Cunts who Stare

Starers. I would like to nominate staring, gawking, no manner cunts please admin.

Staring is rude.

Staring is a challenge in the animal kingdom, and also in some public houses. From a young age, I learnt to be discreet in regard to staring.

Someone badly burnt? Don’t stare!
Someone mental? Don’t stare!
People arguing in street? Dont stop and watch wi yer gob open catching flies, or your liable to get involved.

But lots of nosy, staring, gawking, can’t-mind-yer-own-business-cunts about nowadays, rude bastards not brought up wi manners! If I’m on a country track, whip my cock out for a slash an you walk round the corner pretend you’ve not seen me, don’t fuckin stare! If yer that interested get over here and give it a shake dry.

Nosy cunt.

Nominated by Miserable northern cunt

43 thoughts on “Cunts who Stare

  1. Good point, but that said if I see some bird walking down the street wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt, no bra, short pleated skirt and very long legs, then I’m going to stare and stare and stare!

    (Of course in this touchy-feely age, I’ll probably be arrested for attempted rape!)

  2. Random cartoon time.

    I dont have to stare I have a nice 4 camera cctv system on my little cottage in beruit , oh and the local shop was ram raided last night, so I see a larger shortage about to hit the area.

  3. I totally agree with this cunting, it’s fucking rude and it is a challenge. If I’m being stared at I stare back, it’s just a natural reaction.


    I did stare at some birds arse in the garage whilst queuing up to pay and it did look like it was up for a challenge.

  4. “It’s rude to stare” was one of the first things I remember being taught.

    Didn’t stop me staring at a group of Brentwood skinheads in 1968 (first time I’d seen a skin in the flesh) and them crossing the road to give me a good kicking.

  5. I didn’t think people stared nowadays. They just film everyfuckingthing with their phones. Don’t help. Just film.
    And no problem with getting your dick out in the countryside. Depending how you ‘shake’ it.

  6. The trouble is you do get lots of attention-seeking cretins who dress in such a way that they want to stand out from the crowd and get attention. But then they go all defensive if you stare at them for more than 10 nanoseconds!

    • I actually said this to barber who asked me how I wanted it. I told him I just wanted it shorter but didn’t care about the style because I didn’t generally see it.

      • Any barber that did that to my head would now be dead. Then again, the guy in the video looks the sort of brain dead cunt who would be proud of that!

  7. Great Non Miserable.
    I think in fact I know if I was on London Bridge the other day I would be the one standing staring. Doing nothing. No personal initiative.
    If someone is learning me how to do something I just stare. I am thinking ‘you can do it so do it’. Or I’ll learn it later by trial or error.
    What did the poet say? ‘What is this life if we have no time to stand and stare’.
    That as well. Where you enter that state that’s called a distraction fit. But you’re not really distracted you’re focused. On nothing.

  8. I don’t imagine they were staring at you MNC – merely straining to focus in on what appeared, at first glance, to be an old man squeezing a budgie’s toe between his thumb and forefinger, when they rounded the corner.

  9. My missus went off to size up her opposition in this year’s, “Britain’s Saggiest Tits Competition.”

    I said, “So, how do you fancy your chances?”

    She said “I’ll wipe the floor with ’em”….

  10. Do notice that a few of our Asian and African friends stare especially when I get out of my car and cross the road to work. Must be the concept that’s alien to them hence the staring.

    • That’s very true. Living in a relatively moose limb free area, I only came across this when my daughter was a student in Leeds. In the Hyde Park area where students rub up against the limbs, it was unnerving the way the cunts stared at you as if “what are you doing on my patch?” I always made sure I left before nightfall.

  11. Afternoon Miserable. I can tell you came up with this nom from your own personal experience. I know that I’d stare if a 6’7” Brian Blessed lookalike stumbled in to my Peak District local. I’d also be thinking “ is this fucker going to drink the place dry?”

