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You must be Joking! A “What the fuck are you people on?” Cunting for BBC Look North.

The regional news programme for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire ran a story today about racism towards Chinese people in York, specifically the University. Now there is nothing wrong with saying that online abuse of Chinese students is not acceptable, but they had to go further.

They gave examples of people avoiding sitting next to Chinese people on buses, or crossing the street to avoid passing them on the pavement. I would say that is common sense. Chinese students will have been returning to the University after being in China for the New Year celebrations; we also know that one student and another person (same family) have been tested positive for Coronavirus in York.

Now I would ask the cunts from Look North, would you sit next to some random Chinese on a bus in York? No, you fucking wouldn’t.


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  1. We can get 2 ‘Look Norths’. Either the Leeds based one which is Yorkshire, Yorkshire, fucking Yorkshire. Or the Hull based one or Turnip TV as I like to call it, which at least acknowledges Lincs and East Riding.
    Neither is inspiring and both take the standard BBC line of ignoring inconvenient ethnicities when it suits them.
    The York piece was indeed typical bullshit.

    • Look North. “Newcassel” (God rest Mike Neville) Old Mikey wouldn’t tolerate this PC shit !

  2. By the way and off road (sorry) I see Labour, probably Momentum, have turned on Kweer Charmer. Shame.

    • Excellent. If they pick another Marxist loon like corbynite labour will be in the wastelands for a decade.

  3. Why stop at the Chinese ? We shouldn’t have to sit next to any of them on a bus. Oh but hang on a minute, some daft cunt left the doors open all those years ago and now we are forced to. In 50 years time the British male/female will be unrecognizable and probably called Abdul.

    • Dont use buses but if i did, even without coronavirus i wouldnt want to sit next to a chinese.
      Im modern thinking and reasonable,
      I think they should be allowed to be ‘coolies’ run laundries, work on HS2 laying the track, drive rickshaws etc
      But theyll eat anything that blinks
      Steal peoples pets to eat,
      Deal opium to our poets
      And they all look the same.
      Judi dench is their leader.

      • And they have their HQ in Harrow, because whenever they visit the UK taxi drivers says “hello, where to”?
        And they respond by shouting “Harrow”!..
        It’s true – ask Judi Dench!

        • Chinese “hockle” every where. Pavements, Stores, in fact everywhere. Dirty cunts.

  4. That’s there default answer to any challenge – play the card and hope it will force people to change their opinion.

    Absolutely bollocks of course. I mean, if I got on a bus and the only seat left was next to a drunk, or a druggie, or someone with a really bad cold, or perhaps carrying a fucking chainsaw, would I be in the wrong if I decided to stand rather that sit next to the cunt?

    According to the report I should sit otherwise I’m branded a bigot or a racist. But I wonder if some of these self-righteous cunts would be so accommodating if some disease-ridden nutjob sat next to them on the bus/train? I somewhat doubt it.

    A typical “Do as I say…” trope

    • I don’t mind a Chinese banquet as a nice change from Indian but I’ll be fucked if I’m sitting next to one of the bat eating cunts.
      Fuck that & them.

  5. If I’m on a bus and a prawn cracker coughs I get off. Fuck that. Be offended Yang Shang po .
    Disease infested barbarians. Devoid of all morality and reluctant to use soap and toothpaste.
    Minging cunts.

    • Confucius say, man who run before bus get tired
      Confucius say, man who run behind bus get exhausted.

  6. I haven’t watched Look North for years…Mike Neville was the presenter last time I saw it. Regional news programmes always seem to be same …pensioners whinging about buses,dole-whallers whining about their council house being damp, some local “Worthy” flapping their gums about what a great job the Con/Lab/Lib council is doing and then a story about some sick kiddy being pushed around a marathon course in aid of “charidee”

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck about any of it.

    • Look North has morphed into the Northern political wing of the Owen Jones fan club DF, you are missing nothing! 💩

  7. Moreover, why don’t those woke cunts at the university take a look at :-

    human rights in China?
    Barbarous Animal cruelty in China?
    Air, Soil and Water Pollution in China?
    The true dogma of Communism in China?
    Poverty and exploitation in China?
    The iron fist grip it has on Taiwan and Hong Kong in China?

