‘Mary Beard’s Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit’ (BBC2)

Mary Beard’s Ultimate Rome Series deserves a true cunting!

Now I’ve watched many a Mary Beard history vehicle with fondness in the past, and – as a scholar of ancient history myself – I always relish a new drop of Roman History, but this new AL-BB-CERA vehicle is EU/anti-Brexit tosh of the highest order.

Embarrassingly – for Beard – she’s forced to spout bullshit about a skelington (as my pre-school daughter used to call them) in Yorkshire being from Northern Africa. So basically England (they never invaded Scotia) was full of Africunts even back then!


Sorry, wrong answer. The reason for a single North African (i.e. Egyptian rather than some sub-Saharan shithole oik) woman being in the North of England was because she was a trophy wife of one of Rome’s “well to do” who still saw Egyptian (or Carthaginian women for that matter) as a bit of a prize after Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony both knobbed the loose whore Cleopatra.

Then the veil slips as Beard admits that unlike most other Roman occupied territories, England was never invited to the “top table” (unlike Gaul and Germania – funny how history repeats itself eh) of Roman politics because we wouldn’t be assimilated as a people.

Sure there were collaborators (how triggered are the BBC over that word, well, when the name fits – cunts) but the majority of English people resented being controlled from afar without any fucking say by a hostile force, who’s usury tactics ensured no English person (other than imperial collaborators) would ever become wealthy enough to rock Rome’s boat.

Next we have the Polish. England was riddled with Poles – even in Roman times – because the “free movement of peoples” was a HUGE benefit to all of the Roman Empire!


Firstly there was no “Poland” back then, and the land area now known as Poland was never part of the Roman Empire. Sure it bordered Germania but the likelihood is that the skull in question was Germanian and post Roman Empire they occupied that land
(Prussian Borderlands) hencee why there are genetic similarities, albeit temporarily displaced by the odd 500yrs or so.

But hey, it’s the BBC so why let historical fact get in the way of EU Empire propaganda, eh!

Also, the Germanian (not Pole) was likely to have been a slave. Yes a white slave (are you listening David Lanny – you CUNT)!

Finally Queen Boudicca. Well she was just a fucking terrorist, who I quote Beard literally saying (and what compelled my to write this nomination): “A woman who stood up to the might of the Roman Empire…but my head says a bit different. And I’m sort of ashamed to say it…but I’m kind of glad she didn’t win. She was a brutal terrorist, and what sort of place would this have been?”


Well Mary, in a word: FREE!!!

But hey, strike one up for feminism why don’t you!?!

Point of fact is that our island nation has never been happy with being lorded over from afar. Whether in the Icenian times, or now, we have never accepted occupation (whether physical or legislative) gladly, we have always rebelled against our oppressors and their easily defeated collaborators.

Above I say England because the Romans never dealt with the Celts and so built a wall to keep them out. And yet beard bare-faced claims that Rome created Britain!


Britain (as a union) was formed centuries later, through Offa, through Alfred, through Guillaume De Batard, through Elizabeth I, then James 1st of England/6th of Scotland (whose progeny managed to fuck it all up).

So no Mary, the Romans did not create Britain, nor was Londinium over 50% “multicultural”, not Boston or Crewe Imperial Polish ghettos!

Also notice the timing of this blatant EU propaganda vehicle, just before a very real (and most wanted) “no deal” Brexit, in order to assuage folk into thinking Britain has always been riddled with pointless immigration and ruled from afar!

FUCK OFF! We are an island nation, we are our own nation. Always have been and always will be.

It was right when Boudicca’s legacy was extolled essentially as: “Your descendants will conquer more territory that these Roman cunts!”

Yes, that’s right, the sun never set on the fucker!

So no Mary, your thinly veiled EU love-in vehicle may convince the hard of understanding, but anyone with one iota of sense will see through that tissue and wipe their arse on it!

Lying, duplicit, complicit, collaborating BBC cunts!

