Brexit, what a cunt.

This whole subject deserves a new cunting. There are so many cunts and other tit swingers trying to stop what we voted for it’s enough to make a cunt puke.

Among the biggest of these are the MP twats who represent a Leave community but still think they know better and continue to protest loudly. Take that example from Wakefield, Mr Ed “no” Balls wife herself, Yvette Cooper.

The good people of Wakefield fed up with the ever increasing invasion of Dooskhas voted to leave on no uncertain terms,. Cooperman (for it is she) decides that she knows better and they would rather see the streets and communities they grew up turned into a battleground for Eastern European drug dealers and carjackers. The Reds then hate the Asians so both groups drive around all day in old VWs and Audis spreading misery to the good working folk before arriving on time at the welfare office to sign on the dotted line for benefits.

Let’s be honest, the reason most folk signed up for Brexit is because they were fed up with mass immigration hence the less wealthy areas voted to leave while the more affluent areas where the Ex Soviets cannot afford to live signed up to stay. Once we leave, if they are working then of course they can stay, if they are scrounging then they can fuck right off, we have enough native wankers here already thinking the few can support the many, why import more?

I hear that Poland etc are now a great places to live because they have exported all their criminals and scroungers to other parts of Europe.

I’m totally fed up with being called a cunt just because I hate seeing my country full of cunts who don’t make any effort to contribute to the pot they so greedily grab from. I include all the British scroungers and waters in that too.

I’m all for Boris, fucking great to hear someone saying we are leaving and that’s fucking that..get fucked. It’s about time we had some strong leadership.

Nominated by Spanky Mc Spank

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  1. The BBC, Sly news, courts, Labour, Limp dumps, SNP have well and truly done Boris ( and the rest of us) up like a kipper.
    Lets hope that when they get their wish and we’re ruled by Steptoe,Abbottpotamus, McDonnell, Thornberry and the rest of the far left jokers ( plus the EU ofcourse) that the smirk will be wiped from their faces and even more than 52 per cent will want to leave.
    At least we’ve been shown once and for all that our vote just does not count.

    • Sly News BBC etc are all part of the Labour Party and Eu and if this stitch up goes their way which is looking increasingly likely I am sure the cunts will all be richly rewarded by the Eu when normal business is resumed.
      My only hope is that Boris is prepared to do some bird over this, The remainers have not left any of their powder dry this week. I also hope they haven’t got more shit to throw at us as it’s getting more depressing each day they get away with their traitorous behaviour.

  2. Your points highlighted in the latest case about a group of Romany Polish bringing in homeless from Polish towns, getting them work through an agency with a woman on their payroll, opening bank accounts for the ‘slaves’ but the cards going to one address, so these Romany cunts were pocketing the money the poor fuckers were earning.
    One of the reasons it came to light was an unusual number of Polish men going a particular soup kitchen in Birmingham so the people who ran the kitchen started making enquiries.
    And dont get me started on illegal immigrants or I will be in moderation again, but all these channel crossing ‘people’ who dont get sent back end up in the North of England pushed into areas where housing is cheap and local community dont have a say.
    All the guidlines are broken on the proportion of immigrants/asylum seekers to the local people, there are some Wards in northern towns that have more ‘asylum seekers’ than entire regions of the south.
    The EU is broken and as long as were are part of the EU we will be broken.

    • As it’s forever delayed and we continue to pay over a (staggering) £10 Billion net a year to the Reich and the Iron Curtain tinpot countries are still churning out and exporting their dregs, expect a lot more East Euro trainee Drug-dealers arriving in the next few years,

    • I occasionally commute and I am reasonably fluent in slavish base languages.
      One of the laughable things is this, before the total break up of the warsaw pack a large swathe of criminals fled their homelands and claimed asylum in the west due to their persecution in there home lands.
      This group were rewarded with social housing and benefits.
      When free travel was available to their countrymen (persecutors) they then realised that they had a lot going for them and sub let their accommodation on a hot bed system taking nice cash wedges from their countrymen for food and accommodation.
      This mainly revolved round the naivety of the immigrants who could not communicate with the local indigenous population.
      so they (Normal slavs) had no idea that £300 a week for a mattress on the floor and £50 a week for soup was unreasonable.
      I often see these “Landlords” at the airport, the traditional dress is a shell suit, chunky jewellery, and gold teeth as they jet back to their mansion (and yes they do have rather gaudy large houses with every mod con) all of this is funded by over charging and under paying their countrymen and our stupidity in letting the fuckers in.

