Citizens Assembly

A Cunting for the concept of a Citizens’ Assembly.

The one that has been set up to look at solutions to climate change is going to cost  around £500,000. 110 ‘Randomly’ selected members of the public will spend four weekends looking at ways to reduce CO2.

The government has committed to net zero by 2050, so this lot are going to work out how to do it, such as taxing frequent flyers.
Now I don’t have any objection to people having ideas, but a citizens’ assembly who are unlikely to have any specific expertise aren’t going to solve the problem. We all know where the CO2 comes from and where most of it is generated, so taxing frequent flyers isn’t going to punch a big hole in the volume of CO2.

The answer is money and technology; everyone knows it, so we don’t need to waste time with a citizens’ assembly. Everyone will be taxed to fund all the changes necessary to reach the governments commitment.

At the end of the exercise we will have a report (I am sure it will be written by one or more of the organisers) with recommendations which will reflect what we already know….. so pointless.

Nominated by Sick of it

112 thoughts on “Citizens Assembly

    • worse than that – this signals the end of any notion of democracy!. this is ‘common purpose’ at the helm, next we’ll have ‘smart cities’ and before we even wake up the electorate will be out of a job – the people are too thick to see what’s happening here

  1. My solution is to get rid of gimmiegrants and stop any more of the fuckers from coming in full stop!

    Once again, we – the indigenous UK people – are NOT the problem in this regard because we’re doing our bit, with a birthrate well below the 2.1 replacement level.

    Therefore our resource utilisation – so you would think – should also be falling, therefore keeping resident sprout-faced climate cunt – Greta Thunderpants – happy. Alas it is not falling.

    Our utilising is growing year on year, and growing faster with every year because of unchecked immigration. But of course they’re not the reason are they, no, it’s just us indigenous folk (that those cunts are replacing) who’s at fault isn’t it.

    What a fucking surprise!


      • Exactly VF the sooner that old cunt dies the better for the environment…the cheek of the cunt sat there lecturing us abaaaht the environment after he’s made his 9000th ‘Documentary’ flying his massive crew and their Land Rovers and their tonnes of cameras etc.
        The old cunt.

          • Yeah and stinky farts too, the festering old fucker, I bet he has lots of gorilla cum still up his arse after the time when the old coffin Dodger was missing the fuckers on TV, I bet he got slipped several lengths by a big silverbacks cock, the rancid old bastard

    • Donald Trump just had another big success in making America Great Again, by successfully passing a law through the supreme court that basically says if an immigrant can’t sustain themselves financially, if they claim welfare in any form, then they’re denied the right to stay. You know it’s a shite state of affairs when you envy Donald Trump as leader.

    • “… the indigenous UK people – are NOT the problem in this regard because we’re doing our bit, with a birthrate well below the 2.1 replacement level.”

      Doing our bit to self-exterminate you mean? This is wrong and dangerous thinking because in my book it signifies nothing so much as our catastrophic racial failure being repositioned as a virtue.

      “Self-love my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting.”

  2. Assemblies are simply pointless talking shops. The last Parliament is a good example. Fuck the green movement and their bullshit and lies. I never recycle and have a mountain of waste every week, just to make up for the cunts who have one bag a year.

    • “Hare travel” eh? Shifty furry big eared f*ckers, blocking up the aisles with their stupid oversized suitcases, constantly demanding vegan menus, accusing Peter Rabbit of waaycism, pinching dentures off Jess Phillips, brawling with lurchers etc – damn nightmare they are!
      We should have an assembly looking into this!

    • Same here Smug! I used to be quite respond with the recycling, after all the lecturing I couldn’t give two shots now; chuck owt in whichever bin, couldn’t give a fuck. Bonus points if one manky yoghurt pot fucks up a whole lorry full of recycling.

  3. A bunch of non scientifically trained simpletons..? Who’ll do what exactly? Write up a report despite having an inability to spell, manipulate grammar or simply organise sentences and paragraphs..?
    Don’t make me laugh. Cunts.
    Anyone invited to this should turn it down on principle, but they won’t. Cunts.

    • A bunch of non scientifically trained simpletons..? Boris objects to that description of the cabinet!
      “What do you want for dinner Boris”?
      “Roast beef”
      “What about the vegetables”?
      “Same for them”

    • Out of the 30000 letters sent out 2000 responded to take part, the ‘110’ (I guess they did 110 rather than 100 so as not too confuse it with sci-fi program) were selected as a cross section of the ‘people’

      So these poor cunts will be coerced into ‘measures’ seen to be ‘fair’ which will basically mean the ‘general public’ will be fucked over leaving the elite to carry on as usual.
      When Joe public kicks off the government will just say they are implementing the will of the people, well 110 of them.

