BBC Horrible Histories

The BBC’s decided that it’s not been determined enough in it’s efforts to make people here and abroad hate the nation, so has gone full on anti-British making an indoctrination film for the kids that’s utterly contemptuous of our country and it’s peoples intelligence, loathsome of our achievements, and instead paints us as idiots, thieves, slavers, and all round scumbags (probably more, but I could only stand literally a few seconds of this thing before flying into such a rage, I thought boiling piss might erupt through my eye sockets).

Even BBC’s Andrew Neil has put his head above the parapet, losing all patience and lambasting this rubbish. Conservative commentator Iain Martin sensibly asks, “Is the BBC on a mission to get itself closed down?”

What really fucks me off is these smug twat’s depiction of the British as militantly insular, and so ignorant not to know that tea is Chinese. We are the greatest trading nation in the world, that’s what our Empire was! Opening up worldwide trade was just one of the things other countries have to thank us for. While idiots ignorant of history paint us as thieves, WE recognise we became rich by trade, and are still trying to impress that fact upon places like Africa to stop bleating and asking for handouts and start trading! But nations trading together doesn’t mean you have a right to live in our country, or that controlling borders is xenophobic or anti-trade, you condescending fucking cunts!

Nominated by Agent Double-O Shagga


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  1. Didn’t this Kumar foreign cunt get booed off a stage recently for his anti British, pro EU bullshit? Of course it was the audience who were wrong not this BBC arselicker.
    Fuck off cunt and fuck off the BBC fifth column.

      • That cunt wouldn’t be kicked out as that would be racist surely. Knowing that he (and cunts like him) can slag GB off but be perfectly happy living here. If we are so shit why not fuck off somewhere else you unfunny cunt.

  2. Ah, good old Nish. What a fucking cunt. Manages to make old Ben Elton look like Tommy Robinson. As funny as a syst on your bellend, the beeb will find any excuse to get this cunt in a programme, radio or TV. As for this piece of self loathing tripe, the BBC has thrown away any hint of impartiality or factual content to bash old Blighty, and fuck anyone who disagrees, cos they must all be racists. Nish, go suck the pus from a leper’s cock, you miserable sack of horse wank.

    • Nishfuckingkumar -one word. For further confirmation of the BBC’s woke agenda, I suggest, but emphatically do not recommend, R4’s News Quiz, now hosted by nishfuckingkumar and with a panel of drivelling, often unknown, wokies whose claim to comedian status* rests solely on the ingrained anti-British prejudices of its sycophantically giggling studio audience, sourced no doubt in Islington.

      *Low as it has come to be

      • I listened to it last week, just to recharge the hate well for this knob. And it worked a treat, as he is still an unfunny lump of dogshit.

      • I think if I was given a free-pass to kill just one cunt and get away with it, it’d be Nishfuckingkumar.

      • I’ve largely stopped listening to R4 these days. Still listen to Today, PM and Archers but I can leave the rest.

        • Exactly so. But still addicted to resurrected Round The Horne on 4 Extra. Took and Feldman were geniuses, but they’d never get away with it today!

          • Radio FUCKING 4 is a cunt, precisely because of fucking shit like The News Quiz, which again used to be OK many, many years ago. Fucking cunts.

  3. The BBC doesn’t know what trade is. They are a socialist construct ponsing off the taxpayer at pain of going to prison. Cunts we don’t need.

  4. We know that people have differing ideas. The problem arises when those with extreme ideas are given a platform to project their ideas as the norm especially if the medium is generally perceived as being neutral. BBC and all your lefties please fuck off.

  5. I bet the cunts don’t mention the fact we basically kick started the modern world with the industrial revolution. We were by far the first nation to abolish slavery and used our have to do anti slavery patrols. Let me guess wasn’t mentioned either? I was a thousand immigrant fleas on their arseholes

    • When is a tv interviewer going to ask David Lammy how many Royal Navy sailors died on the anti slavery patrols which started in 1807 ( when Great Britain was still under threat from Napoleon) and continue to this day? I think that the number would be greater than the number of his ‘friends ‘who died in Grenfell.