  3. I with you. i voted to leave because of this very reason. I look out of my town centre office at the packs of roaming Romanies that live nearby. They have effectively annexed an old part of town that has some very old residents that are stit scared to even go out. At night they are just feral. They are always wandering around town in pack, I’m guessing on the nick. Families too, 3 generations of scroungers, not a fucking job between them all. Politicians are cunts if the cannot see the issues here. I think PC has absolutely ruined us, people are scared to say what they think because your instantly branded a racist. I’m not a racist, I don’t give a flying fuck where you are from or what colour you are. You are welcome here if you’re working, contributing and not trying to convert me to your sky fairy. I am cuntist though, if you’re a lazy thieving cunt then just fuck off back to your original shit hole.

  4. Well-written, Spanky.

    We were close, weren’t we. A few weeks ago I actually thought it could be done. The perpetual delayers around the House of Cunters seemed to have been placed in a chess move that would eventually lead to checkmate and victory was in sight. However, these maggots have ever-new methods of preventing the decision of the biggest electoral vote in British history.

    Project Fear became Project Bore which has now become Project Anti-Democracy. Psh. Death by a thousand cuts will atrophy and finally kill it. We were close.

  5. You believe Boris Johnson? Mavis also said we were leaving on the 29th of March 2018… no less than 108 times. Prepare to become a Vassal State.

    • sniping from behind civilians, threatening women and children and sticking bombs under peoples cars is not “Fighting” its terrorism.
      The old IRA did fight, the provos haven’t, they would loose hands down.
      You are right to hate them, the only good they have done is caused the withdrawal of a lot of bomb making products from circulation preventing the new problem makers from being more dangerous

  6. Spot on cunting thank you.
    The current panto is nothing compared to the next decades worth I feel certain of that.
    Where’s the Home Guard when you need them?

  7. I would love to take the old cunts like Lady Starmer, Betty Benn, Mary-Ann Grieve, Slubberguts Watson, two ton Thornberry, Sugartits, Anthony Blair and Gaylord Adonis out on a boat in the North Sea and send them for a swim with bags of quick drying cement tied securely round them. Ditto all the ponces and poofters at Westminster who are denying democracy.

    • You’d have to take Emily Pigberry out of EU-owned waters in the North Sea if you wanted the Norwegians to properly harpoon the bloated cunt.

      “”Thar she blows, cap’n!”

      • Good idea. Emily Thornberry is currently playing the title role in “Moby Dick” at the Queens Theatre London. Mr. Grieve appears by the kind permission of the Anglo-French Truss Company

        • With a special guest appearance from Mr.Kenneth Clarke, MP, BSC, CuNT as ‘Jonah’, who was swallowed by a Thornberry in the classic Biblical tale.

          Ironic to see Clarke swallowed by an EU-loving whale after all the EU màn-yòghurt he’s imbibed down the years.

  8. Yeah, Boris’s confident bragging stirred up enormous forces against him and now he is well and truly fucked. Having said that i’m not sure if that wasn’t his intention in the first place. Winning the run off amongst the membership was no surprise but where are all the Tory MPs who got him there in the first place? All disappeared like rats 🐀 hiding from the ratcatcher.
    His latest wheeze, rejecting Sir Nigel as “ not a fit and proper person” is the craziest political move i’ve ever heard of. It surely means the end of the Tory Party but that appears to be a price worth paying for the ruling class.

    • It’s certainly interesting to observe. We are quite literally living through history.

      • If he is imprisoned, at least he can’t go to Brussels to ask for the traditional weekly strap-on…

    • I’ve wondered about Boris being on a bluff / double bluff … but if he was / is actually batting for the remain side, would he have let his brother slip out of the Tory party ?
      I’d have thought he’d have taken his brother to the side and explained himself on .. ‘Don’t worry, we’re going for a piss poor remain deal anyway ‘… Surely his brother would have warned Boris he was fucking off before it became a media story.

    • It makes every kind of sense for the two leave parties to combine, when you know that the shit that floats in the sewers of the Lib Dems, Greens (all one of them) and Labour will be doing just that in the name of remain. As for being “fit and proper” – when you look at the likes of Keith Vaz and Dawn Butler, it makes you wonder how low you have to go before being deemed unfit and improper.

      • I think, in the context of the Westminster bubble, a “fit and proper person” means one that can easily be bought and sold.
        A cunt.

  9. I actually kind of hope they revoke it because it may just lead to the cunts being wiped out at the next election.

    • I see you have joined our growing band of aristocratic cunters OP, we may need a House of Cunters forming but sorry, no £300 notes a day for showing up.

