Wayne Lineker

A lot of people seem to focus a lot on Gary Lineker being a cunt, but I believe his even bigger cunt of a brother Wayne Lineker deserves some recognition also. That cunt has made success by leeching off his brothers fame by opening all those fucking shit bars, because when imbeciles see the name ‘Lineker’ above the bar, they have the same sheep mentality they’d have when they see a Wetherspoons.. that it’ll be great because it’s got a recognisable name. He makes them appeal to younger people because he’s sleazy and sly enough to take advantage of the fuckwits by getting them to spend fortunes on his pissy beer. He also does this because he seems to think that he’s down with the kids by hanging around with younger generations, when really the wanker is just having a midlife crisis and is actually dead inside since no fucker his age wants anything to do with him since he’s nothing but a parasitic cuntbubble!

Nominated by Lord Cuntington

72 thoughts on “Wayne Lineker

  1. I never even knew he had a brother but from the picture above he’s clearly as big of a cunt as the one that I was aware of.

    • Looks like that bloke from great british bake off, paul hollywood!
      Why would you want to go a bar called
      Whats the draw? The crisps?
      Fuck that and fuck him.

  2. Yeah he definitely looks like the great intellectual, BBC arselicker and Taxdodger doesn’t he?
    The Linekers are all cunts as far as I am concerned. However many women it is that the refugee lover has dumped for a younger model they can count themselves lucky.
    Other than politicians probably the smuggest, oiliest, most obnoxious cunt on the telly.

  3. I don’t believe Wayne can outcunt St Gary of Lineker, aside from looking like a reject from Miami Vice it takes a lot to top wanting to put something through the telly when that cunt waffle comes on.

  4. Is he really behind the Lineker bars? I always wondered which prick set them up. Turns out he’s a cunt and not a prick. He looks like Gary’s ageing Ibiza DJ doppleganger.

  5. That photograph just screams

    CUNT !
    Maybe I’m wrong, maybe Wayne Linekers a really nice bloke?

  6. Well, there are scales of cuntishness and Wayne can’t possibly match up to his arsehole of a brother. I hope Brexit fucks up his bar business. I would piss myself.

    • Yeah, he looks like a vet who has just had his right arm up a cow’s arsehole.
      What a wanker.

  7. There’s one near Marbella, where my mate lives. He says it’s full of cunts, and Wayne-ker trades on his jug-eared brother’s “fame”.

  8. He looks like he may have a bit of the dark continents blood line in him, unless hes had a wack on the beak

  9. Unsurprisingly he has the regulation ‘thick as pig shit cunt’ tattoos crammed all the way up his wanking arm. Only surprise is he hasn’t got CUNT tattooed across his forehead.

  10. Fast forward 20 years and see this cunt still trying to talk to teenagers in the clubs saying ‘you’ll never guess who my brother is’. Get a life you fucking parasite.

  11. All Linekers are cunts… Simple as that…

    Nice to know that waste of space cunt and slab of chocolate lard, Romelu Lukaku has fucked off now… The black Alan Brazil… A bag of cement would be more useful….

    Now , if only those two cunts, Smalling and Jones could be fucked off and all…

    • Norman…… Have you got the right fucking hump on? I’ve just been over to France for a couple of days and just caught up with isac, and just saw your last nomination and this comment. I’m a cockney Red and I can sense a lot of tension in you today, would you like to tell us all about how shit Mr woodwork is and how ferguson has fucked us over?????!!!??

    • Or the Black Birtles.

      My favourite is “Poundshop Emile Heskey” But with even less mobility

      • If Ole can be left to it and those Glazer carpetbaggers and that Woowar cunt keep their noses out, we just might get a hint of the old ‘cavalier football’ of the old United… Old Taggart let the septic tank weirdos into the club because he was fighting over horse spunk, the avaricious old cunt (his ‘agent’ son is also a dodgy cunt)… If Maguire is half as good as Buchan or McGrath then I’ll be happy… Lukaku was and always will be utter shite and a fat idle cunt….

  12. Looks like the same cum gargler to me.
    Probably a seperate identity for moments of disrepute involving titty bars and cocaine.

  13. I go to spoons pubs, it’s the only way I can get a pint. I am an old cunt with a lack of funds. Linecunts bruv looks a bit of a cunt though. What does he think he looks like. I know a CUNT.

    • I’m not sure how spoons got mixed up in this either, Generally they are decent places.
      My mum uses one as a library she goes in has a meal, borrows a book, then brings it back when she goes to eat there again and gets another one

  14. Like his younger sibling he has a greying but neatly trimmed minge adorning the lower half of his face.

    Get the two Lineker cunts mid blue and light blue boiler suits to wear then they will be the modern day answer to Oddbod and Oddbod Jr from Carry on Screaming, the ugly, jug-eared, crisp munching cunts.

    Cuntface Lineker the Elder.

  15. I’ve always wanted to attach Shearings coach wing mirrors to Lineker’s car, so it’d be easy to identify who’s motor was coming towards you…

    • Does either brother drive an open-topped sports car ? Must be odd when they get a round of applause just behind them every time they accelerate…

      • I worked at a Harley Davidson dealers for a thankfully short period of time and most of the customers looked just like this wanker…

  16. I remember Linekers bar in Benidorm. What a shit hole. My first and last introduction to tequila. Fucking hell it still makes me sick thinking about it.

