The Politics of Envy

First of all, I must make a distinction between envy and jealousy. Jealousy is something we all feel at some time or other in life. We might be jealous of a neighbour’s new car or the lottery win of the man down the road. We might be jealous of a fucking ugly Rory Stewart look a like who has a beautiful woman on his arm.

No, this cunting is about real envy. These are the cunts, mainly left wing libtards such as Catweazle and co. who, if they can’t have it, will make sure you’re not going to keep it and will try their upmost to take it away from you. I certainly wouldn’t class myself as wealthy but like most IsACs, I’ve worked hard for what I’ve got and will do my best to prevent my assets falling in to the hands of failing and feckless politicians. However, like most honest, hard working people, I pay my taxes and believe in helping genuine people who, through no fault of their own are less fortunate than myself. Yes, poverty does exist in the UK but the answer is not to take punitive measures against the wealthmakers and employment providers in trying to address the problem.

Politicians are not the only group of people who display this corrosive, corrupting trait. They are ably assisted by the MSM and political commentators on tv. This is demonstrated particularly well by the reviewers on press reviews. Sad to say many of these are women such as Christina Patterson, Jenny Kleeman and Sonia Sodha. The list is endless as they are all clones of each other. Mind you, you can add in that old woman Kevin Maguire who’s recently been cunted. They all rail on about social injustice but there isn’t one of them who knows anything about economics. Tax the rich the cry goes up without realising this reduces growth and drives down the tax take simply because the rich have the resources to avoid tax.

Yesterday, their attention turned to the baby boomer generation who are blamed for all of today’s ills. Now, I must declare an interest here as I’m one of them. Kleeman chirps up “ this group have benefited more than anyone. They shouldn’t be getting pensioners benefits. They’ve seen the price of their houses rocket up. Any money should be going to young people. On another occasion “they should be downsizing to allow young people to move in to those houses.” Fuck right off. I didn’t scrimp and save to buy a house back then to surrender it to these libtards. You’d think they were giving free houses away in those days when interest rates were 15%. Yes, they had it really easy then with thousands of people turned out on to the streets because they couldn’t pay their mortgages.

I have been lucky, I do have sympathy with young people these days. Many people want change. Well, life has changed over recent decades. Many young people will never be able to afford a house, jobs are no longer for life, good job opportunities are scarcer and there’s a good chance you’ll live to 100. That’s how it is, so you’ll have to suck it up. But don’t try to penalise others for their “good luck”. We just about still have a meritocracy. Get out there, start from scratch, strive and build something for your future. But do it quickly as things are about to get worse, a lot worse, when your idol Comrade Corbyn takes charge. Fuck the politics of envy as it’s crippling this country.

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      • Great that Blunty! Agree totally, wirk your bollocks off only to have it taken off you for some feckless twats? Yeah thatll be popular👎

    • It appears young people love the European Union, unlimited immigration, cultural diversity, Cuntbyn and Ed Sheercunt. Why on earth should I have any sympathy?

      • I sometimes recite this famous quote to young lefties at work.

        Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy . It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
        (Winston Churchill )

        Morning RTC

        • Great quote. Morning Fenton.

          Btw, I forgot to mention they also love gender-neutral bollocks and Gay Pride marches and…

          • They’re usually soft and peach like, hairless, swinging to the left one day and to the right the next.

          • Well that sets my mind at rest, mine are like a bag of broken biscuits.

        • Fenton, do you have to tread carefully in your job for fear of offending these kids?

  1. I,of course,have been on the receiving end of this envy.

    If we are unlucky enough to be Hunting on a day when the Great Unwashed aren’t signing on, we sometimes have to endure their envy and’s nothing to do with the foxes,it’s all to do with the fact that they are jealous of a lifestyle which they can never achieve. It’s written in their pinched.pasty faces what they’re actually thinking..” Look at those posh twats, my dole hardly covers my lottery-tickets and baseball-caps,why should they have so much when I’ve got so little?”…and,in a way,they’re right…they’ll never get beyond their mundane existence. However,they should realise that screaming obscenities at their Betters will never improve their lot. They are what they are, envy will never propel them out of their benefit-funded estates.

