Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew is a Cunt.

He is a rude, obnoxious bore with “friends” in both high and low places. Dodgy Russian businessmen queue up to give him money, while American businessmen offer him 5 star treatment at their “homes” (without him ever realising that they were actually convicted kiddy-diddlers),because he is such good company presumably.

Andrew and Harry are the main reasons why the Royals are becoming so unpopular and if The Queen can’t recognise that fact perhaps it’s time that the old trout finally released her interminable grip on the taxpayer-teat,packed up her grasping extended family and Fucked Off.

Nominated by Dick de Pfeffel Foxchaser-Fiddler

82 thoughts on “Prince Andrew

  1. Fucking right. The whole lot of them need to pack their bags and fuck off back to Germany. Leave means leave.
    I hear that Airmiles and Fergie are getting back together again. That’s probably because nobody else wants to know the pair of grasping, greedy parasites. The sooner they all get a job and fuck off the better.

  2. Dear cunters one question.

    Would anyone actually miss this lot?

    Just press rate if you wouldn’t miss them at all.

    • Good nom Fiddler!
      He puts the leech in lecherous.
      This is what becomes of men who never work and mummys over indulge.
      Still, it’s the family old trade, the craft of parasite.

      • A proper lizard illuminati Miserable, and he spunked out those pair of Bambi eyed buck-toothed wasters, Eugenie and Beatrice.

        • Morning LL!
          Yeah whats with his kids eyes?
          Like theyve been told something amazing!!
          Bulging goggle eyed,
          “So you mean WE never work? WE live off the sweat an toil off others?

          • Always thought they look like one of the porn “actresses” who’ve underestimated the girth of a big silverback’s appendage at the moment of introduction to the old back passage. Not that I watch that kind of thing you understand

  3. There is still work for Randy Andy to do – pull down their drawers and break in the back doors of Jo Swinson and Gina Miller. Get the old axle grease on the todger and impregnate Jess Phillips – he is a war hero so he has been in worse places than that. If he is back with slaggy Fergie, she can play her part – get her to sit on Granny Grieve’s face immediately after one of her malodorous shits, and line up all the Labour poofters to introduce them to the pleasures of the cunt – she could make a start on Gaylord Adonis and Mangledbum. Go on Fergie give the whole lot of the fuckers the clap – the clap they so richly deserve.

    • Fucking hell, you really have thought long and hard into this! Not that I am disagreeing, but you certainly paint a hideous tapestry of disgusting/depraved imagery!

      How anyone would want to get anywhere near that Fergie slagbag is beyond me! She must stink of putrid fish and 6 inches of encrusted spunk round her holes – a dreadful woman who deserves her own cunting if anyone can be arsed.

    • Andy is indeed a cunt, choosing fergie as his wife was weird, Koo Stark or the ginger minger?

      Speaking of our Gina, I was listening to a report where Soros is funding democrat backed legal cases in the states to fight battles that cannot be won at the ballot box. Politicise the legal system is a globalist tactic we have to fight.

      • I don’t wish anyone dead, but old Soros is not far off kicking the bucket. I wonder what will happen to his filthy money then?. He can’t take it with him – it would probably melt where that old cunt is going.

  4. I heard that when Airmiles gets invited round some rich cunts house they have to hide all their portable antiques in case he walks out with them in his pocket. Light fingered cunt.

    • Gypsy fingers? A prince of the realm?
      Surely not?
      Is that why Charles is always patting himself? “Wheres ones wallet?”

    • Really? Do you know something we don’t Krav? Has he been on a State visit to Bumholia?

  5. I’d forgotten this cunt was still alive!

    Andrew, Edward and Jug Ears were the princes I never stopped hearing about during my youth, and looking back I have to say all three of them are/were about as useful as a porcupine up the arsehole! (which maybe a bonus for some)

  6. Always had a soft spot for Phil, was CoC of my Regiment as tactful as a badger and fought in the second world war (Navy, but I will let him off).

    I am not sure what happened to the children and grandchildren though.

