Andre Cettina

A nomination for Andre Cettina – this cunt owns The Tannery cafe in Auckland and has introduced ‘gingerbread gender neutral people’ biscuits. This was in response to a cunt customer who questioned why the human-shaped snacks were called ‘gingerbread men’ and not ‘gingerbread people’. I would have just told the cunt to fuck off.

There has been a mixed reaction but some cunts think it is only right that gingerbread biscuits were given a more inclusive label in these ‘gender-neutral times.’
Another cunt said “This is a conversation starter, and these issues won’t be dealt with until we are open to talking about them,” people getting mad about this completely miss the point of what it could achieve. It isn’t ‘PC gone mad,’ it’s an opportunity to take a good hard look at yourself and your feelings around a sensitive topic and do some real introspective work on why you feel the way you do.”

It’s probably been endorsed by that limp wristed snowflake prime minister Arden and no doubt will be in the UK soon.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

58 thoughts on “Andre Cettina

  1. That’s all fine, let them get on with it, just so long as this “neutrality” exists for all and not just again men.

    Therefore, no more “Mother Nature”, no more “Motherboard” or “Mothership”. No more “Women and children first” during disasters; no more “Women’s Association”, or “Mumsnet” etc etc etc

    If we’re going to live in gender-neutral times then everyone has to abide by it, and not just picking in easy targets like “snowmen” and “gingerbread men” et al

    • Id go off on one and have a gingerbread man with cock and gingerbread woman with pussy and arrange them into sexual poses and put them in shop window/fuck em!


      • The shopkeeper is quite right. A gingerbread “man” has no naughty bits, therefore cheating us out of a bit extra. They should always have called them “vaguely human gingerbread people”. Bit of a mouthful though.

  2. I wonder whether they have Gingerbread pronouns and frequent Gingerbread non-gender toilets where they encounter Gingerbread pædos who’ll fiddle with their Gingerbread genitals.

    • I wonder how the cunts that indulge in such puerile concerns cam manage to fucking breath unassisted or indeed why they are allowed to steal good oxygen from real people.

    • Love gingerbread.
      An gingerbread men, tasty little fuckers!
      Eat them in the van when working,
      Andre corrected me when eating them
      I’d spit it right in his fucking gay face.
      Hows about we rename em ‘dead quêërs Andre?”
      Oh an yer mam named you after bogroll.

      • Perhaps next he could make Gingerbread jihadîs and Gingerbread murdered victims with holes in and heads off. What a cunt.

      • Andre’s being sarcastic, isn’t he?

        If I owned that fucking cafe I’d add gingerbread gender-fluids, gingerbread trannies, gingerbread feminazis, gingerbread ‘child’ refugees, gingerbread James O’Briens, gingerbread 17.4 million far-right extremists, gingerbread boys wearing skirts to school…

      • Gingerbread gestapo
        Gingerbread klu klux klan
        An special ‘macho gingerbread’
        An ‘wifebeater’ gingerbread.
        Fuck you Andrex.

  3. Why not blondemen/women/indeterminate bread(sieg heil), blackmen/etc. bread(spinifex damper?), yellowmen/etc. bread(RACISTS, they don’t have bread) or brownmen/etc. bread(isn’t that naan?).

  4. “…it’s an opportunity to take a good hard look at yourself and your feelings around a sensitive topic and do some real introspective work on why you feel the way you do.”

    Thank you for the opportunity. I have indeed taken a good hard look at myself and my feelings around this sensitive topic and my introspective ‘work’* reveals that my feelings are that this is a load of woke bandwagon-jumping shite devised by cunts with nothing better to do and a competing gingerbread shop just over the road. There is probably a market for gingerbread cunts, come to think of it. Where’s my business plan?

    * A cunting is overdue for cunts who use the word ‘work’ in any other context than actual work. As in “I’m so working on my social profile.”

  5. There was a really simple solution to this. Make Gingerbread men with cocks and balls, and Gingerbread women with tits and fannies. After all, unless you have gone through some form of self-mutilation, it fairly easy to tell whose who physically once you’ve got your kit off.

    All this cunting around not being sure who you are identifying with regards to baked confectionary just goes to show what a bunch of spoiled first-world cunts we are all in danger of becoming.

    Personally I’m rather taken with the idea of blatantly sexualised cakes and biscuits.

  6. Imagine the confusion in department stores and clothes shops.

    No longer will there be a men’s floor, children’s floor, women’s floor; but now they’re going to have to make room for the cunts inbetween – the “gender neutral floor”.

    This floor will sell everything you’ll find on the men’s and women’s floors, but you won’t be able to ask a gender neutral to go to either floor because they will be mortally offended.

  7. Another thing… Why do they make them with 2 arms/legs? Hardly inclusive of the disabled is it? When I buy my gingerbread man I always get the Jihadi version; a pile of crumbs surrounded by 72 gingerbread Virgins…

  8. Sick and tired of this nonsense. A person cannot be gender neutral. It’s a physical impossibility. A human has only a male or a female chromosome, one of either, end of. This is what nature has provided. If a person wants to take advantage of medical science to change the appearance of their gender, then that’s their personal choice and I would be prepared to call that person “he” or “she” as a matter of courtesy. But it does not change their birth sex and I’m fed up with being ordered what to say or to deny the natural order of things so as to avoid “offending” 0.00000001 per cent of the population.

    The whole lot of them can fuck off.

