Rashidul Islam

One Rashidul Islam, from culturally enriched Brent, just may not be the sharpest tool in the box.

This is the absolute idiot who in May last year, staged a bomb hoax to try and delay the Morocco-bound flight that he feared he would miss. In an anonymous phone call, he stated that ‘EasyJet flight 8897 leaves in 40 minutes. There may be a bomb on board. You need to stop it now’. He followed this up with two further calls, which led to the evacuation of the plane.

The thick-as-pigshit tosspot then turned up late at check-in, and subsequent inquiries revealed that the calls had been made from his mobile phone. At his trial, the cunt made the piss-poor excuse that problems on public transport had led to his actions, and that he couldn’t afford another ticket. Unsurprisingly, the judge at Lewes Crown Court was unimpressed by this whining attempt at justification, and handed out a 16-month custodial sentence. Islam was also banned from Gatwick airport.

Naturally an assumption will arise in the public mind that a cultural link can automatically be made between someone named Islam and the notion of planting a bomb on an aircraft. Such an assumption should of course be dismissed as a matter of pure coincidence.

Nominated by Ron Knee

55 thoughts on “Rashidul Islam

  1. I would put the cunt on the next Morocco bound flight and cancel his passport in mid air. A goat fucker in goat fucker land sounds appropriate to me. Piece of shit.

  2. Every time another bunch of “asylum seekers who say they are Iranian” (BBC speak) turn up in a rubber boat in Dover with their arses hanging out of their trousers and are rushed to be greeted by the coastguard, I often wonder how many of them are going to make a nuisance of themselves a few years later because they know they can, with no punishments handed out.

    It is time we were slower to take in and quicker to deport – any troublemaking of any sort whatsoever should result in an automatic deportation.

    • Spot on. I recall a recent news item stating that of the 1000 or so illegal immigrants who fetched up on the south coast 92 had ‘already’ been deported. Fuck that! Why were any allowed to land? The knowledge that there is no admittance to the U.K. in such circumstances will surely reduce the numbers trying a rubber boat cruise.

    • We should keep the women that pass the fuckabilty assessment and send the blokes back to Libya minus their bollocks.

      BTW has everyone heard that Harvey Weinstain is a tranny? He’s either like a post-op dude, or I don’t know. Puts a different spin on the wokemeter though, because these are now straight women attacking a brave minority, rather than brave women fighting the patriarchy.

  3. The road to Morocco..
    Bob hope and Bing crosby didnt do this!
    Radical Rashidul caused fear, upset, and a few quid to the airline through his selfish devil may care action.
    Maybe take him there, confiscate his passport, revoke his citizenship?
    Why would he want to stay here anyway? Full of racists!!
    Dissapointing hes not wearing a fez in the photo.

    • Film wouldn’t have been quite the same…. bit less buddy comedy japery and a few more ritual beheadings. “Oh we’re off – on the road – to the Jihad…”

  4. As mentioned, the punishment is no deterrent.
    I would suggest those sixteen months be spent in the market square locked in stocks.
    Such punishment may emotionally charge sympathisers resulting in even more cunts in stocks standing in their own faeces with untreatable spinal injuries.
    Cunts, the lot of them.

  5. If you marry your first cousin for forty generations and make up 37 percent of cognitive birth defects it’s not surprising your a thick cunt.

  6. Rashidul = a dull man without a rasher of bacon.

    This cunt needs to tuck into various pork products such as sausages and crispy bacon, whilst he is in clink. It may save him from the Mozzie Madness, which afflicts so many of these little brown chappies.

    Sadly, on the other hand, the lack of grey matter is incurable.

  7. I drive past a spaz school in the mornings. Outside ,they have huge posters of some of the spaz kids that go there: everyone a rice muncher. I watched a programme on the Bangladeshi Broadcasting Caliphate about Mudslimes marrying their counsins. Community leaders are openly promoting this practice because the Nigerian Health Service will look after your brain dead drooling sprig for life!

    I have a cousin with Downs: These things happen. She leads a very fulfilled life.Works,does voluntary work and lives with her husband ( who also has downs) in a supported community: These things happen.