      • Of course, the 2000 who responded were, to a man/woman/tranny, all enviro-nutters, dying to foist their stone-age solution on the rest of us.
        Any normal people who received a letter would have thought “fuck that green shit, ” and binned it.
        I’m off to burn some fridges, and kill some whales with harpoons made from rainforest wood.
        Get fucked.

  4. Most people would accept that climate change is real but how the fuck lay people are going to be able come up with solutions is beyond me. This also extends to David Twattenborough.
    Although he can point out the effects of it, he is not a climatologist who could come up with solutions. I’m sick to death of hearing his pronouncements on the media.
    David, you are not a climatologist, you are a naturalist, most probably a naturist as well with all those hamsters and gerbils stuck up your ass.
    As big as your brain is, you are not a font of all knowledge so fuck off and take your love child Greta with you (sorry if I’ve upset you Miles.)

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          • Greta, Greta, Greta,
            How I fancy a nice piece of Feta.
            If she came to mine for tea,
            I would surely let her.

          • Greta, im so glad i met her,
            Now the worlds so much better,
            Take off that sweater, and pet her,
            Hope my spurts didnt wet her…😀

          • I can’t get past the “face like a slapped arse” look myself. Or the aneuploidic air.
            Though she did look good on the back of that car!

          • There once was a gurly called Greta
            Who really ought to do better
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          • Cor! I haven’t watched that in ages. I must do at some point.
            Oh Carlo, you handsome man.

            What?! Nothing wrong appreciating a man with good looks. 🙂

    • “climate science” isnt a science. If it was they wouldnt have to stick “science “on the end of it. Who has ever heard of Physics science or biology science. Its bullshit like “Social justice”

  5. The Citizen’s Assembly for stating the bleeding obvious. Another fucking gimmick.

    Extract from John Cooper Clark’s Gimmix. A reflection on bullshit.

    beauty aids, commodity art
    and things that are for things
    Tea’s Maids, cushions that fart
    The Lord of the Rings

  6. Stop the Somalians and Parking Stanley’s and Pole’s that are here breeding like rats and that might help with the environment.
    Also stop China, India having so many kids might help on a world scale.

  7. Off topic but I have a theory…the further north you go the friendlier the people and also the further north you go the tighter the people are with the Scot’s being watertight… I wonder if the women’s pussies follow that theory.

    • The fact the the further north you travel the more likely a man is to have human shit on his hands answers your question.

    • So nothing’s got out of Sturgeon’s clacker for years (if, indeed, it were ever brave enough to enter the Temple of Doom)…

      I’d hate to be there when it finall bursts.

  8. All we can hope is this ‘Citizen’s Assembly’ is representative of a modern British society, and it won’t leave out any trans, poofers and effnicks….

  9. Let’s infiltrate the assembly…I could be the token mixed race cunt…and we have an assortment of benders on here to choose from, a few bitter white cunts and all we’re short of is a tranny and a vegan cunt. Go fuck yourselves. 😁

  10. This is one of those PR ideas thats a waste of OUR money.
    A panel of the average joe to solve large scale environmental and social economic problems?
    Well dont look at me!
    I’ve been copying him!
    Climate change is population related, nuke China, no survivors, problem solved!
    Foreign aid for Africa? Only sterilisation or birth control, no funds or food.
    Watch the improvement.

  11. The cunts can stop talking & breathing for a start. Breathing in air at 0.04% CO2 & out at 5%.

    The answer is clear, bump off all of the greens, commies, mentalenvironists & followers of St Greta Høwdäreyøü of Schïttbückett.

    Job done, cunts counted, down the pub to drink as much CO2 as possible to “save the planet” from having a glut of undrunk beer.

  12. Why does everyone keep demonising CO2? It’s a micro gas making up about 0.04% of the air we breathe and 96% of it comes from natural processes. Man contributes about 3.5% of all co2 in the air. It has never controlled the Earth’s temperature. It was lower during the Roman and medieval warm periods but the temperature was warmer. How the fuck is wasting our money on a group of people who have no knowledge of this subject going to help?
    Stop wasting our money you cunts.

