Bono (16)

That self-congratulating, posturing hypocrite Bono.

Bono, who now appears to resemble Robin Williams doing a shit John Lennon impression, has written a “song” inspired by the millions of people isolated by the Coronavirus.

In his own words:

“Fur de Italians who inspoired it… for the Oirish… for ANYONE who d’is St. Patrick’s day is in a toight spot and still singin!”

So no doubt, because he cares so much about all these people, he’ll be donating the money he should be paying in taxes to the people who still have to work like nurses or care assistants….right??

N’aah of course fucking not. Much easier to just write a crappy song about it and stand there grandstanding like a twat. Rather than putting your money where your mouth is and actually do something that benefits anyone other than himself.

Bonobo – consider thy self cunted.

Nominated by Harold Steptoe

95 thoughts on “Bono (16)

  1. He could donate his hotel to key workers needing isolation like Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs did. And at the same time, paying the staff full pay to stay home out of his own pocket. The cunt can easily afford it.

    Or, like Richard ‘self-made my arse’ Branson, lay staff off on no pay and count your money. While being a sanctimonious twat at the same time.

    I actually saw these twats (U2) live in Leeds in 92 or 93. They were fucking great live to be fair, but well past their sell-by dates by now.

    • Stop press:

      Boris begs musicians to use restraint and compassion during these difficult times, specifically in relation to releasing mawkish self serving dirges.

      He concluded with “there’s been enough suffering already”.

  2. Bono: “Evertime I click my fingers a child in Africa dies.”
    Glaswegian Heckler: “Stop doing it then.”

    Never gets old, for me anyway.

  3. Great nom, H.
    Bono is a cunt the size of Jupiter; a preachy, sanctimonious bellend of awe-inspiring magnitude.
    We’re not interested in your fucking song. Put your hand in your mile deep pocket and help out.

  4. Was wondering when this odious cunt would show up…. Not made a half decent record since Achtung Baby, yet he still thinks he is relevant and some sort of great oracle… The cunt who once flew his hat (his fucking hat!) first class on a private jet and sued/ruined an ex-employee over a pair of trousers… That is the real Bonio… An utter sinkhole of a cunt….

  5. I just wonder how many of these rich celeb socialists are fully prepared to raid their many off-shore bank accounts and give to those “in greatest need” a few million (but without trying to claim it as a tax benefit)?

  6. Rattle And Hum….

    What you’ll be doing as you die and what you’ll be doing after you’ve died…

  7. Watching The Edge fall of the stage and break his leg was the 2nd favourite thing I’d like to see at a U2 concert.

  8. Another perennial mega-cunt.

    Have always hated this narcissistic pipsqueak, ever since seeing him on the telly doing a piss poor Jim Morrison impersonation sometime in the early ’80s.

    His cuntishness will go on forever.

  9. Cunts like this never realise they are well past their sell by date. In their own minds they consider themselves still relevant, highly important and can still make a difference.

    The trouble is no one is listening but their egos are so massive they just can’t (or won’t) acknowledge it.

    Hangs around like disgustingly bad smelling fart in a lift.

    Wish he would just fuck off and leave everyone alone.

    Thick Oirish twat.

  10. I say this every time the off-shore cunt comes along though it’s worth repeating: Find and watch the South Park episode about “having a huge shit” as it stars Bono in a prominent role. I know South Park can be a bit hit & miss but this is superb stuff. Third best episode after the two about Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise is locked in the closet/Tom Cruise is a fúdge-packer).

    • Curse of experimental humour. They find it funny but don’t know if others will until it’s shown.

  11. I nearly tripped over my balls when I read this – Jesus ‘O Mary Christ, top of the morning to ya..!

    What a fucking self obsessed cock sucker – I have always wanted to punch the cunt on the face hard.

    Watch out Bono, Geldoff if going to be coming at’ya soon from his weheelchair…. “we need ya money..”

    I saw a news item yesterday that the music industry is clubbing together to help pay poor artists who won’t be able to play their songs or perform in concerts – poor little didums, no one can listen to my music – snowflake cunts all of them, get a proper job.

    • Bob Geldof

      What a scruffy, untalented, rude, lefty, loudmouth fucking Oirish arsewipe.

      Can totally appreciate why his wife fucked off.

      Hated absolutely everything the Boomtown Rats ever did, and that feeling extends in its entirety to Cuntus Maximus Sir Bob Zenon Geldof.


  12. Cunting this fucking wanker never gets old.
    The cunt will probably sit at Branson’s right hand, watching us all die from the safety of his space station.
    Arsewipe of the highest order…

  13. I don’t know what sort of education this prick had but he comes across as being very thick indeed . Making pathetic toe curling sound bites on the world stage .
    Are the rest of the band not highly embarrassed every time he comes out with something a child would say ?
    And now he’s cashing in on the latest events,
    I dont suppose Bonio and Chris Martin will do a kind of Live aid for the victims of Coronavirus ? Oh no, 2 massive egos in the same room just wouldn’t do would it.
    All I want to do is punch the cunt for being a cunt.