  10. I agree with comments about Polish gangsters coming to Blighty.
    Mrs Fistula is Polish and is highly ashamed of these cunts flooding in. They come here and change their identities like British criminals do in the Costa’s.
    I have to say though most the Poles I meet when I go to Poland are very polite and friendly and I feel very safe walking about at night.
    But yes, their are to many here putting an immense strain on public services. On the other hand all the Poles I know work their arses off because there is no social security where they come from.
    I’m in Poland right now and I will be swearing my allegiance to the local Mayor later today. During my inauguration tradition dictates that I have to have sex with two 18 yr old virgins.
    Rotten job but some poor cunt has to do it.
    I will also have to change my name to Fenton pizdo -Kowalski

    They have a friary centre in Poland?

    • I often go to the local Sklep, as it is next to Tossco. They have an excellent range of bottled fruit, various pickled herrings, delicious kielbasy and willing and able young blondes.

  11. Nothing demonstrates the vacuous pussyhood of the country better than the last three years. We (you and me both) were a bit optimistic to hope that vacuous selfcentred pussies would turn into motivated co-operating lions, weren’t we?

    Whatever Johnson’s real intentions, he got one thing right, which was to persuade the EU that we might really mean no-deal, increasing the pressure on them to compromise. That was essential from the start, and May didn’t even try. Johnson obviously couldn’t announce that his no-deal support was either fake or real, but was forced to play it close to his chest.

    It should have been obvious to all genuinely seeking a deal that this was the only way to get it – a further signal being sent by a desperate Johnson is that he has rejected discussion of an electoral pact with TBP, as this doesn’t allow the possibility of a with-deal exit. We may take it that all MP’s not supporting Johnson, except perhaps the very stupidest, hope to remain in the EU without qualification or condition in defiance of the referendum result.

    The remainder of the pantomime follows logically.

  12. Project Fear turned up to 11 this morning with ‘absolute worse case scenario Yellowhammer Report’ being reported as ‘this is what WILL definitely happen’.

    Wonder if they’ve done a report forecasting what will happen if Real Brexit is not delivered?

  13. A lot of the Labour MPs up North are now changing tact because the realities are sinking home of a General Election looming.Caroline Flint Who punted staying in no matter what her Doncaster constituents voted for (overwhelmingly to leave) She’s now says respect the vote to leave?
    Yvette Cooper has signed her own death warrant up in Wakefield as the Brexit Party are contesting her safe Labour seat lets have her booted out Bassetlaw will also be a hot spot for Labour where 73% of the mainly Labour voters voted leave also to be contested by The Brexit Party at least their outgoing MP John Mann had the backbone to stand upto Jew hater Corbyn and go with his voters “leave means leave”MP Lisa Nandy is also now saying respect the Referendum result despite doing everything in her power to stop or frustrate the process over the last 3 years Mr Chicken Corbyn says Labour is the Government in Waiting let’s see don’t count your chickens just yet (pun intended)

        • I don’t trust anybody who says they respect the vote; we must look at the behaviour NOT the words.

          I cunted Litha Nandy on here years ago. The thick, whiny harpee begins a lot of sentences with, “We mutht wethpect the wefewendum vote but….” which is rather tedious. Unless these lying cunts are dismissed there will be no change.

          • Never said I trusted Flint. I don’t. Just pointing out her supposed conversion to the Leave cause is not a recent one.

          • Whatever has happened to Caroline Flint?
            She used to be quite a babe but with those eyes she now looks more like a walking advert for Louis Vuitton.

          • Lisa Nandy is a feckin stoopid name, if ever…
            I wonder if she is in some way related to Andy Pandy.

          • My “trust” comment wasn’t aimed at you, Ruff Tuff. I was merely speaking generally.

      • Thanks Ruff Tuff I’ve always liked Caroline Flint Sick of It (that’s as a person not as a politician) I would think she would be more than a passable shag possibly a great shag so pencil me in for a session with her please Lisa Nandy She’s the sort that knows everything a complete waste of space

        • I wouldn’t say no to a blow-job from Caroline, if she’s up for it?

          Have always liked the bags under her eyes.

          She accused Gordon Brown of using her as “female window dressing” when he made her a minister, so can’t be all bad.

          Bit of a heavyweight from the neck down though.

