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I have to nominate the left wing and the Metropolitan police for a cunting. In the Daily Fail, they’ve have TWO stories of spectacular fuckwittery from officers of the Met. Now, I know that there are many, many decent cops in forces all over the country. Unfortunately, their good work is fucked up by the incompetent dog shit lickers who infest their ranks.

Firstly, we read today that police have spent THREE WEEKS searching for Actress Sian Blake, her two sons, and her boyfriend, only to find the bodies of Miss Blake and her sons in the back garden of the house the police had ALREADY searched. They also found that her boyfriend, Arthur Simpson-Kent, had Foxtrot Oscared to Ghana a couple of weeks ago. Great police work their boys and girls. Every decent cop is sitting with their heads in their hands right now.

The best one though, concerns the prime suspect for that Sand wog, Jihadi Jane’s replacement, Siddhartha Dhar. Now imaginatively named, “Jihadi Sid”. Also known as Abu Rumaysah, this piece of shit had been interviewed by Al BBC, and had been arrested by the Met on terror related offences SIX times before being detained in September 2014and placed on a terror watchlist for encouraging terrorism and supporting banned group Al-Muhajiroun. Within 24 hours, he’d fucked off to Paris on a coach with his wife and four children. From their they headed to Turkey, and then Syria.

Apparently, he was arrested on the 26th of September and then bailed, on condition that he hand in his passport by October 3rd. He skipped bail almost immediately and fucked off abroad. Yet it wasn’t until NOVEMBER 7th that plod decided to write to Dhar to ask him to PHONE them and explain why he hadn’t handed in his passport. I kid you not. The Met allowed someone they KNEW was a terrorist to go free on bail, without putting any kind of surveillance in place. It’s just dumb luck that the cunt decided to fuck off out of the country, rather than commit an atrocity. Because he WOULD have succeeded.

Apparently, officers did knock on his door a couple of times, but nobody seems to have thought to investigate further why someone facing such serious charges was not answering the door. Now, we all know that the authorities, plod included, have their heads shoved firmly up the arses of the adherents of the “Religion of Peace”. They do this because they’re terrified of offending the adherents of the “Religion of Peace” in case one of them gets angry and peacefully blows themselves, and many innocent people, to kingdom come. And that is the basis for the staggering incompetence on display in this case. Fear of offending muslims.

What’s sorely needed, is a complete and brutal, top down reform of the police, the civil service and the government. All of the limp wristed, ignorant, bigoted, arrogant, anti-UK, far left parasites infesting those organisations, needed to be weeded out and removed. The UK is facing an unparalleled threat from muslims, and the left are not only hindering the efforts to counter that threat, their actions are actively helping muslims.

It’s because of these left wing shitbags that we now live in a country where sharia courts are tolerated, where at least 1400 white girls were raped by muslim paedophiles, while the police and social services not only stood by and did nothing, but branded the victims liars and racists. That is a fucking disgrace. We also live in a country where, thanks to these left wing buffoons, a muslim can accuse someone of “islamophobia” without a shred of evidence and be believed by the police. A country where disrespectful muslim women are allowed to disguise themselves as bin bags, and enter places where someone wearing a hoodie, a motorbike helmet or even a baseball cap would have to remove said headgear. There is NO requirement in islam for a woman to completely cover herself. Even muslims have admitted that. It’s also a country where muslims have been allowed to nurture a sense of victimhood and oppression, when there is none. The younger are particularly prone to this.

EVERYTHING wrong with this country right now, is a direct result of the treacherous left’s deliberate mismanagement. And a lot of our problems stem from the uncontrolled immigration that was started back in ’97 by that arch cunt, Tony Blair. Roads are congested because there are too many people driving. The NHS is at breaking point, because too many people want to use it. There’s a severe housing shortage, because there are too many people in the country. There’s a severe terrorist threat, because no fucker has any real clue who’s in the country, and there is no real enthusiasm for finding out. The UK is full, and yet STILL those thick fuckers on the left are calling on Cameron to allow MORE than 20,000 “refugees” into the UK.

It’s beyond time that the left were stripped of their power. We cannot start improving the UK until the traitors have been removed.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. With the greatest respect, I think the problem here is believing what you read in the Daily Mail – a paper with a long-established history of twisting and fabricating ‘facts’ to fit their agenda of smearing both the left and the police (as well as teachers, the NHS, etc etc). The Daily Mail is the publication which most frequently contravenes the Editors’ Code in respect of the “truth and accuracy” clause (more than double the contraventions of The Sun), but of course the Mail is never censured because the Chairman of the Editors’ Code Committee is none other than Paul Dacre (cunted previously), the Editor of the Daily Mail.

