Am I the only cunt not shedding tears over a lorryload of dead Vietnamese asylum seekers in Essex this week?. I have to report that Sugartits and Granny Grieve are VERY worried since it ties in with their remoaning, but please:

The clergy in Vietnam are shedding tears, the “people” are shedding tears – however take away the maudlin stance and it appears they (including the padre’) were all in collusion with the fuckwits.

Last evening on the Wireless 4 news they explained “how poor” these cunts were – yes, so poor they could find them £30,000 each for their fare. What poor person in Britain could lay their hands on a sum of that sort in a hurry?. If some kidnapper took Mrs Boggs and demanded £30,000 for her safe return they would have to keep her – I wouldn’t pay that sort of money to get her back.

These people found the money by some means and agreed to hide in the back of a lorry, or as in other cases a rubber boat, and however thick as pig shit they were they must have known they were entering into a dishonest and illegal transaction.

I might be a harsh bastard but we all know this sort of shit goes down every day. Perhaps if a few more of the bleeders perished it might make some of the devious cunts think twice about it.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

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  1. Its the same old same old really, Cunts kick off about transporting live cattle and its cruelty.
    Then some cunt comes up with the groundbreaking idea of importing frozen immigrants and that’S wrong as well!

    • ‘spose we should just be grateful that they did’t end up in the curry, or the fukka pies…

  2. Nice WC! Agree totally!
    Why would England need a load of viet cong charlie gook cunts here working for 70p a hour!
    Now normally im a bit of a bleeding heart. Bit soft, but in this case im gonna court controversy an say
    Fuck em!
    Couldn’t give a shite if the whole population of vietnam snuffed it in a lorry!
    Stay in your own fuckin county no rice paddies here, nowt for you here!

    • but surely you eat cockles don’t you? back bone of the industry they are, failing which they do a good job in the nail bar.

      • Hi lord Benny, dont eat anything with ‘cock’ in the title, but yeah due my nails done!
        Oh well, have to struggle on!😁

    • Fuckin spot on piece of cunting! Fuckin vermin had no right coming here in the first place. Hope the same fate befalls every other cunt trying to get into our country illegally!

  3. What puzzles me is they are able to pay smugglers thousands of pounds. Why not just buy a plane ticket, visit the UK as a tourist then just disappear? A tad safer as well as cheaper.

  4. I suppose when someone is truly desperate, they’d pay anything to get away from whatever is troubling them.

    • I used to help bat back Romanians from Croatia, the smugglers would dump them in Pula and tell them they were in Italy, (they would get nicked and sent back).
      There were a few bad cases that I recall, one group hid in a railway truck carrying logs, when it was shunted they got crushed and perhaps the worse one was in zagoria where the smugglers dumped them on a hill and pointed at a village telling them it was in Austria they walked down to it, It wasn’t and they had been sent through a mine field, they all made it, got nicked and sent home but the smugglers are cunts.

        • that’s easy, in socialism everyone has a job.
          Failing state enterprises are propped up by successful ones.
          When democracy (well sort of) turned up a lot of people lost their pretend jobs and the state no longer provided.

  5. Have you noticed as well that one particular ex-girl has become the poster child of this farrago? The hot one…. didn’t pick a wizened 80 year old gran who looks like she’s spent her life getting the business up the bum from the US Marine Corps for the TV spots did they??

  6. Another lot (alive this time) dragged out of a truck today near Chippenham.

    So much for fucking security at channel ports.

    • Yes the Remoaners crying about cross border checks on produce, etc.

      Crates of illegals…not so much!

    • They will be, the IRA is a criminal organisation, it has never been either religion nor politics which concerns them. Making money through crime and intimidation is their only motivation. Fenian CUNTS

  7. No, you’re not alone. I don’t give a fuck either. I heard on the news this morning about another 15 of the fuckers found in the back of a lorry. I also heard about the NHS being over-stretched. Can’t the stupid cunts in charge correlate these two facts? Those 15 cunts are in now – they are never going back. They’ve made it to the promised land of socialist Britain. Free housing, free education, free health-care, free money. Just come here, sit about all day and you’re fucking laughing.

