Vegan Shock Troops

A bunch of hippy, vegan, workshy cunts went into a Pizza Express in Brighton (where else) the other day and started shouting about animal rights and accusing the customers of murder and all that shit. Some slag got a dig from some bloke…one of the customers, I presume. Isn’t it bad enough that your idea of a good night out is Pizza fucking Express without having it ruined by a bunch of total cunts?

I’d like to see these fucking heroes come down my local Kebab shop and tell Abdul and his mates that they are murdering fucking bastards.

Ain’t gonna happen is it?

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

97 thoughts on “Vegan Shock Troops

  1. That Labour MP on Question Time needs a good pounding, she is deluded and needs a good fuck to sort her head out. Her bloke is probably some soy boy vegan cunt and doesn’t have the power to give her what she wants.

  2. Brighton is Libtard central, populated by gay men and frustrated women. Home of caroline lucas ex leader of the green party. Pizza express struggling financially and these SJWs are putting another nail in the cofffin with these protests. The people who work for Pizza express need a job, the customers want food. We are allowed to eat meat, and you cannot decide that we shouldn’t.

    Just had a thought, we can have a libtard meat feast pizza and the world won’t miss the lil snowflakes. and there will be less oxygen thives too. Its a win win win

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