    Why don’t these fuckers moan about those appalling standards? But of course they won’t because you don’t fuck about going toe-to-toe with the Chinese. Much better to pick on the wishy-washy UK majority, who barely fight back!

    • Techno, is wishy washy the chinese bloke runs the laundrette in windermere?

      • Actually there are not many Chinese establishments around my neck of the Lake District woods. We’re even pushed to find an Indian takeaway!

        We will probably be criticised for not being diverse enough. Only a matter of fucking time I suppose.

        • You already have been by the dickhead who is something to do with tourism. Not enough stabbings I suppose.

          • Yes, I’ve read about that interfering cunt suggesting the Lake District should be far more accommodating for the culturally enriched, while also suggesting we’re stuck in a colonial timewarp blah blah fucking blah!

            Of course if he does open the flood gates, and the LD becomes “enriched” he won’t be around when it becomes just another shithole!

    • I’ve never understood why they are so belligerent over Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Oh, hang on, the three are loaded, Western-looking and their citizens aren’t filthy cunts.

      • You forgot their treatment, killing of citizens, overpopulating and subsequent take over of Tibet, a peaceful country without an army that was subsumed by China.

        • I posted on Facebook the other day to this effect.
          I said that the Chinese were no better than Nazis.
          They set up a Chinese Nazis page for me. So far it’s had four Reichs.

    • I’ve noticed that the protests that shut down Hong Kong and confounded Beijing have stopped since the fledermaus flu. Coincidence or a change in control tactics? Shows how far they’re willing to go to hold onto power, though 800 deaths is less than 70 million.

    • They want the Chinese students because they bring in the money, simple as that, don’t really give a fuck about anything else. (1500 x £££)

      • De Montfort ‘University’ (ex Leicester Poly, which was much better) is heaving with the little yellow fuckers for that very reason.

        • So’s Cardiff.
          Doesn’t bloody help having a district called Canton.
          Today’s weather might wash them out to sea…

  8. The horror for me would be having to use public transport.
    Travelling with the multi cultural general public is something to be avoided at all costs.
    Good morning.

    • The tube is a fucking horror show.
      Avoid londonistan at all costs. It was bad last time I was there a few years ago.

      • I know, what you mean , i lived there for around 4 years and when i used to get on the tube at Barking station on the district line every stop came a flood of them till we got to Whitechapel . I’t was full of mainly Asians and then in the blink of an eye they would all disperse off at Whitechapel , it was fucking mental . You never really see Asians in the capital ,well unless they are terrorists .

        • Yeah the centre is relatively okay. Leicester Square, Piccadilly…but go to the north or south, ffs.😠

    • It’s the herd instinct of ethnics, especially the Chinese that bothers me, being antisocial and territorial of my personal space even compared to other Jocks. The bus can be empty other than myself and the cunts will still sit near you stinking of mothballs, stale garlic, durian and rotten fish. They also don’t respect my shade rights, it’s summer here and the shady side is for colonials.

  9. Get the Newcastle version of this shite, was amazed recently to see the Chinese New Year in full swing being shown on the show,

    Now I may not be right up on snowflakes and the gender bender woke world but. Why in gods name with a world virus spreading across the world coz slanty eyed folk like eating things alive would parents take kids to Chinese event when half the cunts are ridden with fucking all sorts.
    Stupid snowflake cunts.

  10. We can’t get BBC Look North, but can get the next worst thing: Look East. Never seen it, but the missus watches it religiously, so it must be rubbish.

    Re Chinks, there’s a velly nice one at our Chinese chippy. He’s velly velly friendly. In fact he’s way over fucking familiar – always asking after Lady Creampuff, cunt keeps me waiting over 10 minutes for a bag of chips, with his tedious smalltalk and idiot observations. A really nice fella so he must be a cunt.

    Coronavirus doesn’t bother me none.