    I hope more of the cunts die before they can get here.

    Fuck off.

  8. £30,000 is chicken feed compared to the amount of money these parasites would have ended up leeching out of our already overburdened system.

  9. To say nothing of the foreign aid received by Viet-bloody-nam from England. We have similar incidence of bludgers here in the colonies. When people from cultures where it is common to see dwellings no greater than a mud hut start demanding the same entitlements bestowed on those who invented, created, managed and built civilisation, reality ̶a̶s̶ ̶w̶e̶ as I know it has gone to the dogs.

  10. I have sympathy for people trying to escape shitholes, I’d want out of the crapholes they run from.

    The facts though is these people often pay thousands to criminals in their own countries and more along the way to their destination. It ain’t my fault when they die on the way, they chose an illegal route and they put their lives in the hands of criminals who took their money and have not one fuck.

    The libtard answer is let them all in, but even if we did we would have to shut the door at some point having turned this country into a bigger crap hole.

    The answer is stronger border controls and prosecution of anyone involved in trafficking.

    Lastly we have to deport each and every person that enters the country illegally regardless of age and gender.

    Arrive with no papers? Internment camp until we find out where you come from.

    Harsh yes but making it attractive to come here illegally draws people to come.

  11. I’m actually thinking of buying a wagon with a freezer unit and,like a glorified “Childcatcher” in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, touring the Continent enticing “asylum-seekers” into the back of my wagon….” Free money this way.Um’Bongo” I’ll shout as I slam the doors of my mobile euthanasia unit and set the temperature dial to zero….a good 3 hours at “Polar Ice-cap” setting should be enough to leave them unable to complain about my wanton lack of concern for their comfort.

    Fuck them.

    • No butcher them and use them for Donor parts there is good money in organs, How do you think the paramilitary made so much money in Bosnia?

    • Just keep your eyes peeled for Fiddler’s new Vegetarian range….” It might taste and smell like shit but it’s better than fucking tofu” that should take care of most of the frozen bodies….I might store a couple of the better looking ladies in my ice-house to see me over the winter …few hours in front of a roaring open fire, me at my most sophisticated and witty,a few glugs of whiskey and I’ll melt their hearts…and even if I haven’t melted their hearts,it won’t really matter just as long as the frost has gone from their fannies,I’ll have a bash.

  12. It’s most unfair to suggest that those cunts who escape terminal hypothermia will be sitting on their arses claiming benefits. They’ll be working those arses off tending hydroponic skunk farms while their employers work every possible scam in their names.

    I have to admit, though not too tearfully, that the real cunts here are the smugglers, international gangmasters and suppliers of infinite-interest unsecured credit in whose clutches the immos find themselves.

    Though, yes, failure to recognise that your journey to the streets paved with gold will be undertaken at minus 20 degrees certainly qualifies you for a posthumous cunting.

      • I’m no expert, I admit. And yes, the last call from one of them (fuck knows how the signal got out) supports that. But if asphyxia hadn’t got them (if there had been fewer, say), they’d have been pretty well chilled.

          • Never been boiled in oil, but I went through the ice on a lake when I was a kid, freezing wasn’t too bad, but being defrosted in a cold shower afterwards hurt like fuck, I sympathise with the turkey in the sink.

  13. Fuck them!

    It has come to the point where I really don’t give a shit if these cunts live or die. It’s there choice to come to this country through illegal means, and i don’t see why I should feel grief-stricken because in this particular case it all went tits up and they died!

    Fuck them and their fucking families. Enough is enough: why travel all this way when there are better safe havens closer to home,

    I piss on all 39 graves. Fuck off!

