David Cameron (25)


A hog roast with apple sauce and all the trimmings please for the old Pigfucker himself, who has, after all these years, finished his book (I wonder what colour crayon he used?) and prior to it’s release (and don’t worry you will be able to pick it up in Poundland for 50p in the post christmas sale), he has been interviewed by the BBC and other news outlets:


It seems he thinks Boris and Gove acted “appallingly” and that Penny Mordant was “wrong” to suggest wealthy people didn’t understand concerns about immigration – and after all he should know, considering he is such a pauper himself. I think he proved her point in that glib comment. The trouble with Cameron and all the other would be SJWs is that they never travel on public transport, or visit NHS premises, and probably the only “immigrants” he and his pork fetishists in Chipping (is it Norton) is the occasional upstart incomer from the Cotswolds.

Of course, he regrets the referendum, as does his snooty friends … and how dare Boris sack the mutinous cunts.

Every political career ends in failure, Dave.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

David Cameron is deserving of a nomination. In fact, I’m nominating him for cunt of the year.

Call Me Dave has a book to flog, so he’s come swinging, with attacks on Boris and Gove, and telling us all how worried he is about the UK leaving the EU. Probably shouldn’t have called that referendum then, huh, Dave? You remember that don’t you? The one you called after you tried to con the British public into believing you’d tried to renegotiate Britain’s membership of the insidious EU? The referendum you lost, and then threw a tantrum over and resigned as PM? That referendum.

Of course, Call Me Dave only called the referendum because, arrogant toff that he is, he completely misjudged the mood of the people and didn’t for one second believe that we’d vote to get out of the EU. I would love to have seen his face when he was told the news that Friday morning. “What what? The peasants have voted to leave the EU? How dare they? Mater, Mater, the damned peasants have revolted. Of course, he might have gotten a few more people on side, if he hadn’t stated at the start of the ‘renegotiations’ that he didn’t actually want to renegotiate our membership. Kind of shot himself in both feet with that statement. And let’s not forget, it was Cameron’s cowardice when he resigned that landed us with Treason May, the WORST PM this country has ever known.

He even called Gove a wanker which, to be fair, is true. Still, I’d rather be a wanker than a pig fucker. At least wanking is normal. As for appalling behaviour, that would be the majority of MP’s, who for the past three years, have gone out of their to subvert the democratic will of the people, and are now accusing Boris of staging a coup when prorogued parliament. Clearly, none of them own a dictionary that contains the word ‘hypocrite’. Especially that arrogant weasel who infests the Speaker’s chair. Dave, keep your ‘memoirs’ and go back into obscurity. The political mess of the last three years, is YOUR fault. You arrogant, toff cunt. At least Boris is trying to do something to sort the mess out. Whether he’ll succeed remains to be seen.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

76 thoughts on “David Cameron (25)

  1. It’s a shame it turned out the way did with Davie, as PM’s go he wasn’t terrible and look at the drek we’ve been lumbered with since. I wish he’d stayed on in some ways but the quotes I’ve heard from this book are pathetic. ‘Boris only did what did to further his career’ well fuck me if that’s the worst thing a politician can be accused of they’re practically a saint!

    • All the cunts do that, it’s the collateral damage they cause while they’re doing it that differentiates them.

  2. In his time in office he achieved nothing positive in my opinion. His failures were multiple but topped by his failure to get the EU to budge in anyway,shape or form. The referendum result could not have been a surprise if he had any sense of what ordinary folk thought.
    Why is it that the biggest fuck ups seek to return to the fray in order to give us more helpings of their ‘wisdom’? Dave is not in the same league as John Major for doing this but give him time. A pig fucker but at least it wasn’t the thing Major was knobbing.

    • Hameron has spoken of the “expert-trashing, truth-twisting age of populism.”
      JC, has this man no sense of irony, or for that matter, any sense at all ??
      “Experts “are fine, so long as they are the “experts” that produce Yellowhammer and Project Fear; so long as they are my experts.
      “Populism” is fine, so long as it sweeps me and my Party to power.
      Political hypocrisy at its very worst.. I really do think that there will be a massive change at the next GE, and if there is, people like May and Hameron, and Al-BBCeera only have their own vanity, stupidity and arrogance to blame.

  3. “I want people to be clear, absolutely nothing that David Cameron says in his memoirs in the course of the next few days will diminish the affection and respect in which I hold him.”

    (Boris Johnson, speaking in Rotherham on Friday) 😂

    • Cameron clearly has some dirt on Boris from their Bullingdon Club days, maybe more sordid porcine shenanigans.

      • I took it to mean “I despise David Cameron and nothing he writes will make me despise him less.”

  4. I can’t think of any reason for anyone to buy his book. Who the fuck can anyone be even remotely interested in what he has to say? I really hope it bombs.

