Social Media ‘Influencers’

Social Meeja ‘Influencers’ are all complete cunts.

Akin to vloggers, these are attention seeking, vacuous little twerps with verbal diarrhoea, who film themselves talking bollocks all day, everyday.

The gist of it is they are paid by companies to try to get followers to buy their shit.

I prefer the term ‘Shill’ because that’s what they are.
I call a spade a spade and I call a cunt a cunt.

The old adage of an empty vessel making the most noise still rings true.

I’m probably a cunt myself for looking at Spew-Tube and Kuntstagram in the first place.
The only thing they influence me to do is switch off my phone and do something more productive.

Nominated by Harold Steptoe

43 thoughts on “Social Media ‘Influencers’

  1. And they start early. Look at this bunch of complete cunts.
    The falseness of this video is terrible and my grand daughters watch it and pressure their mum into buying this shite. An hour on opening Christmas presents fucking hell when I was a kid it was 10 minutes then off out on my new bike or building meccano or scalextric.
    But this bunch of cunts tick all the boxes.
    Mixed race family =yes, fucking big modern bland house =yes, absolute greed personified =yes and worst of all a fucking Nottingham accent (daughters ex partner comes from there and his voice sets my teeth on edge)

  2. Wish the Heineken or Leffe breweries would pay me to be an influencer.

    Serious question: does anyone think this Brexit shit will be over by the time I arrive back in the UK in early December?

  3. Can’t even watch it. I’ve just signed on at work and my blood pressure will be higher than some of the patients.

  4. I don’t like things like this at all so they can all fuck off and stop polluting my screen.
    I need my screen for other hobbies with cunts in them.
    Get bent.

  5. Well. Now I know what a “Social Influencer ” is. I have heard the term, but never knew what one was. To me the term denotes someone who is creative, perhaps a bit arty farty. A designer perhaps ? An Architect ? But no. Some daft cunt with no fucking sense.
    I love this site. I always learn something new every day

    Oh! Nearly forgot! They ARE fucking CUNTS !

  6. All social media influencers are brain dead narcissistic cunts. The only thing they influence me to do is to avoid them like the plague they so obviously are.


  7. Happy to exercise my freedom of choice and avoid the cunts like the plague. Come the Komodo Protectorate they will be put in small unpowered boats and cut loose off the coast of Nigeria. Fair exchange is no robbery.

  8. Disgusting, entitled parasites.

    Send them to break rocks in Siberia, the cunts.

    Ive read about instances of these deluded Instawhores demanding free food at restaurants and free stays at hotels because they were big social media icons only to get laughed at and told to fuck off.

    There was another one whose instacunt account was shut down so she had a meltdown and posted a video of herself bawling over how she wasnt able to work in a real job.

    Pathetic cunt.

    • One more thing, why are these fuckers always crying??

      “oh fuck sake someone said no to me. waaah”
      Well suck it up buttercup!

  9. I only managed about half a minute. His voice was putting my head away.
    What a bunch of cunts. Could however be watchable if it featured a visit from a tooled-up OJ Simpson.

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