    • I always feel Philip would be an ideal contributor to ISAC. In fact I have often wondered if our Mr. Fiddler might be him under a non-de-plume?. He is certainly forthright enough.

    • I think when Phil is breathing his last, at least he’ll be able to reflect (very happily) that Andrew Porchester-Diddler was NOT the fruit of his loins.

      In a way, I hope he’s dropped a few illegitimi outside Buck House…

  7. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this site and its brilliant contributions, whenever I need a laugh ( most days) I log in and it hits the button. Should be compulsory reading at universities, debated in the commons, and forced on our MGBGT weirdos wherever they gather, I would nominate it for an award, but not sure the establishment would approve, please keep up the good work.

    Thank you for your kind words

  8. Yep this bloke is a proper dodgy cunt Fucks underage girls then bare face lies about it
    Sponges off the tax payer dispute having a rumoured wealth of 59 million He is the Queens favourite Son and can do no wrong in her eyes Prince Charles hates this twat as much as we do on here I’m hoping Charles gives him the boot when he becomes King whenever that with be Andrew HRH Nope a proper cunt

    • I might be wrong but I think an “allegedly” might be needed if he has indeed fucked underage girls

          • How do you know he hasn’t shagged Young under age girls? The evidence says he has and a a number of times at that and at different locations. He is a pompous arrogant prick who thinks English Law does not apply to him as he has HRH status He needs knocking down a peg or two He’s just a minor royal scumbag Next time you see him tell him I said so

          • What ever I’d be pleased for him to show up Or he could go on The Lists at Ashby “Trial By Combat“ Id knock his teeth in Kid Shagger

        • Alrite George? You making powerful enemies?
          Haha made me laugh that!
          ‘Tell him I said so…’😁

  9. A prime example of a spoilt brat who always thinks with the small head. Andrew has journeyed through life being lead by his todger.

    A great and deserved cunting. Is this really his maiden outing?

    • No. It’s his third outing… although the second mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again.

    • What cracks me up about these kind of articles is the sneering tone they usually take; the headline states “some” people are not happy, in other words the RACIST HOMOPHOBIC MISOGYNIST SCUM that the writers consider anyone who takes umbrage with the subject to be. Also there’s usually some quotes, a couple from normal types which I reckon are always made up, as they usually contain the phrase “it’s PC gone mad!!” which I don’t believe anyone’s ever used, and then some bollocks about how great it is people are now talking about these important issues. Fark orf yer cunts.

    • I am sure some of these cunts do it to get publicity, reading the article it started as piss take by the cafe owner.
      The problem will come when the fucking libtards jump all over this shit and start insisting that everything is gender fucking neutral.

      It may be a piss take but you can fast forward 10 years or so and anyone who is a (real) male will be required to include the ‘cis’ bollocks.


      • More fool the cunts who cave to the libtard twats. But the problem is if anyone refuses to change their ways, the SJWs go straight to Twitter and slag off the person and/or business in order to give it a bad name.

        • It will be a sad day for Diane Abbott and David Lammy if they ever make gender neutral jelly babies. They both ask for boy baby jelly babies because they get a little extra bit of jelly

    • What cracks me up about these kind of articles is the sneering tone they usually take; the headline states “some” people are not happy, in other words the RACIST HOMOPHOBIC MISOGYNIST VERMIN that the writers consider anyone who takes umbrage with the subject to be. Also there’s usually some quotes, a couple from normal types which I reckon are always made up, as they usually contain the phrase “it’s PC gone mad!!” which I don’t believe anyone’s ever used, and then some bollocks about how great it is people are now talking about these important issues. Fark orf yer cunts.
      I may have posted this twice, cunt that I am – keep forgetting about the word “sc*m”

    • As a child when I was in my helping in the kitchen phase I used to give the gingerbread men genitalia, at that stage I was unaware of the world occupied by bum bandits otherwise in the interests of inclusion I would have fashioned some bumholes as well

  10. A Royal waste of time, all of them ! I hate to say it but I have to keep my mouth shut in front of my parents as they grew up in a different time. A time when you could be proud of Britannia and proud of this land, they know what it has become, we all do and the royals are part of it. I used to be proud to be British but lets be honest now it seems a fucking embarrassment. I’m me ROB KNOTT fuck off.