    • I they do mention us kicking off the industrial revolution it will be to blame us for climate change.

    • Well said EK – and my complaint about age discrimination pertaining to a QT audience of only under 30’s has gone to OFCOM as the BBC are too busy giving the suntanned crisp salesman a reach around to actually bother responding – too grand to lower themselves to dealing with my type.
      I await the result of their investigation with interest.

  6. Kumar and that Ragamuffin cunt, or whatever his fucking name is, are never off the BBC and Channel 4. These cunts , sucking off the taxpayers teat to provide us with anti British hate ( yes fucking HATE!) propaganda.
    Sneering cunts who think they can lecture us and tell us what to think and what to do.
    Not this cunt. This cunt says…….FUCK YOU!!!!

    • HSBC to cut 35,000 jobs.
      I bet that curry-stained cockwomble E I Addio will still be advertising for them, though.
      I bet the BBC know about rough trade…

  7. Two cuntings for the price of one. The Al Ja Beeba and Nish ‘Cuntface’ Kumar.

    Kumar is about as witty as a steaming pig turd and has all the charisma of Stage 4 bone cancer.

    The Al Ja Beeba knows its days are numbered and is on a Kamikazee mission to push its indoctrination program up several gears whilst it still has the opportunity to do so – at the licence payer’s expense, naturally.

    Kumar needs a 14LB sledge hammer squarely in his smug, PC, anti-British fizzog.

    The Al Ja Beeba and Kumar can suck each others micro-cocks in hell as far as I am concerned.

    Now fuck off.

  8. Suck ma Fuck Khunt is at it again! He wants Brits to have EU citizenship.
    Camel shagging carpet kisser.

    • Pictures of Khunt really make me want to regurgitate my stomach contents. He looks such an odious little twat, rather like a Bisto’d Schofield.

      • Totally, it’s only a hop over the Channel to France where they can live their EU dream in peace.

  9. No, I can’t go along with this nomination.

    I’m not sure what this unwashed pretend comedian has to with the Horrible Histories but he wasn’t in any of the wonderful series watched by myself and offspring Magnanimous several years ago. I recall a funny children’s programme easily viewed by adults with jocular banter, marvellously juvenile silliness, and yes, a bit of ed-yoo-okayshun. It’s Monty Python for kids.

    I recommend the Darwin Awards-esque ‘Stupid Deaths’, the Oliver Cromwell scenes or the ‘Cutting off the ear’ sketch. I’ll take them over the current shitty BBC adults’ humour. Some kids even now know the kings/queens of England because of the HH song. I’m quite partial to a bit of History and actually, all the scenes are pretty accurate.

    I’m not wishing to sound tendentious but Horrible Histories was a comedy programme, and a good one. I did hear that the film last year (with none of the original cast) was toilet. Moreover, Nish Kumar, naturally, is a total cunt.

    • The original Horrible Histories were superb CM, the reflakes (see what I did there – yeay!) are just another spiteful way for traitors to rewrite history to make (yawn) whitey the bad guy, as f*cking always, it seems.
      I wish Owen rusks and milk would beat Kumar the c*nt to death with a bunch of pansies (Jones has form – beat 74 waycist n*zi right wing brexiteers half to death recently with just his tube of KY jelly!)

      • Perhaps they’ve ditched the original author of the books Vern, and employed a team of wretched BBC interns to scribe a guaranteed, laugh-free new ‘correct’ series. If it’s anything like the usual BBC comedy it’ll be as funny as a wet duvet.

    • Stupid deaths …yes they were quite good
      Franz Reichelt
      Year of Death: 1912
      Occupation: Inventor, parachuting pioneer
      Method of Death: Fell to death, while testing one of his parachutes.

        • “…they’re funny ‘cos they’re true…hope next time its not you…”

          I liked how the ghoulish compere would hang on every word of the poor victim recited, he couldn’t wait for the punchline!

  10. It’s the fact that things we eat aren’t grown here, natural materials aren’t dug out the ground here, that make us great. Other nations have the advantages of resources, our resource is Britain’s people and their brains. Something these parasitic cunts at Al Bibi would know nothing about.

