The War of the Worlds (BBC shite)

The BBC’s ‘Woke of the Worlds’

Cinema buffs will be aware that Hollywood has made a couple of Americanised versions of HG Wells’ classic sci-fi horror novel ‘The War of the Worlds’, both set in the modern day, and set in Um-mur-cur, naturally. I was therefore very happy to learn that a TV version has been made; at last, I thought, a British version that brings with it the chance of a faithful adaptation of the book! How naive can you get?

Yes, my heart promptly sank on learning that the new ‘Worlds’ drama has been done by the fucking PC obsessed Beeb. No surprise then to learn that it’s been ‘updated’. Writer Peter Harness has created the new central character that the story has been crying out for all these years; ‘Amy’, the proverbial strong, ‘modern’ woman. Harness describes Amy as ‘the person who carries the narrative from beginning to end’ in this adaptation. She even gets to deliver the legendary ‘no one would have believed’ introduction originally made by the novel’s un-named narrator, who’s christened ‘George’ here. Actress Eleanor Tomlinson calls her character ‘ground breaking’, and ‘a modern woman compared to her acquaintances’. A relationship has been formulated between her and the character Ogilvy which apparently is ‘key’ to the drama (never mind the fact that no such thing exists in the source). Ogilvy too has been ‘updated’. It’s alluded to that he might be homosexual! How fascinating.

The action has also been moved forward a few years into the Edwardian era. The significance of this shift eludes me, but Harness reckons (wait for it) that this ‘allows parallels to be drawn with the modern day’. Yes well, isn’t that just what we need a period piece to do? Cue ‘an exploration’ of ‘crossovers regarding politics, invasion, colonialism and empire building’. Rafe Spall, who plays George, gushes that one scene in particular allows his character to ‘correlate empire and colonialism to the Martian invasion and the massacre of humankind’. Christ on a bike.

Yes, I’d say that this will really resonate with modern audiences. After all, the last thing anybody wants to do nowadays is shut themselves off from loony modern agendas and lose themselves in a good old fashioned escapist thriller of a winter’s evening. Just what is it with the fucking BBC? What’s the point of going to all the expense of recreating a period world if you then disregard historical context in pursuit of a mis-matched ‘progressive’ pc agenda? Why stop there? Why not just get rid of George altogether, or cast Idris fucking Elba? Why not make Amy a disabled lesbian? (etc etc).

I don’t know about the rest of you out in IsAC land, but I’m getting too old for this shit. ‘Woke of the Worlds’, my arse.

Nominated by Ron Knee

BBC’s War of the Worlds – I know that someone has already nominated this, and I was going to wait until I had seen the first episode (today 17th November, with ISAC ready for an emergency nomination), but after reading the blurb in the TV guide, I feel that I need to put in my two cents worth now.

Naturally the BBC feels the need to make it relevant to a modern audience. It has taken a minor female role from the book, and transformed her into the lead character. According to the TV guide, Eleanor Tomlinson is no stranger to depicting strong, passionate women, so she’s perfectly cast as Amy, a fiercely intelligent woman yada yada …..

Eleanor says that she loves the fact that there’s more of Amy in it, she’s not in the book that much, which she was a bit shocked by. (Why dearie? It was written in the 1890’s). She goes on to say that when she read the script ” I was like, oh thank God for that!”
“She’s a very modern woman so she’s certainly breaking the rules of the time. What I love about her is that she is sort of the leader of the partnership. She wears the trousers, which is great blah blah….”

Having read this pile of cack, it is almost certain that Al Beeb will also bring in a gay character, or at least a subliminal message. Also a mixed race couple, which will naturally be seen as quite normal for 1897.

I think I’ve talked myself out of wasting an hour of my life.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

And while we’re at it :
Snowflake Lecturing about the Past

I watched the third and final part of the BBC’s ‘period’ adaption of H.G.Wells Sci-fi classic, “War of the Worlds” last night. I’d like to say I was surprised at the script writers, but really I am just disgusted with them.

An exchange between one of the main characters ‘George’and his brother, comparing the Martian invasion to British colonialism: “This is what we do, isn’t it? – the British” “We’ve been doing this to people for years. People who don’t know better. Just think what it would have been like for a man in the jungle to have seen white people for the first time, to not have received friendship but death.”

