Extinction Rebellion (3)

~Extinction Rebellion,
What a bunch of tossers and the closest thing we will get to the Greenham common women in our time.
Why? well individually they are either massive hypocrites whose husbands have crushed and polluted the masses to enable their “Ethical lifestyle”.
Then we have the smelly hippy, never done a days work but know a lot of stuff types, they make me fucking puke too.
so what are the cunts doing? Fucking up London again, although truth be known its pretty fucked anyway without their help, or perhaps I should say the working part of London.
I was watching plod clear them off a bridge earlier, not how I would do it I will say just chuck the fuckers over the side, they would soon think at least once before attempting that stunt again.
And fuck word fence too!

Nominated By Lord Benny.

113 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion (3)

  1. It’s Monday, it is a working week, and most of these fuckers are of working age – agreed there are a few pensioners who should know better. How do they get away with it?. We pay for them to fuck up our economy.

    • Did anyone see the attention grabbing lezbos having an impromptu wedding ceremony on the bridge? Must be honest both worth a squirt.

  2. What I find irritating is their stone cold certainty that they are right. We are told that the ‘debate is over’. It’s not.. there are many many scientists who question MMGW, they just don’t get a hearing anymore, they are ‘deniers’ and that word is not used by accident, we all know it’s connotations. Remember David Bellamy? He dared to question the prevailing orthodoxy, sank without trace.

    • I’ve been through all this bullshit in the 70s/80s with the atom bomb – five minutes to midnight on the Doomsday clock. Yeah – what the fuck happened to that. My local primary school had a bollocks environmental protest day – stupid little fuckers wound up by a stupid woman head teacher. I’m going to ring her up when it’s -2 outside and demand she turns off the heating to save the planet. See what the little cunts think of that.

      • The possibility of a nuclear holocaust back in the ‘70s/’80s was hardly theoretical – it was fucking real!

        Not that I cared much… more interested in my record collection. Still am.

          • Nice one Bertie! Good music. I wonder who the band were?

            You’d never catch me in a place like that, far too much of an individualist me, would never join any club that would have me as a member, arf arf.

          • So thats what santa does rest of the year!!
            Off his tits freak dancing on acid like wavy gravy!
            Indian beach full of hippies is santas bolthole?

        • You are dead right Ruff.

          And I’m not just talking Cuban missile crisis.

          I have just finished Ben MacIntyre’s excellent ‘The Spy and the Traitor’ and there’s a particularly revealing chapter therein where Russian paranoia caused by US exercises very nearly triggered a nuclear attack by accident.

  3. Don’t our police look really menacing! In the photo they look as though they’re out for a Sunday stroll. There’s about four 5’2” women who would go over the side of the bridge if anything kicked off. There’s only the big fella in the middle, the Miserable Northern Cunt lookalike, who looks as though he’d have the strength to swing a baton.
    When is some genuine London IsAC going to cunt the Met., the most useless, inept police force in the country?


    • The Met are self-cunting; 43 counts against them following the cock-up of fake diddling investigations. The only way they could improve their image is to be put under Special Measures, with the Cleveland force in charge.

      Dick and Basu are total fuckwits.

      • How many apologies does the Dîck have to give before she’s removed from her job? She’s apologised for the botched investigation into the non existent paedophile ring. Throw in the Demenezes affair and other incidents and it’s obviously apparent that this woman was never up to the job. However, like all ex Chief Cons., she will receive a ‘Damehood’ akin to a knighthood which all these buggers automatically get for climbing the greasy pole.

          • It did I’m afraid RTC!
            When will I learn!
            At first I thought I was commenting on a case that was sub judice or something!