      • don’t know why that came up twice. I mean to say that CO2 helps plants grow. There is a tomato nursery somewhere where they produce power in giant gas turbines and feed the hot, co2 rich exhaust gas into the nursery. Toms grow mental

  13. The questions that surround this notion intrigue me. For instance; how many members will make up each panel? How will the subject for further panels to be discussed be decided upon, and by whom? What precautions will be put in place to ensure that zealots on any subject can’t worm their way in pursuit of their own agenda?
    Sounds as tho it might be difficult to get up and running in practice, with the potential to fall foul of pushy loudmouths.

    • Peoples assembly? A ridiculous tick box exercise which will immediately be hijacked by the screeching Greta type climate change lunatics, who will steer the agenda and freeze out any with a dissenting voice.
      Lobal warming? Nothing to worry about, just take your hat off for a bit until they cool down. Common sense solutions..

  14. Vegans are forever farting. Fact.
    Keep Diane Flabbott away from chiggun rice and peas.
    Those two ideas alone would cut emissions by 29%. Fact.

  15. If one ignores the amount of CO2 that China, America, India, Brazil and so on ad infinitum pump into the atmosphere every day taxing frequent fliers makes a tiny bit of sense. Otherwise the idea is fucking pointless. As regards the citizens assembly let us hope that they are blessed with multicultural diversity and all are woke then we will be assured that the pointless waste of of our money will produce something useful.

  16. Citizens Assembly my bumhole!
    Fucking Libtards Assembly more like it. A load of sanctimonious, middle class busybodies who will have us all riding around on bicycles and taking out mortgages to buy a fucking steak. Fuck that and fuck them.
    Politicians are all self interested arseholes who only care about looking after the rich. Fuck them and they can stick climate change up their arses.

      • Just watching Donnie Tango with king of the jewish people Benny yahoo.
        Tangos beaming like the cheshire cat when Benny said hes the greatest friend Israel ever had.
        Funny. Hes happy as fuck!😀
        Never said that about you mr corbyn did they? .. Sorry cant hear you?
        Yeah get back on yer allotment yer commie waste of skin.

        • That albino we put in Downing street is he a fuckin mitmot or something?
          This Hauwei 5 band thing?
          Fuck it off!
          Chinks spying AND just as we leaving EU a trade deal wi Donnie Tango would be nice an your alienating him?
          Better buck up your ideas you overly blonde posh cunt!
          Us in the North?
          You owe us. Big time.
          And dont use fishing access as a gambling chip you bumbling cunt!
          Keep the greasy bastards out of our territorial waters, to be fished by us ONLY.
          Hes not even unpacked his bags at number 10 an already i want him out!

          • They owe us way I see it LL, hes said he’ll reward us, well…hop to it!
            British fishing waters should be for our fishermen, as it is at moment only 40% is, the EU countries steal 60%
            Its a joke.
            Dont trust this blonde cunt, he’ll swing from a lamp post if he cheats us!

          • Dead right Miserable. This cunt owes us big time and will be reminded each time an election comes around.

          • PS LL Roughly what area of the UK do you reside in? Don’t answer that question if you don’t want to!

          • Nosy as fuck you are Bertie.
            Hes in a caravan on fiddlers farm if you must know.

          • Any election goodwill has gone, the jizz mop haired bumble cunt needs to hit the ground running and keep his dick in his pants.

          • Not too far off me in Bostongrad LL! No doubt your area has been adequately enriched, like us, with our gimmegrant friends??

          • That’s right Cuntan, on the plus side its still relatively rare to see peacefuls and Africunts.

          • Yes it was good that Bertie, stopped now I think. We have a good few peacefuls and africunts LL, although in nowhere near as great quantities as Dooshkas.

  17. Evening all – this is not related to the nom but I thought it worth sharing:

    Remain cunts are apparently trying to get “Ode to Joy” to the top of the music download charts for Brexit day, in a smug last hurrah; there is a counter campaign to get “17 million fuck offs” by Dominic Frisby to the top instead, funnily enough it appears to have been recently taken off Amazon – I’m sure it’s available to buy somewhere if you feel strongly enough

    • Cheers. I just signed up to Amazons 30 day free music trial so I could stream this civil war anthem and contribute to a top spot in the charts.

        • 99p to charity!
          Soft you are!
          Money to burn.
          Jesus id not sleep properly for weeks, nearly a British pound that!!

          • If all goes to plan I may hit my lifetime target of a whole pound given to charity by the time I hit 50, that was a good start 👍

  18. So everything is going to electric – cars, home heating, airplanes, etc, etc… So the answer is nuclear power. Except green cunts don’t like that do they?