    However,they are more likely to happen when you shag your cousin…

  8. He’s a cunt because of the ‘I’ word. We’re going to have to find a way to stop those fuckers from multiplying. Coronavirus crop-duster?

    • Speaking of which I see we are flying in another plane load of “Brits” from China. Who would have thought there would be so many “British” people living in one city in China?
      Am I the only cunt smelling a big, fat disease carrying rat here?

      • The chinese always seem to have trouble with this kind of disease.
        No doubt they could help themselves by not fucking spitting everywhere all the time.

      • Morning Freddie, this occurred to me as well.
        As a large island we should be the best protected place in the world from pandemics.
        Why are so many brits in this place in China? Because theyre chinks.
        Now call me harsh, but leave them to quarantine out there, if they are ok after few months they can start their reapplication for citizenship.
        Sure we can get by with a few low hygiene takeaways an chippys shut?

        • Exactly. The Chinks are stopping any cunt going in and out of the city and we are flying the fuckers in by the plane load!
          Fucking unbelievable.

          • It would be unbelievable but any country stupid enough to throw £14.6bn down the shitter last year alone when the country’s broke is clearly utterly incompetent.

      • It is depressing to see so many people who are British citizens expecting the U.K. Government to bring them ‘home’ . Hang on, you moved to China of your own free will, you ceased paying taxes in the U.K. and now you are bleating about how it is the responsibility of HMG to get you out of the shit.

        • I bought my lottery ticket for Tuesday. If I win I might be able to afford to buy an antiviral face mask. Have you seen how much those things cost?

  9. Always called mo’mad or islam It’s like their scared of not signalling enough. Why is endlessly parroting the cunt’s name ok but depicting his visage is cunty? They all look the fucking same anyway.
    At least dindu comes up with original but still architecturally sound names like Ramooey or Jyreese.

    • Mosaic work, lovely lamps & lighting,
      Handmade carpets (no flying ones sadly) copperwork, the artisans of Morocco are renowned throughout the islamic world for their skill.
      Not tempted Dick?
      How Bazaar!😁

  10. Don’t put him in expensive prison.
    Let the other passengers from the flight he fucked up have at him for an hour.
    See how he feels then.
    The gravy faced cunt.
    Fuck off.

  11. I hope Easyjet also sue him for costs incurred. Of course, given his ethnicity, he will be an unemployed parasite, or his wealth will be in rolled up 50 pound notes under his floorboards. We know how that community does business, don’t we Baroness Scotland?

  12. I was on duty in Lulworth cove one night when someone phoned in and said there was a bomb in the car park above the ranges.
    It was a minor operation, we needed to secure an outer perimeter and work our way in to make sure we were not the targets.
    Took us about two hours to get into the car park where we discovered a bag of spent pyrotechnics in a plastic bag.
    The assumption was that some kids had nicked the canisters off the targets down the range and some worried parents dumped them in the car park.
    The wording of the phone call had a lot to be desired.
    Mind you I once ended up in Frankfurt because the red brigade had called in a bomb scare on the plane I was flying on.
    I thought it was fantastic, the Germans gave us kids seven up and hot dogs, the adults got a beer and a hot dog, first proper Frankfurter I ever had.

    • Morning,Lord B.

      Fucking lucky that you weren’t stuck in a Taxi Of Peace in Rochdale or you’d have had a lot more than 7 Up yer.

  13. Why do these goat shaggers often name themselves Islam after their religion?

    It’s like some supercunt in this country calling himself “Terry err, lets say Christian?

    It just wouldn’t happen, would it?

  14. To our beautiful british ears his name is full of negative connotations,
    He should rethink it.
    Next nomination has a splendid name!

    • Morning Miserable. Yes, as Al Murray would say, ‘bootiful British name!’.
      Never mind. I’m sure that the cunt will be fully indoctrinated on the inside, and be a useful and worthful contibutor to society when they let him out after just a few weeks.

  15. So this is the kind of cunt that is a great benefit to the U.K. an enricher of our culture a beacon of our tolerance a worthy citizen and receiver of much hand outs.
    Which translated into reality English comes out as useless cunt who should be doing five years hard labour, their is no end to their cuntery is there.

  16. Execute the fucker. Almost certainly a raper of white children, benefit fraudster, and wife/sister beater. Fucking cunt.

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