Fuck the lot of you!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

94 thoughts on “‘Mary Beard’s Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit’ (BBC2)

  1. I knew the BBC were all just a bunch of cunts, especially their ‘news’ sections, which are filled to the brim with bias, sheep leading, propaganda. But I would have thought the sanctity of a supposedly factual historical documentary would have been pure. Obviously, I’ve underestimated the cunts once again.

    I’m guessing they think too many are wising up to not believe everything they hear in the news, so now trying to trick people with their highbrow programming.

    Honestly, the BBC should be abandoned, everyone should cancel their TV licence (like I have) and never watch the Bullshit Broadcasting Cunts again. It may be dressed up as entertainment, but you’re basically watching Dominic Grieve teach you about his idealogical history of Britain. Fuck off cunts.

  2. A few issues I have with this nomination – the Romans did invade Scotia (about half of it) up to the Antonine Wall, they just couldn’t keep it very long.

    Is it possible that the North African woman was a lowly slave owned by a Patrician and not married to a Patrician?

    I don’t understand why you refer to the Roman holdings in Britain as England and say that “the Romans never dealt with the Celts and had to build a wall”……. the Romans controlled Wales which was and still is Celtic plus even in “England” the rural tribes people weren’t fully Romanised and were still largely Celtic both culturally and linguistically.

    As for the Romans never having created Britain, it depends how you define created. They took the Proto-Celtic name for Britain – Pretani (painted people) and conjugated it to sound Roman (Britannia) so in that regard it could be said they created Britain.

    They certainly did a reasonable job of civilising us for a few hundred years, built towns and built roads to connect large population centers to encourage trade.

    They may not have given the natives a national identity and common cause for pride in their country but during their time here they stop the tribes from offing each other which is one step towards a stable sense of nation.

    Although I haven’t seen this documentary myself and I will have to watch it, I am totally on board with the general thrust of this nomination. It does sound like a pro-EU propaganda piece from the Brexit Bashing Corporation.

    • PS I meant Caledonia. Scotia, along with Hibernia is what the Romans called Ireland…. If memory serves, I can’t be arsed to Google it.

      “if memory serves” you must be fucking old!

      • I don’t know a lot about history, but I like to think, notwithstanding Mrs. Boggs I know a bit about beauty, and I have to say it – what an ugly old bag that woman is Beard is a good name for her.

      • Derp! No I used it incorrectly, although the name is derived from the name of the Scots who originated from Ireland, so you can see where my confusion lay.

    • In my Morcombe and Wise defence: “I listed all relevant Roman soundbites I wanted, just not necessarily in right temporal order!” 😜

  3. Just watched a programme on Channel 4 about the skeletons of the Mary Rose and blow me down if there wasn’t the same multicultural bollocks being spouted.
    The few multicultural men onboard isn’t a surprise or where they came from. Our king at the time was married to an extremely powerful Spanish (Aragonese) woman who’s family ruled a large swathe of southern Europe including parts of the italian mainland, and the islands of corsica, sardinia and sicily. So exchange of skilled men in different trades would be common place including some from North Africa (Moors, Berbers etc) Italian armourers were recognised as the finest just what Henry VIII would have wanted. The same with archers, carpenters, shipwright, he wanted the best so would have got them by hook or by crook. But the angle the show was pushing was that they were actually the darkest skinned Africans from the centre of the continent when in reality the DNA checks showed them to be of a much more Mediterranean hue.
    Again Anti brexit Pro immigration bollocks.

    • Maybe they were the oarsmen for “ramming speed”?

      (He says with yet another historical faux-pas. Made me giggle, just thinking about triggered, leftist, snowflakes – eventually – realising the connotations, after a few years or so…)

    • Oh fuck, I’ve taped that (yes, that’s a term us late 40-somethings still use)!

      No point watching it if it’s yet another AL-BEEB EU parody.

      Still nice to hear George Sore-Arse admit that if Brexit happens it will be the collapse of the EU, just like the collapse of the Soviet Union!

      a) Thanks George, we think the EU is just like the Soviet Union too.

      b) Similarly – like the Soviet Union – the EU’s collapse would be no bad thing!


