The Grenfell Tower Inquiry

The latest development in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry is that the chairman has backed protection for refurbishment firms giving evidence.

Rather bizarrely, he has backed a request from firms that refurbished the building that evidence they give should not be used against them in criminal prosecutions. Some firms had threatened to stay silent in the inquiry into how Grenfell was covered in flammable cladding. Sir Martin Moore-Bick said he had asked Attorney General Geoffrey Cox for the assurance “as a matter of urgency”.

So let’s get this right. If by virtue of information given by the aforementioned firms they are found to be negligent or knowingly supplied cladding they knew to breach building guidelines, they cannot be prosecuted, can just walk away, and get off totally Scott free?

Sounds like a good deal for them, I reckon.

What’s the fucking point of an inquiry (which has already taken two and-a-half years and already cost the taxpayer in excess of £10m, Phase 2 not expected to finish until April 2021 with more public expenditure) if those firms and directors culpable and responsible for the fire are not being held accountable for their actions? Like most inquiries in recent memory, they take forever, cost the taxpayer an absolute fortune and rarely, if at all, is anyone ever prosecuted.

All we get is the usual “lessons will be learnt” horse shit.

Nominated by Willie Stroker

73 thoughts on “The Grenfell Tower Inquiry

  1. This ain’t a normal inquiry, looney left all over it , must make sure all the illegals are never named must make sure it was the white mans fault. Must be sure gimme grints get well housed and compensated whether in the building or not .

    It’s a woke exercise gone mad.

  2. Well we can’t have rich people taking the blame can we? Isn’t it enough that Her Maj and Prince Baldybollocks paid a visit? I believe even the arch traitor, Mavis May, briefly sniffed the poverty stricken air in between licking the Brussels arseholes.
    The longer it takes the more distant the memory, the easier it is to pin it on some poor cunts among the lower orders.
    Rich cunts are never to blame and you have to pay to find that out, that’s all you need to know.

  3. Rest assured some brickie apprentice will get the blame.
    A white one.
    Everyone else remotely involved will do very nicely.
    Apart from the toasted ones,they can fuck off.
    All cunts.

  4. I never understand how these enquiries cost so much fucking money. £10million and counting and for what?

    A firm of lawyers to poke around in the dust?
    What the fuck actually happens to warrant the massive expenditure?

    I could probably get a handle on the entire fucking rort, if for example, they had rebuilt the tower block so as to recreate the disaster, al la Mythbusters. But I’m guessing they didn’t and won’t. So, again, what the flying fuck does all the obscene amount get spent on?

    Backhanders, palm greasing and various other “transparent and above board” shenanigans no doubt.

    • This is nothing Kiwi, the Bloody Sunday inquiry took over twelve years and cost close to £200m. I think the findings were; IRA/protesters = good, British Army = Bad.

      • Evening LL. The numbers are just mind blowing to me. Any enlightenment on how the parasitic lawyer cunts or whoever is involved can justify the vast sums would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Problem is, this inquiry will never be a level playing field. Will the occupants of the building share in the culpability? I doubt it. Would you be a witness for the defence in such a kangaroo court?

    • Offer the cunts a green card or whatever it is you have over there. The average gimmegrant will sell his mother for one of those, so problem solved for witnesses.

      • Unfortunately we don’t operate a green card system Kiwi; ours is more along the lines of “turn up, show them you’re a bit brown and hey presto – free shit for life”

        • Evening CtC. Sounds like the easy life.
          Maybe I’ll invest in some boot polish and a dinghy, get me a Mrs K a ticket to France and then the Promised Land! Nah, forget the Mrs, don’t all the tanned travelers all arrive on men only tickets?

          PS. When you visiting out little islands?

          • Long way off Kiwi, not until October!! By the way it’s only 7am here so you can say what you like about the dark keys, none of them will be up until the dole offices and chiggun shops unlock this afternoon.
            Yes, don’t tend to be many women among the gimmes; they’re generally left at home hiding in the basement clutching an AK47

          • Hopefully we’ll have some water in our taps again by October. It’s bone dry over here and no end of the drought in sight.