  2. PLOD are a bunch of lazy good for nothing cunts, the whole council covered up the sex gang scandals and they still covering it up all because of racism? what a load of shit. and all that try to question the ethnicity of these rape gangs is racist apparently but when they are all paki, hajis, and muzzies you know your government are a bunch of cuckolds. The left are a bunch of race bating white guilt having useless cunts, and the thing is their promotion of white guilt is they want others to serve there sentence fuck the buggers. #Je suis Clarkson

  3. The old bill, the rozzas, the pigs, call them what you like, are a bunch of cunts.
    When I was 18 I was caught with a friend parked up smoking a joint just outside of my home city, we had just scored it and decided to pull-up and smoke a joint.
    As we were sitting there a cop car came past and stopped, we had nowhere to go and the car stank of weed.
    The two cops who caught us took the half-ounce of weed we had between us (quarter of ounce each) and the gram of cocaine I had and told us it was our lucky day and sent us on our way.
    True story!
    So it was a blessing not being arrested, but it was obvious the two pigs kept that half ounce of weed and gram of cocaine for themselves!

  4. Indeed:- and didn’t a Dr Guillotin invent a little device with very modest running costs to facilitate this exercise?

  5. Honestly, I don’t know what the fk is going on in this country. It’s fkn simple: every country has its own specific culture that creates behavioural traits. When you start inter-mixing these behaviours you get conflict – it’s that simple.

    When I lived in Poland (3 years in Warsaw) I was pleasantly surprised by its mono-ethnicity and its resulting lack of tension. Sure, you had small groups of other cultures, but not so large that you didnt know what country you were in when you walked out your fkn door. ‘Multi-culturalism’ the Poles had figured, was just another euphemism for stramash.

    And for keeping their house in order, the Poles are accused of racism or xenophobia, but it’s just that they don’t really want other cultures fucking with their established value system, and like we gentle Glasgow folk, do not overly ‘accommodate’ foreigner’s often outlandish behaviours (although judging from the results of the last referendum, I may stand corrected…)…. By ‘foreigner’ I’m really talking about those outside Europe who appear to not know that it’s wrong in this country to rape or kill or have four wives, or generally behave as if you’ve been raised by a tribe of termites.

    When I lived in Saudi one of my students told me of a friend who ritually gutted his wife to be for nothing more than meeting another male alone. This, he told me, in such a perfunctory fashion that I wasn’t sure if he was pulling my leg. Alas! sarcasm is not a Saudi trait (not yet anyway). [His friend, incidentally, was commended for this ‘honour’ killing by the local community, and in no way condemned]

    I could go on and on and cite examples from the 13 different countries I have lived and worked in. But I won’t. All I will say is that whoever is in charge of letting immigrants into this country needs to read up on some basic anthropology, starting perhaps with Edward Twitchell Hall’s marvellously enlightening The Hidden Dimension.

    • The EU (under the guise of being all about free-trade) had 2 simple objectives:

      1. Destroy the national currencies of all EU member states by having them adopt the Euro and fall under the ECB (European Central Bank)
      2. Allow the free passage of all EU citizens across borders, thus destroying National identity and sovereignty, essentially destroying countries from within.

  6. Quick double cunting. Now, I could cunt the English Rugby Team, the RFU, and practically any English rugby player who has ever existed every hour of every day, but I choose not to because I understand I am a bitter Welshman.
    This cunting involves potato-faced, princess shagger Will Carling and super-cunt Chris Ashton. Ashton who has form as long as my forehead for being a extremely sly, obnoxious cunt has outdone himself by trying to blind a fellow professional by gouging him while throwing him to the floor. He was caught and subsequently banned. Cuntish act given an appropriate cunting by the authorities. This is where Will sticks royal dipped cock in, saying….

    “He’s worked incredibly hard to get back. When he first appeared, he was outstanding and it would’ve been great to see him back.
    “It’s very sad he won’t be there and I’m sure Eddie Jones will be frustrated.”

    Very sad??! Very sad that we wont see his irritating face being a cunt on a rugby field for 10 weeks??! Not that the poor fucker might have had to pick up his eyeballs from the pitch then William??

    Typical public school boy, bullying, oik hating CUNT.

  7. After all the kerfuffle in Barrow this week the Met would appear to be nearly amateur in comparison to the thoroughly useless Cumbrian Police Farce. What a bunch of fuckwittards they seem to have been.

  8. Just seen a Channel (Cunntell 4) report of Stormzy, treating him like he is some kind of new messiah/international hero. What a complete load of black and white bollocks. Stomzy from his Chelsea flat (Yeah, he’s really living the street life, init?) giving it large about how he suffered as a rude boy and now how he prays (more like preys) for all the other S London rude boys and how he has put up a black bill board near Croydon, with the message “All my black kings rise up man this is our year” Not only does he get away with this shit, which will probably be interpretated by the already dissafected, to riot, but the traitorous lefty cunts on Channel 4 complete with snowflake presenter, suck his shit up with a smile. Now I ask you, what the fuck would happen to the average Joe, white guy who goes into a Mozzie area in Londonistan and pastes up a fucking huge poster black on white with, the message:
    ” All my white princes rise up men, this is our year”
    Apart from risking a beheading in all probablity he would be arrested by our traitorous guardians, for racial incitement offences.

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