  4. What a magnificently erudite cunting. Of course the main problem with Beard is that one look is all it takes to mark her card. And even if there was ‘multi culti’ in civilisations gone by oh hallowed Al-BBC, look, isn’t that funny – said civilisations were all wiped out!! Oh how we laughed.

  5. What a pile of UK hating BBC biased cuntitude.
    Dame Cressida Dick?
    Fuck right off.

    Good morning.

  6. Good Morning

    It is recent histothat the BBC has also re-written. Leavers didn’t know they were voting to leave the customs union and the single market or that they would leave the EU on WTO terms. How the fuck do they know what Leavers knew and didn’t know they all supported Remain.

  7. A marvellous cunting dear chap, precise and diligently dismantled. TV Historians in general deserve the place on IAC for their watered-down versions and where they place emphasis (eg. Why point the laser at Stalin or Mao when you can attack Churchill). David Olusoga is another cunt but it would flatter him to be called an historian.

    Perhaps Beard studied her History PhD at the AsterixDeGaul University of East London.

  8. I think its a slippery slope revising history, the same trick the nazis used as propaganda.
    Let the known facts be told without putting spin on it.
    The romans though were ‘multi cultural’ in that auxiliary troops were from all over the roman empire.
    So youd have a bloke from middle east fighting for Rome in the british isles, hes facing off against us brits to earn his right to be a Roman citizen,
    We in Mercia (as it was then) constantly had uprisings against roman rule.
    Woad covered hairy arse, carynx blowing warriors charging through the mist on chariots to send the foreign filth back to the med.
    Proud of our ancestors!

  9. Surprise surprise – Oily Robbins (Treasoner May’s Civil Service EU collaborator in chief) has been honoured with a knighthood….

    • He’s also been appointed to a plum job at Goldman Sachs Bank.
      Who says failure is never rewarded?

      • And who doesn’t know who’s really running the show?

        Major advises Credit Suisse
        Blair advises JP Morgan
        Cameron advises a financial group (in the USA)

        They know how to follow the money.

        • I suspect that if prostitution is legalised in this country Blair, Cameron Major and the Gaylords Adonis & Mangledum will invest in whorehouses. God knows there are enough madames to help them run them – Thornberry and Soubry come to mind

    • And set to join Goldman Sachs with our old buddy the ex communist Barroso. Not a bad outcome eh, you perform the task set and fuck up Brexit for the establishment and one gets richly rewarded.

      Perhaps he will exchange emails with Alistair Darling at Morgan Stanley and Gideon at Blackrock about what to do with his 30 pieces of silver.

    • And one for Sir Geoffrey Boycott, long overdue. He knows how to deal with europeans, smack them in the mouth.
      Go on Sir Geoff hit her for six.

        • Well, he was a legend as a cricketer… But it sort of puts the wrong message out for woman bashers to be given knighthoods… They might as well give one to Stan Collymore or Dennis Waterman… It sort of annoys me that those who are seen as ‘cool’ get their wife beating either ignored or overlooked… James Brown, John Lennon, Miles Davis, Sean Connery… And anyone black who has done it automatically gets a free pass… Like all other PC shite and liberal bollocks it’s selective and hypocritical…

          • No one is perfect, and if a person “deserves” (ok, possibly always questionable) a knighthood, they shouldn’t be denied it just because they once committed an un-pc act.

    • Fucking hell Freddie that made me laugh haven’t heard “Chinny Reckon” for years. Think the Conservatives should have all been saying that to bercow everytime he opened his gob the shortarsed cunt.

  10. “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
    Orwell was correct.
    I’m sure he also mentioned somewhere that this flea-bitten keeper of cats is a cunt……..

    • Keeper of cats? Don’t say anything about her pussy. I seem to remember that got another website in a shitload of trouble.
      I like cats anyway. 😁

  11. The Roman garrison was made up of all sorts – Middle East, N.Africa, the Balkans, locals and of course Romans. ‘Poles?’ Agree, they’d have been beyond the frontier, but there were several incursions by the Romans, whose captives were either sold as slaves or given the option of signing up. Wouldn’t draw any conclusions at all from finding an Egyptian skeleton, could have just been a camp follower. The Egyptian Serapis, and the Persian Mithra were both approved gods throughout the Roman sphere of influence (there is a particularly fine temple of Serapis at Bergama/Pergamon in Turkey and several instances of Mithraism in Britain). As long as you made the right obeisances to the Imperial cult, you could worship your own region’s gods.