        • Cuntan – r.e “one of them will be up until the dole offices and chiggun shops unlock this afternoon” I assume you must have been to Colchester? For some reason, a place chock full of Africans it looks like downtown Mogadishu, but not as nice. They don’t surface until the afternoon.

          • I must confess your Lordship I haven’t; I merely assume it’s the same as all the towns and cities near me, Peterborough, Nottingham etc. By the way in Cuntan’s Boston Watch we’ve just chalked up another dead body (think that’s 5 so far this year, impressive stuff!!) No news as yet whether it’s another Dooshka on Dooshka job – I’m willing to take a stab though (as are all the Dooshkas, usually to the kidneys)

          • Impressive Cuntan, I will bet a fair few also end up in the local river or decomposing in a shed after too many Tyskie’s.

          • We’ve got you covered LL!
            They do like a body in a river. For some light relief the local rag did a survey recently;
            Wherein they’ve highlighted 9 things people want to change about their town. Potholes is at number one; surprisingly little mention of what I can guarantee would have been the real answer; “get rid of all the worthless Dooshka gimmegrants who have turned the place into the Wild West, just with less sanitary conditions, more murders and more TB”

          • Although I live in Granthamski these days, I’m originally from Peterborough, twinned with Lahore via Gdansk. I have not been back since the early 2000’s when Blair opened the floodgates but its used now and again on news reports as an example of Dooshka enrichment.

  6. At the end of the enquiry it will say, “We have discovered why so many brown and black people perished in the burning tower yet why so few white people died; the white people were at work.”

    • Like many large council owned high density residential blocks in London, a large number of the inhabitants were illegal immigrants of whom the authorities have no record. The survivors and their families stand to gain massively from their illegal residency, once the compensation starts flowing. Grenfell has become a grisly shrine and focal point for woke nonsense, why hasn’t is been demolished yet? It was a tragedy but nothing compared with the Piper Alpha immolation (167 deaths of WORKERS). All those involved in the handwringing post Grenfell are grade one CUNTS.

    • I’ll tell you why they perished CM because of all the rubbish built up in the tower block , they blame the cladding because they have to . The won’t blame some foreign half wit over the cooker etc. iv’e seen first hand how these blacks and Asians live in London and they live in filth and a’lot of there houses are like landfills . When i first arrived in Illford back in 2006 the streets were shocking and the amount of rubbish bags etc dumped outside peoples houses was unbelievable. The things i went on to witness was just pure filth and disregard for our country , i remember this Asian guy in barking just empty a carrier bag of rubbish onto the street like it was normal . There was this other Asian guy (believe it or not) in broad daylight who had a piss up against a lamp post bang outside a children’s clothes shop . There were many times i’d be walking down the street and there would be piles of clothes just dumped in the streets , one morning i woke up and there was a toilet , yes a fucking toilet dumped outside the house!!!. The drains one day was blocked up that much that the man hole cover in the middle of the road had lifted up with water and the street was floating with used nappies that obviously had been flushed down the toilet. so yeah it’s easy to blame the cladding because then the finger gets pointed at the white guy , nothing to do with the amount of rubbish bags and rubbish that littered the tower block that could have well and truly contributed to the spreading of the fire.

      • I used to live in Ilford Telly up to 1993.

        Neighbours opposite sent their daughter to the local primary school who was forced to learn Urdu.

        Fuck that, the late Mrs Stroker and I thought, we’re off, uprooted and moved to Suffolk.

        Probably the best thing we ever did for our daughters although like everywhere else in the UK now, we are now forced to live alongside an infestation of non indigenous scum who have nothing to offer and who shouldn’t be here.

        • I’ts true , very true , i lived on uphall road and the school just up the road was full of black and Asians . I ended up moving to becontree in Dagenham which wasn’t to bad to be honest then when i got married i moved in with the wife in Walthamstow , another shit hole. I ended up moving back to Yorkshire into an old farm house in the middle of nowhere , total bliss .