  11. I wonder if the Horrible Histories gang will be philosophically consistent and make a video about atrocities committed by other countries; the gleeful murder committed in Stalin’s Russia or the Islamic conquest of India for instance.

  12. Suckdick Khan

    “It’s no secret I wanted to remain in the EU, but I’m determined to ensure London thrives after Brexit.

    I’ve spent today in Brussels, meeting senior EU leaders to fight for a deal that protects our economy & the rights of all Londoners.

    It’s no secret I wanted to remain in the EU, but I’m determined to ensure London thrives after Brexit.

    I’ve spent today in Brussels, meeting senior EU leaders to fight for a deal that protects our economy & the rights of all Londoners”.

    If you hadn’t noticed we’ve left Suckdick, you insignificant traitorous jumped up little piece of shit. Any deal to be negotiated has fuck all to do with you, your opinions and what you want are of no importance whatsoever.


  13. I used to love watching horrible histories with my son when he was younger but this is a fucking disgrace how can this happen?.
    Don’t really know Nish Kumar but it you all say he’s a cunt then he’s a cunt.

  14. The BBC jumping all over some silly little cunt on the brits adapting one of his shit rap songs to attack white Britain ……. like he is some fucking hero, fuck off BBC any self respecting Brit thinks this shit is bollocks, it’s only the woke anti British who give these wankers the oxygen to crap all over us.

    I don’t give a shit about windrush (it’s not racist, it’s a fucked system)
    I don’t give a shit about someone saying African American men have a lower IQ than white American men (based on data)
    I don’t give a shit about slavery, it’s long gone history, there is no one alive now who has any experience of the old slave trade (fuck off black studies)
    I do care about the shit that is going on NOW, black crime, p Stanley grooming gangs, Romanian pick pockets, east European people trafficking, Islamist terrorists.

    Fuck off Nish Kumar and the BBC who employ you and make a the horrible history crap.

    • It’d be nice to see a Horrible Present featuring those things, but more likely it’d be the usual far-right neo-nazis (has anybody seen one of these in the flesh since the 80’s?) and sexist white patriarchy.

        • Children’s TV has always been woke, Ron. Sesame Street practically invented diversity and Play School had Floella Benjamin in dungarees playing with balls.

          • Another pub quiz answer I got wrong. The question “What was the name of the black doll on Playschool?” I answered “Floella Benjamin” and they decided it was wrong, even though, technically, it was a correct answer.

  15. I gave up broadcast television a while ago. I now watch with my binoculars at the birds out my window.
    I saw a pair of black birds, a pair of great tits, as well.

    • Topping ornithology there Sir! I like to spy the good lady through the telescopic sight and dream of freedom!

      Bad Man I am! 😀

    • Man walks onto a pub with an ostrich and a cat.
      Cat to Bartender: “Gimme a raspberry shandy, and “I’M NOT PAYING”.
      Barman (to man): orrite orrite mate how’d this come about?
      Man: Farked if I know. I let a genie out of a magic lamp and for my reward what I arksed for was a tall bird with a tight pussy.

  16. This unfunny sketch is laughable in as much as it only exists as an attempt to ridicule one of the greatest nations on earth.

    I don’t recognise either of the people appearing in it so I assume they’re a couple of nobodies. Kumar is typical of today’s comedians because he is unoriginal and mass produced like hundreds of other new age stand ups. They are not visually funny, audiences don’t feel love for them like the old style comics and only snigger at their ‘humour’ which is mainly synical observation, which in itself is an import from the USA in the 1990’s. R.I.P. Ken Dodd, you were a genius no less! (not everyone’s taste I know)

    If this piece of unpatriotic shite is meant to educate our young in how unworthy we actually are as a nation then it’s a form of treachery in my opinion and should be punished. What country is totally self sufficient anyway especially one that can provide healthcare for the fucking world it seems? Maybe Mr Kumar and the BBC could answer that one. Or maybe they would like to look at another great nation – China. Known not for their innovation, but more for their ability to copy. They’ve only recently started to be innovative and they’re the second richest nation on earth. What if a Chinese comic made a video sketch like this one taking the piss out if his own country and it’s former head of state? His life would be over. Kumar better thank his lucky stars his ancestors migrated here, where he got a grammar school education and formed a double act called Gentlemen Of Leisure.
    Ungrateful Cunt doing dirty work for the stiff upper lip anti British very British institution cunt BBC. You couldn’t make it up could you.

