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In case you don´t recognise the name, he´s the former Brazilian president who has just been released from prison after the corrupt supreme court altered the rules, allowing jailed politicians to walk free on a technicality. The decision has opened the floodgate and the sewer rats are being freed by the score.

This pot-bellied, slimy former union leader, who has not done an honest day´s work for about 40 years, immediately attacked the only honest judge in Brazil who sent him to the slammer and is threatening to stand in the next presidential election.

Because he´s a lefty and loved by dictators in places like Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia, the left-wing media and politicians – including Bernie Sanders, the US version of Corbyn, and the Guardian, of course, – have hailed his release.

The lefties don´t like the current right-wing president Bolsonaro – who is an arse of the first order and makes Trump look like a statesman – but they never think that the reason the people voted for Bolsonaro was because they were sick to death of hypocrites like Lula and his mates who preach equality but exploit the poor for their own purposes.

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  1. I remember this cunt strutting around the world stage like Mr Big because Brazil was supposedly going to be the next economic powerhouse and a top 5 world power within 20 years. Some 25 years later, hows that going. Brazil is still an impoverished, indebted, dirty, corrupt second world shit house. Countries like Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela will always fail of their promise because their leaders are fundamentally corrupt and incompetent and the people easy prey to demagoguery.

    Mind you Brazilian women have got great asses. Lucky cunts.

    • Be careful what you wish for, this Lula cunt might end up in exile over here should the shit hit the fan. This country always seems to welcome slimeball greasers and all the sewer rats who follow them,

      • Thanks admin for ruining the only joke i could think of!-😣
        I had high hopes for Bolsarano, might look like Bob Monkhouse bit talked the talk.
        Since he came into power though hes done pretty much fuck all.
        Apart from destroying large parts of the Amazon Rainforest.
        Hes let logging companies in for a get rich quick sort of deal,
        But surely thats short term earning?
        Im a thick northern cunt, but even I can see if hes going to get sanctions imposed by environmental pressure.
        He coumd of milked donations from the west to protect it plus environmental tourism.
        Lulu will end up assassinated shortly.
        Deadpool banker lads👍

        our pleasure.

      • Send St Greta of Cuntberg over for a chat with him.

        Her squealing, snarling and general mincing will have him on his hands and knees pleading for mercy!

      • For sure MNC – Granny Grieve, Sourberries, Bercunt, Mrs Benn, etc, etc. Some of the biggest asses in the world. I’d sure want them in my hand if I was playing Top Trumps Asses of the World.

  2. We used to laugh at those South American countries with their corrupt politicians,judiciary and “ruling class”….we haven’t got the moral high ground any more. Our bunch of democracy denying,lying corrupt “leaders” would give any tin-pot Shitehole a run for it’s money.

    • PS…at least Brazil tried to lock this Cunt up…we still have Mr. Blair swanning around doing his Elder Statesman act.

    • You’re right there Dick. We can no longer claim the moral high ground.

    • If Corbyn wins power expect Lula to be invited as his Foreign Secretary in waiting (the complication of not being democratically elected by a constituency will of course be brushed under the carpet)

      • Not so far-fetched. We already have the delightful Nicola Sturgeon (unelected to Westminster) dictating defence-policy and demanding a seat at Brexit negotiations as the price of propping up a Corbyn government.

  3. perhaps its so early in the morning, but every time I read “Lula” here I have that fucking Suzanne Vega song “Luka” twirling around in my head!

  4. Off topic laura pidcock recently nom’d i think?
    Having a massive car crash interview with Kay Burley,
    Over the source of emails about the NHS, leaked by Russia it seems,
    Pidcock came apart at seams!😀
    Fuckin painful to watch!
    Never thought id say this but nicely done Kay!!👍

    • The far left have never been interested in the truth. Communist Russia ran on disinformation and lies, it used to be the thing that set us apart from them. Look at the same thing happening with the Trump impeachment. At least he’s told that stupid UN climate change cunt to fuck off.

    • Great news. Couldn’t have happened to a nastier cunt. Kumar needs to fuck of back to Islamabad if he doesn’t like the UK. Noxious cunt.

    • I fucking despise that Kumar cunt. And fair play to someone in the DM comments who used the term “leftwaffe”, quite like that!

      • The bread roll that was thrown at him was probably as stale as his ‘jokes.’

    • Lolita worthy of a cunting of it’s own for “inspiring” Sting to write the line, “just like that old man in that book by Nabokov”. Hang on – Sting, I feel a cunting coming on

  5. Lula started out pretty well, with popular support, and made substantial improvements, if only to Sao Paulo. Raising the money to do this was of course a major problem, as was the resistance of the very comfortable moneyed class to the very idea of socialist redistribution.

    There is a substantial body of informed opinion which suggests that Lula was fitted up with the charges which led to his imprisonment (and being barred from standing against Bolsonaro, whom he led in the polls) by his opponents. The UNHRC is of this opinion.

    I’d just like to add that a Mr.Blair had his globalist snout into Brazil from at least 2001 onwards, and was asked to fix the lowering of EU tariffs in Brazil’s favour – doubtless out of the goodness of his heart – as well as landing a lucrative advisory role with Sao Paulo province after Lula was removed. £4M annually.

  6. Total cunt, slightly related to the Lula period in power – Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad) is a damn fine film.

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