          • Btw Bertie, you’re a bit behind the times: Cressida Strap-on was given a Damehood in Treasoner May’s resignation honours list in September…

        • You must understand that the Met has to fill their quota of vertically challenged individuals. At the last count the make up of their force was . . . .. .
          50%. White males over 5’ 10”.
          20% LBGT community.
          10%. One legged Albanians
          10% Mîdgets classed as under 4’ 10”
          5% Transexuals

      • Just looking at Quick Draw’s cunting of the Met nearly 4 years ago – link above @12.22.
        Most of what he says still applies today.
        Bloody hell, he doesn’t hold back does he? He doesn’t put his gun back in to his holster. After he’s finished with the Met., he turns both barrels on to the Mudslimes, Blair and Cameron.
        What I find puzzling is that his cunting only drew 10 replies?

        QDM was an epic cunter, trouble is some of them would go on for pages, so when you are watching the site and trying to proof read a nomination it got a little tiresome, I am sure he is still about.

        • You folks make it sound like QDM is no longer with us! He may not be as prolific these days, but he still comments fairly regularly.

          As for cuntings, QDM last nominated only 4 days ago – University Of Edinburgh. And he’s had at least one nom per month prior to that.

          Long live QDM!

    • Notts Plod must run a close second. They are so fucking useless that very, very few crimes are solved but what do you expect of a force whose Police Commissioner left Parliament under a cloud; something to do with expenses it would appear.

  4. Sadly, some retired (retarded ??) plis from Devon & Cornwall has joined their wanks, as he has children and grandchildren, and is weally weally worried.
    Therefore is awarded the HBH Potty Medal for making babies with his genitals. Arise, prick !
    The utter div.

    • Apologies Lord Benny for going on about the Met. Don’t want to hijack your cunting but with their “light handed” approach, I think they’re part of the problem.

      • written up in blue! I don’t care about anything.
        I will take a screen shot and send it to me Dad, Fuck he is dead and wasn’t very computer literate either.

        • That wasn’t hijacking Blunty, you were well on subject. A rant about football or Brexit would be hijacking.

          That said, you can be sure 98% of these protesters are Remainers…

          • Yes, I suppose so. In today’s PC(excuse pun)
            climate, the police have obviously been told to embrace protests and join in when they can. Only if they are middle class protesters mind.
            Climate change, LBG&T. students ✔️
            Working class people trying to earn a living,
            protesting about jobs losses etc. ✖️
            Afternoon Ruffyan

      • Thanks pop the bubble why don’t you, First time I have felt loved in years and you spoil it.

  5. Feds should take a fucking snow plough to the cunts and shove ’em off the bridge. Sick of their fucking yap when questioned about ambulances getting through to the hospital, forget which one, and their ‘sincere’ hand-wringing over the subject. Cunts to a man, woman and child. Fucking napalm them.

  6. Had to laugh at the hypocrisy of these cunts.There’s a fella who has locked his head to the steering wheel of his car as part of the protest…here’s the punch line though….it was a gas guzzling Range Rover.CUNT

    • Apparently it’s a hearse! He looks like an undertaker from his photo. Must be taking early Armageddon orders.

  7. These cunts are not the problem. Loonies and losers at a loose end. The problem is the limp wristed response by the authorities. Can you imagine an EDL or even a UKIP demonstration being indulged the way these half wits are?

    • That’s because these cunts are the “useful idiots” doing the elites’ work for them.

      I hope the “workers” who threw a sickie today post up their cuntitude on FaceTwat for their bosses to see.

      Mind you, in this day and age of ineffectual management, their bosses are likely to give them time-and-a-half for their day’s absence!


  8. Protesting in London about climate change… If I lived in that shit-hole the climate would be the least of my worries..

  9. Apparently they’re going to occupy Smithfield market. Hope they brought lots of homeopathic medicines. The porters won’t be taking any shit from that mob.

  10. Need to get some of the Hong Kong police over here, maybe on an exchange visit to share their “crowd control” skills.

  11. For people who have nothing better to do, or worry about, in their middle class, Libtard, sad old hippy lives.

    Well Lucky them, is all I can say. Some of us are just trying to make ends meet and just get on with fucking daily living.