No such text or passage is part of H.G Wells book.

Great Britain had an Empire. Great Britain practiced colonial expansion and rule over foreign nations. It is our HISTORY. Good, bad or indifferent, It is the HISTORY of our ancestors.

Just as the Germans have their HISTORY of Nazi rule and state sanctioned genocide.
Just as the Italians have their HISTORY of a Roman empire that conquered and subjugated half the world.

For those interested in HISTORY – there are many books, documentaries, films, museums and internet articles discussing HISTORY ad infinitem.

There is no place, for injecting left wing, liberal ideals & opinions about a specific historical period, into contemporary drama or indeed, a science fiction story, beloved in English Literature. This endless snowflake obsession with drudging up the past, and trying to indoctrinate a sense of shame into today’s society for the crimes of our countries past (and the suggestion of financial reparations to be made to all those we ever wronged)

Will Germany be sending money to the UK for the Blitz? To Poland, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Israel for the Holocaust? Will Italy be sending money to the UK, France, Germany, Greece, most of Europe and North Africa for the conquests of the Roman Empire?

To the BBC, I say: If you want to discuss the past and impose your own morals and views upon that history, then do so honestly and in the appropriate forum.


Nominated by Lord of the Rings

132 thoughts on “The War of the Worlds (BBC shite)

    • at the point ‘its what we do’ with regards to the colonialism, it made me think the co-op was behind the martian invasion.

      i hope rival picture houses recreate hg wells where whinging lefties are completely cut down and obliterated due to their ineffectual stance on everything. it really is tiresome for all that they pedal, ‘with impunity i might add’ their flavour on everything regardless of public opinion.

      keith chegwin was half onto them

      • Truth be told HG Wells was a terrible Lefty. Very much into a ‘New World Order’ and such like. Member of the Fabian Society. Like Shaw. Against Chesterton.

        • Also very funny writer. The History of Mr Polly – my nom de plume is a tribute – along with novels like Kipps, Tono Bungay, Love and Mr Lewisham – are still hilariously funny. He also summed up the corrupt mentally- bankrupt politicians of his age in The New Machiavelli which is heavy going at times but worth the effort.

  1. Have to ruin everything dont they?
    Its just a piece of entertaining fiction, why the need for lefty messages embedded in it?
    They are obsessed with rewriting history, but then it isnt history,..makes it fiction.
    They are so ashamed of colonialism and the British empire, lefty guilt.
    Well im not, im proud!
    And id like it to happen again.
    They say it was built on blood an misery.
    Good! Like it that way!
    We oppressed other countries.
    Tough shit.
    We ransacked India and Africa.
    Serves them right.
    We were racist.
    So what?

    I didnt watch war of the worlds but ive got the record in the loft.

  2. That death ray shit, not necessary.
    Just go to immigration down at Croydon and they’ll give you everything you want….

  3. Far-fetched anyway. Imagine beings from a totally different culture invading London and then trying to kill the local population, impose their way of life and make it their own! Can’t ever see anything like that ever happening….

  4. Not watched it… Al-beeb… No chance.

    But I just want to say I fucking LOVE the original Jeff Wayne WoTWs soundtrack!!!!


    • Try listening to it digitally once fucking iTunes has decided what order the tracks should be in. Apple are cunts of the first order.

  5. I was also looking forward to this, but the blurb gave me pause for thought and after the first 10 minutes I went to do something I would enjoy more, like stapling my bollocks to next door neighbour’s fence. What utter crap, my only surprise was that there was a man, of sorts, in it at all. Why must these cunts ruin everything. I’m just watching The Muppet Christmas Carol and even with fucking Muppets in it it’s still a more faithful portrayal than the BBC could ever manage.

    • Moggie@
      Gonzo should of won a emmy for muppets Christmas carol!
      As a bit of a muppet myself im all for MY people getting recognition!
      Anti muppet bias is rife.

        • Kinda think they do!
          Mist of the house of commons looks their dads Jim Henson.

          Jim Henson RIP
          An thanks.

  6. I’ve now got to the point where I don’t even bother watching shite on BBC. Before even seeing this I could have told you it would have been re-written with dark keys, pooftahs and lezzas. I’m just surprised that the Martians aren’t fucking trannies.

