant King but given the amount of ASBO’s I would have at least the peasants would never see me in public! πŸ˜πŸ‘)

    • A king should act like one; shagging the serving wenches, boozing and farting, throwing bones under the table to the dogs, wiping your arse on the curtains, now that’s the kind of monarch that cunts today can relate to.

  7. I used to be a Royalist, now I’m an anti royal.
    They can All fuck right off, out of touch wankers and cuntesses the lot of them, my opinion changed when I was sat in traffic in Kensington pissed off like the rest of cunts and then in the background sirens, flashing lights. What is this I thought…its only some royal convoy of cunts with ‘move over’ flashing on the back of their bullet proof Range Rovers. They made what was a proper to traffic jam worse the cunts all so some born into wealth twats could get through quick.
    The Queen seems ok and that old cunt Phil seems a laugh but even they should fuck off into a OAP home now as times have changed…will they fuck though.
    I see Prince William Duke of Bellend has done his duty and bred Kate multiple times and secured their scrounging future.
    Let’s be honest if this Prince Charles cunt was not royal he’d be known as the pub bore or maybe that posh red faced wanker.
    They are a bunch of cunts and they can fuck off.
    Having these cunts living the life they do because they were born into it in this day and age is an absolute piss take.
    The national anthem is shite as well.

    • Agreed B&WC – by and large spoilt pampered parasites always whining how bad they have it. (The feathers on my toilet swan were a little cold, poor me).
      I demand the National Anthem is changed – “God save our Gracious Queen, she likes ‘er chips and beans” – what’s that all abaaaaaht then?
      Pretty Vacant by The Sex Pistols would be a most acceptable replacement!

  8. I think he’s a very decent chap for bringing up the halfwit Hewitt boy as one of his own as well as getting married to a Rod Hull impersonator when he could have had his pick of upper class totty.

      • Charles was f*cking Camilla since before she was married to Tim Parker-Bowles RK, and all through his sham marriage to Diana.
        The Man is a platinum plated c*nt.

    • Rod Hull impersonator !!
      Spat my communion wine out all over the rubber sheets !!
      Camilla’s more like Emu, a right raddled old bird. Although Charlie-boy probably does get his hand up her arse…

  9. I am slightly confused on this.
    In line with certain policy’s maintained by certain groups, I would have expected the Labour party to be in ICU by now, what with helping the poor and the working man shit they spout.
    However Charles Bojo and someone else has it and they are from the group that traditionally fend of the wretches with silver topped canes.
    Another thought that crossed my mind was if I was Bojo and feeling particularly shit with chinky virus right now I would definatley tell the chinks to fuck off on the 5G contract.

  10. As a Doctor of Psychotic Enlightenment I prescribe for every man, woman, child and sub-primate in the UK a Homeopathic injection of Corbyn-19 at a dilution rate of 6C (0.000 000 000 1%).

    By appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales.

    This country will be back on its feet in no time – guaranteed!

    Trust me, I’m a doctor.

  11. I’ll bet my house that jug eared lazy cunt Chas doesn’t croak because of the Chinky sniffles
    And maybe that virtue signalling the sheep gave the nhs staff the other night has made them a little complacent, cunts dying are on the rise daily

  12. Hands up who thinks Charles is secretly wishing the Queen snuffs it so he can bag the throne for a while before William muscles in?

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