    Fuck those cunts, fuck the useless, weak-arse cops and fuck Londonistan for indulging their cuntery.

      • superb – love Evenfatterbelly with his keks down and his arse showing! Can you imagine the outcry here?

        • Fuck me, do they have that Roma trash in Russia too? I didn’t see any Big Issue sellers there.

    • Great bit of footage that. How the fuck could these anarchists expect the police to exercise any restraint?

    • love the bit at the end Fenton when the bloke seeing it was professor piss flaps on the kicks her in the cunt. 😂😂

      Find that man and get him on here!!!

    • That guy at the end displaying some impressively silky football skills on the protesters bodies….,
      Nice job 👍👍👍

  12. I m hoping the Met Police when they arrest some of these scumbags have HMRC,DWP with them to interview these wankers on their status and what they might be claiming for.Its Monday a working week most honest folk are at work funding these cunts.

      • So far Met Police have arrested 125 of the fuckers Run them through the system and if they are claiming stop their payments go to work like I do

  13. Stop Brexit. Trump Not Welcome. Tories Out. Occupy London. End Austerity. Black Lives Matter. Extinction Rebellion etc…… it’s just the same old Rent-A-Mob – just a load of lay-abouts and failures who think that showing up at any and every protest going justifies their pathetic little existence. To paraphrase the Great Mr Fiddler, fuck them!!

  14. I’ve just been moderated for showing a video of how the Police deal with these fuckers here in Poland.
    Watch it if it re emerges .

    by my watch 5 mins for a human to fix it, the machine mods you, admin fix it

  15. Snow plough the cunts out of the road with the oldest most fucked up diesel plough that could be shipped over from Siberia.
    The more fumes the better,and loads of flames out the exhaust as well.
    Perfect to get fucked.

  16. The police are fucked, if they went in heavy handed Corbyn , Swinson and the soft arse cunts would be screaming police brutality.

    Fuck the cunts let them occupy the fucking bridges and Trafalgar Square, ignore the cunts, they are only getting publicity when there is a reaction

    The token arrests are pointless, a slap on the wrist and a fine, Londonistan gets what it deserves, non English shithole!

  17. Unfortunately Extinction Rebellion and their lickspittle, elite controlled propagandists (the lamestream media) don’t like facts do they.

    At the same time that Greta “How dare you!” Thunderpants was being fawned over by the UN (another body which now only exists to serve the globalist elites and their world domination agenda), 500 bonafide scientists (i.e. REAL scientists not gender studies charlatans, et. al.) issued a registered letter to the UN Secretary General stating that there is NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY!


    However, as these coward extremists hide behind children rather than facts, this science based letter was completely ignored by everyone, especially the remainstream media.

    Did you hear about this letter in the El Groan or on the AL-BEEB? No. Just more deranged utterings from a 16yr old puppet.

    At the end of the day, climate change fuckwittery is being overtly promoted by all and sundry for two reasons:

    1. “Racist” no longer has any hold over people to suppress their free thought and arguing their corner when it comes to elitist bullshit that is forced upon us. Therefore “climate denier” has taken on that mantle now and you can’t argue against that because – well – it’s CHILDREN isn’t it and you’re evil if you dare argue facts against poor defenceless children!!!

    2. Climate change propaganda is just a vehicle to soften us up for massive (pointless) taxation and spending regimes across the west on a scheme that will have the square root of fuck-all effect on global emissions of any shape or form. Regimes which only benefit and profit one sector of society: the global elites. And yes, it really is that simple!

    Anyone who comes near me with any of this bullshit will get the following: “Yes I think we should do all of that…the day after China and India reach our current emission levels nationally, cheers!” – and then send them off with my carbon footprint up their backsides.

    I’m fed up of cunts “excusing” China and India as still being the “developing world”!?! FUCK RIGHT OFF!