  7. Nonetheless, Willie, a valid cunting. The problem with this whole affair is that it has been seized upon by lefty grievance mongers and the subsequent fraudulent activity which has resulted in me, amongst many others, not giving a toss.

    • Spot on, Sarge.

      The more these twats whinge, the less attention decent folk like us pay them. “Cry wolf” principle, I guess.

      I just switch off now, because it’s obvious when one of these starts chuntering (a bit like my late mother-in-law’s budgie on his perch) where it’s going to end. The budgie used to spill his seed…
      Actually, late M-I-L is RIP, , and I’m divorced, so perhaps she’s really a latex M-I-L

  8. Hang on! Why is David,Lard Arse,Lammy not in charge of this. He had a friend who died in the fire.

    If you didn’t know that you are a total wwwaaaayyyyyccccciiiiiiissssssttttt.

    Ole Man River

    Um bongo,um bongo, they drink it in Lammy”s house

    Man,me live da fried chicken.

    Good morning

  9. To be honest, I don’t give a flying fuck about the thing, and nor do most people I speak to. Most outside London can’t believe how many foreigners were there.

  10. Extraordinary that firms will not be held responsible if they give evidence.

    I don’t recall The CPS being so accommodating following the Police enquiry into my behaviour on the night that I was banned from ” The Other Pub” for life….indeed they couldn’t wait to charge me. The Prosecutor looked quite pop-eyed by the time he had read out the charges..made it sound more like some drunken football yob had run amok rather than a Rugby-playing Gentleman of Refinement who had enjoyed a sip of vintage Port too many.

    Luckily it was still in the days of “local” Magistrates and the fact that I often went Hunting with the Chairman of the Bench stood me in good stead. I sailed out with only a few token fines and hardly a stain on my well-regarded character.

    I expect the same will happen to the Companies involved in The Grenfell Enquiry.

  11. Why don’t they just be honest and replace the word “inquiry” with “whitewash”? The only thing that ever comes out of them is a big fat cheque for my learned friends, courtesy of the muggy taxpayer.

    • Whitewash, whitewash cannot use that word as precedent is given to white. To save the feelings of Lammy and others may I suggest total fucking waste of time and money but us legals and libtards can afford the second home on the money you daft cunts are paying us. Not catchy but most likely true. Completion date some year in Unicorn land. Wankers

      • Obliterating Emulsion ?

        Fuck me, a few billion gallons of that would come in handy – paintball Brussels and the indigenous sprout-vegetables. Also Frankfurt/Main, seat of the dreaded Coudenhove-Kalergi plague…

  12. Agree, this will be pinned on the lowest common denominator, fuckin caretaker takes the rap for it.
    A rats nest of sub let, sub humans, clad in dodgy unsafe materials?
    Anyway I couldnt give a fuck,
    Fuck em.
    Anyone want to buy a reconditioned Whirlpool fridge?

    • Have you managed to purge that flame-grilled halal smell? 🔥 That’s not just bad, it’s Isläama-bad.


    • Too true even half a world away I’m tired of hearing of this. The fire was probably started by a meth lab, cannabis farm, slave workhouse or some cunt trying to get rid of a body from a bad drug deal or strangled whore. Too bad more didn’t burn down.

      • Guaranteed and the daft cunts would have had about 4000 hydroponic lights plugged in one socket using a huge extension lead.

        • I thought nobody else had noticed the conspicuous absence of the Ethiopian taxi driver who started the fire with the dodgy fridge?

          Why isn’t that illegal at the hearing taking the blame?

          Anyway, for £10m they could have rebuilt the poxy place by now.

  13. The cunt who started it, yes no information released about them is there?
    He doesn’t fit the criteria of someone they want to blame,
    Or his four wives who were here illegally
    No 60yr old Reg Smith the caretaker.
    Hell do.
    Hes a white male!
    Priveleged to fuck!
    Reg makes minimum wage and had a look of someone who Might support brexit.

      • Why call him Ethiopian born?? He’s just Ethiopian FFS , it almost makes it sound like we are supposed to regard him as British .