    How much longer must we suffer the licence fee. I do wonder if they would carry on making crap like this if they had to exist in the real commercial world?

    • The thing with the BBC is, they can be complete & utter snowflake, pc fuckwits & totally ruin a great opportunity to do a real ‘period’ adaption of the original book, as they did with WotW.

      Then can also wind their necks in & produce a great bit of TV drama, completely authentic to the source material.

      Case in point : ‘His Dark Materials’ – shown just before WotW. Now I’ve been enjoying this (ok, have found it hard to follow at times) I know nothing of the books. People familiar with Philip Pullman’s books, tell me it’s an accurate depiction & the Beeb have got the actors, sets & everything spot on, & miles better than the Hollywood movie ‘The golden compass’ which got slated.

      I just don’t get the BBC at all. Why get one right & totally fuck another over ? – Cunts !

      • In a word – Lyra! = faithful adaptation.
        Girl hero, job done.
        I read the first book, couldn’t be arsed with the others, or the film or tele versions.
        Fuck off.

  7. I just couldn’t believe I was hearing that bit where he says the invasion was punishment for Britain’s colonial past.
    There must be relatives of HG Wells who are prepared to sue the fuckin’ BBC for distorting his work.
    I’m currently erasing all this shit from my memory by listening to Jeff Wayne’s CD.

    • What a fuckin’ great actor Richard Burton was!
      Had he been approached to take part in this disaster, he’d have told them to ram it up their arseholes.

      • Proper old school, not like today’s pansy actors; him and Oliver Reed would have fucked anything with tits and a pulse

      • Jeff Wayne’s WotW was, & is fantastic.

        Richard Burton was a legend. What an actor. What a voice.

  8. Like Mystic, I was initially pleased to see a new production that was, like the book, set in England. I was a bit worried that it was being made by the BBC, with their shameful record of shovelling PC messages down their viewers’ throats, but thought I’d give it a try.

    I was wrong to do so – what a load of fucking old wank it was.

  9. I was fully expecting the characters to break out in song with . . . .
    “Don’t look back in anger”

  10. How about a modern BBC version of Jack the Ripper? Jack is a leave voting, Trump loving “right wing extremist” ripping up hard working, taxpaying Booshka Booshka girls on the peaceful streets of multicultural Londonistan.
    This time Jack gets caught, thanks to the sterling work and courage of Detective Inspector Cressida Strapon. It concludes with our hero receiving an award from the grateful EU President Blair.

    • How about a new BBC version of ‘Fiddler on the roof’, with Corbyn throwing leaflets about the plight of the Palestinians (leaflets wrapped around house-bricks) at the Jews singing on the rooftops ?
      When the Jews fail off the roofs & go to A&E, a reporter tries to track Corbyn down – but JCs on the run. He sends washed up hitman ‘Baz Gardna’ to silence the investigative reporter, but ‘Baz’ is so useless, he ends up pushing ‘J’ Mcdonnel, labs trusted money launderer, into a massive pile of £50 notes ‘J’ is burning. (J was planning to flood the UK with Euros & hope no-one noticed)…..

  11. Typical BBC shite libtard erroneous interpretation of classic English literature. Cunts. Give me Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds anytime over this diluted horse shit.

    • Everything is ruined going through the BBC pc mincer. I dread them doing an adaptation of any of my favourites. For “adapting” read “crowbarring in some tokens.”

      I was forced to watch something called ‘His Dark Materials recently and could only manage half an episode. Oxford University was chockablock with darkîes; not selling drugs but….as professors! All English men were soft, women strong and there were friendly, co.passionate gypsîes earnestly searching for a lost child.

      Get fucked.

    • Sir Stamford Sir, always pleased to see you in your resplendent uniform of Empire a most invigorating sight, no doubt in your day you and a few stout men could have sent those Martian johnnies packing without any assistance from the womenfolk

  12. I wouldn’t watch this leftist pile of shit, because it was on the bbc,
    Nice to read some solid cunting on here though

  13. Women have bird bones. Apart from testosterone bull dykes they are incapable of any type of combat. As we saw on the bridge only men are prepared to engage the enemy. All this pc bollox does is feminise men. Fuck pc cuntishness.