    • They’re costing this country money whichever way you look at it. How much will we have to pay for all the investigations and the repatriation of the bodies? Because the authorities aren’t going to accept them all being put into paupers graves.

      • I might like at this point to mention to the ill informed as regards(triads/vietcong people smugglers)they dont have to come up with 30 k jmmediatley .they oversee that once there is a collective number of illegals in place then they are smuggled into blighty.once they get here and find a job then 30k debt is due in monthly repayments failure to do so warrants executuion of family i dont condone or agree with it but due to brexit!immigration got swept under the carpet.

        • If that’s the case they should have read the small print, anyhow, their sponsors (family) are well aware sometimes borrowing against their farm/land to pay, you engaged in an illegal practice with criminals if it goes tits up don’t look to blame anybody apart from yourselves

  14. Never fear: the cunt will just plead “mental health isshoos” and he’ll get a lighter sentence

  15. Well I think it’s a damn shame. They were looking forward to their new lives as night shift cockle pickers on Morecambe Bay.
    Heartless, you lot.

    • Rich Remainer, Gimmecunt lovers like Linkecunt is probably in mourning right now, probably thinking “Fuck, there goes some really cheap (ie.below minimum wage and no worker rights) domestic labour I could have done with!”

  16. The Dinks are apparently complaining that the deceased were referred to as “Criminals”. FFS what is legal about entering a country hiding in the back of a lorry?
    Still I’ve been told there will be a documentary about the incident/ I don’t know when it will be aired but the trailer made me laugh…

  17. As Donald Trump says, if there were more physical and human barriers (more efficient border security) then people would think twice about making journeys like this. Our porous borders and stories of being a land of milk and honey (most of it true) has now led to people dying in these circumstances. Don’t get me wrong it’s a terrible way to die but it’s not surprising due to the soft touch the nation has become.

  18. I heard that Flabbott said it should be made safer for them that travel in the back of lorrys.
    Shadow Home Secretary ffs

    • Perhaps there should be 3 different classes in the back of a lorry: Rich Scroungers, Ordinary Scroungers, Scumbag Scroungers. Topped of with a trolley-dolly serving refreshments, with TVs either end of the container

  19. As I think upon them the napalm drops upon their like.
    Try Saudi Arabia first you robbing floppy parasites.
    See how you go on.

    • Visit Saudi Arabia…before it visits you.

      I must sign off now, as I’ve just found a latex-clad stowaway Charlotte in my bed.

      I may be gone some time…

  20. That’s the shit that I can’t wrap my mind around: these cunts claim to throw down $30K+ UP FRONT to get the opportunity to die horribly. No way I could pony up that sort of cash, and I’m one of the privileged ones (ie. Westerner). I mean, if I had the choice to maybe die horribly in my home or die horribly afar, with that sort of cash on hand, I would stay home and (maybe) go out in style. I know, I know, some of them don’t pay up front and end up indefinitely enslaved to some sadistic turd to pay off their debt, but even then, I would sooner die at home than spend the rest of my probably short life working my life away for a fucking literal slave driver and his kapos.

  21. When Diane Abbott heard initially that it was a metal container full of Chinese, she asked if it came with prawn crackers and spring rolls!

    These cunts are lawbreakers, pure and simple.

    I feel sorry for the grief their families must be suffering for *their* loss, but not one tear even from my japs eye for the cunts themselves!

    Once they knew it was Vietnamese they should have just plonked it back on the ship and sent it back.

    I mean, we know the freezer works don’t we! 😋

  22. Labour (and libtards in general) have been kicking off about this and how we need to be more open, but they seem to be missing one obvious point.

    Those that tragically died, were trying to escape living in a ‘Socialist Utopia’, the likes of which Comrade Corbyn would love to have us all living in.

    The thick cunts.

  23. I had to wonder why these Vietnamese popsicles didn’t go to a beach in northern France and get on an inflatable or even a plank of wood and let the waves carry them across the channel . And then I remembered why they didn’t . Charlie don’t surf.

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