Patrick Stewart (7)

Well known B-list actor, dedicated luvvie and celebrated political expert, Sir Patrick Slaphead is at it again.

Addressing a baying crowd of Remoaners at the ‘People’s Rally’ in (you guessed it) London, Old Baldy ‘Picard’ claims that Leave voters were promised ‘sunlit uplands’, and that we were ‘mislead, lied to by the Brexit elite’ etc. Translated into English, this means nothing less than you, me, and every other Leave voter is so thick that we couldn’t understand what we were voting for. Of course he doesn’t want to come straight out with that, thereby insulting 17.4 million voters, so he patronises us instead. It follows that we were naïve lambs, duped by that nasty Mr Farage and his ilk. It would be much better if we just trusted wise old Uncle Patrick; after all, he’s much better placed to judge what’s in our own best interests than we are ourselves.

Well here’s the thing, Baldy. Parliament took the decision to trust the issue of deciding on EU membership to the people in a referendum, and to honour the result. The people weighed the matter up and voted to leave. Three years on, a dissembling House of Commons is still doing its utmost to frustrate that result, aided and abetted by a motley crew of allies in entertainment and media circles. Just who’s lying to whom here? Seems to me that it’s more a case of a misleading and lying establishment trying to frustrate the democratic process, and you’re its mouthpiece.
Sorry Captain, but the Prime Directive was established three years ago, and you can’t violate it now. So please get on board the USS Enterprise with as many Remoaning cunts as you can cram on with you, and get the fuck out of here in the general direction of the final frontier, warp factor eight. Make it so.

Nominated by Ron Knee

122 thoughts on “Patrick Stewart (7)

  1. Here’s the deal. The remoaners in Parliament need more time (up until Nov 1st would be nice) to digest this 585 page document before they can make a decision. Fair enough but they want to have a second referendum where WE decide between this “deal” and staying in the EU paradise.
    Hold on! Aren’t we the same thick cunts who had a simple in/out choice and fucked it all up because we weren’t properly informed? So how are dumb fucks like us going to wade through this 585 pages of bureaucratic bollocks and make an “informed decision”?
    Oh, I know! We’ll just listen to the experts like old baldybollocks here. He’s rich and has appeared in kids films so he obviously knows better than us cunts who actually live here.
    Tell it to the kids baldybollocks and then fuck off back to America and don’t come back.

    • Fuck it, civil war. Bored of all these cunts denying democracy. Fuck this shit hole. Some leftist cunt gets in my way I will punch the cunt. Fuck the law, these cunts have gone beyond being fair. Time to play dirty.

      • At 63, i’m behind you, it’s about time these undemocratic arse hole cunts had some payback!! ‘power to the people’ as that cunt from tooting used say

    • Even if they can’t get the second referendum, they only approved the bill so amendments can be made at the next stage. And those amendments will reduce the present not very good deal to BRINO. The cunts will shit all over it. They only need a month, if that. That’s IF Boris un-pauses the bill and allows this to happen before a GE (perhaps) gives him a clear majority. My guess is that he won’t; we’ll remain in at least until the next GE. At which point, again my guess, the bill will have been terminated under parliamentary rules (either existing or made up for the purpose by the remoaning MP’s) and the whole bloody farce will have to start again from scratch.

      The EU, f course, is complicit in this, and the least convenient option for the UK will be what’s decided.

      Hotel California.

  2. wouldn’t he be better served being an ‘eraser’ , you know, a rubber to rub out any mistakes, that head is awesome – is it real?

    • Whys he talking like Forest Gump?
      Daft old cunt, trying to show people up on stage.
      More of a capt Kirk man anyway those other series were shite, Picard a cunt on an off stage.

      • Definitely Janeway for me. I really don’t care what these cunts do off camera/stage and I’ll watch anybody in something I like, with 2 exceptions – Ricky Gervais and Keith Lemon. I fucking hate both of those smug cunts and would cheerfully feed them into a wood chipper.

          • Russel Brand is the proverbial turd that shall not be flushed , like that cordan cunt to.

