Mohiussunnath Chowdhury

Not really sure if this cunting is for the cunt himself, or the stupid fucking cunts that kept him on the streets:

In August 2017, Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, of the Luton Chowdhurys, had driven a car through police bollards outside Buckingham Palace and was then involved in a violent altercation with two police officers as they struggled for control of a samurai sword the accused had, while the defendant repeatedly shouted “Allahu akbar”.

Nah, he’s no terrorist. You must be racist islamophobes to think that! But incredibly, Chowdhury has gone on to plan further acts of religiously motivated murder and is in the dock again, along with his sister, so yeah, turns out when he was trying to murder policeman outside the Queen’s residence yelling muslim rhetoric, it wasn’t so innocent after all. Who’d have thought? Not the fucking courts obviously, thank you very much.

A cunting on the cunt himself and the criminally stupid cunts that couldn’t cunt a cunt if the cunt’s cunts depended on it. Even though the cunt has now admitted that the attack at the Palace was a terror attack, he’s still not been fucking charged with it, but just planning these new ones, which will probably get him a few years.

Nominated by Dr Shagga and His Cunt Munching Machine

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  1. He will be a reformed character in a few years. Will be invited to a bleeding heart conference in full vest with weapons.

  2. His sister looks like she needs a good fucking…… a real man, not a dirty goatshagger. What a waste of good, tight fanny.

      • Wonder how many muslim females have mutilated cunts? That fgm shit is fucking mental. Male circumsicsion its just trimming the foreskin to give you more of a mushroom head cock but that fgm is cruel unusual and barbaric

        • typical monkey shit, when they’re not sitting around poking shit with a stick they’re thinking up shit to do like throwing their own shit and acting like shit

      • Nah, they don’t fiddle with their own. That’s why they go after white girls if there are no goats or camels knocking around.

        • they fiddle with their own, all of them have a ride on their daughters before they sell them off

    • Capital punishment for terrorists, and the execution done by a Woman so Mr Peaceful Snackbar does not get to paradise.

      We are at War.

      • Always said it: you re-introduce the death penalty as a sentencing option for judges for any mudslim caught even in the planning stage. There is no point waiting until the act is done because you can’t effectively sentence your vest bomber when all you can put before the court is the bucket of mince you’ve jet-washed off the pavement. I refuse to call them ‘suicide’ bombers because if they want to commit suicide they’re perfectly free to chuck ’emselves off Beachy Head at ay time.

        No!! what you do is you hang them; and you do so publicly, then you screen it post watershed on all terrestial channels rather like a party political broadcast. They’ll get the fucking idea p.d.q.

        • I’ve been saying for years it should be televised, but stick it on PPV; you’d make a fortune.

    • she looks like she’s auditioning for the stage version of Life of Brian…he’s a very naughty boy

  3. Our legal system doesn’t keep us safe and isn’t fit for purpose.
    If any of these cunts are British born then they are guilty of treason.
    Hang the fuckers and be done with them.

  4. The police should have shot the cunt in the first place, would have saved a lot of trouble…..
    I am sure Joe Public would be in favour of blowing these cunts away rather than arresting them!

    • If that drawing is accurate, he looks a real nowty fucker. Wonder what’s got him all worked up. It could be religious fervour or maybe he’s fretting about all the white bastards who fancy shagging his sister. They should drop him out of a plane over Australia with a parachute and an empty bucket so he can piss in it and put the fire out.

  5. I had a couple of coppers on my doorstep last night.
    The senior one looked me up and down and said, “Mr Cuntley..?”

    I said, “Yes.”

    He said, “Do the letters R.K. mean anything to you..?”

    I said, “No.”

    He said, “Well how about S.V…?”

    I said, “No, nothing.”

    He said, “What about D.B…?”

    I said, “What’s this all about, am I gonna be arrested..?”

    He said, “Not at this stage sir. At the moment were just making initial enquiries”….