    • Anyone ever tried reading Blair’s turgid biog never mind finish it? Fuck me sideways into a coma! what a soporific steaming pile of irrelevance, utterly unreadable but… you’ve given me an idea Cuntsy, got the tools and the Workmate out,I think I’ll drill a 1/4″ hole through one corner, rip the covers off and bang a nail in the bog wall so it can hang in pride of place… about hand height whilst seated I reckon…

  5. Slimy, sneaky, backstabbing, completely out of touch toffboy cunt. The other day Sourberries said that his Cabinet , at the time, never discussed what would happen if they lost and it never crossed anybody’s mind for a single second. What breathtaking arrogance. I hate this pigshagging cunt. Apparently he has had a £800,000 advance for his book. How they’re going to get that back I don’t fucking know. Who would pay money to read this sneering idiot’s whining excuses. He doesn’t even mention his pig husbandry activities, about the only thing anybody is interested in.
    What a treacherous cunt.

  6. Let this be a warning to all youngsters who are thinking of dabbling in drugs for the first time. Look what they did to this man. His brain is obviously addled and he suffers from amnesia. Drugs will make you psychotic and paranoid. We’re coming to get you Dave. Fuck off to all drugs, although alcohol is quite alright.

  7. A friend of mine met the piglover during the run up to the 2010 election. He came to her place of work with a tv crew for some propaganda bullshit. Apparently he sat down with some cunt who was giving him instructions on what to say. She said he was shitting himself and looked really worried but as soon as the cameras turned on he was all smiles and Call Me Dave. She also said he had the most perfect skin she had ever seen on a bloke.
    I told her that was rich cunt’s skin. You get that from eating the best food, spending plenty of time in the fresh air, never having any money worries and never doing a fucking days work in your life.
    The fucking cunt.

      • Skin without blemish. Dare I say it? Like pig’s skin. Or a piglet’s. Anyway, pink skin he has. Appropriately enough for a Remainer. Deep red for a Leaver. Angry in the face see. We Leavers are are called ‘gammons’ now. But is gammon red? It’s not an ‘angry’ colour? Or is it? I haven’t had gammon for ages.

  8. We have to thank the piggy-diddling, tax-fiddling slimeball for the referendum for which we’d been waiting more than twenty yeas and other PMs simply ignored. My problem with Cameron is the craven way he walked off, dusting his hands like a conceited shit, and humming, calm as a Hindu cow. Not a care in the world as the gauche turd scribes his stories relieving himself of responsibility, then flogs his irrelevant bleating to the most arse-kissing, moronic bidder.

    Peppa Pig-worrying cowardly cunt.

    • actually i respected Cameron for resigning immediately. he didnt agree with our leaving and wasn’t going to spend the next 2 years promoting something he was against.. unlike May.

      • May just wanted the kudos of playing Prime Minister. She was no more committed to Brexit than her soul mate Amber Dudd. And the slave state ‘deal’ she brought back from the EU proved it – worse than Remain.

        • Richard1 – He had, though, promised to see it through, regardless of the result. I suspect in his conceit he never even entertained the idea of losing whilst swilling fizz with Oxfordshire toffs. He could have at least offered his services. He’s a cowardly, gutless cunt presumably with balls like garden peas.

          Nonetheless, the wife is a looker and I’d still allow her a ride on the Magnanimous Tower while the Pig Fiddler is out in the barnyard, dick in his hand.

          • Creampuff – Treason was the illest-fitting person we could have had. If youhad walked into a busy Wetherspoons and randomly picked a half-cut drinker, they would’ve done a better job. She was as useful as a calorie-count on a Flabbotasaurus meal.

          • I’m not a foot fetishist but you wouldn’t want to suck her feet. She has red swollen bunions, hammer toes and a very noticeable corn on her fourth toe. Not a nice pair of trotters.

          • Evening Capt.

            The Establishment chose wisely when they appointed Mrs May, Queen Midas in reverse. If anyone was likely to make a pigfucker’s ear out of Brexit they knew they could count on Appeaser.

            The only policy she ever delivered with any degree of success was Gay Marriage, and that was only because Cameron and Osborne were watching over her shoulder 24/7.

          • As Home Secretary I mean. She never delivered anything at all as PM.

            All talk and no trousers… despite a certain photograph that tried to suggest otherwise.

          • Evening Captain. Take care. Athlete’s foot can spread to the groin. Still, as long as you don’t go down on her, you should be OK.

          • RTC @ 6.59. I trained as a chiropodist for 3 months but they threw me out as I wouldn’t toe the line.

          • I could put a condom on Samantha’s feet but she’s already wearing boots up to her knees in this fantasy, hushing me so ee don’t disturb Hameron. While he pulls pork downstairs, I’m making his wife oink upstairs.


            Evening compatriots.

