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Like Dame Keir Starmer, Gaylord Adonis and Anthony Blair Wireless 4 deserves a permanent cunting, but they especially deserve it today, 23rd July for this bit of *right-on* wankery:

I only heard the last few minutes as I tuned in to hear if Boris had won (and they didn’t announce it till 12.15, but the vacuous tart they were speaking to had that Dawn Butler-like special needs rather coarse voice (know what I mean innit?) that sounds as if she left school at 16 after a 12 year career of frequent truancy.

I am sure the mincers and old wimmin who gather round their sets in Islington, and the Labour party wimmin led by Bulldyke Phillips worry constantly about “Where Are The Wimmin In Grime?” but I couldn’t give two fucks.

Yet another James Purnell /Fuckwit production no doubt.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

24 thoughts on “BBC Radio 4

  1. Used to listen to Radio 4 every day on the way to work. Now absolutely never. The beeb surely realise they have the midas touch in reverse as EVERYTHING they touch is now a libtard fuckfest.
    Same with that Burley bully and Boulton on Sly news.

    • I threw my telly away years ago but continued to listen to radios 3, 4, 4extra and Cymru. Now I listen to almost zero, unless it is through BBC Sounds.That way I can avoid all the liberal cuntage that they stick in even BETWEEN programmes.

      • Avoid LBC between 4-7pm. That’s when that ex radio 4, self-indulgent, smug, cuntish Eddie Mair is on.

          • Nick Ferrari, Sir Nigel, Ian Dale and Andrew Castle are ok most of the time, plus a couple of others whose names escape me right now.

            Even the libtard’s shows can be quite entertaining when the right people phone in… some of the callers sound like ISAC cunters.

  2. Grime is shit music for criminal shit cunts. Fair play to the women if they’re staying out of it.

  3. I use radio four like Bletchley used enigma, to work out what the enemy are saying, or what they want you to think. Just now, on the five o clock news, the mentioned the stab stab cunt in Australia, and made it sound like some cunt doing it for no reason. No mention of what he was shouting,(snack bar), no mention of his recently acquired religion (rubber dinghy rapids, bro), just a guy with a knife. That’s how the beeb do fake news, no lies, just leave out half the story, or as with a lot of shit, don’t report it altogether. Other news outlets are saying the guy has a record of mental illness. Indeed, the praying five times a day is a bit of a giveaway…..

    • Exactly this,well said sir.
      It’s almost like we are partisan resistance fighters having to decipher fucking bollocks to establish what the libtards are planning to destroy next.
      What a fucking panto.
      Cunts,surrounded by another shitty crust of utter Cunts.

    • Even RT said the bloke was a terrorist shouting aloha axe bar. It was good to hear an English tourist took him down instead of run, hide and tell. I hope he’s suitably rewarded.

  4. I have noticed recently that the Today programme has suddenly become even handed over Brexit. The Boris effect perhaps? They know he can fuck them up if they carried on as before? If so it proves that their previous policy was Remoan.

    • Know what you mean, but think it’s just got a bit subtler. It was like Soviet-era Radio Moscow at one point, but the last week or so it’s quietened down. Still had Flabbott and Broon on last week, and the remoaner still gets the last word. Still no sign of the potential benefits of Brexit getting any airtime at all, except as the sporting acknowledgement that some people think there might be one or two. And tonight R4 jumped right on the Telegraph survey (Survation?) showing that the country was for exit on the 31st October, calling in aid Yougov two fucking months ago.
      They’re still cunts, diversity-obsessed cunts, wimminz-empowerment cunts, largely Blairite cunts.
      But they did an interesting dumbing down of Das Kapital the other night, which summarised Marx’s argument rather well. And a good reprise of Peterloo. There may be some Old Labour voices there, even though Corbyn is still anathema (don’t believe me? Wait for the election.)

  5. Do they want a proper answer; that women in grime are oretty much like women in hip hop; objects of desire or fickle, superficial materialistic ‘hos’ who need to be taught respect by thei ‘dawg’, and other bollocks.

  6. And, every cunt they interview always starts every sentence with “so” the wankers. How I haven’t kicked my radio through the dashboard for this alone is a miracle!

  7. Big Black cock radio 4 am I the only one who wishes British broadcasting Cunts change their shorthand name for the company already? Its funny but its also embarrassing but yes funny too

  8. What do you expect from the Beelzebub Broadcasting Corporation?

    Fuck off.

  9. I just wish that all these nonentities employed by the British Buggeratoining Cunteration would just shut the fuck up. Fuuuuuuuuckkk Offffff!

  10. I listen to Mike Graham 10am – 1pm on Talk Radio instead of that fucking cunt O’Brien, and suggest other cunters do likewise.

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