  6. But it’s perfectly normal for him to carry his Samurai sword around! He needs it for his gardening business as he deadheads all his flowers with it.
    On second thoughts, all the deadheads must be sitting on these juries of late.
    It really is true that today’s jury members are comprised of those who are so thick that they can’t think of an excuse to be excused from it.

  7. I would love to know the name of the cunt who shouted “it’s not Islam” on London Bridge as the lion of London bridge (Roy Learner) was laying into the mass murdering jihadi Muslim cunts. He would deserve a massive cunting. At least we have the award winning journalist Tommy Robinson to provide a bit of sanity.

  8. Terrorist cunts like this should never get to stand trial in the first place. One in the chest and one in the head every time – just like that fucker Usman Khan received back in November!

  9. I still haven’t got over that viscous bastard who attacked a policeman in the street in Leyton last August, hitting him round the head five times with a weapon , caused terrible injuries but was still acquitted of attempted murder.

    Turns out the cunt had previous, including rape and a knife attack.

    • What the hell are you doing attacking someone with a bladed weapon if you are not trying to kill them? Whilst I am not au fait with all the facts of the case , I do wonder what the jury were thinking.

      • Mrs Fruitbat next door has fantasies about chopping peoples heads off with a garden spade, she has a lot of issues and comes across as a victim, but when humoured says some very strange and worrying things.

      • You should have been the prosecuting QC Guzzi, you’d have done a better fucking job.

  10. I thought the weapon of choice was the machete. This fella has clearly thought outside the box with his samurai sword. Mind you that hero came to the rescue with the narwhal tusk. Why don’t we just issue the coppers with spears? What the hell we should tool up to protect ourselves; mace, crossbow, flail, halberd. I think I’d plump for the battleaxe. Either away they’ll all come in handy in our modern multicultural Britain.

    • *I’d plump for the battleaxe.*

      Well, I should think Emily Thornberry would inflict very heavy injuries!

      • Lord B, i have a folding entenching tool similar, cant remember if its yank or british, military issue anyway,
        My mate (ex cheshire regiment) got it me, makes light work of small trees when camping!

        Sorry Greta!

        • I had the east German folding version, the fucking handle broke piece of shit it was.
          I have an american 3 piece folding one, works as a shovel nothing else though.

      • Like every Russian weapon – crude, industrial, hewn out of iron, never break, never fail – and f*cking warm boots and clothing for inclement weather, not a bit of Berghaus or RAB in sight!

        An original Lee Enfield bayonet is a serious piece of equipment.

  11. I feel sorry for the fuzz, they like us go out to do a job, in doing that job they sometimes get hurt as they follow their rules trying to take down someone who has none.
    To restrain someone who is trying to kill you is probably difficult ( Never done it myself) and then to have the authority that you are working for let them off (because you don’t matter) must erode their own belief in the system.
    The courts are arseholes.

  12. News just in. Multiple deaths in Germany after gunman went on the rampage.
    I’m sure it had nothing to do with the Peaceful community, just some madman on the loose.

  13. Just wait until those brilliant minds at Prevent get stuck into this cunt. He’ll forget all about that koranic nonsense and be singing kumbaya for greenpeace wearing rainbow t-shirts and selling poppies outside birmingham schools telling the kids to reject ‘hate’ I’m sure.

  14. I have written to various Prime Ministers over the last 22 years with my advice on the handling of all matters Islamic. There has been absolutely no interest taken in my suggestions whatsoever, with the exception of that very nice Superintendant who keeps calling.

    I would have expected a far better response from Politicians, especially when the cost savings to the Treasury are so massively impressive.

    I do understand the prohibitions under current COSHH Regulations, but Zyclon kept at a reasonable temperature is not volatile at all!

    Anyway, said cunting is justified and I fully support the case for his immediate dispatch.

    • “I do understand the prohibitions under current COSHH Regulations, but Zyclon kept at a reasonable temperature is not volatile at all!”

      Yeah but it’s an extremely inefficient and hazardous method of despatch.

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