    It’s nothing to do with the Hunting,it’s all to do with envy…I’ll shut the gate on my way out.

    Fuck Off.

    • A little correction from the crop should keep them in order Mr F but only when no one else is watching.

      • Indeed, BSC. A sound thrashing is what they need. If they had been taught to respect their Betters as children,they may have learned to doff their (baseball) cap instead of acting like common yobs.

        • Though you’re a rich bastard Mr Fiddler my immense,admiration for your contributions to the noble art of Cunting precludes me from wishing you any physical harm. Come the day of the glorious revolution,simply paint “CuntsR-US is my friend and protector” across your country estate,deposit £10,00 in my Swiss Bank Account (purely administrative expenses) and I will make sure not a single hair of you or your family will be touched.If we don’t protect our own what’s the point in Cunting?

          • Don’t you worry about me,CRU. The hounds know just how to deal with your type.

            You probably wear a “footy” shirt. The hounds don’t like the type of people who wear “footy” shirts.

  2. Oh my god!!! Did you just mention getting a job? This is bullying and will affect my mental healf. Anyway Jeremy says he’ll give us all everything for free.
    Now, wheres my safe space?

  3. I think Ben Shapiro sums it up well when he says , “Just because somebody is rich doesn’t mean somebody had to become poor”.

  4. Fair enough, but don’t you think small savers (ie under £1m, these days, the price of a house plus retirement income) might be allowed just a tiny bit more interest on the savings the financiers leverage into 30X their actual value and lend at enormously higher interest?

    I don’t envy the financiers, but I have to envy their access to a way of coining it by simply writing debt and collecting the interest on it rather than doing an honest day’s graft.

    I do envy Fiddler, though. Most of us never get the chance to let our hounds dismember unannounced visitors.

  5. Sums up what most of the silent majority feel BSC.

    As a relatively “well off” person I cannot abide the way some envious people view my lifestyle.

    Did they risk their savings?
    Did they put their house on the line?
    Did they go 10 years without any holiday?

    One sacrifices a lot to get a lot. Not all of us are born into wealth and it’s all relative anyway. One persons wealth is another’s loose change.

    To simply tax the wealthy so that some lazy cunt can buy their fags and booze simply isn’t the solution.

    And by the way, as a non parent why can I not claim a “non child benefit” I think I’m contributing far more to society by not having children. Less impact on services, less burden on the state. Not that I’m envious in any way you understand…

    A great cunting

    • “And by the way, as a non parent why can I not claim a “non child benefit” I think I’m contributing far more to society by not having children.”

      Hear hear! Bastard kids – consumers of everything, producers of nothing. It suddenly came to me the other day, how to eloquently and succinctly sum up my angst and loathing of children:

      As a non-parent, my decision to not have children does not impact parents in any way. Conversely, parents’ decisions to have children does impact non-parents in a multitude of ways, almost all of them negative.

      We all have to pay for fat lazy cows to skive off on maternity leave. Then we have ‘new dad’ who comes in late or fucks off early ‘cos he’s been up all night with the baby or needs to go see little Susie or Johnny’s fucking sports day. So the rest of us should just pick up your slack shall we? Then we’re all forced through taxation to subsidise other people’s fucking kids’ schooling. Night out at the theatre and there’s a kid there? Ruined. Pop down the shops for a few groceries and there are kids in there running amok? Ruined. Get on a plane and the usual 18 month old is on board already. Ruined. After a hard day, what better way to unwind than a nice meal out in a good restaurant. Oh wait, cunt parents are in there with a squawking brat. Ruined. The list goes on and on and on and on…….