    • Only two people in the world deserve coronavirus, and it’s these two cunts, and while we are at it can we throw in ebola and the bubonic plague and malaria just to make sure there obnoxious cunts shuffle off this mortal coil? Pretty please?…

  14. Bono is like herpes, the cunt pops up every few years to remind you he is still with us.

  15. Bono has made a huge donation in private to pay for a fuck load of ventilators (possibly).

    • At tax payers expense, the tax dodging cock sucker, how many blow jobs has the pope given him?… makes a change I suppose, normally the clergy in Ireland are getting sucked off…

  16. Well im shocked.
    Cant believe it, thought everyone liked Bono.

    Voice of a generation, icon, musical talent,
    Probably the greatest human being to put on wraparound shades an a cowboy hat.
    I for one would try my hardest to grasp his hand an pull him from Terrys Oven.

    • Pps for those who dont realise im being sarcastic
      Contact- isac complaints dept.
      Gettofuck lane

      • Bono is my Cousin. Bono has so much money he is not far from being a billionaire. But is so mean he claims tax relief on such things as washing powder. My Mother detested him, said he was stupid and rude.
        What’s the difference between God and Bono?
        God doesn’t walk around Dublin claiming to be Bono! 😁

  17. I’m sick to fucking death of hearing about these celebs and the fact that they’ve been struck down by Corona Virus.

    Couldn’t give a flying fanny fart if Tom Hanks, Idris Elba or big eared Charlie bite the dust – wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

    Get the fuck on with it and just expire. But please do it quietly.

  18. If this cunt was a Mars Bar he would take a great big bite of himself 👎
    What a sanctimonious arsehole he is a proper cunt 👎👎

    • I am thinking of bringing out a line of toilet paper imprinted with the images of c*nts – imagine smearing some sweaty runny sh*t all over “Da Bono’s” face, or any other c*nts face for that matter, methinks it will be a best seller – get that white van ready MNC – we’re gonna be rich! 😃👍

    • How you doing George?
      Asking about you the other day, admin said ‘nuked’?
      Hope your well pal .👍👍👍

  19. Seen the Extinction Rebellion east midlands posters?
    “Coronovirus is the cure
    Mankind are the disease”
    Getting a bit of a backlash😳😵😳

    • If excrement rebellion are so bothered about the poor planet I wonder what the carbon reduction would be if they were marched into the sea at gunpoint?
      (Whilst being randomly shot at by Spoons and DF from the bridge of The Black Pig – stout matelots they are Sir, and of course using carbon neutral vegan friendly gunpowder!)

    • The Daft cunts have overstepped the mark with that one , what next?
      Ebola is the answer?
      We’re big on bubonic?
      Let’s hope they continue with that kind of nonsense as they have for the best part been received by the suffering public reasonable well , that opinion will shift dramatically if they start down that road …..

    • Fine, so if any of those self-righteous cunts end up with C19, I presume they will not bother with hospitals, doctors, or self-isolate! By their logic they should just curl up and die instead.

      Oh, and shouldn’t that read “humankind”? I am mortally offended by this blatant sexism

  20. that LBC thing. one is supposed to do it by remaining indoors and opening the windows. those who never listen to LBC will wonder what the fuck is going on.

  21. How on earth has this CUNT only had 16 nominations? ?
    How long has ISAC been going ?
    This Irish wanker has been irritating me for the last 40 odd years , like Paul weller is referred to as the mod father this sack of shit could be VIrtue signaling father
    He’s been talking utter shite for almost half a century!! Enough is enough
    Just fuck off you orish cunt

    • Like the Boomtown Rats (stupid name FFS) hated every fucking thing Paul Weller ever did. Absolutely everything with no exceptions.

  22. This cunt should stop on his island and carry dying his shitty facial hair as his main hobby.
    Shut your shithole you fucking goggle eyed ponce.
    Get fucked.

    • And make with 54 Years of Birthday and Christmas presents Hewson!
      You know my address – it’s been on Crimewatch often enough.
      Tight bugger, and named after a dog biscuit!

  23. I think it would be the right thing to do and thoroughly patriotic to demand the Government supply Unkle Terry with free ovens!

  24. Can someone explain to me what ‘Terry’s oven’ is please ? – I’m relatively new here…

    • Uncle Terry is a poster on here who is keen to throw cunts into a industrial one size fits all oven.
      A running joke 3D.

  25. It’s weird, I only went to put the bins out tonight and got a round of applause from the neighbours. That’s never happened before.

  26. I remember seeing a poster that said, ‘Fine Young Cannibals.
    Hardly a deterrent….

  27. Grow up you immature bell end, and use your given name, you are a rapidly ageing has been who is an embarrassment to music, also your side kick possibly with a more pretentious name than yours is fooling no fucker by wearing his beenie hat all year round, we know he is Bald, I class you being down there with that other joke band fronted by the Irish version of wurzel gummich.!

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