  14. If we stay in the EU we gain nothing but here is the Lisbon Treaty that tells us we lose everything and gain nothing.
    1: The UK, along with all existing members of the EU, lose their abstention veto in 2020 as laid down in the Lisbon Treaty when the system changes to that of majority acceptance, with no abstentions or vetos being allowed.
    2: All member nations will become states of the new federal nation of the EU by 2022 as clearly laid out in the Lisbon Treaty with no exceptions or vetos.
    3: All member states must adopt the Euro by 2022 and any new member state must do so within 2 years of joining the EU as laid down in the Lisbon Treaty.
    4: The London stock exchange will move to Frankfurt in 2020 and be integrated into the EU stock exchange resulting in a loss of 200,000+ jobs in the UK because of the relocation. (This has already been pre-agreed and is only on a holding pattern due to the Brexit negotiations, which if Brexit does happen, the move is fully cancelled – but if not and the UK remains a member it’s full steam ahead for the move.)
    5: The EU Parliament and ECJ become supreme over all legislative bodies of the UK.
    6: The UK will adopt 100% of whatever the EU Parliament and ECJ lays down without any means of abstention or veto, negating the need for the UK to have the Lords or even the Commons as we know it today.
    7: The UK will NOT be able to make its own trade deals.
    8: The UK will NOT be able to set its own trade tariffs.
    9: The UK will NOT be able to set its own trade quotas.
    10: The UK loses control of its fishing rights.
    11: The UK loses control of its oil and gas rights.
    12: The UK loses control of its borders and enters the Schengen region by 2022 – as clearly laid down in the Lisbon Treaty.
    13: The UK loses control of its planning legislation.
    14: The UK loses control of its armed forces including its nuclear deterrent.
    15: The UK loses full control of its taxation policy.
    16: The UK loses the ability to create its own laws and to implement them.
    17: The UK loses its standing in the Commonwealth.
    18: The UK loses control of any provinces or affiliated nations eg. The Falklands, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar etc.
    19: The UK loses control of its judicial system.
    20: The UK loses control of its international policy.
    21: The UK loses full control of its national policy.
    22: The UK loses its right to call itself a nation in its own right.
    23: The UK loses control of its space exploration program.
    24: The UK loses control of its aviation and sea lane jurisdiction.
    25: The UK loses its rebate in 2020 as laid down in the Lisbon Treaty.
    26: The UK’s contribution to the EU is set to increase by an average of £1.2bn pa and by £2.3bn pa by 2020.

  15. Just a little note Brexitisaclusterfuck just got himself banned on his first comment,
    Jog on chriss.

    “The irony of Brexiters calling those who want to stay remoaners when they’ve been whining like little bitches about the EU for over 40 years.

    In fact Brexiters whine more than remainers now. Bunch of lacking in self awareness cunts.”

    on second thought’s fuck off!

    • Is there no mechanism for him to appeal? He’s probably setting up an appeal in the Scottish Courts this very moment as we speak.

      Nope, any way he is to busy deleting all the e-mails from all the people he has just signed up for newsletters from 🙂

      • Fisher Scientific are particularly persistent – recommended. And I believe email updates from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change would not only be appropriate, but voluminous and frequent. Could change his mind completely….

      • Done that to a kid a school. Every advert in readers digest and newspaper for free shite, every home visit for new boilers, Storage heaters, subscriptions to any and everything possible. His mum had a nervous breakdown, the police got involved but because I went to a technical high school I wasn’t expelled just got six of the cane across my arse.
        Was worth it though don’t fuck with me.

    • Oh what a fucking surprise. You can dish it out but can’t take it. Cowardly cunt. Fuck you, you Brexit turd.

      Enjoy! his other e-mail is uses Skyline Networks & Consultancy Ltd server, IP address (2,048 users Brentwood) his second IP is

      • GDPR…careful. Take a moment to reflect, and please do not repost the cunt’s ravings. I for one am pissed off enough already with its ilk.

        freedom of information

          • we appreciate your Guidance (and your contributions) but the site is outside the uk Domain likewise some of the Admin, yes its hard to believe but the admin team are a bunch of spics wops and a bender (hence Jason coming in) Think there may be a wimin or two as well.
            We do not police the site as such, but some things become boring, day admin had enough of this cunt and decided to deal with it,
            A bit like mr shouty “no brexit” cunt who lives off your taxes.
            so do not worry, but thanks for the concern, if we fucked up the auditor would be down on us like a ton of bricks as you say.

          • gets worse, ip location + email address a quick search and you can pin point the cunt.
            However this is due to the wonders of google.
            I seem to have found a communication officer in the NHS and read his apologies to patients then cross checked his employer and his salutary, then his work record on LinkedIn.
            I think the morale is not to be that rude to admin, you remember the twat from norfolk?

          • But they are personal data if the cunt can be identified from them (alone or with additional supplied information) Which makes such addresses potentially subject to GDPR. I’ll leave those interested to explore the implications of that. Thanks, the EU. I have to do a course on this bastard annually.