        • When in Israel we had a day of free time so decided to roam about and see some sites while in Jerusalem , the Jewish people may i add were bang on very friendly and helpful and couldn’t find fault. The orthodox Jews were a different story , very arrogant , ignorant and they thought they were better than you. Anyway we decided to visit the church of sepulchre (apparently where Jesus was crucified) . We was told that there was a group of Ethiopians who lived there and was part of the church . Long story short we walked through the church and it was lovely until we got to the Ethiopian section and it was dark dirty and dingy . They was all just sat there looking miserable not talking and had there hands out begging for money . Point is people like that no matter what change of circumstance will never change regardless of how much wealth etc .

  14. The scandal here is hard working people who’ve bought flats and apartments in blocks of flats where after Grenfell the cladding has been determined as sub standard are now stuck with valueless property and bills of up to 60k to put the problem right.

    Grenfell was a tragedy but now people with private flats are facing ruin which is a tragedy no one cares about because they are not in welfare or have a passport and a birth certificate.

  15. As usual all the pigs in the trough lawyers will be suddenly moving up to a 6 bedroomed 3 bathroomed residence with a Bentley instead of a Jag on the huge drive after this ‘inquiry’ is done with.

  16. A largely unsuccessful event in history that failed to toast as many as needed.

    Painful fact but true.

  17. It would seem that Behailu Kebede from Ethiopia takes the blame for this as the fire started in his flat, he alerted his flat mates (how many) and evacuated the flat calling 999.
    The chap is without blemish and of no further interest to the enquiry.

    next question is who the fuck has two fridges and two freezers in their kitchen?

    • ………and what is a camel jockey from Ethiopia doing living in a council flat when there are British people who can’t get one? Fucking disgrace.

    • I can’t remember which program it was on but there was some terraced house with a couple of bedrooms occupied by at least 10 people (Romanian) and the hallway was a line of 4 or 5 fridges.

      They basically don’t give a fuck!

    • Apparently, he left his flat barefoot.

      Old habits die hard. Or was he stewing them up at the time, an alternative to chiggun ?

    • 2 fridges and freezers explained: you need to keep the bushmeat you’re selling to recent arrivals separate from what you’ve nicked from Iceland for yourself. Wouldn’t want ebola.

  18. Grenfell has highlighted the number of people who are in the U.K. illegally. I am pretty sure that any politician with the balls to do something about it would receive massive support from the silent majority. Here are some ideas for starters:
    Turn up in a rubber boat? No entry into U.K. under any circumstances.
    Grenfell survivor but no documents to prove you are legal? Ticket back to wherever you came from and that is your lot.
    Convicted of any offence punishable by 12 months plus in prison? Back you go with any dependants for whom you collect benefits.
    Need a doctor or education for dependants? Let’s see your papers.
    Seems harsh to some but we are running out of money to indulge freeloaders. Meanwhile, my 98 year old father in law ( ex Royal Artillery,wounded three times) is forced to rely on his family for meals cleaning etc which seems reasonable until you realise that we are pensioners too.

    • In addition to having to look after father in law we are about to get our council tax bill with the near 6% increase to provide social care. Where the fuck does the money go?

      • Where does all the money go? Garden bridge, HS2, foreign aid..
        Want f*ck all? Try being white. Waycist whitey f*cking their fellow people over for the benefit of others, always.

  19. Yawn these Grendfall cunts still hanging thief drum, while thief reporting the Jamokes they should report the sponging cunts as well,sick of hearing about these fuckers….

  20. I don’t blame the firms for wanting to get some legal assurance, the inquiry is looking to blame someone so why would anyone give evidence that could incriminate them.
    If the inquiry finds that there is a legal case to answer then go for it, but don’t expect anyone to cut off their own balls.
    When there are so many companies, contractors and authorities involved it’s a minefield, ultimately it is the building owner/landlord who is responsible.

    • And the council planning department. Want to put up a garden shed? Fuck off. Want to surround a towering slum with inflammable plastics? Three bags full, sir.

  21. This forks me right off, boils my water hotter than a kettle, (may I borrow Nurse C’s bossoms, because if I had them they’d be steamed?), in fact a boiler in a factory as well. I’m so cheesed off about this.
    For fork sake! Arghhh.