  14. It’d be a fucking brave Martian that invaded London these days. “Dissin de cumooonidee” is frowned on and the Little Green Men would sharp learn their lesson after being raped,stabbed and having their space-ships stolen.

    • Wat da fuck you land your space ship here for man. Me tax it. Don’t keep fuckin staring at me man or I’ll fuck you up. ZAP….! Fuck you human cunt.

  15. It’d be a fucking brave Martian that invaded London these days. “Dissin de comooonidee” is frowned on and the Little Green Men would sharp learn their lesson after being raped,stabbed and having their space-ships stolen.

    • Eleanor Tomlinson would get my sonic-screwdiver right up her bumhole.

      • Kick B&W out the way first Fiddler, he’d be there slavering like a St Bernard with a pork chop.

        • I’d be fighting with him to try and get my tongue up her arsehole first.

          Ditto for Emma Stone.

          I like a bit of sexy ginger crumpet from time to time.

      • I’m completely gutted that it wasn’t the racist Martians’ heat-ray that zapped Grenfell Tower, the guns of The Thunderchild having been banned as a mark of solidarity for Dunblane, couldn’t fire back and was consequently fucked by the Martians too.

      • There’s more meat on a fucking butchers pencil.
        Strap a plank to your arse , or it’s a job for the Northumbrian Cave Rescue Squad.
        If they’re still talking to you.
        Good evening Dick.

    • Fuckon big tripod full of dark keys being chased by police up goldhawk rd! 😀

      • And then thwarted by an Extinction Rebellion climate change protest blocking the road with bongo drum playing hippies and a yoga class.

        • If they did turn up so long as they stated- ‘We come in peace’ it would be beholden on us to sit down with tea and a biscuit to explore the possibilities of how we can help them integrate into our society.

          • Wouldnt like them as neighbours Miles!
            “Morning earthling miserable”
            “Go back to yer own planet yer green bastard!”😀

          • Yes but once their fully integrated you wouldn’t notice Miserable. We’re a friendly sort up north they’d get to know the culture in no time. Who know but in a few short years they’d be in the club ‘Agadoo do do do..’
            Doing the dance an’ all.

          • Ee by gum earthling Miles!
            Coming nesting?
            Dunt thy like my raygun?
            Beetlebrox from Barnsley 😀

  16. Watched the first episode in a state of total disbelief. Total crock of shite, why not just make the main character a disabled black lesbian and be done with it. BBC is like a fucking vampire draining our pockets and culture fuck them.

  17. The Orson Welles version. The Martians are coming! The Martians are coming! I won’t lie I didnt listen to it all and yes there is a lots of pots and pans flying about but at one point it was actually very unnerving even for me listening all those years later. I could see why people believed it was happening at the time.
    Also he did (or to be exact the Mercury Theatre did) a thrilling version of The Man Who Was Thursday.

  18. I refuse to watch this unuttertable shite but for the Baboon Bigup Cuntfest this is practically straight out das Schwarz corps.

    I mean it should have been set in khunland with huge three legged pith helmets stealing all culture and technology from africa. Knocking down the pyramids (which we all know the khuns built) and infecting the saintly black master race with savagery, while sucking a couple of standard deviations of IQ out of them.

    Morgan Freeman and Samuel L jackoff could then have whupped their collectove bitch ass. The final scene would have been a large pith helmet upended and a gasping, pasty faced white man would expire at his masters feet.

    War of the worlds, fucking cuntfest of the worlds!

  19. The BBC is a cunt. With the bent shit on the radio, bastards like the grotesque Andrew Marr who can’t even manage the slightest veneer of impartially to any literary adaptation that they turn into an ass rippers fantasy. Fuck !

  20. Guido reporting Flabbots son has been charged with biting a police officer.Fantastic

  21. On the subject of PC shite and REAL “cultural appropriation”, layyyydeeeeeezzzz an’ gennnnnnermennnnn, I give you the CUNTS from the Hackney, or is that the Blackney Empire and their “re-imagining” of Dick Whittington” with a big BLACK DICK,

    Time for a “re-imagining” of Othello with a white Irish actor. We could call it O’thello Moor O’ Ballymena

    You can here the thcweammmmnth of wayyyyyyythithm clear over to the Andromeda galaxy.