  11. It’s a sad indictment but when Liz’s tenure is over, I fear that maybe it for our Royals.

    Now I’m no, republican, and I know the role of monarch as head of state is a purely ceremonial one, but Liz has doled out her duties with dignity and respect during her reign.

    When Charles takes over it will be a flash in the pan like Edward VII’s (who was also the Price of Wales for decades under his mother’s reign of longevity) only without the character (and whoring).

    I thought William may save the last vestiges of Royal decorum but now that his brother has been cucked by the Markel creature, and turned into a teary-eyed victim, it’s already damaged William’s ascent through association.

    Monarchs should be stuff upper lip types – what – not dribbling, virtue-signalling blancmanges!

    When that happens their kudos is gone and they become even more pointless than a powerless head of state, they literally are selfie fodder for the Yank and Jap visitors to our foreign capital.

    We might as well sell the fuckers to Disney and have them installed in Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Florida where the Yanks have free rein to click away till their hearts content!


    • Sooner or later the boy Hewitt will be pussy whipped into moving to America anyway. He can make a living doing selfie poses for tourists on Hollywood Boulevard. Perhaps the rest of the cunts will follow him out there.

      • To be fair to William I am fairly sure he and Harry are only half brothers. A sort of Royal Del-Boy and Rodney. Like Mrs Trotter, Diana was a very “giving” woman.

    • When the old guard do pop their clogs or step down and let the yoof take over the throne, you can be sure the old traditions at Buck House and Windsor Castle will be swept away to make way for a new touchy-feel virtue signalling new world:-

      no more union flags
      the national anthem changed
      no more mention of the Commonwealth (or the Games)
      No more knighthoods as calling someone “Sir” is offensive to the usual suspects.
      Remembrance Sunday will be banned (history began in 1997)
      And no more “King” or “Queen” titles as that would offend the gender fluid twats.

      A brave fucked up world awaits!

      • A knighthood is the true mark of a cunt, with a few honourable exceptions.

        In any given era the Royal Family always seeks to update itself and mirror the society that bows and scrapes to them.

        For my parent’s generation, the Queen and Prince Philip were perfect… in that my parent’s generation identified with them and their traditional values, despite being on a completely different planet when it came to wealth and privilege.

        It’s the same with the snowflake millennial generation who currently identify with the reflected PC libtardism of William, Ginger Nuts and his diverse #MeToo feminazi SJW slag Meghan Markle.

        The Royals constantly reinvent themselves to suit the changing culture and values of their fawning, sycophantic subjects.

        When Big Ears ascends to the throne he’ll no doubt be a bit of an anachronism, though the sheeple will still lap up his Green,‘defender of faith’ mumbo-jumbo bullshit.

        • They never made Beckham a knight of the realm.

          Posh was totally gutted – because she wanted to be Lady “Pouty Bitch” – but Becks was more accepting, stating: “Well, oy don’t fink walkin’ ahrahhnd in a suit of armour every day is comfy, is it babes?”

    • In total agreement. Never been anti royal, but lately I don’t see the point beyond the Queen.
      As for Andy’s bug eyed offspring, it’s only being a minor royal that gets them laid, otherwise they would be what we used to call back in the day “ten to eleveners”, meaning if you hadn’t pulled by 10:50 pm, with closing time rapidly approaching, you had to drop your standards in search of a rub. Ahh, the good old days…

    • Installing Prince Andrew in the Disney Castle would surely be reckless think of the opportunities for underage liaison

    • Agreed !