      • Oh dear, has little snowflake Christopher been made upset by having his widdle account banned? 😂 Anyway, you do know that using your real name makes it possible to dox you don’t you? I wouldn’t do it myself obviously because it’s scummy behaviour but there are people who do that sort of thing. Can’t be too careful.

      • Is ir strictly legal to look up and post IP addresses? I have a similar concern to Komodo – even negating GDPR there might be a law against it on these shores. I know it’s public domain but still…

        • See Admin’s clarification above. and thanks for that, admin, but if we’re in the EU, we’re subject to GDPR. Otherwise I don’t think there’s much that can happen…GDPR was a groundbreaking pain in the arse, and accounts for the fact that some sites in the US – perfectly legitimate ones – can’t be seen in the EU and carry a notice to that effect until they comply. Also for the requirement to accept cookies on most sites. Probably merits a cunting, but I don’t have enough gen to do it.

  16. I keep searching for any glimmer of hope that we’ll actually get a clean break from the EU. Then I remember that these remainer fuckers literally change the law to stop us from doing that. The remainers have always had the majority in parliament, doesn’t matter what the majority of the plebs voted. Boris doesn’t even have a majority in the government anymore so he might as well not even be there, whatever he tries will be shot down. My last hope is the remainer parties are so arrogant and selfish that they won’t make a pact and so steal votes from each other in an election, hopefully paving the way for Nigel being the only leave party left.

  17. Very well said Spanky. It’s what a hell of a lot of people feel, and of course they’re called cunts for wanting to free ourselves from the EU’s chokehold. We’re all waycists too because we don’t want our country and culture overrun by incomers from every shithouse under the sun who think they’ve got a right to pitch up here.

  18. Just watching a live report from Westminster on Bollocks Bastards Cunts news and I can quite clearly hear that irritating “STOP BREXIT” dickhead shouting in the background.
    Thought the cunt got lifted?

    • Surely that unemployed cunt ought to be dragged into the DWP office for a work capability assessment?. Our money has paid for that arsewipe to make a cunt of himself for far too long now.

  19. If you can’t beat them….join the cunts.
    Where’s my fucking sign-on fee.

    wow your IP is busy, four members on the same IP hint hint

    • Hope I’m not one of them, but if so, there are three unsuspected cunters where I work, so let’s meet for a coffee.

    • And another one joins our burgeoning group of aristocratic cunters! I think I smell a bit of a trend…

  20. I wonder if the child in the picture is an adult now and is forked off such an image is used for a nomination.
    Just forked off in general.

  21. How humble Bercow looks with his hand on his heart in the photograph. He is acknowledging the deep respect he is held in as someone who brought great humility to the office of Speaker. When the history books are written it will clearly set out how his is only interest was to humbly serve the House.

    ‘I’m going to kick that Mogg cunt as I leave’.

  22. Prepare for Mavis mark 2 to try to stitch us up with BRINO with just a couple of sweet corn nibs extracted.

    Boris is for Boris , then the precious Cuntservative Party and then thirdly for Brexit. Wanker

    • Then again, he might well have realised that if a clean Brexit doesn’t happen there won’t be a Tory party. I am inclined to believe he is actually trying because somebody who is that loyal to the party will have realised that delivering Brexit is the only way to save it.

      • Well you have more goodwill towards his motives or credit him with more sense than I do. I hope you are right but suspect not.

        • I might be being too optimistic granted but I think he’s intelligent enough to know that no Brexit means no more Tories.

          • Yes I agree but it’s not about no Brexit as I see it. Sure he is bright enough to work that one out. No he wants Brexit but his love for himself , then the Conservatives means that if it’s BRINO then that will do. Fee that to the peasants— they will struggle to work out they have been had for quite some time.
            I am not a conspiracy theorist…….. but if BJ had the chance to do the right thing or stitch us up ………………. I know which way he will go.
            Let’s look at his actions not his words — for me it’s plain to see already.

          • Evenning RTC. I think you are probably right – we are back to hoping Parliament might not just get enough votes for wrapped dog turd mk IV vote. This means our cause is again on the back foot rather than where we be – fighting from a position of strength. My hope is …. BJ brings it back sadly ( in fact I think he already knows what he can get — meetings within meetings etc — even the media don’t find out everything) but it still gets voted down by 15 or 20 – then general election and somehow ( yes I know then I woke up) we get enough Conservative Spartan and Brexit MPs with or without a pact to re set this awful mess. Anyway it’s my hope but as you suggest ……. and not quite like this ……….. we all need to get ready to drop trousers , bend over and lube up —— it’s heading our way and it will not be pretty.

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