          • I liked the ‘Ricky Gervais show’ the animated podcasts with Karl Pilkington, found them funny and entertaining!
            Kniw what you mean though Moggie!👍

          • Actually yeah, office was good, and ‘extras’ had some good bits!
            Liked the bit with Bowie.

          • I enjoyed The Office – a couple of episodes, long ago – until I realised that Gervais wasn’t acting – he really is a prime bellend.

      • Sisko and Kirk are the best. Archer (yes, Archer) in at 3rd.

        Yes, I used to watch Star Trek.

        • Have to admit I enjoyed all the Star Trek TV permutations (give or take a few episodes), up to and including ‘Enterprise’. Not so keen on the various movie outings though.

      • Yep u cant beat the original star trek with james t kirk and spock.never watched the crap with baldy in it.It simply pales by comparisom.

  3. Those simply gaastly peepol darling. Oh the very idea! Leaving a progressive institution to rely on a parliament that simply doesnt want anything to do with a parliament. Ahhh its soooo shocking its simply beyond words…….

  4. Irrelevant old cunt who’s somehow managed to pass himself off as one of our greatest actors (why the fuck we need to think actors are such a benefit to the nation I have not a clue).

    You’re famous for a low brow sci-fi show reboot, you will be remembered by most for dressing up in a silly outfit and looking like you knew what you were doing.

    I do wish cunts who make a living out of unreality and who then spend their undeserved millions on ensuring they never have to live in the real world would just fuck off with their totally fantasy predictions.

    Come and live on a council estate, live on a moderate income, step over smack needles on the way to the shop, compete with immigrants living 10 to a house for jobs where the wages are suppressed by said cheap immigrant labour. Then tell us how life is you cunt.

    You lived in L.A for long enough, until the work dried up darling.

    Total solid gold luvvie cunt.

    • New “Picard” TV series coming soon. Cast in the same “woke” mould as the universally loathed “Discovery” series.
      “Boohoo Trump boohoo borders boohoo race, etc”
      Th old fool should retire, to spend more time with his money….

  5. Another member of the Establishment, probably protecting his own interests like so many other cunts of his kin.

    Perhaps of old Picard spent a few months living in the shithole ghettos of our big cities, his myopic opinion would soon change.

    Make it so, Cunt!

  6. Death is near, Stewart. Why not give up the virtue-signalling and enjoy what little time you have left of your miserable life. Time for your “bird” isn’t as precious, you know, her age being 39 years younger than you. I’m sure she’s after your sparkling, distinguished personality and noble, classic looks rather than the millions of quid.

    You fucking slaphead cunt.

    • Hiya Cap!
      Pats got a young girlfriend?
      She fit?
      A certain prince didnt introduce them did he?
      Just assumed he was a puff.

        • Hehe i didnt mean a creampuff i meant a poof or a’ iron’ i beleive you say darn sarf?
          Dont hear it much anymore ‘hes a right puff’ do you?
          Modern times, suppose its a hanging offence now, calling someone a puff?

          • Evening compatriots
            He might well swim upstream, who knows? He certainly bumbles about pompously grumbling like an old queen. What is certain is that he, like other repulsive old actor ex-pats like Connery and Brian Cox, love to lecture the thickie British people from their Yank penthouses.

            The acid test of the relationshit with his 40-year old “bird” will be after this opinionated flapper has had a stroke and she has to feed the foaming, spitting wreck sliced Yorkshire pudding then wipe his bony arse.

          • Yiu make it sound all romantic!!💕
            Shes probably already planning how to get out of Dodge with the suitcases full of cash leaving Patrick on a drip rambling about ‘dear old Larry’…

          • Evening Cap’n. Do you perchance captain a starship?

            @ Miserable – calling poofters anything other than ‘gay’ is a hanging offence nowadays. Unless it’s Krav or Mince Pie Guy you’re talking to.

          • No, no starships. Nor aeroplanes, nor channel boats or lorries from Bulgaria.

            “Captain” is my first name, your Ruffness. My given name. My “Christian” name if I believed in deities, and fairies, and other crap.

          • You cant say fairies or puffs its discriminatory!
            I fell into that trap, no they like to be called ladyboys or something.