      Anything a kid touches or is involved with usually means 2 things. One – it’s exponentially worse. Two – it costs other people money. And stress. And ulcers. And anger. And….

      • Hear, hear.

        Btw those entitled fuckwits who demand IVF on the NHS, well that really gets my goat. There are more than enough people, IVF is not a priority. Deserves its own cunting. Pet hate.

  6. Fuck the rich bastards,98.37% of em made their money through scams and drugs dealing,honest folk like me aint ruthless or callous enough to make lots of money,thats why were poor,not coz of laziness or stupidity.Let em pay lots of tax on their ill gotten gains to finance cunts like me,else Ill rise up and lead the Revolution. Anyhows I aint political,never voted in me life, just as long as my dole and benefits are paid on time I couldn’t care less whos in Government.Hitler could be President,Stalin Prime Minister and Himmler Minister for Social Security,just as long as the cunts looked after cunts like me they’re my boys.
    Fuck em all,Fuck em all to Hell.

  7. Baby boomers arent to blame, I agree that house prices in proportion the wages were smaller but you still had to get a mortgage that was crippling added to which white goods and other household shite was far more expensive, the price of a washing machine isnt much more now than it was back in the 60’s and 70’s.
    So these moaning fuckers can piss right off, personal debt was a persons own responsibility back then but now its some other fuckers problem.

    Corbyn can fuck right off, he isnt getting any of my cash, I would fucking burn it rather than see the state get their hands on it.
    (by burn I mean spend it on expensive whores, that came to mind watching wimbledon, two east europeans grunting like porn stars)

  8. My parents are baby boomers. They werent given anything. My dad had to work two gruelling jobs to get money for a house, and as soon as i was at school my mum went to work and pulled 12 hour shifts on sundays as a care worker. Our infrequent holidays were spent in the west country. Mcdonalds or Burger King were rare treats.

    The people who moan about not having this or that are invariably lazy cunts who have never tried to save and blow every penny on looking the cunt, attending events for cunts or buying gadgets to dull their minds.
    The only people struggling with money that I have sympathy for are the disabled, those with disabled or ill children, old people who are paying for care or parents who work every hour of the day yet are still using food banks.

    People on benefits who can work and brag about their ‘free money from suckers’ are scum, as are their bleeding-heart apologists in the Guardian.

    If anyone gripes about tories being ‘right wing’, point them to the dozens of social media post from TOWIE addicts and neckbeards boasting of their jobless existence at the expense of taxpayers.

    If Marxist mantra ‘from each according to his ability to each according to his need’ were indeed practiced it would be a fairer system than the endless holiday the state gives to the workshy.

  9. The term ‘magic money tree’ tends to trigger them in a fit of indignation.

    I’ve seen the rants about this term when i was on fuckbook, usually from those on benefits who could easily work but say they cant for ‘mental health’ reasons. Every six months they collapse into whimpering mounds of self-pity, tears and tantrums because the state dares book them in for a Work Capability Assessment. The state of these cunts and the excuses they come up with in their updates and comments is saddening; adults acting like toddlers. These people have never had to struggle with anything; school was too much of a hassle, as was getting a job, so they never bothered trying and say they’re stressed and depressed all the time.

    Selfish, whingeing, spineless cunts.

  10. Do women succeed if men fail?

    Do LGBT types succeed if straights fail?

    Do black people succeed if white people fall?

    Do people of one religion succeed if the people of another fail?

    The answer to all of the above is: “No.”

    Unfortunately the extreme left believe that this is the case and therefore their favoured group must be promoted over and above their ill favoured.

    Not only that, the ill favoured groups MUST be suppressed so that their favoured groups garner an unfair advantage.

    Meritocracy is whatever “IST” adjective they choose that week and is hateful (to them).

    So while the cream may rise to the top, shit floats too, and that is seen as being preferable in modern clown world.

    I know what I’d rather put in my coffee, metaphorically speaking…


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