    • Afternoon Bertie!
      Yes wrote this after couple of ales an sunday dinner in the peaks.
      Im used to being stared at, i understand I look ‘odd’ very big, massive beard etc
      But was dying for a piss, no one around, missus meant to be keeping eye out, mid flow 2 hikers walk round corner, but rather than keep walking the bloke stopped staring!
      Grown up where not bothered by nakedness, in changing rooms after football an shower, used to it,
      You wouldnt stare would you?
      Same in gym, dont really notice, do you.
      This nosy twat staring but im mid flow!
      So brazened it out, carried on an leered at em!😀
      Missus said she was embarrassed,
      Told her as a lookout shes useless.

  12. People are like sheep. If you stand in the middle of a street and look up towards some random clouds in the sky (perhaps enforced with an arm raised and pointing in the same general direction), sooner or later passers by will stop and stare first at you, and then at whatever if it you’re pointing at.

    And when they can’t “see” what it is you’re staring at they’ll ask the question “What are you looking at?” And that’s when you can either be truthful and say nothing at all, it was only an experiment of the human condition, or be inventive and say “That cloud looks like Greta Thundercunt!” and leave them non-plussed, but they’ll still continue to stare at fuck all while their brains try to “look” for Greta!

    • Just on local news, crowd in lake district spot cloud that looked like Greta thunderbolt!
      One local resident said-“this is a sign weve only 11yrs left!”

      • It will be interesting to know what will happen in 11 years time and the end of the world as we know it.

        Do we have a particular day in mind. Just so long as its not in March as its my birthday, but if the end of the world can happen before December 25th then I won’t bother with prezzies.

        Come on Greta, give us a fucking clue!

        • Agree, my birthdays march (23rd admin if your organising a whipround)
          And itd be nice if she waited till after that, say june?
          Know you read ISAC greta so if you could let us know?
          Know your a busy little raspberry but was going to have a party!
          No point if its the end of the world.

  13. It used to bother me. I live in an area with many assorted Mediterraneans and Africans, It’s de riguer for the wogfolk their wives and kids to sit in public spaces and stare at you. I just stick my tongue, two fingers out and swear at them in Gaelic. The confused look due to their ignorance that I must be recent non English speaking boat trash but look like a colonial brings me a modicum of amusement.

    • Was it de rigeur, wogfolk or Gaelic that got me moderated?

      Neither, I just felt like being a cunt myself.

      • That’s why we love you and keep coming back. Come to Oz, it’s like 30 years ago, I’m so glad I’ll be dead by the time we catch up.

    • Unless its a spaceship burning through the sky or a escaped polar bear,
      No not staring either moggie,
      Im not awestruck by the mundane.

  14. Imagine if you will Flabbott running/dancing naked through Downing Street should Labour win the next election!

    This tells you two things:

    a) if you don’t want this to happen don’t vote Labour
    b) you’ll never stare at anything so hideous ever again!

    • Perhaps we should start an ISAC calendar comp. – Twelve wimmin you REALLY don’t want to see naked.
      Flabbott, Thunderpants, Lucarse, Thornpiggerry, Maybot…

      Oh jeez, I’ve just sharted. I fear this could be a 5-year calendar…

  15. Sorry Admin!😀
    Triggered me!

    Not to worry MNC. I removed the original post and thread, so nothing you said was the reason. Just to end the bickering.

  16. Mnc, you are a total gentleman and I wholeheartedly agree with your nom and there I shall leave it.

    I wouldn’t want my female ‘fragility’ to get me into any more shite.

    Have a great evening!

    • Sorry to you both. Upon reflection, I was clearly being a complete cunt, and Admin was quite correct to delete my posts. I am sorry that yours got lost in the clean up too.

  17. Staring and leering are very different things. The second is definitely permissible and becomes moreso the older you get .

    I male absolutely no attempt to even hide the fact that I’m doing it now

  18. Not totally off-topic, as this pm’s PP Broadcast was grim; so grim I thought it was left-overs from Chris Tarrant’s Transylvanian, Dracula-themed train journey last night.
    On behalf of the Welsh Greens (leeks ? daffs ?)…a fizog so unbelievably hideous and warped, filling the entire screen, that Vlad the Impaler would’ve dropped his stakes and run for dear life. A fizog so ghastly that tv was only permitted to render it in b/w, possibly for fear of colour rendition causing the entire nation to spontaneously combust.
    Laydeez an Gen’mun, may I introduce…Caroline Lucarse. Deluded old trout.

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