Jeremy Corbyn (20)

A cunting, once again, for Jeremy Corbyn.

But this cunting is specifically for Magic Grandpa’s obscene squiring of Dianne Abbott back in the late 70’s.

To put this in context, read the following quote from a 70’s Labour weirdo quoted in Rosa Prince’s biography of Compo –

“For some reason he called four or five of us and said: “Oh, we’ve got to go back to my flat and pick up some leaflets.” It seemed a bit odd — “Why the hell didn’t you bring them with you, Jeremy?” So we all bowl along to his bedsit, follow Jeremy into the room; there on the mattress on the floor is Diane with the duvet up to her neck, saying: ‘What the ****’s going on?’… it was the late Seventies, it was still a point of interest, a white man with a black woman, so he was slightly showing off: “I’ve got a new girlfriend, and she’s black.””

This reveals so much about the Labour and New Libtard mindset. A black girlfriend is no more than a trophy to show off how “ right on” one is. It also shows Magic Grandpa off for exactly what he is – a virtue signalling, masquerading cunt with appalling taste in women.

Or maybe he never fancied Diane and was only interested in her as a trophy that he could show of to his lefty friends.

Answers on a postcard please.

Fuck off.

Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

48 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn (20)

  1. To be fair to her perhaps she looked a bit better and thinner 40 years ago?. Certainly Mrs. Boggs did, even our son Mark a young teenager at the time wasn’t ashamed to be seen out with her. Now when she walks down the street all the weighing machines jump back in the doorways. You don’t walk with her, you walk amongst her. Obesity didn’t so much run in her family as slowly waddle.

    I wonder what Emily Thornberry looked like in the late 70s?, massive tits I should think, now it must be like a couple of suet puddings wrinkled and draped round her crotch-piece.

  2. “there on the mattress on the floor is Diane.”
    The only reason she was on the floor, was because she’d broken three fuckin’ beds already.

  3. Trophy?
    She’s more like the booby prize.
    And I’m not referring to the frightening pair of floppy flabby spaniel’s ears lurking beneath her XXXXL top. What is it with Liebore leaders and their appalling taste in wimmin?
    Bad enough Steptoe fucked this super morbidly obese lump of lard, worse that he actually boasted about it and invited some poor unsuspecting folk to actually look at the sweaty fat mess. Those people are still receiving counselling to this day.
    At least Corblimey only fucked his. Miranda Blair also met an ugly cunt, but he fucking MARRIED his,in between bouts of cross-dressing and cottaging.

    • i like that last line. Reminds me of one of the weekend papers “How We Met” features. This week Miranda Blair and Grievous Dommy tell how they met over a shared love of public lavatories and rough trade.

  4. If more proof was needed for this attention seeking cunt to prove he was like that while he was at clown school as well as in the now clown party, where is this cunts red nose and floppy shoes

  5. Speaking of getting drunk i’m working on getting there as we speak… Drinking the coldest beer i’ve had in recent memory had this one in the mini fridge for 2 months its nice an ice cold. Probably need a dozen more if i even think of fucking flabbot mind you cheers cunters

    • As far as Abbott is concerned, forget the beer. A few shot glasses of Tuica (Romanian Plum Brandy) and some Turkish schnapps (my old flatmate was a barman).

      • The plum brandy sounds nice never had before, turkish schnaaps? kinda weary of any item from Turkey. Being a muzzie stronghold cuntry an all that but then again I scarf dried apricots and figs down like fucking candy

        Had a nice twist this morning wasn’t just the beer, had a dubbonet gin and 2 shots of whisky too not even hungover feel pretty good right now

        • Although I am much enamoured of Hungarian Unicum (like Fernet Branca, but in a spherical bottle), at all costs avoid the plum version, new in about 2014. I was given a free one in a Hungk resto in Vienna; it was unspeakably vile, reminiscent of bog cleaner.
          Paprika-tasting Hungarian pussy is delicious, though.

          • Unicum? Sounds like unicorn cum haha seriously never heard of it hubbard but Wikipedia says Unicum has been discontinued and is rebranded as zwack? same recipe i imagine just different name

            I’ll be sure to avoid the plum toilet version theres also Unicum next which is a citrus flavored one, heres hoping it doesn’t taste like a lemon scented urinal cake…

          • Unicum is the name given by the then Habsburg emperor. His personal GP brewed it up, and the emperor said “It’s…unique – Unicum.” Zwack is the name of the distillery (should you wish to avoid !) Thanks for the alert re the citrus flavour; apparently the Hungk soh is almost as grim as the Viennese. I reckon it would be like lemon Civit Bang

        • Titslapper – the answer to all your problems is not the bottom of a bottle! You’ll have to try a barrel.

  6. One can only imagine the anti matter strength beverage grandad had to imbibe to venture within those time zone crossing flaps all those years ago.

    Reckon he hasn’t sobered up yet.

  7. The only time you should bring your mates around to gawp and admire the Flabbott, is if you have shot her with an elephant gun on a recent big game hunt and she is stuffed and mounted on the wall.

    • Frankly, the words ‘stuffed’ and ‘mounted’ should never be used in any sentence concerning Diane Abbott.

    • She’d make a fine pair mounted on the wall with Lammy. The pride of any big game hunters collection.

  8. I don’t know which one of those cunts was more desperate when they got horizontal.

    It is a tough call.

    The answer is undoubtedly ‘YES’, Flabbott. You MUST have been drunk when you fucked that.

    • Its a choice between two evils Nurse, a 70’s era Compo, all student beard, skinny and bony on his cold baked bean diet and Flabbott like some greased space hopper.

      • Definitely, LL. Both as putrid as each other so really a match made in heaven.

        Ahhh, memories. I used to be one of those 70’s kids, bouncing around like a lunatic on a space hopper……sure I would have got far more of a bounce out of ‘The Flabbott’ though, with all of that hot air she is full of.

  9. I see Steptoe has cancelled his trip to Ghana to continue his remoaner plot to take over the country.
    No great loss. He wouldn’t have made much of a meal for them anyway the skinny little vegan runt.

  10. Great comment frim one of his own MPs to theffect that the problem is that not only do his own party not want him as PM but they don’t want him to be leader of the Labour Party either…

    • Would that have been a Blairite MP? Pesky membership, letting a socialist run a socialist party….

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