Rosena Allin-Khan MP

“Dr” Rosena Allin-Khan MP….

A massive blue and gold flag cunting please, for this useless piece of shit who wants to be deputy leader of the Labour Party. If being leader is a crap enough job this one comes below it in the sewer of jobs.

This cunt believes Brexit “MUST” be put back to “the people”, as opposed to the foxes and hounds who voted in 2016.

Has this daft looking fuckwit learned nothing from the fucking resuly they got at the polls last month?. What is it with these half- foreign Labour cunts and their constant denial of democracy?

Fuck off dear, and go and get a job on the checkout at Tesco, or if you can drive, Transport for London are always looking for bus drivers. If they are above your capabilities, most public lavatories need a cleaner and with any luck, eventually they will give you a brush.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

100 thoughts on “Rosena Allin-Khan MP

  1. Hello Doctor. I hate peacefuls, Corbynistas and remoaner trash. I realise you are all three but I have been having some trouble with my cock lately…….I wonder if you would mind taking a look at it?
    Oh, that’s right Doc …….give it a good examination……..oh fuck!…..i’ve just jizzed all over your face you dirty bitch! Did I tell you how much I love the fucking EU Doctor?

  2. She is the cross of a Polish mother and a Pakistani father…probably spends her off-time furiously downing vodka before driving her untaxed,uninsured old car to a construction- site where she helps build a corner-shop that sells knock-off baccy/booze and has a room upstairs where Uncle Abdul runs his taxi-service for underage schoolgirls.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if these Johnny Foreigner types with a penchant for very young white girls have some kind of Indian Takeaway code that they use amongst themselves:

      “I want a 8, 14 and a 6, with a 12 for dessert!”

      • It was Pakistani’s who had the grooming ring not Indians plus indians don’t run takeaways, them and curry houses normally are Banladeshi.

        • Most of the Manchester sex ring were Pakistanis and working in Rusholme restaurants and takeaways.
          Child molesting cunts.

          • Not one to generalise, I consider them all filth of the highest order looking to takeover our country.
            And nobody wants to do anything about it.

    • Polish ancestry – excellent, I want some plumbing done cheap, then I will simply have to “clean the pipes”!
      Fine looking gal, reminds me very much of an ex of mine – naughty little thing she was!

  3. What do you call an Asian who does not run a corner shop?


    This befuddled chaai wallah needs to fuck off back to the plantation. Those tea leaves won’t pick themselves…

    • Shed get it!…and by that i mean the birch.
      Looks a bit like Noel Feilding?
      Seen her interviewed shes arrogant out of touch,full of herself but trying to play to the working-class who she knows have dumped the Labour party
      “Honest ive struggled im one of you!

      • “I too have known the pain of only being able to get lesser brand avocados in Waitrose, not their premium range. Please can I be Prime Minister now? **quiet Fawaz, I told you I’d pass that law when I get in. She’s 8 – you’ll just have two wait two years until she’s ripe**”

    • 🤣🤣🤣!
      Random one, but the brainwashing engaged in by “those who decide” by continually calling our Parking Stanley and Bungladeshi chums “Asians” is perfidious – don’t recall any Chinese, Japanese or Korean s*icide b*mbers!

  4. I don’t give a fuck what she’s banging on abaaaht, as soon as I saw the header pic of her I just knew I wanted to stick my tongue up her arsehole. And I haven’t even had breakfast yet!

    Imagine her and Priti Patel lezzing up over the table in the House of Commons! That might kill a few old cunts off, such as Magic Grandpa

    • Trust me when i say that the header pic is a VERY flattering photo of her.

      All the others I saw before finding this one were a dead ringer for a horse with a wig on.

    • Kravdarth@
      Know the Jewish people are smart and have good business acumen, but whats the deal with bagels?
      Bread with a hole in the middle?
      To me thats a design flaw!
      My missus has against my wishes bought some, is there someone you could speak to about this?
      Maybe offer them with a little bread ‘plug’ for the people who dont like the contents of their breakfast running down their arm?!

      • Bagels are just wrong in every way – they are like bread designed on an ipad by a filthy vaping hipster!
        (Watch those hipsters, shifty types, going about vaping with their pretend baby beards and silly glasses!)