          • Captain M: “Squeal. Squeal louder. Louder. Louder, louder. Louder! Louder! Louder! Get down now, woman. There, get them britches down. You can do better than that, girl. You can do better than that. Come on, squeal. Squeal!”

            Bertie Blunt: “She got real pretty feet, ain’t she?”

          • I hate fuckin’ feet. They are the ugliest part of the human body unless you’ve been blessed with a face like Cameron’s.

          • Ha ha, quite, RT. The giveaway was, “I’m not a foot fetishist but….”

            Bertie Bunion UberOnion.

  9. Maybe the cunt bailed after the referendum result because he knew what a ball ache the whole thing would be and it was a Hotel California moment…
    “You can check out any time you like”……
    ….you know the rest.

    • Quite so.

      It must have been obvious to Cameron (as it was to many of us posting here) that this is how things were likely to pan out, with the House of Commons, House of Lords, Civil Service, Big Business, the MSM, virtually every celebricunt on the planet – not to mention the EU itself – all united in being prepared to do whatever it took to scupper Brexit.

  10. If nowt else the timing of the release of his fabulous memoirs confirms what a gold plated colossal cunt he is and always was.
    Complete degenerate toff.

  11. Did somebody mention Hameron’s got a book coming out ?

    Hardly likely to be high-impact like Das Kapital or Mein Kampf…

    Most likely Milly-Molly Hammy spends a penny.

    • I guess it will have about the same sales level as “A Journey” by Anthony Blair” which could be had in any charity shop less than a month after it was issues. By the way did you see that pretentious gypsy caravan he bought for £25,000 to use as his writing room?. What a pillock – he could have written it in the shithouse, where most people will skim through it.

  12. Ah call me Dave
    The Lord Lucan of politics he punts a Referendum loses it then disappears out of sight for 3 years. Now resurfaces as he has a book deal coming out what a surprise This bloke is the Conservative version of Anthony Linton Blair But not quite as slippery Cameron has now taken to slagging off his former colleagues regarding Brexit and it’s outcome and has tried to deflect any blame towards himself a bit like being the captain of the Titanic trying to convince his passengers and crew he was just taking on board ice.

  13. In the words of Baldrick, this cunt had ‘a very cunning plan’ when he gave the great unwashed the referendum:

    Give the punters what they want and they will praise me for it.
    If they vote ‘Remain’, all good as that is what I actually want, they’ll be no work for me to do, so job done, or
    If it all goes tits up and they vote ‘Leave’, I’ll make a hasty exit, be off and out like a fart in a colander and leave some other poor cunt to deal with it………which is what the pork fancier indeed did.

    I also find the timing of this book release so very contrived and cynical, when the shit storm is really going down big stylie, the main protagonist just happening to be his Eton oppo, BoJo……just so he can stick his oar in and slag him off, have every Editor under the sun select Brexit-related soundbites from his ‘memoirs’ and tell the world where he is going wrong, snotty, high horse twat.

    Urgggh, is there ANYONE on the political stage that is actually respecting the referendum result, not playing self-serving games and just getting this total fuckery sewn up so we can all just get on with our lives?

    Not only do we have to put up with this ongoing shit fest, but we also have to suffer the ghosts of Prime Ministerial past coming back to fucking haunt us, Tony Blurrrrghh being the most putrid of the cunts.

    I am so very done with this shite.

  14. Has he ever thought to write this all down for a book?

    Just an idea.

    Don’t forget the super injunction. When he left Florence in the pub garden someone said “Dave, you left your daughter behind” His response: Don’t you mean Sam’s baby with her protection officer?

  15. How times change. Today’s big news is a book by a pig fucker.
    The big news 79 years ago today, was the life or death battle being fought in the skies of South East England. When young men, who were the bravest of the brave on that day, actually performed heroic, selfless service to this country and its people,some paying the ultimate price in the process.
    Which is far, far more than this pathetic , moon faced bastard will ever ever do.
    The launch of this wretched tome will soon be forgotten.
    Battle of Britain Day will not.

    • Very well said indeed sir.
      Not to demean the sacrifice of the armed services in our hour of greatest need but why have we nor celebrated their heroism with bank holidays?
      The reason is our political masters don’t wish to offend.
      Disgraceful,and the conduct of the political class today is the fruit of that disgrace.
      Bloody well said Jack.

      • Just imagine if todays soyboys had to be The Few: Ollie strolls in, in a strop having just spent an hour in his safe space as Sarge called him a bastard. First he had to phone mummy and daddy for reassurance – she was breathless having just completed her daily Peleton workout on the TV and daddy is busy with his PlayStation, now he is happy he is not that nasty word Sarge said he is ready for action – “Tristram, duckie, when you have finished powdering your nose, could you check my makeup in case the Pathe News guys wants to film me mincing to my cockpit?. Oh and got to look my best for my BFF, Chelsea – she might see me when she goes to see Star Wars 36 – and can I borrow your moisturiser? – I’ve left mine in my man bag and I ain’t got the energy to walk back to our room – my feet are killing me. I need some “Red Bull” or a smoothie. Cool, now I’ll put my lip balm on and I’m ready. Cool”

    • He’d probably be helping the Germans…oops, Nazis I mean.