    China is (or is about to be) the biggest economy in the world. India has the second largest group of technology centres outside of Silicon Valley. Both of these countries also have nukes and flourishing space programs. Any country which has nukes and a space program – I’m sorry – is NOT a developing nation FFS!

    So, Extinction Rebellion, by all means protest in Londonistab but please confine yourselves to the Chinese and Indian Embassies where your activism will do most good and leave the already squeezed to fuck members of Blighty alone!

    Now FUCK OFF!

  18. Don’t be too hard on them guys. After all, they’re facing a very long walk home when they’ve finished protesting. None of them will be taking a car or a train or a plane you know.

    • Then they have to replace all that lost energy protesting with some lovely lentil and mung bean soup, mmm.

      • But LL, aren’t lentils and mung beans grown in places like Turkey and India? Are they carried here on the backs of bearers, or are they (gulp) shipped in? If the latter, are the ER cunts caring of the damage this is doing to the environment?

        • Its a slippery slope being so self-righteous Ron. Of course non of these people will own a smartphone who’s components are mined by children in dangerous and slave like conditions in Africa or wear anything that’s been made for a few pence from a sweatshop in Asia.

      • I’m sure Fiddler Enterprises could do a good line in mung beans; just sling in some vile green dye, and Roberta’s your uncle.

    • I have every sympathy, if they really wanted to leave a lasting statement they could go lemming like off the bridge into the Thames.

      Now that would be great TV!


    • Didn’t you know that Range Rovers now run on dogshit and produce only pure oxygen as the exhaust gas, and all lubrication is supplied by oh-so-sustainable beeswax from eternal bees?

      • I thought the R.R’s were just plugged into the arses of these cunts, could probably circle the globe and test it’s off road abilities for the first time

  19. Apparently these cunts have taken 83,000 police away from their normal duties.London can’t have been more vulnerable to terrorism than it is at this moment.
    Their symbol/flag looks fuckin’ evil- a cross between ISIS and something from the occult. Send in the Witchfinder General.

  20. I read about some 81 year old ratbag who had “switched” from protesting about nuclear weapons to this shit. I heard some prick on the radio comparing this movement with Ghandi and Martin Luther King.
    Fucking hell!
    These are middle class layabouts who have watched too many documentaries. They look around and say “where’s my Vietnam? Where’s my Civil Rights movement?” They attach themselves to any and every libtard cause……the same cunts at every demo. All this is exacerbated by their ability to bask in their own virtue via soshul meeja.
    When I was a kid we called these cunts “do gooders” and ridiculed them. They are taken seriously today because, as others have pointed out, they are doing the dirty work of the rich and powerful. They are the foot soldiers of the ruling class.

    • Absolutely right!!
      These predominantly white wankers formulate their world opinions by watching endless Netflix conspiracy/ climate change programmes , surfing around the internet looking at a deluge highly fanciful documentary’s once armed with this insightful stuff they look to impart their new found wisdom on the uneducated, long suffering ( working) population!!
      As a country we’ve always had more than our fair share of these faux eco pseudo intellectual cunts who appear to always be looking for the next new improved cause to support !!
      I found their patronising “ we are so sorry for the disruption “ clips particularly fucking irritating!!
      Like they give a flying fuck about people going about their lawful business!!
      Utter cunts!!
      As a previous poster said they should stop their benefits if they get attested!
      Of course they won’t as they would have human right legal arseholes all over them likes flies on dog shit …..,

  21. Throw the fuckers into the Thames. They all look like they could do with a wash…
    I would start with the phones are are stick together with plastic tubing full of cement. As for the cunt who bicycle-locked himself to a hearse: Molotov the cunt’s car. As for the two who had to cut out of the ford, time for a GPMG.

  22. Self-righteous wankers who are quick to criticise but offer nothing in the way of a solution.

    Expect people to listen to them because they are always right of course, but won’t listen to rationality or anyone else’s opinion.

    A lot of virtue was signalled that day.