      Oddly, was out shopping yesterday, and spotted some Royal Doulton figurines in dept. store. The sort of crinoline laydee that Grannie used to have, sitting by the phone. Well, %$&&”* me if there wasn’t one of a couple of toff-types, both in red army get-up (NOT Soviet Red Army…) arm-in-arm, one holding a baby. One was obviously supposed to be the bald twat (Cambridge ??), but the other one had crimped grey hair a la Miss Marple. I thought it was some “inclusivity & diversity” thing, so I upended the disgusting object, and on the base it said “Future Kings”… You could’ve fucking fooled me…
      Mind you, the one of Laydee Mary from Downton looked as if she was wearing a chlorinated latex dress. Most felching.

  12. Absolutely Billy!! Has me snorting my tea back up through my nose most mornings. I think we’re better off under the radar though – can you imagine the furore if one your LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA (that’s a real acronym by the way), BAME, gimmegrant, Extinction Rebellion cunts etc. got wind of the stuff on here – it would be a mass episode of the head-popping scene from the movie Scanners!

  13. I can just about tolerate Brenda. She keeps a low profile and it won’t be long before she shuffles off stage left.

    The rest…. living in the lap of luxury waving their virtue-signalling flags every fucking day in every fucking way. It started with that over-hyped simpering Sloane Diana and it hasn’t let up since. Megan Sparkle and the half-wit she’s married to need to be stuck in a top floor flat in Tower Hamlets for a couple of months to cool off. Sarah Ferguson crawling out from under the rock she’s been hiding under…seriously? Who wants or needs these vermin? Where do they find these oily pole-climbers?

    Let Brenda peg out and then they can all fuck off, and when they get there they can fuck off even further. I’m being rude.. fuck off, please.

  14. We all knew that it was a mattter of time before Putin’s troops appeared on Britain’s streets. We just didn’t think it would be this soon!!.

    On the eve of Remembrance Sunday, here’s a story that will gladden your heart amongst all the present gloom and doom. Please look at the link as you might find it uplifting!

    • I have a raspberry scooter in storage ready for my monopedia, I had thought of doing it sand cammo but that is an excellent idea If I upgrade the motor and gearbox use real armour plate I could make a killdozer for the asda shop!

      • Good on the old duffer. It might protect him when the architects try to nick his collection box.

        • Am converting my arse into a flamethrower. Sainsbury’s house Seffrikan red seems to be effective…
          The bathtub in my digs will do well as a submarine; most of the water is outside the tub, in any case.

  15. Between Andrew’s exploits, Harry becoming the ginger prince of woke and angering his brother, and Her Maj’ doing fuck all to help her nation regain sovereignty, and Charles being a doddering loon, im not sure there’s a lot of sympathy from their usual fanbase.

    Ive never been much of a royalist.

    Apparently they give us a bit more ‘soft power’ than a country our size should have. I dispute that claim and say more rests with the City of London.

    As for tourism, i think the castles and palaces would make more money if they were all open to gawping yanks.

    Lastly, people always bring up the spectre of President Blair as head of state.

    Not sure but aren’t presidents elected? If the people of this country are that deranged, then so be it. I wouldnt vote for him.

    • Sadly, I fear that President BLiar would be “self-elected”…
      In much the same way that hermaphrodites can self-fuck.

  16. The grand old duke of York he had ten thousand men he marched them up to the top of the hill and then caught a private jet to St Andrews to watch the golf.

    • Not forgetting the other nursery rhyme “The grand old Duchess of York, she had 10,000 men. She fucked them til her holes were full and then fucked them all again!”

  17. Further to my tardy (and therefore largely unnoticed) contribution to the recent Peter Mandelson thread, in another chapter of that “previous life” I also met Andrew on a couple of occasions.

    Rather as with my encounters with Peter, these were in connection with the Prince’s rôle as UK trade envoy, and date from my lengthy sojourn in Ankara. Broadly speaking, Andrew’s “job” (ahem!) was to glad-hand divers spods in high places, and to “oil the wheels” of commerce with witty repartee and vague promises of bubbly¹ to come.

    Unfortunately, he was singularly lacking in interpersonal skills, and in fact the little groups who took turns to engage with him were palpably ill-at-ease in his company. He engendered a downright awkward atmoshphere all round; quite a stark contrast to his brother Charles², who was/is supremely skilled at putting people at their ease.