  7. Why do these fuckers really care, it won’t effect them even if the economy tanks, I really don’t understand what relevance the likes of Baldy really have.

    I am an actor so I know more about everything than the fucking Plebs, well fuck off replacement Kirk and boldly go up your own arse hole.

  8. He’s a joke. I can’t take anyone seriously that gives him or anything he has to say the time of day. And Star Trek is a shite kids show.

    • Slight correction /star trek now is a shit kids tv show /since baldy here started appearing in it.

    • It’s what happens when two high magnitude cunts get too close. These two are a fine example of two cunts who think the world revolves around them clashing.

      To be fair Greta Thunberg has more charisma and presence than either of the luvvie cunts.

      • You’re right SV, two cunts like these clashing can cause a hurricunt of cuntishness infecting all around.

  9. It’s hard for me to hear him say such utter arsewater . His acting has been a substantial part of my coming of age and even into manhood.

    As an actor I rate him jolly well high, not to highly but he has got some talent.

    His politics sadly are not so good. He lives in a fantasy world completely disconnected from you or I, and has no day to day interactions with any of the issues for the common chap.

    Why do these celebs believe that just because they are good in one specific area , that then means they are titans of all areas of life?

    Cunt that’s why.

    • The galling thing is he had a working class upbringing in West Yorkshire and was relatively poor growing up so should understand ‘leave’ issues more than most instead of regurgitating Islington dinner party bollocks.

      • Well said LL.
        Soon forget dont they?
        Bet his old mates dont visit him, hed be embarrassed by their rough edges,
        Ashamed of his old mates in front of Tamara and Jonty, minty and jojo.
        Champagne socialist cunt.

        • He was talking about taking US citizenship too, not long after Orange Man was elected but I don’t know if he did. The cunts really don’t get it, do they Miserable? But I cant blame the old fucker for snagging a piece of fanny half his age.

          • I googled her, massive tits, just assumed it was his carer before,
            Hope she rinses the daft old twat an bins him when hes bed ridden.
            Right pompous old board tredder.

          • I had a look too. Her hair is pulled too tight, making her look slightly alien. I suppose this appealed to some intergalactic sexbot fetish Stewart picked up on the set.

        • “those simply gaastly peepol of yorksheer all 1.5million just didn’t understand that we are trying to introduce the Galactic federation. These north simpletons will never learn”!!!

          • Yeah sadly true, up North we are all to thick to know whats good for us,
            Stupidly stubborn when actors, popstars trying to help us, deserve not to be europeans anymore dont we?

  10. Sorry for the off topic interruption, Is it April the 1st? The Chinese will fuck you up for this move.

    The BBC has made its international news website available via Tor, in a bid to thwart censorship attempts.
    Tor is a privacy-focused web browser used to access pages on the dark web.
    The browser can obscure who is using it and what data is being accessed, which can help people avoid government surveillance and censorship.

    • Why bother? Nobody in their right mind is going to look to the BBC for fair, impartial or even true information.

  11. I see Sir Bob Live Aid Geldof was there with one of his remaining… remainer daughters.

    • Any of the Geldof Cuntclan are worth a flutter in the Suicide Squad Stakes.
      Good evening.

      • Never fuckin Bob though is it Jack?
        Outlived the missus most of the kids,
        If any of his spawn live past 25 hell outlive the grandkids as well!

        Boomtown cunt.

        • Have you seen a pattern yet, Bob? Everybody around you eventually swallows poison rather than look on your antagonistic face or listen to your oirish belligerence. You’re so foul they’d rather be eaten by maggots. You know what to do, Bob. Do the decent thing, Bob.

          • ‘Eaten by maggots”@
            Is maggots one of his kids?
            Maggots pompom tiddly Geldof.

        • Unless one of them bumps him off before topping themselves.
          It should happen on a Monday.
          That would be manic.
          Get To Fuck.

    • Are they still alive?I assumed they were all dead like everyone else from his miserable life.