    But freedom of movement was rather discouraged by the Romans. Violently. Particularly if you were a Hun, Parthian or Sarmatian…

  12. Anyway, bin the box (and the box set) and buy Gibbon’s ‘Decline And Fall of the Roman Empire’ as a starting point. Researched as a labour of love, lively prose, everything sourced, biting humour and runs from Augustus to the Turkish conquest of Constantinople. It may not be the latest research, but a lot of it is still unsurpassed. And it’s a cracking good read.

    • Thanks I’m going to check that out Komodo. I want to get into reading history but don’t really know where to start, can you recommend a good WW2 book btw?

      • Shags, pardon the intrusion but I’d recommend starting with A.J.P.Taylor’s The Origins Of The Second World War then expand with the same author.

      • Overlord by Max Hastings isn’t a bad book on D Day, and you can’t beat Spike Milligan’s war diaries.

      • WW2 I’m not so hot on, but I enjoyed The Battle of the River Plate by Dudley Pope. A specific incident like that is a good starting point, and you can then follow up the general history surrounding it. For which Captain Mag’s recommendation is sound. Check out the charity shops, btw. If it looks interesting buy it, at little cost if you’re wrong. There is no settled definition of what is good, as you may see from my exchanges with Miles Plastic…

        One of my favourite history books is A Peace to End All Peace by David Fromkin, detailing the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the disastrous 1922 rearrangement of the Middle East by the Allies – arguably leading to the present chaos. Well written, informative and a little less friendly to the Brits than Lawrence of Arabia…

      • “can you recommend a good WW2 book…”

        David Irving (the one who pulled (Sir) Hugh Trevor-Roper’s pants down over his ‘authentication’ of the faked Hitler diaries) is always worth a read. One of the few historians who rely on nothing but the source documents which he researches in excruciating detail rather than re-hashing, plagiarising and regurgitatiing (errors and all) the work of previous establishment ‘historians’. His account of the infamous Convoy PQ-17 is just a gripping read own its own merits apart from the historical insights. His “Churchill’s War” and accompanying “Hitler’s War” are again deeply and extensively researched. “Virus House” about the Nazi’s quest to secure the fissionable material/heavy water for their nuclear bomb program is another one worth a read. Oh and they’re all available as free downloads!

  13. Bettany Hughes on C5 has done some good historical programmes on the Roman Empire and Pompeii, free from BBC style agenda driven bullshit. Mostly filmed in the summertime in Italy so her ‘twins’ are bouncing around fighting for some screen time.

    • I don’t know her but after a quick search, I concur. They are a mighty fine pair of funbags.


    • As a committed bigot I hate the romans, they can take their aquaducts,
      Straight roads and fancypants ways and fuck right off!
      Might be 2000 years ago but ive still not forgiven them.

      • On my first day in a Roman prison they took away my name and gave me a number – I was **LIVID**

  14. My dear rebel without a cunt. As noted by others, a most erudite cunting.

    However, your mere erudition is trumped (pun intended) by the simple fact that this dried up old bag was there! She knew these people first hand and I’m sure her toga flew during the Nottingus hill carnival.

    The EU is a wannabe Roman empire. The vicious brute charlemagne, the holy roman empire and all attempts since. You’d think that after 1500 years they would get the message.

    They make a desolation and they call it a peace. Quite.

  15. You have a fantastic knowledge of history, seems you should do your own show. Would be very entertaining 😀

  16. Ulitima Thule. The ‘end of nowhere’ the Romans referred to us. The other end of nowhere. But they decided to conquer anyway. Bringing CIVILISATION. I don’t know how cosmopolitan it was but within the Roman Empire was certainly the place to be. If you read the literature of the 6th, 7th, 8th centuries it is full of nostalgia for the Romans in Britain (not being buggered on stage) but order which came from being part of that Empire. Especially because of the Barbarian Invasions from the North. Our greatest leader Alfred the Great was all FOR Roman ideals. The political and social order that it had brought.