  17. At first I turned over then stopped watching English panel shows altogether when they were taken over by unfunny Bolshevik cunts (sorry for the tautology) such as Numpty Kumrag, that cunt Noel Felching as well. We’re going the same way.
    P.S. I know we’ve done your people a great injustice in the form of blandly unfunny cunt Adam Hills (Rolf mark II) but could you please take mouthy hambeast Rebel Wilson off us as well, we’ll take a 100 bludging Parquay groomers in exchange

  18. I have two children at junior school, it’s not just the BBC that are trying to rewrite history. My son has already told me how they have been taught about blacks being enslaved by whites, though nothing about the Egyptians or Romans using slaves. Last week they were told about Rosa Parks.
    I mentioned the British Empire. Only the negative bits are mentioned. WW2 we fought the Nazi’s but the fact they were Germans was quickly mentioned. Brainwashing at a young age.
    Thankfully Dad loved being taught about the plus sides of the Empire and my son is being told all about it to give him a balanced view. I will do the same for my daughter when she gets the woke agenda shoved down her throat.

  19. Even the once great Endeavour on ITV was full of panto villian Enoch-like politicians, bovver booted NF nasties, and never bother anyone Parking Stanley types getting victimised… Whoever wrote it couldn’t have made said characters from India, could they?… Mind you it isn’t the Indians who go around in rape gangs and bomb people, so ITV doesn’t have to try and make Indians look good and make them out to be victims…. Cunts…

    • Any new TV show set in the 1950s or 60s does it’s best to make Britain look like Cold War East Germany, all sinister and oppressive.
      ITV are cunts too it would seem…

  20. somebody on the bbc, yesterday, claimed that we ‘all had mobile phones with internet access in the 1980s’ – no we didn’t – mobile internet access has only been around the last 10 years or so – the bbc is rewriting history again – cunts – close it down

    • A Frenchman taking a bath? News in itself!
      As the current fashion amongst bolshie traitors is rewriting history I will try it myself – we won the battle of Hastings and got the frogs cheaper insurance!
      Then beat them to death with a side of good English roast beef, before sending the garlic munchers back where they came from (Peckham, I believe!)
      History lessons with the Fox!

  21. Listen, the only response you need to give to cunts like Nish Kumar, Professor Kehinde Andrews, David Mammy, Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler, et. al., is: “You’re welcome.”

    To all these anti-British, British-hating BAME cunts, I ask this: “Is your lot better for you – or your parents/ancestors – having moved to the UK, or worse, had you just stayed in INSERT SHITHOLE HERE?”

    If ‘yes’ then: “You’re welcome.”

    If ‘no’ then: “Please feel free to fuck back off there then! Ours is a free country, feel free to exercise you right to leave.” (and with my fucking blessing)

    Kehinde Andrews exists as a professor of Black Studies. No doubt “White Studies” would be deemed waycist!

    Besides we don’t need professors of White Studies, we already have them, they’re called History professors!


  22. I thought “BBC Horrible Histories” was all about Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Jonathan King, DLT, Stuart Hall etc etc..

  23. Africa was once upon a time the leader in a certain trade, the Slave trade, selling their own people, it would have been impossible to lift one slave from Africa without the cooperation and help from their own tribe leaders, at least back then it was organised, now they just wander all over the World bringing misery along with them for the ride.!

  24. People forget that we ran the empire at a loss, while introducing the telegraph, medicines and schools. Compare that to the yanks, whose modern empire blows these countries to fuck and asset-strips them.

    If our empire is going to get moaned about, it’s time to follow the example set by our corn-fed cousins.

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