  12. Fucking smug know it all baldy wanker!!
    Apparently he and other assorted arsewipes including the overly opinionated football berk Jamie carragher again paid for coaches to bring the remoaning fuckers into London, this shit stain has not a jot of self awareness, spending the best part of the year hanging around with his Democrat voting film luvvie pals in Hollywood, then flying ( hypocrite) into London (first class) to tell off the proletariat for making the wrong decision? FUCK OFF YOU CUNT …..

    • Taking remoaners to Lonynistan is surely taking coals to Newcastle.

      Hopefully, like coal, they’ll burn.

  13. Sad, confused, demented Labour luvvie – doesn’t he realise old cunts who know nothing are all Leavers?

  14. Evening all.
    Just back from an excellent lunch with some great wine and superb coffee, to find my nom’s been posted.
    I’ve now got indigestion. Fuck off, you bald cunt, and take Cumbercunt and the rest of your luvvy Islington set with you.

  15. Brexit elite!?!

    The only thing the elites want is to remain!

    Ordinary folk wanted to leave and take that carbuncle on the arse of humanity – London – out of the equation and it’s not even close!

    We didn’t care about any fucking deal, we never did, that was a manufactured construct of a weak remainer Maybot government to obfuscate and procrastinate the entire process of leaving.

    Remainers, you lost. You should have absolutely no say. Now fuck off and take the Klingon botherer with you!

  16. Fucking news is full of those Cunts in the back of that wagon. I’d give the wagon-driver a Knighthood. He’s done more good in one trip than the UK Border Enforcement Agency have managed in years,
    I’m only sorry that he wasn’t in charge of a 52 seater coach. Hope someone starts a GoFundMe appeal to buy him a medal the size of a frying pan.

    Fuck them.

    Patrick Stewart is a coffin-dodging wanker. Someone should machete a jap’s-eye into the top of his bell-end head. Pissy old Cunt.

    • Oh it’s so awful?
      It’s a fucking tragedy?
      If the baldy cunt can sponsor people’s vote buses I say we should dig deep for the wagon driver!!
      Frying pan sized medal?
      Dustbin lid sized …..

      • Regarding the container full of future engineers, surgeons and scientists, police said identifying them would be nearly impossible as they might be from ‘the fringes of society’. Well they don’t know who most cunts are or where they are really from when they are breathing so no change there then.

        • I hope we all realise that after Brexit we will have to charge tariffs on frozen meat imported from the EU?

      • Fucking wankers in Parliament crying their crocodile tears over this “tragedy”. Like they give a fuck for anybody but themselves. If it wasn’t for you soft as shit cunts and your policies we wouldn’t have the worlds criminals and scroungers falling over each other to get here. Like the coppers they should change the name Border Force to Border Service.
        Fucking useless tossers.

        • Absolute virtue signaling Brexit denying whores!!
          Apparently the police are trying to identify them?
          Maybe I can help?

          Ain’t difficult……

          • Ere sarge /did u say this ere lorry come from bulgaria? Tek a look at this i might be wrong but isnt that uncle bulgaria? Well yes it appears so he aint wombling free now is he the furry faced cunt!

  17. He obviously knows what’s best for the rest of us plebs in Britain, I mean he lives in LA, he experiences first hand how great it is to be part of the EU…….

  18. Although I’m no fan of Star Trek William “wiggy” shatner did a decent job of bombing around space answering any alien enquires with a photon torpedo And a witty line…..
    The new films are okay if sci fi is your thing , making big bucks at the box office, Chris pines just imitating shatner , BUT …..
    Sandwiched inbetween these successful series/ films is captain dulard!! A ponsy Shakespearean fuckwit who absolutely nobody liked (not even the crew) Step forward captain pickard And go where no man has gone before, And don’t return either you utterly useless cunt……

    • Having loved the original Star Trek as a kid, I watched the first showings of Next Generation in a state of numbed incredulous horror.
      Bunch of simpering goody goodies, spouting lectures on peace and renouncing materialism, from the bridge of a fucking great battleship…

  19. Fucking RADA ‘shitwipe’, Star Trek is as bad as Dr Who & Star Wars – fucking spastic cunts

    The TARDIS, The Enterprise, The MIllenium Falcon = Spends 4 hours a day on Pornhub wanking over anime fan art of R2D2’s & C3PO’s arseholes –