  22. I’m a bit late to the thread, but Jeff Wayne’s 1978 Musical is still jaw dropping. I remember when it was released. Forever Autumn and the Eve of the War as cracking singles.

    Richard Burton’s mellifluous tones narrating the story.

    The AlBeeba can’t touch this with their woke wankery. They can go and aim a death ray up their collective, fat arseholes. The cunts.

    • Superb piece of music, Paul – remember listening to the “unscrewing of the cylinder” noise and shitting me pants, then getting off me arse to go and turn the 12″ vinyl over.

      Apparently the FX noise for the cylinder was a miked-up coffee jar being unscrewed down the bog in the studio ??

    • Fuck me! They ‘did’ do a remake of the day of the Triffids….it’s got that cunting wrong-cock Eddie Izzard in it….I want to hang myself.

      • I remember as a kid, watching Quatermass and the Pit shitscared from behind the sofa.

          • I think they’d fuck it up though, subtlety in filmmaking seems to have been lost in favour of just chucking cgi shit all over the screen (for example that the day the earth stood remake still from a few years back with the sentient plank of wood that is Keanu Reeves)

      • I would imagine Gizzard would fail abysmally, even as a plant.
        Was there a triffid called Lobelia, I wonder…

    • The original Day Of The Triffids film had an “off-screen” train crash in it – Tight-arsed gimps ! Great film though – proper shit me up back in the day…

  23. Thankfully I watch nothing the BBCistan makes and pay handsomely for it.
    They are incapable of not injecting the Gayness,tar babies and goat fuckers into everything then spunking a load of woke libtard shat all over it.
    Cunts maximum overdrive.
    Privatise it and see them fuck off in short order.

  24. If I saw a dead Martian at the side of the road I’d probably stop and stare.

  25. Evening Guys.
    Might I suggest that if you’re getting as sick of this BBC ‘woke’ shit as I am, get on their website and leave a comment or a complaint. I just did, it’s easy to do and I moaned like fuck. Don’t know if it does any good but at least you can get it off your chest and let them know what a bunch of snowflake cunts they are.

      • Best not put mine. They’ve heard from me in the past and I’m not sure that they’ll have forgotten the experience quite yet.

        • Points of View are still offering counselling services after a Fiddler rant on how the Beeb can improve their output.

  26. I just read some positive news, the ‘Star’ (aka cunt) of the BBC Mash report was booed off stage at a charity event when he started his Brexit shit.

    Nish Kumar , you are a fucking cunt, so fuck off!

  27. Cultural and literal appropriation (one of the lefts favourite terms) in reverse, it is nothing short of propaganda, in fact it is blatant, in so far that the original written word/narrative is ignored and storylines twisted to suit. How the BBC (more than others) can present themselves as neutral providers is laughable.
    The fact is the liberal left now see it as their mission to manipulate and twist any narrative to suit their own agenda, now this was well understood in Communist and authoritarian regimes as a given, but the fact it is happening in so called liberal/free democracies is more than a worry, as free thought and expression are already being curtailed by application of pedantic laws to protect those with a perception that can be so easily offended that they summon the lawyers for the merest of sleights.
    The Nazi’s burning of books is an incident often brought up, alas I see little difference as to the road we are heading down

  28. If the BBC did an adaptation of ‘ Brave New World ‘ it would set the standard by which all other irony would be measured.
    I managed five minutes of this WOTW woke shite, then decided to go and do something useful. What a load of utter fucking wank.
    What would Jeff Wayne and Richard Burton think ? ………
    ‘ Broadsword calling Danny Boy,
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy,
    Kill them all, repeat, Kill them all !! Over ‘
    Get To Fuck

  29. Same here, got about 10 minutes into the first episode and realised that here was just another blatant iteration of “The Project”. Little if anything remains of the original text, dripping with ‘agendas’ and wouldn’t grace it by watching episode 2. Cultural revisionism “as plain as is the Summer sun.”

    “Will Germany be sending money to the UK for the Blitz? To Poland, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Israel for the Holocaust?”