    During one visit, he had agreed to bring some cheddar cheese as a little gift from Blighty. He brought an enormous block of cheap creamery-made Cathedral City™ (we’d been hoping for at least some decent Quick’s farmhouse stuff). Far, far worse, however and much to the chagrin of the Ambassador’s wife, he helped himself to a couple of slices in his rooms in the Residence with some warm water (his preferred bevarage) before handing it over. She was hugely effronted, and thought this was the very apogee and zenith of purest chavvery. One could but agree.

    I can however confirm he garnered no airmiles from this particular excursion, travelling out from Brize Norton in an RAF Hercules. Never did get to the bottom of that….

    ¹ more specifically: the vague Tantalus of a promise of “membership” of the British Establishment, and “high society”. Oh, the irony!

    ²who, although invariably as tanned as an old Etonian’s bum, was quite a good egg. I remain convinced that the lizard tinfoil millinery about the Royals promulgated by the likes of David Icke, finds its ætioolgy in the fact that Charles’s permatanned skin had for decades resembled that of a reptile. I think his dermatologist told him to knock it on the head, for fear he’d go the same way as Ronald Reagan’s nose


    • What a splendid erudite discourse in the shortcomings of the subject in question obviously no comprehension of suitable cheese’s for an ambassadorial meet and greet, I myself would have opted for a Wensleydale

  18. Airmiles Andy is a right dodgy cunt if ever there was one. About as much use as a Confederate dollar, and about as welcome as a dose of the shits as far as I’m concerned.
    Nice one, Mr F-F.

  19. I was always a true blue royalist. Now, I’ve cooled a bit, due to a combination of age and weariness of cunts such as Andrew, Harry, and Harry’s horrible squinty SJW fishy fanny wife. In saying that, I’d like to see the monarchy stay, if just to piss off republican scum such as Corbyn, Mcdonnell, Alibaba Brown etc.

    • The abomination that is the Markle woman has fucked the royal reputation for good, I reckon… The fried chiggun Lordy Lord wedding she and Prince Pussywhipped had being the final nail in an already riddled coffin…

  20. He’s a bare-naked ‘P’ in the ‘rainbow’ who Epstein facilitated him to carry out. Yes, it may have been teenagers, if you want to argue the ‘P’ definition, but that doesn’t make it morally right. It was exploitation and slavery. This network is like a spider brain-tumor, it gets its hooks so deep into so many channels that you can’t amputate it.

  21. I always thought he looked like a chubby version of Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys.

    • Well he shouldn’t be Left To His Own Devices, but It’s A Sin what happened to those West End Girls. He’s probably thinking “What Have I Done To Deserve This?”…

      • For everything I long to do,
        no matter where or when or who,
        has one thing in common too,
        its a, its a, its a, Epstein

  22. An absolute shit cunt as a RN Officer, and a fucking shit Pilot. So far up his own fucking ass, when the 1st Officer told him in no uncertain terms to ‘wind your fucking neck in, before one of the Bootnecks settles your account’ he told him ‘you know your career has just ended, don’t you?’ Fucking screaming hat, that he is!!

  23. I’ve been watching the case unfold, with great interest! The feckless bore now counter claims against the defendant, who remembers the thick cunt being ‘very sweaty’ during the alleged encounter! His Royal Lowness, who shall now be referred to as NONCE ‘A’ claims that he has a condition that prevents him from sweating! NONCE claims that after serving in the Falklands, he has an overflow of adrenaline, which prevents it!!! I would suggest to the jury that NONCE A does indeed have a condition that prevents him sweating, and it’s called ‘BEING A USELESS, LAZY, FECKLESS AND PRIVILEGED, IGNORANT CUNT, WHO’S NEVER DONE A DAYS GRAFT, HARD OR OTHERWISE IN HIS ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE’!!! I’m hoping this horrible cunt gets hung out to dry!!

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