      “Good evening Fritz, I’ll be your fag today. Might I wash your Metterschmidt and shine you shoes?”

      -Mein Gott, doobis stein und kunt?

      “Please, call me Dave.”

    • I thought the same after a recent visit to Tyne Cot cemetery in Flanders. All those lives wasted to dig the europeans out of a fucking mess, then the same happened 30 years later. And the cunting MPs act like arseholes and suck up to the fucking europeans like we can’t do anything on our own.

      • Depressing and infuriating at the same time.
        All that blood spilled, and we end up with the shit show of the present.
        A national disgrace.

    • Mind you, I think I would have done. The difference being, I would have had nobody to clean it up for me.

  16. This cunts’ biggest fuck up is surely helping overthrow Gadaffi. Without him using the RAF as air support for the rebels, Gadaffi would have crushed the uprising, stopping Libya descending into civil war, and more importantly, it would never have become the destination of choice for any cunt wanting to sneak into Europe. But he has no regrets on that fucking folly!

    • Worked in Libya for a while when it was past of the USA’s “Axis of Evil”
      Found all the people I met friendly and helpful all the aircraft engineers I worked with had been trained at Oxford.
      Also women walked around looking like women not letterboxes,and they had the vote. And Gaddafi had grown up his IRA supporting cuntitude had gone he had built a huge pipeline to bring fresh water to not only Libya but the North African region and he was a fierce opposition to the extreme form of Islam exemplified by ISIS Al Qaeda and had any suspected of supporting those types of organisations executed. Upon his death like with saddam we replaced one fairly nasty cunt but one you could sort of deal with and who kept the pressure cooker from blowing, with many cunts of all types who hated each other and didn’t want to deal with us so causing much more chaos. But Dave and Tony and George and Barrack knew best. Cunts

  17. …think I’ll wait for the 50p discount edition in Oxfam before reading a page or two and putting it back on the shelf with all the Jeffery Archers.

  18. Most of my thoughts on Cameron have been articulated on previous comments apart from one, shove your empty prosseco (what ever the f–k that is) bottles up your arse you eurocunt, though I must admit his wife is lovely

  19. Cameron: “Do you think that now is the optimum time to release a book?”
    Agent: “Yes. It’ll gain you a lot of media publicity and elevate your status to ‘super-cunt’”.
    Cameron: “Let’s fucking do this! I’ll be the next Tony Blair at this rate”.

  20. I, personally, would love to have the puffin-faced cunt in the back of my ambulance, preferably with chronic back pain. ‘Pain relief? We’ve run out’… My loathing of this cunt knows no bounds. He stood in a fire station on the eve of the 2010 election and stated there would be no cuts to frontline services. Fire service cuts have been huge, police cuts have been huge, our workload has shot up. He’s got a funny definition of ‘Frontline’. The cunt.

  21. Freddie will now be interested to know that the rate of immigrants crossing the Channel has slowed down – they are now crossing in twos in kayaks rather than dinghies.

  22. Despite that another 24 today. Fucking cunts.
    Just heard that fucking Nazi, Verhofstadt at the Lib Dumbs Nuremberg rally. He says the future will consist of empires……China, India, Yanks , Ruskis and the EUSSR. So we have to be part of it or die. Cue standing ovation by the fascists.

    Funny I remember we had an empire, that according to the remoaners exploited and oppressed people. That’s why we don’t have it anymore and are deeply ashamed of it , aren’t we? Now the “progressives” want to go back to empires and be part of the oppressed and exploited. Over my dead body you cunts.

    • Freddie these cunts just don’t do irony do they? It’s fucking remarkable just how thick they really are.

      • Yes, and any historian will tell you that empire building was the major cause of the Great War.
        That went well didn’t it?
        Not for me thanks.

  23. Erratum…….sorry, 44 scroungers welcomed today.
    My bad (as wannabe trendies and right ons say)

  24. And although Cameron is undoubtedly a top grade cunt his son died at six years of age and yet the scum in the Guardian said “he could only feel privileged pain”.
    You can abuse someone over their work, sexual proclivities, fashion sense or political opinion but not on something like losing a child. Shows how awful the Guardian is.

    • I read the words “hog” and “roast” and immediately thought of Guy Verhofstadt, so long have of dreamed of watching this cunt’s screaming exit from this world since he orchestrated the banning of the Vlams Blok.

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