      • The last time I saw so many white faces in one place Blunty was yesterday, with the ‘Mother’s Rise Up’ nom.

        These cunts who enjoy disrupting ordinary people going about their lawful business with their stupid street jamborees always seem to be white.

        Even the Black Lives Matter cunts are mostly fucking white!

        Blacks and Asians have more sense.

        • I certainly think you’re right there RTC.
          “Blacks and Asians have more sense.”
          I’ve got to agree with that.
          You’ve pointed out something of great interest there.

  23. I see that luvvie whorebag, flavour of the moment, Olivia Colman, is lending her support to these hippy bastards. Is this the same luvvie bitch I saw on the telly advertising a fucking airline? No, it must be an imposter.

    • Yep Olivia Colman the very same hypocrite advertising British Airways you couldn’t make it up could you Fucking fat ugly slag

      • BA now running like pedaloes ? Or fart power, hot air and elastic bands ? Dozy slapper doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

  24. Looking at photos of these cunts in the press today, it looked like the audience of Glastonbury in the early nineties, before that bald cunt went corporate and built proper fences, and charged a fortune to get in. I never went then, because it was full of cunts like these veganesque CND wankers, and scousers down on the rob. And, I certainly wouldn’t go now, the cunt meter is off the fucking charts, both on stage and off. There is a look to these serial activist types, a dress code that seems unchanged in the last forty years. I love laughing at these losers, they spend so much time and effort to look alternative, and end up all looking the same. Add to that the whiff of piss coming from the crusty contingent, and I bet it smells like the drains are blocked. Fuck them, they are all hypocrites. And cunts.

  25. Looking at a few more. Stupid slags doing yoga, crusties laughing being put in police vans, as they know there will be no consequences. One twat was wearing an old WW2 civilian gas mask. I hope he keeps it on, the filters on those things had asbestos in them. Also, a couple of young bints with home made placards, one saying ‘we are the children of the future’ No you fucking ain’t, your the spoilt clueless children of now, you’re the adults of the future. And that’s why we are fucked.
    Also, some old bag on the radio moaning that she fears for the future, as she has seven grandkids. Tenalady too dumb to realise that she is part of the problem, by having a big family. Cunts, they’ve wound me up with their stupidity and selfishness.

  26. Middle class corporate-backed mugs blocking the roads for us plebs that actually bother to work for a living.
    Let’s see these cunts try picketing a stock car race meeting, or even better a motorcycle event.
    It’s not called the Bulldog BASH for nothing, you smelly fucknuts…

    • Not a bad idea but even better, let’s give them a one way flight to Iran. They can protest Iranian oil fields.

      We can watch on TV with popcorn.

  27. I would just love to see the cops deal with these irritating hippies the way the more (ahem) ‘aggressive’ cops from overseas deal with scrotes like these.

    Given a bit of THAT kind of manhandling. I imagine those hairy-pubed cunts would shit their knick-knocks and go hotfooting it very rapidly back to leafy Hampstead, or wherever the hell these almond milk-slurping fucktards crawl out from.

    I would pay good money for a ringside seat to see them get a size 10 straight up the anal ring. (Add in a bucket of sweet popcorn and a Pepsi and I’d be as happy as a pig in shite)

  28. Crusty fucking hippies.

    When they were protesting before I remember one of them was some gap yaah, trust fund kid, who had previously travelled all around the world. The fucking hypocrite.

    Wonder if they’ll pack up all their tents once they’ve finished. I think I already know the answer to that one.

  29. Cunts have fucked me off royally. We have client’s customers living in the area requiring specialist property surveys this week.

    These customers have advised us our teams might struggle to get their vans to their houses because of these fucking Extinction Rebellion dickheads. Selfish fucking cunts.

    Fuck them all and the shithouses they crawled out of. Watching this lot on the 10 o’clock news, these cunts seem to under the spell of some mass hysteria.

    Oh, and Mark Rylance is a fuckwitted cunthead.

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