      • I’m eating avocado on a a bagel as we speak! It’s not easy being the world’s biggest cunt.

  5. Amazing how little these labour cunts have learn’t since the election.
    This leadership contest has just shown up how fucking stupid nearly all of them are and not only twats like St Jezza and Flabbott but also this learned highly qualified ‘doctor’ and the rest.
    And i wouldn’t risk my tongue up her ass either.

  6. Seems to me only Caroline Flint seems to have half learn’t any lessons and she lost her seat.
    Mind you i wouldn’t lick her ass either but i maybe could be persuaded to give her a token drunken doggy style shag.
    I know i know i’m just a sentimental soft old fool.

    • To be fair to her, I think Liza Nandy is more in touch with public opinion than Emily Fatarse, Wrong-Dailey and Q ueer Charmer, who looks like a drag queen with out the slap on.

      • She talks well but the party will further disintegrate under her charge as she flaps, flips-flops, and finally gets fucked in the arse by Boris.

  7. That’s a very flattering picture. She looks like a horse in real life. No tit and probably hair sprouting like a run away vegetable patch.

  8. The words “bang” “head” and “brick wall” come to mind for some reason. And to reiterate some prior comments I definitely would….. club her round the head, drag her back to my cave by her hair and have my Cuntarian way with her. Then wash my knob in the stream to get the curry aroma off

  9. Yet another double-barrelled immigrant. Done so well in life, grandparents probably escaped the shower of zyklon b on the polski side and the curry stinking rapist third world on the other. Further example of middle England rag-heads who look down their noses at ‘originals. Forget the Aussies ‘AB-Originals’ we are are the originals and in 50 years time with cunts like this bleeding through the hierarchy we are well and truly fucked.

  10. After receiving an almost extinction level event at the polls labour have had a period of reflection and appear to have learnt ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL
    I’m not sure this fucking idiot has any chance as although she is completely out of touch with the electorate which a
    appears to be a prerequisite for a top job in the Labour Party these days it won’t be enough as she pales into insignificance compared to the favourite for the job the colossus of cuntitude and bile Angela rayner , so Labours dream team is looking like …..

    (Drum roll)

    Starmer with rayner as deputy

    Or worse still if that’s possible

    Rebecca wrong daily / rayner

    The conservatives must be laughing their fucking socks off
    Unless Johnson completely fucks up brexit or for some unfathomable reason declares war on Albania and we lose will be in NO 10 as long as he likes …….

    • The Flabbott threw her considerable weight behind Lisa Nandy before being told, “No Diane, she is not heir to the Nando’s chicken empire”.

    • be warned – boris has already fucked up brexit – his deal is May’s deal with different salad dressing – it is not a sovereign brexit – in fact it will lead to closer alignment with the eu – a pox on all their houses

      • Boris is a Politician.
        Boris is a snake.
        All Politicians are snakes.
        Never trust a snake.

        That is all.

        • Don’t say I didn’t warn you… over and over and over again.

          The Brexit deal is May’s deal, slightly tweaked, and fucking over the DUP.

          “The second worst deal in history” as Nigel put it.

          But it enables Brexiteers to pretend that we’ve left.

          And Boris is a liberal.

          • 🎶 “And you tell me over and over and over again my friend,
            Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction” 🎶

            You doom-monger Ruff one!

          • 🎶
            The sky, too, is folding under you
            And it’s all over now, baby Blunt 🎶

  11. You have to question Labour’s fitness for opposition:

    Jeremy was right
    We won the argument
    The manifesto was fine
    We want another vote on the EU
    What anti-Semites?
    Thornberry and Wrong-Daily being anywhere near the contest
    Queer Charmer being the favourite.

    Fucking laughable but with this bunch of cretins no fucker is capable of holding Boris to account.
    Expect many years of identity bullshit and offence taking.

    • Jeremy Corbyn has just issued a statement saying the Labour party is not antisemitic and anyone that says it is should keep their big noses out.

  12. All the female camel herders I see are all dressed like Darth Vader in stealth mode.
    How has this fucker escaped?
    Another sack of shite.

  13. Dont know why theyre so obsessed with modelling themselves as Darth Vader anyway?
    Why him? Surely theyd be more popular as princess Leia?
    Poor choice of science fiction fashion.
    Although to be fair some of the girls have same facial hair as chewbacca.