  17. Mmm, I think this cunting could trigger a bit of a debate m’lord. I mean, is it physically possible in this reality to be an ever bigger cunt than Mr Crisps? Mind you, if he’s called Wayne he’s got a bit of a head start.

  18. Fuck Wayne…..

    The latest news from the UN experts on climate change, we finally know who to blame.

    Its those bastard Cows, the fuckers are warming the planet by farting and belching methane, we have to kill them all and any other animal that has the nerve to expel methane.

    Lets start with Diane Fartbott!

    That should halve the problem straight away.

    • Oh that’s lucky… cos on Radio 4 this morning they said that in the event of a No Deal Brexit 45,000 dairy cows in Northern Ireland will have to be slaughtered.

      • I refer you to my recently submitted nom on the UN.
        Please support it. I’m feeling very rejected.

      • Are you sure Creampuff? Flabbott said it was definitely, 100% accurate, 450,000, and it wouldn’t be like her to be confused over a bit of simple maths.

        • Give her a break shes only got 10 fingers and it counts as 9 because she sucks her thumb!

      • See, there is a positive side to Brexit, leave he EU and save the World, who would have thought, the Brits to the rescue yet again.

  19. Take the first 4 letters of the Christian name and the last 3 letters of the surname and what do you get?

  20. Fuckin’ hell the parking Stanleys object to anyone being able to buy property in Kashmir and yet they infest every other corner of the planet. Fuck orff.

  21. Since “social justice” bollocks began, a great deal of asinine statements have been made (almost all denouncing heterosexual white men of a certain way of thinking), although nothing sums up modern lefties so laconically as the statement from this worthless, washed-up bitch:
    One would hope that Harvey Weinstein got his money’s worth from her repulsive clopper.

    • In her frank tweet, the award-winning actress wrote: ‘I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame.’

      Rosanna. You know what you have to do.

      • Nothing at all to do with her being a long forgotten washed-up has-been who never appeared in anything resembling an even halfway decent film, I’m sure.
        Have we missed all the attention Dearie?
        Daft gormless spoiled pointless redundant luvvie cunt…

    • On the plus side, her pretty face has gone to Hell. That should make her feel a little less shameful.

      • She will be giving up her Hollywood Hills mansion then as a slavery reparation to a more deserving family from South Central LA then?

      • If her face has gone to Hell (her career went first) then hopefully the rest of her might feel the need to follow it… 😀

    • Disembowel the cunt. This waste of breathable air needs taking out of the gene pool.

    • yep I feel privileged for paying taxes and being the last on the list due to my condition (white privileged)

    • “Pulp Fiction star”? Was she the one who Travolta described as “the one with shit in her face?”
      Or the other one? Some fucking star.

  22. Dear God, there’s ANOTHER ONE? Why didn’t somebody kick this twat’s Dad in the nuts sixty-odd years ago? HARD.

    Hooo-ee, what a cunt.

  23. Breaking news….the Cunt who attacked the copper in East London is called……

    Drum roll…


    • For sure it was going to be a ‘non white’ , if it werent the description would have immediately been ‘a white male in his fifties’

  24. Yes, but some cunt in Scouseland was arrested for posting a “racist tweet” about Salah. That’s a real crime.

    • I will give it until tomorrow before the ‘mental elf issues’ hand is played or the wildcard of being denied a ‘Peoples Vote’ and traumatized by Brexit uncertainty over his illegal minicab business.

  25. The same arrogant look as that steaming turd brother. First time I’ve commented on this site. Been reading every day for a year, crying with laughter, agreeing 100% on the cuntings. Mr Dick Fiddler, Fenton Fistula, Freddy the Frog, Ruff Tuff Creampuff, all the contributors, nice to know there’s a mouthpiece like this. By the way I’m from Sheffield, great cunting on our Mayor, what a cunt.

    • I hope you found the site by actually typing, possibly in desperation, “so and so is a cunt”.

  26. I have had the misfortune of having a drink in this cunts Tenerife boozer. A fucking shithole full of shitcunts drinking shit beer. I’ll take a Spoons over that dive any day of the fucking week.

  27. They opened one in Blackpool, went one New Year’s Eve, less than 12 people in, we left at 9 to go somewhere a bit more lively and they closed up for the night.

    We went to a graveyard.

  28. All the Linekers are cunts from the moment their family started their business selling fruit and veg on a stall in Leicester Market A bunch of tax dodging underhanded twats not to be trusted

  29. Who the fuck is a Wayne Lineker? Sounds like a bastard mixture of dodgy homemade cocktails served in an unlit bar in Ibiza.

  30. He’s a cunt just like Callum Best is about as much use as an inflatable Dartboard Dane Bowers comes to mind too!!! His Bar in Ibiza is a shithole full of little shits and over the hill cam models Perfect place for a drone strike in mid Summer Lowlife Pond Scum

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