  22. All I remember seeing is some short haired older brown bird always screaming fucking racist at every fucker. Every bbc or gmb interview out she comes blaming whitey. What a fucking cunt. Bet she’s making an earner out of it somehow the fucking half-breed cunt.

  23. The whole thing has been an utter debacle. The salient aspect being that it has highlighted, unequivocally, how broken our nation and society is. I mean, where to fucking start?!!!

    The worst aspect of this Grenfell Inquiry, for me at least, has been the ensuing political and social fallout. All the finger-pointing, bickering, virtue-signalling, hysteria and hypocrisy that has been on show since the first inquiry report was published a few months back has been truly astonishing, pathetic at times.

    Just briefly — you’ve got the contractors all passing the buck and denying any culpability; you’ve got the local councils all directing the blame at the government for cutting their spending budgets; you’ve got the grovelling, obsequious, virtue-signalling liberals & lefties all pretending they care about immigrants and playing the race card to try and look good and further their own agendas and to line their own pockets; then you’ve got ‘Middle England’ all not caring a jot about what happened to the benefit-sponging gimmegrants who shouldn’t have been living there in the first place or the Ethiopian who bought a faulty fridge that caused the fire; then you’ve got the snobs of the Chelsea & Kensington Borough who wanted the highly flammable cladding because it looked nice and aesthetically pleasing when they peered out of their houses from their affluent neighbourhoods; last, but not least, you’ve got the government, which adheres to cost-cutting policies (mostly to line its own pocket) and dubious, outdated building regulations with a ‘let’s get this building project done as quickly and cheaply as possible and on to the next building project’ (we’ll line our own pockets in the process . . . us rich will get richer).

    The fact is, none of this debacle would’ve seen the light of day had that guy not bought the faulty fridge which caused the fire. That’s just sheer bad luck (and tragic, obviously). No one cares about nobody on this earth, other than themself. It’s always been the case, but has gotten progressively worse with each generation. Altruism and selflessness are banished traits. The Grenfell tragedy is a result of politics, misfortune, greed and human nature. You’re either lucky in life, or you aren’t. You can make your own luck, sure, but fate and misfortune can be cruel blighters.

    Death is certain. Life is not. ☹️

    PS: The only winners in all of this will be the lawyers (and politicians, to a lesser extent) — they’ll make a fortune from other people’s and companies’ misforetune.

      • Cheers, BBTC. Ironically, I might actually nominate my fellow countrymen here north of the border. Watching QT earlier there, and the cunts — both in the audience and on the panel — were hijacking (predictably, it has to be said) every fucking point of discussion with Scottish Independence! Christ on a fucking diamond heist! Change the fucking record, you stupid nationalist bellends. We are not ready to go it on our own, if we ever will be. I think we live in a great nation (The UK as a single entity, that is) and Scotland does well from devolution and being subsidised by Westminster, imo. Some of my fellow countrymen and women are never fucking happy — forever blaming England for all of our woes and shortcomings; blinded by national patriotism and ignorance. And, for fuck’s sake, I just live about 80 miles southwest of Dundee and even I was looking for subtitles. Sounded like a right shower of mouthbreathers and perpetually moaning cunts. No wonder some English folk cannot stand some of us Jocks. I love Scotland, and I also love the U.K., but some folk from my part of this great island need to have a good look at themselves and get with the programme. We don’t know we are living. UK = best nation in the world.

        Ps: That was hard slagging my fellow countrymen and women, but it was necessary. I think I may be a misanthropist and hate every cunt!

  24. It will never fucking end… It will be like a family business… Illegal migrants who were in or even around Grenfell will be set up for life… From every benefit in the book to luxury and free housing forever….The children and grandchildren of these leeches will do the same… Endless ‘enquiries’ and compo claims.. Some gimmigrant twat will claim compensation for the ‘trauma’ oft their great grandfather being across the road from Grenfell Tower about forty years before they were born…. This is just the start of a very big bonanza for every John John within a ten mile radius of Grenfell Tower… Guaranteed….

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