    • A Chinese chippy eh Creampuff? It must be novel for them to serve up food without keeping it in a tiny cage out the back and then killing it in a horrible fashion first.

  11. Another 200 “British” citizens arrived from Chinkyland this morning and transported to “isolation” in Milton Keynes. Great idea……import potential plague carriers from the centre of the plague outbreak. Which genius thought of this bollocks?
    How much is this costing the taxpayer? Exactly how “British” are these slant eyed motherfuckers? I tell you one thing , this cunt ain’t going near any Chinkies and that’s for sure.
    They should house these cunts in the mansions of various rich libtards such as Linekunt and Lily Slagheap. Or better still put them on Taxdodger Branson’s island.

    • And what happens with this virus clears up and fucks off! Do we pay for those 200 “British” citizens to fly back to China, along with some added money for expenses and inconvenience?

  12. The last I heard, Corona was a piss poor Mexican beer that they drink straight from the bottle with a piece of citrus fruit jammed in the neck of the bottle.
    So if I do catch this virus it should go nicely with my Lyme disease….

  13. North West Tonight is our particular offering. Of late, it’s become too ‘ wokey ‘ for my liking, but is generally passable.
    Another irritant is the new weather ‘ presenter ‘, a Welsh poove, who has replaced the unfortunately deceased Dianne Oxberry, who gave the forecast, had a lovely smile and a fine set of pins, and was very easy on the eye. Now we have this hysterical Welsh botty – wombat, all flailing arms, loud ties and incessant shrieking, it’s a fucking disgrace.
    Oh for the good old days of newsreading. Jolly old Reginald Boozealot, couldn’t get it read fast enough, so that he could scarper off to the ‘ Barmaid’s Banger’s ‘ for a spot of refuelling. Dead basic, ‘ That’s the news, now fuck off ‘. You just knew that’s what he was thinking.
    Happy days.

    • That same Welsh lifter crops up on ours as well. Must be a quota thing.
      Annoyingly as it is well known we Welsh only have the one poofter, the lovely Gareth. Plenty of sheepshaggers though, and there’s fuck all wrong with that.

      • Thought I recognised the description, Owain Wyn Evans, thoroughly cunted by Bertie last year.

        • That’s the Cunt. Since he came here he’ll have been having a whale of a time down Canal St. in Manchester.
          His arse will be like a bruised blood orange on a Monday morning.
          Recently released figures show that syphilis is rocketing in the poove population.
          That should thin the herd a bit..

        • Indeed he was LL.
          I think he’s due another one. Rumour has it that it might have been him that turned Phillip’s head!

          • He didn’t get Storm Ciara right.
            He said it would be no more than a puff of wind.

          • Morning lads, whos your favourite gay?
            Everyones got one, dead fashionable at the moment!
            Mines Pete Shelley from the Buzzcocks,
            Camp n funny, he was 👍
            Voting starts ….now!

          • “There will be low visibility on Hampstead Heath with foggy conditions ideal for cottaging”.

          • My favourite gay Miserable?

            It’d be a toss off between David Starkey and Douglas Murray.

          • I like Andrew Pierce (NIAGW).
            He’s a cheeky chappy. Doesn’t mince, doesn’t wave his arms everywhere and sounds human.

        • Oh feck, Owain Wyn Evans…peculiar object that emits a high-pitched whine. Can he stun moles as a party trick ?
          Thought it was bad reception at first, but repeated viewings suggested otherwise.

    • Morning Jack
      I used to like Bob Greaves on Granada ,ordinary bloke, then followed by Tony Wilson on ‘so it goes’
      Miles better back then.

      • Good morning MNC !
        Bob Greaves was all right. Wilson was a shifty cunt.
        Thank fuck for storm Ciara, otherwise I’d be laying flags today. Me fucking backs killing me after yesterday.
        Keep rainin’ yer bastard !!