    • Arnie Meathead acquired her a nice, shiny Tesla to drive around in. Of course as the majority of North Murkin electricity produced is renewable, err, isn’t it? Um.

      Oh, OK so about 20% is renewable the majority, 64%, is from fossil fuel.

      ‘How dare you, Maskinback. You have stolen my childhood. You have stolen my Tesla dream. Arnie will hear of this and kick your arse’.

      Arnie kick my arse? Bring him on, the decrepit condom full of walnuts with creaky bones. Fuck off, Schwarzewanker.

        • In an odd sort of way I like her PM, every time I see her weird gurning visage telling me off for breathing it makes me think about booking another holiday, one involving as many forms of vehicular transport as possible. Until I was banned from her Twatter account (since deleted, only signed up to harangue Extinction Rebellion) I posted daily pics from my last one, they did not see the funny side of that

        • A potentially underage, mentally impaired white girl?

          Did you mean he would be sorry that he will have to rape her all on his own, without his compatriots there to share her with?

    • They don’t like exposing her to free questions, going off script isn’t her speciality.
      I am not sure she was able to process the ‘politics’ but the BBC guy knew what the agenda was and kept very quiet.

      • I suspect the father is looking at young Greta’s campaign to swell his coffers. After all, he is 50 years old and would otherwise have another 20 years of graft.

        What 50 year old wouldn’t jump at the chance of acquiring some serious wedge and a new Tesla on the driveway along with not having to face the daily commute ever again? Its human nature.

  19. The citizen’s assembly is one of extinction rebellion’s legally binding ‘demands’.

    It is more about trying to grab political power by the back door than climate change.

    Be very wary of these cunts. They are not all sweetness and light, they will have a hand picked team of hard left cunts waiting in the wings to grab control of the assembly once they think nobody is looking.

    Its basically the ‘green’ brigade for Momentum. Who are also a bunch of cunts.

    No shit Sherlock

  20. This is what those thick cunts are trying to do,get rid of most of the worlds population as their bosses want. Here’s how they are doing it.

    180ppm of CO2 is where the C3 plants start to die off, we can as humans only eat a few C4 plants like Maze but we humans eat C3’s. These plants through evolution grow best at 1050ppm, ask any greenhouse owner why they use a CO2 generator.
    We are just over 400ppm, a long way from 1050 but very close to 180ppm. The world has for some time been in CO2 deficit and the planet is trying to restore the gas to where it should be so the Sahara Desert turns back to a forest, so the plants can regenerate from the disaster of falling CO2 and regain their foothold again.

    These activists and their kind are trying to commit mass genocide if they get their way! Easy to work out, the planet is closer to CO2 starvation than the optimum C3 growing conditions and they want to stop food production, yes that’s right the dumb cunts.

    This is serious, no joke, draw a horizontal line then mark 0, 180 & 1050ppm and it’s obvious what fuckwits they are. So close to serious food issues, we actually need more CO2. CO2 follows behind planet warming by 800 years dahh…

    BTW, those veterinarians are part of animal production, it’s costly to make plant based fertilisers so most their food is grown with blood & bone, offal and fish meal.
    So less CO2 by being veterinarian, beyond belief how thick these people are.

  21. Cease all travel that is powered by fossil fuels: cars, motorbikes, aeroplanes etc etc.

    Ride horses and bicycles on land instead.

    Make creatures that fly big enough to grip humans in their talons and carry them to places overseas.

  22. I don’t think that Citizens Assemblies should have much bearing on national, social and economic policy. Surely that is what we have got the MPs, House of Commons, Upper House of Lords, and 100s or 1000s of government and public sector researchers.

    As to the “randomly chosen” selection. I BET it’s more like the random selection of a Question Time audience, i.e. not random at all but instead more like 110 hard-left Corbynistas who are members of Labour unions and members of XR (extinction rebellion).

    We would be far better off using academic and intellectual think tanks and not random members of the public i.e. dull thick cunts. The only problem with a lot of think tanks is that they are also left wing too.

    We have a right wing government so there is no space and place for leftist old shit.

    Incidentally I live in Wales, and the Welsh Assembly government may as well be a people’s assembly, it’s been going since 1999 under Welsh Labour arseholes, the Welsh Assembly is extremely limp wristed, gay and ineffectual and has achieved next to nothing. One of their only achievements is to build a large and expensive building in Cardiff Bay, in my view the Welsh Assembly is just a grotesque and complete Waste of Money.

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