      • Would that be because he wasn’t a Catholic, Miles?

        “The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world, were all considered by the people, as equally true; by the philosopher, as equally false; and by the magistrate, as equally useful.”
        (Edward Gibbon)

        • Your quote actually is evidence of his problem. GK, Belloc, Waugh all the great writers all much admired his crafted prose style. But beneath it ultimately his thesis is mistaken. Which was the rise of Christianity led to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. No, that’s not what happened. In fact to quote Chesterton-‘The Roman Empire exists to this hour’. It never fell.

          • One polemicist against another, Miles. Though you might regard the Vatican as the rotting heart of Rome, I suppose.

            The Pope? How many divisions has he?
            (Joseph Stalin)

            Gibbon was a first-rate historian, a great writer, a rationalist, and abominated superstition. It’s rather hard to take ‘his thesis’ as you are encouraged to see it, from the bulk of the work…much harder than it is to recognise Chesterton’s incessant plugs for Catholicism in his popular output. It’s a history.

          • Yes the rise and fall of The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. I mean of course the fact that it has been discredited by many historians now. It doesn’t hold sway anymore. A book of its time that’s all.

          • Want to admit the same of the New Testament, Miles? Or for that matter, the Old one? Was St Anselm a product of the 21st century, or might you consider bearing the mediaeval mindset in mind when you read him?
            I certainly read Gibbon as of his time. A time unsurpassed since in English letters, during which it became permissible to question the existence of Eyes In The Sky and start doing serious science. Not a bad time. And Gibbon gives the historian a window into that as well.
            Opinion is divided, sure. Christianity is great at dividing opinion. I am with the many who think “The Decline…” is pioneering narrative history.

            Also a damn sight better written than the New Testament for all the latter’s consciously archaic style, adopted in the KJV to impress the peasants. Yes, it was out of date even then.

          • The decline and fall of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is well underway in academic circles. (Re-editing my joke correctly). But yes from my little reading it has been discredited. I mean his actual history isn’t accurate. Waugh called him ‘a failed historian’. I suspect his anti-Christianity blinded him to a true history.
            The KJV is the greatest translation of the Bible. It is not ‘archaic’ in the sense of the translators consciously deliberately using out of date langauge, expressions. No it came from the heart from men who still believed.

    • Ultima Thule was an excellent single. By Tangerine Dream, in the unlikely event of any cunters being unaware.

      • Miles, are you spreading your wings from dreary Catholic literature to obscure Brenton plays from the 80s? I commend thee.

        • There was a Not The Nine O’ Clock News sketch I remember at the time Capt. Mel Smith in the wings looking terrified-‘I’ll be buggered if I go on there’.

    • “Roman ideals”, hah, don’t make me laugh!

      Their “democracy” was as farcical as our own is now, including the Roman republican years.

      It was only during the time of the “Five Good Emperors” that there was any form of political stability and cohesion and even that era wasn’t without it’s political assassinations (and literally in this case).

      Contemporaries looked to the Roman Empire not from an ideals perspective but from a one of imperial power and territory amassment.

      There was no hankering for a senate
      – by the people, for the people – otherwise the notion of Kingship becomes redundant.

      Besides, Rome wasn’t lost as an Empire, they simply shifted empirical power to ecclesiastical power.

      No emperor, just a pope.

      No tribunes, just cardinals.

      No prefects, just bishops.

      No centurions, just priests.

      The Roman power remained, just in a difference guise, and would encompass (some would say enslave) far more people than the Roman Empire ever did.

      The genius stroke being that while the Roman Empire used fear of death to keep the proles in line, which oftentimes wasn’t enough to prevent rebellion, the Holy Roman church kept the proles in line through fear of their immortal soul.

      And can’t take any more? Want to kill yourself? You can’t! Because – handily – that’s the one sin their God will not forgive. Genius!