  20. Heard on the radio just now: Richard Branson is a “big fan of Extinction Rebellion.” Well would you believe it… 🙄

    • well if your in the process of losing your rail franchise’s and now only hold 20% stake inn the airline group, you have to hitch your horse to something,no doubt happy to see us all using that mode of transport in the future, though I don’t see him giving up his yacht

        • A space station for luvvies and celebs to look down on the proles from an even greater height, how insignificant we will all look from up there

          • And what a lovely tempting target for a cluster of ballistic missiles it will make from down here… 😁

  21. Well he’s already made his dough out of the airline business so now he can lecture us about how damaging it is to the environment. No doubt he would prefer the proles to travel by train so he can make even more money, the tax dodging hypocrite CUNT.

  22. Are you sure that photo is him, looks a lot like Vince Cable, matters not both cut from the same cloth, so why don’t you shove your polished turd off a head up that Emma Barnetts leaky sink hole that’ll confuse her, thinking she’s got two arseholes to contend with

  23. John Luke Pickard
    It’s Brexit Jim but not as you know it.
    Set Fazers to kill Set the Enterprise to warp speed and get us the hell out of the EU
    Patrick Stewart you are an absolute cunt fuck off back to LA with the rest of the puffs

    • Well said George!👍
      Yeah Patrick, you fuckin old divvy,
      Hope its cold standing in william shatners shadow!
      Stay out of Mansfield and Stockport nowt for you there you, you prancing little tit.

      • Yes Stewart wants to stay out of Mansfield and more so Stockport
        Don’t come to either places with your vile rantings about Brexit .
        This cunt needs teleporting into deep space or putting into a black hole somewhere in the universe.

  24. How did this cunt ever get hired?

    He’s a fucking shit actor. He makes Keanu Reeves look like Al Pacino.

  25. The bald cunt was fucking piss in Star Trek… Captain James .T. Kirk would have kicked fuck out of him…

  26. If i remember rightly as Kirk he did some sort of ‘space judo’
    Little chop of hand too the shoulder
    Spock just pinced the neck, vulcan death grip,
    Bet that tightly wound grumpy doctor Bones was the one to stear clear of,
    Bite yer nose off or something
    Looked easily triggered..

    • and Scottie would have give ye a Glasgow Kiss ye wee bastards ya!

      Sulu would have probably wanted to tea-bag you or something sordid.

  27. After the japs bombed pearl harbour the USS ENTERPRISE was one of the aircraft carriers that chased the Japanese imperial fleet across the Pacific all the way back to japan, an iconic naval ship with a proven record in battle! The most highly decorated American WW2 ship with 20 battle stars the big E was the pride of the American fleet!!
    Can’t think too many Americans were impressed when a baldy toffee nosed English cunt became the.captain in the TV Series? Pickard hardly evoked the spirit of leyte gulf now did he ? You would be far more likely seeing the cunt docking the enterprise to grab a Starbucks latte than giving the klingons the good news! , With the lily livered bald eagle at the helm WW2 would still be rumbling on……

  28. Science fiction is for kids, overgrown kids and wankers.
    Even as a kid I used to hate it.
    However, I did watch Star Trek, but only to wank over Lt Uhura. That was quality crumpet back then.
    May the force be with you…..or whatever the fuck it is.

    • I used to have depraved thoughts about Deanna Troi as a teenager.
      I remember one scene where she was stretching in skin tight lycra.

      It’s a shame she’s aged like milk rather than single malt whisky.

  29. I had a thing for Deanna Lund, Valerie on ‘Land Of The Giants.’

    Not anymore obviously, because she’s dead.

    Just thought I’d share that….

    • Dont mattervthats shes dead !everyone should have a hobby! Why fir the sake of a bit of detective work &shovel&flashlight think of the fun u could have!!! Rest assured when baldy snuffs it i doubt anyone would want to dig him up tho.

  30. Another winner.
    These cunts will keep popping up til Brexit is sunk.
    Then they can go back to telling us to stop going on holiday and so on forever.
    Or HGV from Bulgaria.
    Fuck off.

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