    Germany will be made to pay continually, both financially and (even worde) morally, until the Federal Republic itself collapses. The approbation and condemnation once reserved for Germany’s martial elites, was immediately extended post war to include the whole nation, then extended again in the 50’s to include even the descendants of the very people who flew those planes, bore their arms, drove those tanks and sailed the ships that brought Germany down! These days that same moral condemnation and screeching chorus of “fascist!!” is heaped upon ANY white male who even thinks a self-affirming thought! There’s been a complete moral inversion, classic Frankfart School praxis. What the fuck happened there? How the hell did we allow that to happen?
    Germany’s guilt will never be allowed to diminish, the whole state of Isreal is predicated on it for one and there’s a lot more geld to be gleaned from them yet despite the billions they’ve distributed into the EU over its history of membership as ‘holocausr trauma’ has now been deemed to be transmissable across the generations…
    …so what we’ve got here is a never ending story. Come on Poland, Rumania et al, get yer claims in now while there’s still a Republic to milch.

  30. I just wanted to see alien tripods shooting up London, a bit of drama and suspense….

    Even the gay guy at work hated it.

  31. The book was an anti imperialist tract; it was also an adventure story and pretty much a film script in waiting. It would take a real genius to fuck it up and that`s what happened. What budget it had went on utterly unnecessary special effects like Amy, (wrongly puffed up character) wandering around in a red murk, rather than the battle scenes and mass evacuation of London. The battles of Weybridge and Richmond were replaced by ten blokes and a machine gun and the potentially magnificent charge of the Thunderchild reduced to a pallid backdrop.

    The narrator (Wells) and the curate`s terrifying ordeal, trapped in a Martian pit ignored for some clunking, clumsy rants about being English. Christ it was painful to watch. Not just woke, ( it`s not about you, Tomlinson, or women in general, it`s a bloody story) also a fucking abortion of a brilliant novel and the film makers art. The cunts who raped this shouldn`t be employed painting a shit house door.

  32. Didn’t watch it but didn’t the original story start appropriately in ‘Woking’….

  33. Not seen it, but from all accounts the Speilberg version with Tom Cruise’s annoying fucking kids suddenly looks much better…

  34. The BBC want you to be ashamed of being white and male, they want to mentally castrate us, make us all cukold. When they achieve that they will start on black men, then they will make women ashamed to be feminine by preaching feminism.

    Eventually anyone who identifies as a gender will be marginalised, the bbc is at war with diversity in reality, the bbc agenda is all about everyone becoming clones, devoid of gender, scared of speaking out in fear of offending someone.

    The BBCs brain washing social engineering is so in our faces we can’t comprehend it fully.

    I caught a bit of this show, some cunt was comparing the Martian invaders to the British empire. Corbyn wants to teach kids about our evil empire and how to be properly ashamed of something most have no connection to.

    It’s staring us in the face, the BBC is the spear tip dipped in toxin. We really do have to starve that cancer on the nation of funding.

  35. The Orson Welles radio production which (allegedly) brought fear and panic to New York was certainly not unaltered. Welles adjusted the story to take place in the US but was reasonably faithful to the sense of locality which was a main engine of HG Wells’ narrative, and to the story line. It’s been mucked about a few times since, but going by the ISAC reviewers, never (including musical versions) as tastelessly and crassly as this.
    If the British Broadcasting Corporation can mutilate one of the most famous works of one of Britain’s greatest authors like this, it needs to be summarily and collectively shot.

    If I’d had a televison, I would have started to watch this, assuming it would be a rare acknowledgement of British literary excellence. I am delighted I didn’t. Even The Times’ TV critic disliked it, so I am not relying on you lot here.

    Wells was a lefty (Churchill read him, though). But he’d be spinning in his grave at this cornucopia of cunt.

  36. I think with most fads they don’t last long. Some things however that were popular stop being so only to come back again later on.

    This ‘wokeness’ craze might be popular now but hopefully not for long.

    • I wonder. I try hard to avoid conspiracy theories, but this has the shape of a co-ordinated exercise in social engineering. It’s too pervasive to be a mere fad. But I hope you’re right.

      • Rest assured Komodo, none of this happens by accident, it is designed and directed to a strict agenda from the point of conception to the point of delivery.

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