        • Not only will it keep raining theyre saying snows coming!!
          Working in Holmes Chapel next two days hopefully out sledging an snowball fights of the evening!😁⛄❄

          • Once saw Tony Wilson pissed out of his nut on Market st, manchester,
            About the time Factory Records went pear shaped.
            Proper pissed too

    • Yip got the fart pusher on north east weather he stands in for our regular pooooffffff

  14. It’s the BBC, look any direction you want and you’ll find a multicultural LBGT+Pony paradise.

  15. What a day !!
    What a day missus !!
    For putting up notices on the French coast, stating that sailing conditions in the English Channel are good.
    Tattyfilarious !!
    Tatty bye, tatty bye !!!!!!

  16. Flawed maths, I’m afraid. There are 1 000 000 square metres in a square km, so it’s 31.289 square metre per person.

    • Just as well really. I’d fill the square metre on my own, don’t want 31 ignorant, smelly bastards trying to share it.

    • Thanks Moggie. I freaked out then believing that statistically my front room was crowded with cunts.

  17. Velly interesting Sick.
    You say that BBCunts ‘gave examples’ of people not sitting next to Chinese on buses, or crossing the street to avoid them.
    Just how did they find these ‘examples’? Did they just ask people? Did they film it?
    Sounds a bit contrived to me, to get a story. But even if it’s true, why wouldn’t you avoid someone you don’t know when coronavirus is on the rampage? In China and elsewhere, people are being quarantined to limit the spread of the virus. It’s just plain sense.
    BBC are cunts.

    • They said there were ‘reports’ so yes they probably made it up, other than the split arse in charge of the University the only other interview was with some weird looking chinese bloke in Selby

      • Most of the people in Selby are weird, but Selby is just down the road from York so is generally full of Chinese, all taking photos of the Abbey for some bizarre reason

  18. Our local news reader has the finest set of pins on television. I’m forced to nip to ‘my office’ for a quick milk after I’ve had an eye-full of those beauties, especially when clad in black pantyhose, I can tell you. I’d love to get called to her. She’d get a 12-lead ECG even if she’d twisted her ankle…

    Dirty, perverted cunt that I am.

  19. I only live about 30 mins from York so i might just get in the car risk all this heavy wind etc and walk around York looking for Chinese (especially students) and just go up to them and hug them and ask them to cough on me etc . Then i’ll get in touch with BBC north and say are you fucking happy now iv’e potentially given myself a death sentence , what next ?. Are they gonna be calling us racist because sales in Chinese take away’s have dropped?.

    • Dat so lacist. It is velly heart-lenching.
      You razy lacist.
      More like Lebel without Dipromacy .

  20. The Chinks are fast learners. They’ve seen the way we respond to accusations of racism from the africunts, how we fall for it every single fucking time and bend to their point of view as white people are apparently incapable of understanding racism so must only listen to people of colour when concerning other people of colour. The corona virus is a threat to life, and the fucking gooks want to sidetrack that very important conversation that may save lives to ones about white imperialism and colonialism. Fucking sneaky mouse-eating cunts.

  21. I like Andrew Pierce (NIAGW).
    He’s a cheeky chappy. Doesn’t mince, doesn’t wave his arms everywhere and sounds human.

    Take care cunters. A slight slip of one letter wrong on your email address will send you into moderation.

  22. Michael Stipe’s my favourite queer (his words not mine), R.E.M. were a great band up until about ’94.

  23. Favourite Poof?

    Dennis Nilsen.

    Did wonders for getting the “tough sleeper” numbers down in Muswell Hill.

  24. I have very little insight into this, Lincolnshire do nice sausages,
    Yorkshire was where I did my basic training, I can tell you about that in very simple terms.
    1,Any defensive position dug on the moors will flood within 48hrs.
    2, The gnats/Mosquitoes in Yorkshire are the size of Daddy long legs
    3,The crows on the training area are that size because they feast on the bodies of dead recruits.
    4, Short of Herzegovina, it is the only other place in the world where it is normal for women to have tattoos on their hands.
    Lastly, the Chinese take away car park in Catterick, is one of the most secure locations in the Uk, quite often you will find the Quick reaction force from any of the barracks hiding there as they do a grub run. (though probably in full NBC kit now)

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