Dead Pool [138]

Congratulatios to ShagaWotz who correctly predicted that disgrace paedo Jeffrey Epstein would be the next dead cunt.

On to Deadpool 138:

The rules.

1)You get 5 nominations no duplicates.You can always be a cunt and steal other people’s nominations (like Black and White Cunt frequently does).Nominations are first come first serve.

2)Anyone who nominates the world oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

3)It must be a newsworthy cunt we have actually heard of.

My Picks:Shaun

Fernando Ricksen
David Gulpilil
Valerie Harper
Juliette Kaplan
Clive James

114 thoughts on “Dead Pool [138]

    • Phenomenal foresight Shaga – unless you know something we don´t. How did you forecast this?

      The Trump haters are not going to home in on this despite the flattering comment Trump made about him because he was a buddy of none other than Bill Clinton who left his spunk mark on his 19-year-old intern´s skirt. Apparently Randy Andy was also a buddy.

  1. Matthew Festing (ex-Prince and Grand Master of The Sovereign Military Order of Malta)
    Giovanna Ralli
    lindsay Sandiford
    Earl Cameron
    Sir John Hall

    Good Shot, ShagaWotz.

  2. Lord Heselcunt
    Little Stevie Wonder
    Arthur Scargill
    Janine Duvitski (Jacqueline from Benidorm)
    Bonnie “America was founded on White Supremacy and racism” Greer

    • I’ve had Maradona for years, WCC, alas, to no avail. The fat, cheating, junkie cunt keeps evading the Reaper.

  3. HRH the queen
    David attenborough
    Dianne “fuck I’m fuckin fat” abbott
    Ed “wish I could fuck my own arse” sheercunt
    That markle thing

  4. Des o Connor
    Billy Connolly
    Barbara Windsor
    Robbie Williams
    David walliams

    Long shot with last two but fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  5. I wonder how epstein died, i know it was a suicide was it a rope hanging or he got a knife and slashed his wrists? maybe he slipped on a banana peel? I dunno perhaps we will never know

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