    • Some of the more rebellious ones wear the hijab but still look like E.T wrapped up in his blanket.

  14. Power to the People, if one fucking Khan wasn’t enough they had to follow up with another one, the people of Tooting are obviously Cunts.

  15. Surely, Shirley, it’s obvious that the labour party have learnt NOTHING from the recent election and all those remainer morons now see the current situation as an opportunity to return the labour party to a far-right extremist party – all in the best possible way! Truly unbelievable. What a cunt

    • What production line in cloud cuckoo land do these Labour clowns come off?
      Is there seriously NOBODY pulling them to one side and saying “have a think about the s*it you are coming out with”?
      Do they STILL not realise that not one sane person will vote for a party of Jew hating hardline Marxist Communist terrorist murderer supporting hate speech supporting f*scist newspeak democracy denying economy ruining scum?
      Do they still not realise they have just had the biggest Election hammering since the 1930’s?
      Does it not raise alarm bells where areas who previously would have died rather than vote anyone but Labour have voted en masse for the Tory enemy?
      Not because they like or trust Boris the blundering lying bullshitter, but because the Labour Party were quite correctly seen as a bunch of dangerous arrogant f*cking loons!
      NO! Is the simple answer, because smelly Jez, Commie John and Rebecca Wrong-Daily are still so utterly f*cking deluded they still have the mindset of “keep explaining it to the stupid little people until they are made to understand and simply shut up and do as they are told”.
      Corbyn has killed Labour, and destroyed the only Political Party in UK History that looked after the working Men and Women of our Country.
      B*stard, he is.
      Now, I have my Winston Churchill mask, my “The Windrush is leaving, get on the cunt!” T-Shirt and my “blacking up” kit, ready for the leaving Party in Londonistan on the 31st – can anyone recommend any good suppliers of stab vests?
      My recommendation for a jolly party game called “Pin the punch on the WOKE” has not been taken up!
      And a final thought on Fat Eddy Balls (up) – who is using Licence payers money to swan around Europe inventing waaycism and telling the silly little Foreigners how waaycist they are, without them even realising it, lucky porky is there to inform how bad the thing they are not doing is, well done Ed, top contribution there.

  16. I would smash her tradesman entrance in and get her to lick the shit off my helmet afterwards, and claim it’s in my culture to treat wimmin this way, sorry, can’t have one rule for one culture in the UK and not one for the other…. wait…eh? What do you mean ? I can’t? Now that is cuntishness… good day

  17. This remoaner whore is in the constituency next door to me. I’ve never seen a peaceful bitch who looks anything like that. She’s a fucking imposter, probably a fucking trannie.

    • Find the girl who forced me to drink Guinness last night – I almost fell over!
      (I bravely continued though, made of stern stuff I am!)

  18. She’s one of those cunts who hates the idea of us being a free sovereign nation and believes that the time of the nation state is over. A fully paid up member or the one world no borders live any fucking place you like tribe.
    She actually hates Britain and wants to abolish it. Well you coffee coloured cunt the people voted for freedom and self determination. If you hate it that much fuck off and squat in the EU.

  19. Saw this slag on Politics Live a few weeks ago – thick as pig shit and arrogant with it. Frightening to think she’s a doctor.

  20. Off topic peeps but I went for a walk on the wild side last night, clicking through a load of old posts (“classic” Is a Cunt) and blimey there are some weirdos posting on those??? Not like us fine upstanding gents; where did they all disappear to??

      • Some of the older nominations just seemed to require a cunter saying “so-and-so is a lefty cunt” one liner and that was it. Nothing like the in-depth theses, cutting edge of cunting and banter we now enjoy.

        • To be fair, think I changed it for the better when i came aboard.
          Got rid of MOST of the weirdos
          Yes its mostly down to me but do i get any thanks?

          • Seriously? No shes not?!
            If she is let me know if its nice, always wondered if its any good!
            Bet its a nice change for you rather than crickets eh? 😀

          • Yes mate. I’ve liked it for years, first time I tried it I expected it to be rank but it’s really good!! Meaty, savoury flavour and a really nice texture, lovely with mashed potatoes, carrots, Swede. And gravy (don’t tell the scotchmen about that though). Not big on offal but I do like haggis. Mrs can’t cook for fuck but I do let her do the odd roast or summat

          • A few are still lurking in the shadows Miserable, the Dead Pool ghouls who come out when somebody pegs it.

