Cilla Carden

I wish to submit for the interest of the denizens of the award-winning website ISAC, Perth resident Cilla Carden.

This waste of space – who is a vegan and a massage therapist (whatever the fuck that is) – has taken her neighbours all the way to the Supreme Court (like a Crown Court in the UK) because she can smell their barbecue when they cook meat. She has also objected to the smell of cigarette smoke and the sound of basketballs being bounced. She has claimed her neighbours are deliberately (!) sending the smells her way.

“It’s been devastating, it’s been turmoil, it’s been unrest, I haven’t been able to sleep,” she said.

Please, just fuck off.

Nominated by Lord Cunt’s Mate de Cunt 1st Earl of ISAC

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  1. They call Rees Mogg the honourable member for the 18th century. Bercow purported to be a speaker from the 17th. With his ‘Ho ho ho my fine fellow’ and ‘My dear Sir I am having a Socratic debate with a fellow colleague’ (I heard him earlier ). Like playing a bumptious old Whig of old. As though steeped in Parliamentary history the rules and traditions of the place. About which he knows fuck all. For the Speaker to say WHILE ON HOLIDAY ABROAD (away from the chair) that prorogation was a ‘constutional outrage’ was an outrage in itself. No sdnse of propriety. He has done everything he can to thwart the referendum result. And then to be lauded for him standing up for democracy. He said he would like to be remembered as the ‘backbenchers backstop’ for the rights of Backbdnchers to be heard. But that wasn’t his primary goal. His primary goal was to thwart Brexit. And fucking Corbyn’s speech praising him…too much.

  2. Well, he won’t be hanging round the jobcentre for long enough to claim universal credit…

    John #Bercow is a driven speaker and gifted orator but above all the keeper of the great British parliamentary tradition. I would love if we could welcome him in the European Commission or European Parliament 😉
    — Guy Verhofstadt (@guyverhofstadt) September 9, 2019

    • Jesus H fucking Christ. These cunts are so raised above us mere mortals they can actually behave in such a transparently selfishly partisan fashion and spit in the face of the proles and won’t be touched being completely unaccountable. I hate them all and would vote for the nazi’s if they appear on the ballot at the GE, anybody promising to smash the establishment or at the very least piss them off gets my vote till the day I die.

  3. I’ll say it on this thread then, since the last thread Word Pressed Me… we have our last and final chance to exit the EU. If it does not happen, which has been the agenda all along, we’re fucked. The current elite are happy that the UK demographic is what it is. They’re rejoicing in it. For EU Kalergi reasons. But it’s you, the ordinary British person who needs to look at this and say NO. We DO NOT want our Fishers and Carpenters being EU slaves. We DO NOT want our brave boat boys feeling limited on fishing quotas. We DO NOT want rule from you DESPOTS in Brussels… Every one of you Merkel, Verhofstadhst, Clinton, Soros, Hammond… you all have the same ‘face running down past the eyes look’. We all know what you are you PIECES OF FILTH. Death can’t come quick enough to the Adrenochrome-gulping likes of any of you.

    • Verhofstad just wants to be able to run his child porn dungeon involving Maddie as a sex slave. Verhorstad is obviously the Podestas contact group in Europe. I’m going to post it and I don’t care. They are obviously all involved in this sex ring.

  4. Boris is turning out to be May Bot mark 2. He wants her rancid deal to pass with a tweak to the backstop or even a hive off of NI. This will be the order of the day from now on ………. Brexit party were right three months ago saying they are the only true party of leave. I had fallen into the trap for the second time as I did with May Bot first time round in thinking Boris really did feel a clean Brexit was nothing to be afraid of. Boris is for Boris not for the Country Boris is quite clearly a mega Cunt ….

  5. If I lived next door to this cunt I would BBQ all my meals in the garden, whilst shagging Mrs tingly loudly on the grass, and throwing a ball for the dog, this vegan snowflake would be in the loony bin in a month, I would make in my reason for being until I had driven the demented old boot fucking insane, and now that she has lost her case I’m sure that’s what her neighbours are going to do, so get some fucking ear plugs and rub some Vic under your nose, run yourself a hot bath and shut the fuck up you whinny cunt…

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