      • After mass next Sunday Rebel I’m going to have a peek into the sacristy to see what Father Ikuwu does after he disrobes. According to you he’ll be fixing his breastplate on, helmet, picking up his sword and shield.

        One of the altar girls-‘Father what about your trident today?’

  17. Mary Beard doesn’t mention her full name not because it’s double barreled and might make her sound poncy, but because she got teased at school.

    Mary Hinge-Beard.

  18. All BBC history programmes are shit and have been for years now… That smug cunt Schama, that daft ‘look at me’ bitch who uses a history programme as a dressing up box (cunt), and, of course, the Beard….

    Last good BBC history programme was ‘The Nazis – A Warning From History’ and that was over 20 years ago, before the ‘corporation’ got snowflake ebola , remainer clap and woke disease….

    • Morning all.Aye up Norman. There’s a programme on Beeb 2 at the moment, a ‘docudrama’ about the rise of the Nazis, that’s pretty good. At least it was, until some professor cunt in it opined last night that the Nazis provide a warning ‘about the contemporary rise of the far right’, and the fragility of democracy. The far right presumably being anybody who disagrees with the corporatist hegemony of the ‘democratic’ EU, and who doesn’t want his culture and his country swamped by waves of mass immigration from everywhere under the sun.

  19. I must admit that I’m impressed with the historical knowledge of numerous cunters on here. History was never my strong point, they wouldn’t even let me take my ‘O’ level exam at school because they knew I was hopeless. Even today my interest in the past amounts to no more than watching tv documentaries on ancient battles. That Julius Caesar bloke was pretty good at killing foreigners. Attila the Hun wasn’t bad either.

    • I was crap at school history – the same as you with ‘O’ levels – but got interested much later in specific areas and times – that sort of grew. We didn’t have the internet then; if we had, I’d probably have been a lot keener. Still couldn’t tell you the dates of the English monarchs, though.

  20. They pushed this “we’re all descended from Africans” shit for a long time. It’s just not possible – if it was, western civilisation would never have happened and we’ll be living in mud huts waiting for the white man to give us stuff.

  21. I’d rather watch programmes of that nun lady who used to oggle the nudey sculptures and paintings.
    “As you can see Venus’s voluptuous breasts are divine”

  22. I’m just waiting for the ‘we think we get it about right’ BBC to tell us that Douglas Bader was thought to follow the peaceful religion and later became a marxist transvestite and detested Britain and wished that the Germans had won the war.

  23. I see Anneka Rice is on Strictly Cunt Dancing…
    A name I haven’t heard in a long time… I really wanted to smash her in ye olde days…

  24. Sick of cunts trying to pretend that Europe, the centre of all that’s good about the modern world, is as much due to africans as white people. It’s a fucking lie. If dark keys are indeed equal to whites as the woke fools pretend then you shouldn’t need to lie about their positive influence.

  25. Once there are no protagonists left, history can be twisted to fit any agenda, by emphasising one element, and leaving others out. Revisionist books and documentaries on World War Two are plentiful, and soon there will be no one left who was there to correct these bullshitters.

  26. I started an English Literature degree at London University, back in the 1990s. Dropped out after about 4 lessons because I preferred drinking and socialising. However, I do remember the professor who got us to make an honest appraisal of an article from The Guardian. The main thrust of the lesson – consider the source and see the bias.

    Never thought much of that lesson until these recent ‘Brexit’ years. Now everything seems to have a major bias and flagrantly wangs massive bells of bias in your face.

    For those who have ears let them hear, eh! No pun intended.

    This BBC ‘history’ crap sounds like dressed up propaganda.

  27. Libtard Scarecrow, I bet she would describe the collesium behind her as being built by transexuals and black architects, and that what went on in there was a great example of a diverse, multicultural community, and that it was ok, because only white straight men killing each other in acts of toxic masculinity, whilst also atoning for their white privilege. And Julius Caesar was black.

  28. If she’s a serious academic she should hang her head in shame at spouting this politically correct nonsense.
    A nice BBCistan cheque and script to follow cures all it seems.
    What a degenerate cunt.

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