          • Them cranks? Yeah theyre never about then soon as a celeb turns up their toes? ..cant move for Ghouls!!

          • I did know that Rtc!
            But not what the others are having,
            Blunty will be having something and carrots, but what about the others?
            I for one would like to know.

          • Speaking as the token remaining weirdo – it’s weirdoist!
            Where’s my compensation and apology, free house, dinghy etc? 🥺
            Oh, the inhumanity!

          • Foxy, you have nowt on some of the kooks an oddballs that have past through here, an im borderline mental myself!!😀

          • If I have had my way, a Priti Patel & Lucy Frazer sandwich would be nice. But I suppose in reality it will be beans on fucking toast!

          • Talking about ghouls, Miserable.
            I suppose your having Monster mash for tea!
            BTW these southern nancies won’t know what your talking about when you say ‘tea’.
            Like Mrs B, they all talk about ‘dinner’ down there.
            FFS, I’m just about to ave me dinner!
            I’m having something Chinese to celebrate their New Year – Chow mein.
            It’s being delivered by a nice Chinese man who assures me that he’s not been in recent contact with anyone with Coronavirus.

          • Chinese new year? Careful!
            Year of the rat.
            Cant trust em told yer, judi Denchs one.

          • Cuntan – It’s nice to know that Northerners and Midlanders are singing from the same menu.
            And what the fuck is ‘high tea’ all about?

        • I too have been scanning some of the old ISAC archives, with lots of the noms being hijacked with other noms from cunts who couldn’t be arsed to post their nom in the designated area!

          Don’t see it quite so often these days, which could be down to a better class of cunt, or the industrious and dedicated admins! Hmm……

          • There wasn’t a ‘designated area’ for nominating until a couple of years ago. Cunters had no choice but to nominate on other noms.

            Often Admin would take a comment and make it a nom.

          • Just seen an article on the news that people who monitor soshul meeja accounts can now get PTSD counselling!! The good folks in ISAC admin ought to get the fucking George cross

    • “where did they all disappear to??”

      Many went on to become MP’s or Grauniad journalists.

    • The biggest absence from the old noms is my deleted posting history! All that pure gold slagging wiped out by the tyrants at admin for one or two indiscretions.

  21. ‘History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce’
    Karl Marx

    A fine and ironic epitaph for The Labour Party

    • Well observed RK! Labour have died, but are so up their own a*ses in Moomin land they have not yet realised.

      Rest in Politically Correct peace.

      • I am such a cunt I listened to The Week In Westminster on Wireless 4 at 11 this morning and who should turn up but old Gaylord Adonis. The pompous old cunt (who sounds like John Major on helium) wants everyone to know HS2 was his idea and it should continue.

        If that fuckwit dreamt it up, that is one very good reason for stopping it. Adonis uses his arsehole as a brain

  22. Is she the cunt that complained about how nasty and racist gammons in this country are, being so full of ‘hate’ her Indian/Polish parents had to live here and obviously would have been much happier living back where they came from but us racist imperialist Brits made them move here?

    • Sounds good! Solid english meal!
      Much nicer than Berties coronavirus takeaway!!👍

      • Peas will be just one of the sacrifices we will have to make post BRINO, ask anyone! I am a bit baffled when we were blockaded for Years in WW2 and still managed to get all the food, medicine and supplies we needed – how did we achieve this miracle?

    • Grow our own food? Excellent idea – why are we importing food from around the World which is picked harvested before it is ready and then transported across continents in refrigerated CO2 filled container lorries that we could grow quite well in our own Country?
      And why are we paying our farmers money to not grow crops?
      What madness is this? Which f*ckwit ever considered this policy a good idea?

  23. Quite frankly, I am loving all of these fucktards in the Labour Party. It is bloody hilarious as it means that they don’t stand a hope in hell any time soon of regaining power in this country.

    Talk about a bunch of fucking clueless mongs. So, so out of touch, even after the utter trouncing they got in the recent election.

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