  9. I feel that the sale of such things is offensive and I feel pained at the requirement to be pigeon holed into the stereotype of “person”.
    Since the world has come to its senses and accepted us and our new freedom to I identify ourselves as we wish I find that we are just further oppressed.
    I and many others who Identify ourselves as Lego bricks find the whole thing a savage attack on our identity, Why not Gender neutral, Non binary, Pan-sexual Lego brick being?
    ( I do appreciate that some beings may wish to identify as Mechano and I apologise for any offence caused in this statement)

    • Just noticed there is a problem with “person”, perhaps better written as “per-non gender specific offspring” ahh that’s much better dahhhhlings.

  10. Imagine film reboots of old classics:-

    12 Angry Persons
    All The President’s Persons
    Marathon Person
    Those Magnificent Persons in their Flying Machine
    Persons in Black
    The Irishperson
    And God Created Person
    Person in Red
    Pretty Person
    Little Persons

    And fuck knows what they’ll do with “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”

    • Iron Person
      Iron Person 2
      Twelve Angry Persons
      The Person From U.N.C.L.E.
      The Elephant Person
      The Wicker Person
      The Bird Person Of Alcatraz….

    • Gingerbread cocks and tits with cherry nipples.
      Christmas cake with a big arsehole on it.
      Only available Tescos this “holiday season”.
      Just fuck off.

  11. Jeez Holy Christ – what is the world coming to. The other day my eldest daughter (bless her innocence) said “Daddy I thought there were only men and women on earth – who are the others” – what does one tell her..!

    It seems like a small percentage of these snowflakes cunts, bored with their lives or whatever are out to make a name for themselves. Did any of you see the article last week where some gender benders, 30 odd years on regret what they’ve done and are now seriously thinking of jump back over the side of the fence they came from – cunts.

    What the fuck is next. Mr Men, Little Miss & Gender Bender Books:

    Some potential titles:

    Mr. Dickless
    Mr. Agender
    Little Miss Intersex
    Mr. Third Gender
    Mr. Transgender
    Mr & Mrs (doesn’t; identify with anything)
    Little Miss Genderqueer

    Any more suggestions…

    • A great new addition to the mr men someone who tells it like it is MR CUNT!I bet that wouldnt last long on daytime telly tho!hi im mr tickle who are you im mr cunt!now fuck off you touchy feely paedo!the little girl with the clown testcard would come straight up.please standy were experiencing technical difficultys

      He exists.

      • Ffs!lmfao bastards who would have thought it.welcome to the 20th century he ought to run for mayor

  12. Its not gingerbread men or women that the problem. It’s the latent prejudice against Gingers we should be addressing. Laid flat like that on the shelf in the sweet shop. Powerless they are. We don’t seem to see them as people do we? It speaks to that deep prejudice we have against carrot tops. I mean we encourage schoolchildren to amputate their legs and arms as some kind of reward. Then decapitate the head as if they were nothing. This hatred has got to stop.

  13. Eyetie cunt ought to be selling pizza and pasta anyway not stealing from our traditional baking recipes . Time to hoist these cunts with their own petard.

  14. So as to stay on board during this age of celebrating diversity, all Kit Kats sold on the Isle of Wight will now contain an extra finger….

  15. What is certain is that gingerphobia is deeply ingrained in our/your society.
    Neither in the original post nor in any of the subsequent comments is there any sign that gingerism is anathema. No, instead it is accepted that the only prejudice not acknowledged is gingerism.
    Why is it accepted that people of ginger can be chewed up, masticated and swallowed.

  16. Gingerbread is deserving of ridicule, a true connoisseur would only partake of Yorkshire Parkin, remember having some in Ossett (near Wakefield for those down South) heavenly

    • I like both ES, but if its a custody battle?
      Im going living with gingerbread.

      Ps sorry parkin. Ill always love you.

      • Must admit I do like ginger and treacle cakes, but the beauty of Parkin is you can have it with cheese a combination well suited

  17. “It isn’t ‘PC gone mad,”

    He’s actually correct although not in the way he believes, this isn’t political correctness “gone mad”; this is political correction working exactly as it was designed to i.e. to create psycho-social confusion, present an escalating menu of increasingly dysfunctional options/scenarios and (in the name of moderation) promote the one that appalls the populace the least, all the while knowing that even the least despicable path will be more degenerate than anything that went before. It’s a downward ratcheting mechanism with no means to release the restraining cognitive ‘pawl’ as it were so the mental stress of living under such an oppressive dispensation becomes intense and self-regenerative. The beast of today feeding on the feaces left by the beast of yesterday to soil the feedstock for the beast of tomorrow. The principal curators/instructors/handlers of these three beasts being the mainstream media of course.

    “…it’s an opportunity to take a good hard look at yourself and your feelings around a sensitive topic and do some real introspective work on why you feel the way you do.”

    And upon Komodo’s further advice and example I’ve done just that, well I tried to Andre but my ruminations were immediately invaded by a Perrinesque scene involving me, you, a Hilti nail gun that can shoot a 4” nail through an RSJ, a wind turbine and the administration of a petrol enema. Need a quick fag break after all that nailgun action but my careless flick of the match and … KAWOOOMPH! How about that, catherine wheels are my favourites too Andre! 🙂 and a spectacular way to enter Hell you’ll agree, bound to impress Beelzebub. But know this, I do a bit of sub-contract bollock nailing for Old Nick (good bloke always cash in hand) so me and m’ trusty Hilti will meet you at the door. S’gonna be fun Andy.

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